DESCRIPTION Coating to quickly fill all sizes of cracks, holes and grooves with no shrinkage and no cracking. COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Plaster-based powder filler, calcium carbonate, mineral reducer, cellulose derivatives and various admixtures. The compound obtained is white in colour. SUITABLE SURFACES All types of internal unfinished or painted surfaces : plaster, plasterboard, plaster blocks, concrete, cement coating, breeze blocks, cellular concrete, bricks, terracotta... TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • pH: neutral • Setting time : 30 minutes depending on the ambient conditions and the thickness applied PACKAGING 5 kg and 15 kg bags. APPLICATION To be applied using a coating knife. Amount required : 1 kg m²/mm thickness. DRYING TIME Depends on the ambient conditions, the nature of the surface and the thickness of application. Generally speaking, when spread to a thickness of one cm, the filler dries in 6 hours.

Plaster and plaster products
  • Plasters and sealants
  • plaster
  • Finishing plaster

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