3.1 Independent linearity


If a voltage U0 is applied to a potentiometer with a linear characteristic as in Fig. 5 and the wiper is moved in direction Alpha (standardized movement, angle 0;1 ) then the relationship illustrated in Fig. 6 will exist between the output voltage and the mechanically input value. The maximum deviation of the potentiometer curve from an ideal straight line is referred to as the independent linearity error. The slope and axis intercept of this straight line can be so chosen that the error f within the travel L1 is minimized. The error ±f is indicated as a deviation in percentage terms of the output voltage from the theoretical in relation to the input voltage. Since direct measurement of the potentiometer characteristic does not make it possible to assess the extent of such an error, only the difference between the potentiometer characteristic and that of an essentially perfect master potentiometer is plotted as in the practical example given in Fig. 7. Typical values for...

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