7.3 Relative gradient variation (RGV)


If, in a highly sensitive control system, the amplification should, for example, be so arranged that the control circuit will be stable with the mean slope (gradient) of the sensor, then it is important to be aware of any variations there may be in that slope (Fig. 12a, Fig. 12b). If, at any point, the gradient is appreciably steeper than the mean gradient, then there will be a higher closed-loop gain in this position and this could lead to feedback oscillation. If, on the other hand, the gradient is less steep at some point than the mean gradient, then repeatability would be reduced and there would be less control accuracy. If we relate this type of local gradient variation gl to the mean gradient go of the potentiometer, then this criterion is independent of the potentiometer length and can be used for the direct comparision of various potentiometers.

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