7. Smoothness definitions


When, some 60 years ago conductive plastic potentiometers were first introduced onto the market, it was apparent that although the winding jumps which were a feature of wire-wound potentiometers had been overcome, absolute smoothness of the output voltage could not be achieved. Following some basic reserach by. h. Wormser 4, 5, 6 , the term "smoothness" was included in the standard issued by the Variable Resistive Compontents Institute (VRCI). Although this definition was adequate at that time it cannot serve as a system definition for many applications. This is because it is now possible to produce potentiometers with appreciably better smoothness and linearity values. For this reason, Novotechnik has sought over the past years to develop definitions better suited to the current state fo the art. The various methods used are discussed and evalutated below.

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