From here onwards, we are only concerned with the linear characteristics (linearity). Relationships must be suitably adapted for applications with non-linear characteristics (conformity) but there are no essential differences. As already mentioned in Section 2, the required linearity values can only be utilized so long as the signal output by the sensor "potentiometer" carries no current. We have now to consider the effect of wiper current on linearity. Fig. 10a illustrates the functional relationship between wiper current, contact resistance and linearity error. As is shown by the example in Fig. 10b (Characteristic 4), with a wiper current of 10 µA and a contact resistance of 10 kOhm, a potentiometer which has a resistance of 2 kOhm already has linearity error of 1.1 %. A similar situation arises with an ohmic load. This clearly shows how important are the roles played by both wiper current and contact resistance. Fig. 10a Fig. 10b


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