Taylor made packaging, transport or storage containers for every kind of bulk goods and every transport route from a volume of 200 litres up to a volume of 3,000 litres, are provided by the use of Pactainer®. Concerning such Flexible Intermediate Container (FIBC) which are subject to constant innovations, EMPAC belongs to today’s trendsetter in this business. Pactainer® are according to the requirements of their field of application made of flat or circular woven fabric, provided with a PP-coating or with PE-inner lining and produced as a single-use, returnable container or with a permission for the transport of dangerous goods. They are produced with different forms of tops and bottoms and filling and discharge spouts. Our range of products contains 1-loop, 2-loop and 4-loop Pactainer®. For special fields of application, we can offer various custom-built models as well as automatic Big Bags. Fields of application: Chemical raw material and end products Special chemicals Granules Fertilizer Raw material for the food industry Beverage concentrate Stones and raw material and supplies for construction Flyash API pharmaceutical substances Main industries: Products for the agriculture industry, construction industry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, terrestrial and garden products, drinks and instant beverages, wood products and synthetic material, cosmetics, food, disposal of waste, other pet supplies, cleaning agents, components for further processing and refinement

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