Pactainer ED® offers a safe protection against electrostatic hazards. They can be used for bulk goods which contain or are located in areas where electrostatic hazards are at present. For example for the chemical industry. The conductive fabric of a Pactainer ED® conducts the charge of the bulk products to the hoist in connection with the grounded straps and prevents reliable every kind of discharge which displays a risk of fire. A micro-perforation of all coated components of the inside and outside of the container which are connected with each other, guarantees that they are able to discharge the electrostatic energy. This process has already been patented. Pactainer ED® offers further safety: If there is not direct grounding of the lifting loops, the carriers of the charge will be handed over locally and defined to the hoist. This is realized by a Carona-Effect. The Surrounding area is not subject to static charging. Fields of application: Transport and storage container for products produced by the chemical as well as paint industry for bulk goods of every kind – which own low minimum ignition energy. Main industries: Products for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, wood and synthetic products, food, detergents

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