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Secure and flexible packaging



Lining made of PE or Aluminium, EVOH, PA etc. in combination with PE as well as electrostatically conductive foils for rigid or flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. Customer requirements and fields of application determine the material’s strength. The product range includes liner with filling and /or discharge spouts, simple liner (welded at the bottom and open at the top) as well as formstable liner with a grid, particles which allows an improved product flow. This liner can be produced as strengthened PE-Liner as well as Aluminium-combined liner. An ingenious system ensures that the layer made of Aluminium will not be strained and therefore still displays a barrier which offers a 100% security. Additionally, Pacliners are produced with a fixed cardboard at the bottom on request. EMPAC has also developed a special liner for the filling of EPS (expanded Polystyrol) whose special film recipe prevents a product-gas escape.

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