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Secure and flexible packaging



Flutainer® offer perfect conditions for the transport and storage of liquids and paste-like goods. Additionally, they save valuable storage space, because they can be stored space-saving before they are filled and after they have been discharged. This flexible bulk container can be built up by only one person in less than one minute. Rigid containers need the same space, no matter whether they are empty or filled. Flutainer® are different: Flutainer® are only built up when they are needed, for example for liquid sugar, to store auxiliary material for textiles or powder which is sensitive to pressure. Flutainer® are made up of a fabric container on the outside and a multiple PE-inner lining, a wooden pallet, four steel poles and a stacking frame. Fields of application: Glue Dispersions Auxiliary material for textiles Dyes Squash Tomato puree Honey or liquid sugar Dust or granules sensitive to pressure Main industries: Construction industry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, terrestrial and garden products, drinks and instant beverages, wood products and synthetic material, cosmetics, food, disposal of waste, other pet supplies, cleaning agents, components for further processing and refinement

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