TECHNICAL DEFINITION Ready-to-use surface filler paste for filling interior holes and cracks. COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Water, calcium carbonate, sand, resin and various additives. SUITABLE SUBSTRATES All types of interior substrates : concrete, cellular concrete, cement, breeze block, brick, plasterboard, plaster tiles, plaster, old paint. COVERING Primer coat, smooth surface filler, wall coverings, paint REFERENCE DOCUMENTS • Filler meets EN 16566 standard • DTU 59.1 : Paint work TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Density : 1.5 • Dry extract : 82 % STORAGE 9 months in original unopened packaging away from frost and high temperatures. PREPARATION OF SUBSTRATES Substrates must comply with the DTU 59.1 standard i.e. be dry, clean, dust-free, hard and free of any trace of separating agent. APPLICATION Applied by hand using a filling knife or spatula. The thickness is 2 cm; to fill deeper holes, build up the filler in several steps The maximum thickness will be 1 cm per coat.

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