COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Plaster-based powder filler, special cements, calcium carbonate, resin, cellulose fibre and various admixtures. The compound obtained is white in colour. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Setting time : 30 to 40 minutes • Hardening time : 1 to 2 hours. • Second coating : after 3 hours • Adherence : complies with NFT 30 608 SUITABLE SURFACES All types of interior surfaces complies with DTU 59.1 : plaster, plasterboard, plaster blocks, concrete, cement coating, breeze blocks, cellular concrete, bricks, ceramic, old paintwork, old painted fibreglass, floor tiles, wall tiles, etc. COVERINGS After the filler has completely dried, it can be covered using all types of paints, plaster-based coatings, paste coatings, wallpaper paste. PREPARATION OF SURFACES Surfaces must comply with standard DTU 59.1 and be clean, dry and free from dust and any trace of separating agent. Correctly open up, bevel and dust off the cracks.

Cement and additives
  • Plasters and sealants
  • plaster
  • Finishing plaster

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