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    Founded in 1964 by Karl-Heinz Burre (Dipl.-Ing.), Burre Hydraulik began operations in 1965. The original idea of an engineering office was quickly rejected and its own small manufacturing facilities began. The first developments comprised control valves for hydraulic excavators, explosion-protected solenoid valves and diaphragm valves. In 1972, the company moved into the newly constructed production hall on the site on which Burre Hydraulik's headquarters still stand today. A 540 m² production area allowed more space for putting the founder's innovative ideas into practice. Burre Hydraulik thus designed and produced items including explosion-proof solenoid valves for the refuelling systems of diesel locomotives belonging to Deutsche Bahn. But Karl-Heinz Burre realised quickly that the future lay in hydraulic control systems and equipment, and he orientated the company accordingly. He accepted the challenge here and often entered uncharted technical territory. He therefore had a significant influence on the automation of machinery for the textile industry. But he was also successful in other technical areas. For example, he developed an automatic scuttle for seagoing vessels. The production area also grew consistently in line with this development, and is now over 5000 m².



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    With IDS Environment, benefit from waste management support. We have been supporting the waste management process for all types of business, whatever their size or volume, for over a decade! The cost of paying, storing eliminating waste can be a real financial burden, increase your carbon footprint and make you less competitive on the market. We help you organise your waste management and drastically reduce waste. IDS Environment supports you in two main areas: environmental protection and financial savings. We are inescapable specialists in France for simply eliminating your waste! Cardboard, paper, plastic, organic waste, steel, wood, glass ... save time, energy and money. Less hassle and stress due to handling waste whilst efficiently eliminating all types of materials. Start to get rid of your waste on site with our incredible solution now! Join the thousands of French companies who already place their trust in us.



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    MACFAB Systems Ltd is a manufacturer of waste compaction equipment such as vertical balers and Prestressed equipment for the concrete precast industry. We sell both Ranges of products to customers globally. Our manufacturing plant is based in Co. Monaghan, Ireland. Our waste equipment range consists of 23 models and includes vertical balers, drum crushers, bag compactors, glass crushers, and small bin compactors. Many models have a wide range of customisable options. We sell this range of products through our international distributor network in over 35 countries worldwide. Our range of equipment is used in many business sectors and can offer the following benefits. * Reduce waste disposal charges depending on the material. * Reduce a business’s carbon footprint and increase its level of recycling. * Promote a tidy workplace by reducing the volume of waste in storerooms. If your business generates cardboard, paper, plastic film, food cans, pet bottles, oil drums, empty glass bottles, hard plastics, and general wet waste we can provide a business solution for volume reduction. Our range of prestressed equipment is used in the construction industry to make many different types of Prestressed concrete products, from T-beam and block flooring, prestressed lintels, prestressed wall panel slabs, and prestressed concrete piles. We have supplied this equipment to concrete precast manufacturers globally.



    We Sonpar Automotive is a global supplier company for spare parts (brake pads, filters, suspension parts, batteries and accumulators, engine mounts and bushings, water pumps, chemical sprays, brake discs, body parts, interior accessories, exterior accessories, car mirrors etc.) for passanger cars, light commercial vehicles and truck parts Sonpar is a new company but the founder of the company is a woman and has been in the sector for 15 years. We dominate auto spare parts sector. We offer quality and fast service and are a professional export company, regrouping customers orders in one shipment, delivering all the needs in a correct an timely method. Our mission is offer quality and fast service to the customers and improve our range and follow technical innovation.



    We are a textile machinery company located in Bursa, Turkey. We have many years of knowledge and experience in the Textile Machinery Sector and manufacture a wide variety of machines for yarn and fabric dyeing / finishing. For Yarn Dyeing; Fancy Master - Multi-color Intelligent Yarn Dyeing Systems Multi-Color Hank Dyeing Machine Multi-Color Cone Dyeing Machine Package Dyeing Machine Sample Dyeing Machines for cone and hank Hank Dyeing Machine Piece/Socks Dyeing Machine For Yarn Finishing; Cone and Hank Dryer Machine Steam Master - Yarn Fixing and Conditioning Machine Hydro Extractor Machine For Fabric Dyeing; Fabric Dyeing Machine for woven and knitted fabrics Beam Dyeing Machine For Fabric Finishing; Wet Fabric Rope Opener Machine Foulard / Fabric Squeezing Machine Printing / Dye Kitchens Screen Washing Machine Molding Washing Machine Squeegee Washing Machine Drum Washing Machine Our company supplies to customers; Reasonable price Fastest and most affordable technical service After-sales services including installation & user training services Wide range of accessories & original spare parts with affordable price Professional maintenance with customer support Please check our web page for more information. https: //dorumakina.com/en/ Please check the links below for our audio visual materials. https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UC4iu95HcP8oz0bCenSZ_fiw https: //www.instagram.com/dorumakina/? hl=tr https: //www.facebook.com/dorumakina

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    NIELSEN, the equipment manufacturer, belongs to the Aramis Group and has been working in the environmental field collecting, sorting and recycling waste and materials since 1988. In 2004, the company decided to launch a new range of vertical balers. The aim was to achieve one of the lowest prices per compressed kilo and reduce the volume of bulk waste by up to 90%. Since then, other products have been successfully launched, such as bins, shredders and compactors.





    ANIS TREND Recycling Systems Ltd is a Slovenian manufacturer of wide range of automatic channel baling presses for baling municipality solid waste, waste paper, cardboard and other industrial waste, into rectangular bales. ANIS manufacturers also auxilary equipment for quality baling such as conveyor belts and smaler sorting lines, PET perforators, Fluffers. ANIS advantages: For 40 years the ANIS engineers have been designing and manufacturing technologically innovative, reliable machines. ANIS machines can be used in different environments thanks to the availability of both small balers ideal for logistic centers, and large ones ideal for landfill sites. The waste balers force can vary from 40 to 200 tons ram thrust with an output between 2 and over 60 ton/hour. The main strengths of ANIS balers: -Baling flexibility and multi-materiality -The machines can bale different types of materials. -Cutting and compacting system The cutting and compacting system ensures high volume throughput. This procedure allows higher density per m³ compared to the press flap balers. The components of the channel baler: - The press is equipped with hydraulic components of high quality of well-known producers (Parker, Bucher, Poclain), PLC controler is SIEMENS simatic. - Wear-resistant internal coating made by HARDOX Wear-resistant plate coating - HARDOX - allowing to extend the machine’s service life.



    ALTERVAL specializes in the manufacture and distribution of waste compactors for cardboard, plastic, crates, special industrial waste and so on. We have the solution and compactor you need to manage your waste. Our flagship product, the Valpak rotary compactor, is manufactured in France. We also provide other solutions for waste management (rental or sale of manual balers, vertical balers, screw compactors, monobloc, shredders, etc.). We also have an organic waste dryer, LYOPHIVAL, to reduce your organic waste volume by 80%. We are currently represented in Spain, Belgium, Italy, Reunion Island, the French Overseas Territories, Poland... All in all, more than 5500 machines have been installed across the globe.ALTERVAL has its own engineering office that can adapt the machine to suit your requirements (feasibility studies, layout, etc.). Then, our technical teams take over to install and maintain your facilities.



    Simplicity, profitability and durability are at the core of our business. Which is, and has been since 1997, to turn your waste into profit. Today, 20 years later, were still in that business with a longstanding collaboration with leading suppliers of machinery and facilities for the waste and recycling industry. Our employees have extensive technical knowledge and experience from the waste and recycling area, thus making us able to offer: Extensive service, from layout layout to production device, sale, delivery and assembly of machinery and equipment, fast delivery of spare parts, solution of practical problems with existing equipment and ongoing servicing of machines. Our experience plays a major role in a rapidly evolving market, both in terms of volume and technology. Wamatech is well-equipped for a future where recycling is playing an increasing role, both in Denmark, in the Nordic countries and in Europe. We constantly follow the development of new technology and are in close cooperation with our suppliers.



    Iridex Group Plastic is involved in a number of trading activities, including plastics, waste bins and containers, materials for construction, waste management equipment



    The company COEMAN PACKAGING, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment industry. It also operates in the heat-shrink packing machines, boxing machines for packing, bale presses, and bundle tying machines industries. It is based in Waregem, Belgium.



    The company SEREMAT SA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Handling of goods - rolling equipment industry. It also operates in the Metal industrial presses, Metal industrial presses, compactors, and bale presses industries. It is based in Fleury, France.



    The company DEGETECH, is a Distributor, which operates in the Compactors and crushers industry. It also operates in the rubbish bin rental, waste containers, and bale presses industries. It is based in Evergem, Belgium.



    The company TOMRA SYSTEMS, is a Multi-Category, which operates in the Packaging recycling industry. It also operates in the Recycling - machines and installations, Recycling - machines and installations, and bale presses industries. It is based in Apeldoorn, Netherlands.



    The company ECP GROUP, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations industry. It also operates in the Compactors and crushers, Compactors and crushers, and bale presses industries. It is based in Geneston, France.



    The company EUROPRESS ANLAGEN- UND MASCHINENBAU GMBH, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Compactors and crushers industry. It also operates in the Conveyor belts, Conveyor belts, bale presses, Bale presses for waste disposal, and sorting and screening plants for special and toxic-harmful waste industries. It is based in Lathen, Germany.



    The company PROMAGROSNAB, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Agriculture and forestry - machinery and equipment industry. It also operates in the Tractors and trailers, agricultural, ploughs and soil-working machinery, fertilizer spreaders, Tractors and trailers, agricultural, and bale presses industries. It is based in Minsk, Belarus.

  7. MIL-TEK


    The company MIL-TEK, is a Distributor, which operates in the Compactors and crushers industry. It also operates in the Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations, Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations, bale presses, and waste presses industries. It is based in BRUXELLES, Belgium.

  8. BLIK


    The company BLIK, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Offal industry. It also operates in the Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations, Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations, waste grinders, granulators, and bale presses industries. It is based in Milly-La-Forêt, France.



    The company FASAMAK A.S., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations industry. It also operates in the bale presses, Baling presses, hydraulic, and Bale presses for waste disposal industries. It is based in Bursa, Turkey.



    The company VBS Machinery - MACHINES FOR RECYCLING AND SEPARATION, which operates in the Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations industry. It also operates in the Grinding mills and crushers, and bale presses industries. It is based in Oosterzele, Belgium.



    The company AUWA UMWELTTECHNIK & RECYCLING, is a Agent/ Representative, which operates in the Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations industry. It also operates in the bale presses, and Screening machines, screening plants and screening equipment industries. It is based in Wien, Austria.



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    Trimex import-export services, a textile collection and recycling centre in operation for 35 years. Used clothing, sorting & recycling of all textiles – second hand clothes store, original street collection. After stopping one of our branches of activity, we are looking for a buyer for our company (see details in documents section). We sell used equipment for the textile industry: various containers, sorting mats, bale grabbers, bale presses, sort mats, reversible air conditioner.



    Keller & Vardarcı Industries Ltd. established in 2004 in Izmir, Turkey, is a joint venture of two family-managed companies, KEK Egon Keller GmbH & Co, Germany and Vardarcı Makina Ltd. Sti., Turkey. It’s located in Aegean Free Zone, Izmir, Turkey. Keller & Vardarcı designs and manufactures cottonseed and other oilseed processing machinery worldwide; including equipment and parts for cottonseed Delinting, Linter machinery, Lint cleaners, Motes cleaning, cottonseed Bale Press machinery, Saw sharpening machinery for Delinting, cotton ginning, Seed cleaners, Dehulling & Decorticating machinery, Filter presses, Oil Presses, Cookers, Oil Press Expellers, spare parts for own manufactured machinery and for other brands etc. We supply turnkey projects for edible oil sector, as a leader company in edible oil processing machinery and equipment. Our products are being manufactured by experienced specialists, with more than 50 years manufacturer competency of two family companies. Also, we provide our clients engineering assistance, service and maintenance following the machinery installation. Some of the supplied oil plants for various seeds; in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, Zambia, North-Africa, Uzbekistan and Brazil. Our ongoing projects continue in Africa and Uzbekistan. Our machinery and equipment and spare parts are being sent to all around the World. Keller & Vardarcı is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company and all products are CE marked.



    Santec Group is among India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of industrial presses. The product range consists of hydraulic presses, compression molding presses, deep drawing presses, transfer & injection molding presses, vacuum molding presses, plastic injection molding machines, scrap baling presses, SMC molding presses, etc. The products are either supplied as stand-alone systems or complete on-site system installation is done on turnkey basis. The company also provides spare parts as well as regular after-sales-services.Established in the year 1998, Santec Group has strengthened its share in Indian and overseas markets by judiciously using its resources, ethical business practices and aggressive marketing strategies. With business acumen and professional excellence, the company aims to attain and retain the position of leadership by developing highly innovative and functional technologies indigenously.



    Our company PT TRIADI JAYA is a supplier of textile waste who trades various textile waste as a raw material for the manufacturing of yarn, paper, non woven , recycled and regenerated fiber.We located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We collect textile waste directly from spinning mills and garment mills, sorted by type of fabric, quality and color.The goods that we supply have been sorted, clean and free from other foreign materials, separated between cotton and poly cotton, knitted and woven, yarn and salvage. We even separate the colors into each color per pack. Goods packed in bales form by using balling press machine. Weight of every bales around 200 kgs up to 250 kgs. In 1 x 40 ft container we can loading up to 26 tons. We sell in mix color bale and assortment color bale , depending on your needs. Our capacity supply is 500 tons / month.Our commodity such as : 1. Cotton hosiery clips. 2. Cotton sizing yarn waste unbleached.3. Cotton denim clips.4. Poly cotton hosiery clips.


    United Kingdom

    Sofrim is a professional clothing and textiles recycling company with over 30 years industry experience. From our modern recycling facility in Tunisia we recycle high-quality second-hand clothing for export to all over the world. We cooperate with more than 100 cities and municipalities, and the list of our customers is constantly increasing. We have many partners in Europe, Africa, and Asia. We import, export and sort around 80 tonnes of used clothes per week, collected from Italy, Switzerland and the UK. All items are sorted and graded in our 64583 SQ.Ft warehouse via our purpose built production line, attended by our trained sorting staff - this is the first part of the sort process. The second is where we fine grade the items and quality check each item before they are bagged for the relevant overseas markets. We are proud of our experienced sorters who have been grading clothes for over 30 years, so our customer's shipments are exactly what they have paid for. Our sorters sort over 60 products, according to product category, gender, quality etc, leading to a very rich product list with a variety of products which covers sufficiently all our client’s needs. We can pack products and load containers according to customer’s needs (pressed bales, transparent bags, folded, unfolded etc).



    «FERROTEX» LTD manufacturing, supplier and production company expresses the deep respect and offers its products: the licorice root pressed to bale, licorice sticks, licorice slice and cutting licorice roots naturally dried and licorice powder (CGA and spray dried powder). Our experience in licorice root manufacturing is 10 years. Our production is located in Uzbekistan. We are produce several other products. I would like to offer you the following: 1. Licorice root peeled sticks size 15-40 cm; 2. Licorice root unpeeled sticks size 15-40 cm; 3. Licorice root pressed to bale; 4. Licorice root unpeeled cut size 2-10 cm; 5. Licorice slice. Currently we are exporting to China, Germany, Indonesia, Turkey and CIS countries. We can ship the root and immediately give you suporting documents: consignment, certificate of origin, a phytosanitary certificate, customs declaration, certificate of quality and packing list. Capacity for raw materials 1 year is about 2000 MTs and licorice powder 800 tons. We look forward to productive cooperation with you.



    Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co., Ltd is the chinese most reputable manufacturer of Forging Hammer, Pneumatic Forging Hammer, Hydraulic Forging Hammer, Ring Rolling Machine, Ring Rolling Mill, Ring Forging Machine, Forging Manipulator, Metal Briquette Press Machine, Metal Briquetting Press Machine, Metal Baling Press Machine, Metal Baler, Hydraulic Riveting Machine, ISO9001 certificated company, with 50 years experience and history in producing forging equipments, products exported to more than 60 countries. (1) Pneumatic Forging Hammer (2) Pneumatic Forging Hammer (3) Double Arm Electro-Hydraulic Open Die Forging Hammer (4) Single Arm Electro-hydraulic Open Die Forging Hammer (5) Electro-Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer (6) Programmable Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer (7) Hydraulic Open Die Hot Forging Press (8) Forging Manipulator (9) Ring Rolling Machine / Ring Rolling Mill / Ring Forging Machine (10) Swarf Briquetting Press / Briquette Press

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