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    SYNCHRO Organic Food Poland, we are specialized in nuts, dried fruits, spices, and herbs, we've firmly established ourselves as a trusted presence in the Polish market for over 25 years. Our extensive experience, we excel in sourcing premium nuts, dried fruits, spices, and herbs from around the world. Our diverse assortment includes exotic dried fruits, nuts, and seeds tailored for oil pressing, such as sesame, evening primrose, chia, and pumpkin seeds. Beyond Nuts: hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, macadamias, and mixed varieties. We're your exclusive source for unique selections like Sultanas, mangoes, dates, dried plums, apricots, and candied fruits. A Symphony of Spices like: marjoram, black pepper, allspice, nutmeg, and more. Explore niche spices such as tej patta, Madagascar aframon, curry leaves, and zaatar. Elevate your culinary experience with our diverse spice blends. Teas and Botanical Wonders: our curated teas and herbs from India, including black, green, and white teas. Immerse yourself in the enchanting essence of Brahmi, Amla, Ashwagandha, and more. Embracing Our Homeland, from Poland: groats, millet groats, evening primrose seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and Italian (Greek) nuts and dried carrots, parsley, flax seeds, green beans, and vibrant beans. With certified excellence and dedication to quality we deliver exceptional organic offerings tailored to satisfy your cravings.



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    Milis Nurseries is specialized in the production and trading of fruit and nut plants. In the mid-1960s, Konstantinos Milis, listening to the needs of the Greek arboretum for healthy reproductive material, uses the previously known practices in the region and in collaboration with geotechnical engineers of the era, begins the creation of the first fruit tree nursery (peaches, cherries, apricots, plums, apples, pears, almonds, walnut, hazelnut, etc.). A few years later, his son and current owner, Vassilios Milis, takes over the company's reins enriching the range of offered species, subjects and varieties. In co-operation with both university institutes in the country and with European institutes, we developed trees capable of meeting the increased demands of producers as we strive to maintain high-quality standards for our fruit plants. At the same time, we invested in human resources with agronomists targeting the after sales service. Cooperating with the farmer, providing cultivation knowledge where necessary (plant protection, fertilization, pruning, etc.) while keeping up with modern world trends. Due to the fact that the company is well-known in the European area, it is receiving an ever increasing amount of information and new varieties. Many years of experience and constant research enabled us to master new technologies, thus taking part in larger projets, including abroad, and we are involved in all stages from planting to harvesting. Contact us for more information!

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    Berg Trading Co. is a dynamic and innovative company dedicated to providing comprehensive trading solutions in the global marketplace. With a strong focus on efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of international trade. At Berg Trading Co., we specialize in facilitating the exchange of various commodities, including agricultural products, energy resources, metals and other raw materials. Our diverse range of products encompasses a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, frozen/Live/fresh Seafood products sourced from around the world. We offer an extensive variety of fresh and high-quality produce such as apples, bananas, oranges, berries, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, onions, and much more. As a socially responsible company, we are deeply committed to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. We actively seek out suppliers who adhere to stringent environmental standards, promoting sustainable sourcing and responsible production methods. Whether you are a producer, supplier, or buyer, Berg Trading Co. offers tailored solutions to meet your unique trading needs. We strive to exceed expectations by providing personalized service, swift execution, and superior support at every stage of the trading process. Together, we can navigate the complexities of the global market and achieve sustainable growth and success.

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    Established in 1975, Baycelik Tarim is a leading agricultural seed manufacturer based in Denizli, Turkey. With 50 years of experience in the industry, we have become one of the oldest and most well-known exporters of agricultural commodities in Turkey. Our company specializes in producing and supplying high-quality edible seeds and nuts products. We are proud to own one of Europe's most extensive processing facilities, equipped with the latest technologies to create exceptional products for our clients.At Baycelik Tarim, we offer premium seeds, mainly pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and walnuts. Our sunflower seeds are carefully selected from the most fertile plains of Turkey and processed with meticulous care to ensure their superior quality and taste. With an annual processing capacity of 15, 000 tons of sunflower seeds, our facility constantly expands to meet growing demand. We are committed to providing our customers the best quality products and services. We strive to continuously innovate and develop our business to become a leading agricultural company in Turkey. At Baycelik Tarim, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering high-quality products and services nationally and internationally. If you have any inquiries or want to learn more about our company, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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    Direct exporter of Ukraine origin agri commodities, feed ingredients and food products. Gsse Group deals in : Export of Ukraine origin grains: yellow millet, red millet, white sorghum, red sorghum, wheat, yellow corn, sorghum red, sorghum white, corn, oats, vetches, canary seeds, Export of Ukraine origin oil seeds: soybean, rapeseed, flaxseed, high oleic sunflower seeds Export of Ukraine origin pulses: yellow whole peas, yellow split peas, red lentils, green lentils, football lentils, red split lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, nuts & spices: walnuts, coriander, confectionary seeds & nuts: sunflower seeds, pumpkin, Export of Ukraine origin cereals: oat flakes, bulgur, semolina, couscous, buckwheat groats, corn groats, barley groats, wheat groats, hulled millet, pearl barley, Ukraine origin food products wheat flour: grade premium, grade first 50/25 kg pp bags, retail package 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg paper bags, sunflower oil refined Expor of Ukraine originfeed ingredients: linseed cake, sunflower meal, sunflower cake, soybean meal, yellow peas husk, yellow peas husk granulated, oat bran granulated, wheat bran granulated. web--site: www.gssegroup.com whatsapp: +380 66 960 3258

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    A Tech Supply APS is a company based in Denmark specialized in the production of injection moulded plastic solutions and tools. We also offer product optimization of plastics parts. We produce our own moulding tools such as injection moulds, micro injection moulds and insert tools. We are able to produce injection moulded parts in various sizes from less than 1 gramm (Real micro moulding) to parts in a size of approximately 1 x 1 meter and 4 kg item weight. Over the years, we became a leader in the production of micro injection moulds and micro injection parts for the medical industry, especially for LCP and PEEK. In addition, we adapt to our customer's needs. Thanks to our focus on automation, we provide solutions in very short deadlines at affordable prices. We accompany our customers from the beginning of their project to the finished product. Our mother company Dencker A/S is ISO: 9001 certified, thus proving the constant high quality of our produced parts. Our other mother company Trend Mould Aps is specialised in moulding of more simple items with standard tolerances in customised control plans. If you are looking for parts that are not directly supplied by A Tech Supply, we resort to outsourcing to select the right supplier amongst our trusted partners. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information ! You will benefit from our more than 15 years experience and knowledge in sourcing. Lets work together with to find the best solutions to you materialize your project.

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    «Perlyna Stepu» is a company engaged in the purchase, processing, packaging and sale agricultural products, feed for birds in domestic market of Asia and Europe as well. Since 1996 the group of our companies actively involved in trading of feed for birds and agricultural products as: yellow and red millet seeds, yellow and black mustard seeds, linen seeds, sorghum, safflower seeds, chickpeas, coriander and other. These products can be delivered: in containers, packing in bags 25kg and bigbags. Geographical location of our facilities, growers with agricultural products, allows to us quickly deliver products to the ports of Odesa, Chornomorsk, Yuzhny. We use the best equipment for cleaning: Petkus, Buhler, AKY. So, we can offer high quality products corresponding to requirements of the international standards and competitive prices. The «Perlyna Stepu» feed is an offer of perfectly balanced food, which contains nutrients, vitamins, microelements necessary for feeding sports pigeons in different periods of development throughout the year. https//www.facebook.com/perlyna.stepu


    United Kingdom

    Shire Europe Finance Company is a company based in London specialized in providing financial products and services since 2001. As a financial institution, our mission has been for almost 20 years to help professionals who are financially excluded and ignored by the mainstream financial services industry. We provide business loans for our customers to obtain the best price, best repayment terms and least onerous credit agreement. We also make sure that your loans are processed in the shortest deadlines possible. Our wish is to help companies with their organization. Indeed, we advise them in order to make their work more efficient, thus ensuring them a swift and continuous growth. This way they will be able to reduce costs and to better manage risks. Moreover, we accompany small businesses to find the lending solutions that are best suited to their needs. Thanks to our corporate finance department, we provide integrated financial and strategic advice. We are also experts in economic consulting and equipment financing to make equipment affordable. We work to make high-quality financial products and services accessible. Don't hesitate to contact us fore more information !

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    Güllük Pet is one of the leading Pet Food and Accessories manufacturer and distributor in Turkey since 1997 . We export all types of Cat Food, Dog Food, Bird Food, Cat Litter and Pet Accessories. We are privileged to connect to more than 500 costumers (pet shops, veterinary clinics, supermarkets, estores) across the globe. In 2011 we introduced our brands DAISY and CUTE FACES as Dog and Cat Food which acquired a good reputation in the global market. In addition to all this, we produce quality bird and fish feeds on the world sunday with our brands "Cute Faces" and "Rose". Having access to the best raw material from all over the World Güllük Pet offers the highest quality product at the most competitive price.

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    SD-Becks company produces animal feed for livestock and poultry, extruded all-in-one fodder, and compound feed additives for poultry and all species of farm animals. SD-Becks has been working in the market of animal feed for over 4 years and distributes its products in more than 17 cities of Russia. The company produces biologically active feed supplements and natural feed free of growth stimulants and antibiotics: — Feed for dual-purpose chicken breeds, broilers, and quail; — Feed supplements for fattening pigs; — Feed for ducks and other waterfowl; — Feed additives for horses — a phytobiotic feed concentrate IMMUNO-POWER with vitamin and mineral mix. Extrusion makes it possible to destroy cell walls, break chemical bonds, and alter the physical and molecular structure of raw materials to create an animal feed that is more useful and easier to digest. Extruded feeds have five to eight times more soluble substances and are more nutritious and efficient. SD-Becks produces animal feed in close cooperation with the Kuzbass State Agricultural Academy on scientific developments and the implementation of advanced technologies in the feed industry. SD-Becks creates its rations using high-precision customized software, tests them in laboratories and research centers, and then the livestock feeds undergo final testing at agricultural companies.



    Ukrainian agricultural company LLC "KAMRUD-AGRO-TECHNO" offers various crops for export. We also sell restored grain cleaning machines «PETKUS». For more detailed information, we suggest you visit our website or call us! Assortment of crops: - alfalfa; - mustard; - flax; - millet; - asparagus; - vetch; - vegetable peas; - phacelia;

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    Our company is specialized in providing ingredients for the bakery industry. The main products we work are bulk sunflower kernels and sunflower chips. Other products we occasionally work with are brown flax seeds, chickpeas and coriander seeds. We also supply seeds for oil pressing companies, as well as for bird feeding factories which use a lot of sunflower hearts, black or striped sunflower seeds to make mixes or to directly feed animals.We attend some of the big food fairs like Anuga, Gulfood and Sial to be in the present and adjust to the changes on the market. Developing strategies, looking for new markets, researching products are just a part of our activities in expanding our business and providing adequate help to our clients` needs. We have great logistic knowledge which helps us reduce delivery time and transport costs.

  1. AVES-9 LTD


    Our company was established in 2009 as a subsidiary export company of PARUS LTD. We are in direct contact with the farmers from several regions in the central part of Southern Bulgaria. The production facilities of the company are located very close to TRAKIA highway which is very convenient both for sending of truckloads to Western Europe and of container loads to the most remote parts of the world through the Black Sea ports. Our main activity is the export of winter food for birds (sunflower seeds, seed mixes, sorghum, millet, etc.). Annually we deliver about 3 000 mt of seeds mainly to the Western and to the Northern European markets. We offer different types of packaging meeting the requirements of our customers. The packaging sizes provide a wide range of packaging options: - Polyethylene bags from 1 kg to 5 kg -Polypropylene bags from 5 kg to 25 kg -Paper bags from 5 kg to 25 kg -Big bags form 800 kg to 1150 kg



    “Imperial 21’' Ltd., Bulgaria deals with the trade of agricultural products, especially sunflower kernels and striped sunflower seeds. The company has been working in this area for more than 15 years. Our annual average sales are with a capacity around 3500-4000 tons sunflower kernels as our aim is to keep the good quality we offer and to expand our market positions. During the years the company expanded step by step its customer portfolio and has worked mainly with bakery and confectionery companies from Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, USA. Another product of the company is the stripped sunflower seed used for bird food. Our annual average sales of this product are around 1200-1500 tons. In the year of 2012 “Imperial 21” has been awarded by the Business Leaders Club with the 40th Golden International Trophy for Quality (New Millennium Award) as a recognition for its excellent business skills and competence.



    Voyada Maldives gives travel and tourism services that specialize for holiday makers. Voyada Maldives is your one-stop search for an absolute Maldivian experience. We indulge guests from far and wide. Our thorough Holiday Packages are intended to engage the recognizing voyager, while in the meantime giving the best esteem conceivable. Our vision is to be the top travel organization in the Maldives. The organization desires to confident a strong association with all the partners and customers so as to satiate the organization's vision. We are specialists in Maldivian travel, hospitality, culture and regulatory agencies. We specialize in the following: Leisure Travel Family Vacations Diving Cruises Surfing Trips Corporate Conferences Photography and Videography Shoots Health and Wellness Retreats


    Czech Rep.

    production food for rodents and exotic birds production snack for rodents and exotic birds production beddings for pets


    United Kingdom

    UK suppliers of wild bird food, feeders and associated products.



    The company HESS VERTRIEB UG, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Birdseed industry. It is based in Geilenkirchen, Germany.

  7. CHEMI - VIT S.R.L.


    The company CHEMI - VIT S.R.L., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Pet foods industry. It also operates in the Birdseed, Dog food, Birdseed, and Dog food industries. It is based in Quattro Castella, Italy.



    The company CHICO BIRD FOOD, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Birdseed industry. It is based in Denizli, Turkey.



    The company ALSO SRL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Pet foods industry. It also operates in the Cat food, Birdseed, Cat food, and Birdseed industries. It is based in Messina, Italy.



    The company ANIMALIS PET SHOP, is a Retailer, which operates in the Birdseed industry. It also operates in the Pet foods, Pet foods, cages for domestic animals, pigeon food supplements, and horse feed industries. It is based in Eghezée, Belgium.


    United Kingdom

    The company ALBERT E.JAMES & SON LTD, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Birdseed industry. It also operates in the racing pigeon food, wild bird seeds, pet foods, and CountryWide & Willsbridge industries. It is based in Bristol, United Kingdom.



    The company NATURSCHUTZCENTER, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Cereals and grains industry. It also operates in the Feeds for animal farming, Pet foods, Birdseed, Environmental protection - machines and equipment, Feeds for animal farming, Pet foods, Birdseed, and Environmental protection - machines and equipment industries. It is based in Stuttgart, Germany.



    The company RIECHMANN`S TOP SECRET GMBH & CO.KG, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Cereals and grains industry. It also operates in the Fish, Feeds for animal farming, Pet foods, Birdseed, Fish, Feeds for animal farming, Pet foods, and Birdseed industries. It is based in Borken, Germany.



    The company AQUARISTIK-MANTEL, is a Distributor, which operates in the Vegetables, edible roots and tubers industry. It also operates in the Fish, Feeds for animal farming, Pet foods, Birdseed, Fish, Feeds for animal farming, Pet foods, and Birdseed industries. It is based in Mannheim, Germany.



    The company GASCO SA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Pet foods industry. It also operates in the Birdseed, Birdseed, accessories for pets, and dry food for pets industries. It is based in Mirande, France.



    The company GRAF GMBH, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Cereals and grains industry. It also operates in the Feeds for animal farming, Pet foods, Birdseed, Marble and natural stones, Feeds for animal farming, Pet foods, Birdseed, and Marble and natural stones industries. It is based in Burghaslach, Germany.



    The company AQUARIENBAU HEINZ JEBRAMEK, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Cereals and grains industry. It also operates in the Shellfish and crustaceans, Fish, Feeds for animal farming, Birdseed, Shellfish and crustaceans, Fish, Feeds for animal farming, and Birdseed industries. It is based in Nürnberg, Germany.



    The company GABRIELA SCHEIBEL - GABY´S ZOO, is a Distributor, which operates in the Vegetables, edible roots and tubers industry. It also operates in the Fish, Feeds for animal farming, Pet foods, Birdseed, Fish, Feeds for animal farming, Pet foods, and Birdseed industries. It is based in Wien, Austria.

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