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    The Fc Food company has consolidated experience in the Food & Catering sector, in which it has operated for more than 10 years. Distribution of: fresh Pizza Dough Base, bakery products and Handcrafted Sicilian Granitas. FC FOOD produces and sells typical Sicilian products. The company specialises in the production of arancini using traditional methods and also offers different weights and seasonings.



    Twenty years of success in the business: What started as a mere service provider in 1993, has now developed into an innovative manufacturer of individual technology for bakeries. Our business philosophy focuses on meeting customers' specific requirements with our individual products. Armed with our quality products, you will be able to produce an outstanding product quality that is particularly economical in terms of dough and hygienic. The principles of maximum quality and precision are reflected in wonderful, artisan baked goods. This is all due to the countless years of experience and technical innovation that have gone into our machines and equipment. Our product range: We are the specialists in producing small baked goods such as lye dough products, bread rolls, bread, pretzels and pizza. Customer requirements for dough processing and transport solutions are covered based on in-house developments or partner products.



    Gourmetback GmbH, based in Regensburg in south-eastern Germany, is a large-scale bakery influenced by artisanal baking and focuses on producing frozen baked products and snacks for customers from wholesale, retail and the hotel and catering industries in Germany and all around the world. We offer crusty bread rolls, delicious breads, Italian ciabattas and focaccias as well as fragrant baguettes and snacks. These can be made in a "potato" shape, from spelt, with a topping or a dough ingredient of your choice and in a twist or "boat" shape, or as a "rose" bun. Our whole range is also available as organic options. We are proud of our high-quality products and we put real baking craftsmanship into practice using modern production techniques. We therefore cannot and do not want to do without our trainer bakers' expertise. All of the key positions at Gourmetback are held by employees who have learnt the baking trade from scratch – after all, Gourmetback's quality is based on traditional skills.

  4. CPS DOO


    CPS is the largest stockist of paper and raw materials for graphic industry in Serbia. Our sales volume exceeds 35, 000 tonnes a year.Now we are trying to find a stable supplier of kraft paper. The paper should be made up of recycled fibres. It is dedicated for food packaging e.g. bread, rolls, donuts, pretzels etc. The substanbces ranges from 38 to 40 grams per square meter.The second product of our interest is a bookbinding glue. We are looking fior supstitutes for the following products of the Slovenian producer Mitol from Sezana: Termokol 2410, Termokol 4118 and Mekol 14136.We look forward to receiving competitive offers and establishing a long run cooperation with a prospective suppliers.



    Italpan was founded in 1988, from the very beginning making machinery for artisan bakeries. Based in Schio in Vicenza province, the company has always specialized in the production of: mixers, bread stick makers, dough sheeters, flour sieves, bread grinders, bread slicers, automatic rolling machines, tarallo warmers, two-cylinder moulders, four-cylinder moulders, baguette machines, horizontal slicers.

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    Viet Nam

    Our Product with high vales added products such as breaded shrimp, breaded fish, breaded squid, breaded octopus, spring roll, shrimp paste, breaded pagasius fillet, breaded tongue sole fillet, and swimming crab , seafood stuffed in shell, All kind of fishes fillet like: pagasius fillet, tongue sole fillet.



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    With a passion for high quality bakery goods Flaky croissants, pastries with sweet fillings, savoury snacks – these are core competencies for this Franconian producer of premium quality frozen bakery goods. As part of the Martin Braun-Gruppe, the company offers the full range of traditional and innovative deep-frozen bakery goods for businesses that then process them further. The high quality pastries from Wolf ButterBack contain both excellent raw ingredients and a lot of craft knowledge from the bakery trade. It is not by chance that the company has been awarded ‘higher level’ IFS certification. • Many manual production steps and the latest technology – for consistently high quality • Up to 8 hours’ proving time – for a long shelf life after baking • Home-made fillings – for a natural flavour At Fuerth, the company’s sole operating site, 550 employees are actively engaged in an outstanding portfolio of products and services. They are united by the high standards of quality to which Wolf ButterBack has been committed for the last 30 years – to the benefit of your commercial success!



    We are Baker’s standard ltd. company from Bulgaria. We produce bread improver, bread mixes, substitutes for different products and bread starter cultures. Manufacturing, distributing, technically supporting and supplying innovative baking ingredients and solutions for bakery industry across the world. Our mission is to assist bakers all around the world so they could successfully expand their business activity. We work together with all our customers and distributors in the global market for bakery additives as a whole team. We introduce encouraging, original technologies and solutions, dictated by the latest trends in the field of bakery supplie As a company established by bread producers for bread producers. We know perfectly each step of the processes of production of various bread and bread products.We also know the stereotypes of working with additives for the bakery industry in different regions of the world. As we pay attention to the requests and communication signals of our partners, we constantly work to maximize their needs. We understand bakery business.



    Sudem Pastacilik is a bakery & pastry mix manufacturer company based in Antalya/Turkey which has been producing top quality products since 2006 and exporting its product Europe and other countries. We make bakery and pastry specialities using time-honoured, traditional baking recipes, high quality ingredients with the artisanal methods. Our specialities include Bread Mixes, Cake & Pastry Mixes, Whipping Powder, Cream Patisserie Powder, Jellies, Filling Cream, Ganache & Topping Sauces, Velvet Spray, Pastry Additive, Breakfast Cereal, Baking Powder and much more. Both our bakery&pastry products are not only competitively priced, they are also of excellent quality. Our mission which is to provide our customers with high-quality products and meet all their needs and expectations in terms of saving time, safety and healthy also make their life as easy as possible. We, as SUDEM & SUDEMIXIR branded products are produced with ISO 22000; 2005, ISO 14001; 2015, Halal Certificate are presented to our esteemed customers with approx. 850 kinds of product portfolio.SUDEM is key supplier to the following sector; HORECA industry, bakeries, restaurants, catering, retailers, hospitality, pastry and coffe shops, confectioners, food outlets, food manufacturing, food wholesale distributors. As the Sudem continues to gain global recognition we are interested in developing relationships with food supplier companies.Contact us to find bakery and pastry business solutions for you and your customers.


    United Kingdom

    Grote Company manufactures reliable, top-quality food slicing and assembly equipment, making it easier for our customers to make safe, high quality food. Our trusted equipment and lines are expertly designed and built strong to make pizza, sandwich and food slicing processes faster, safer, more consistent and less expensive. With a personal touch and enduring commitment to our customers and employees, we collaborate as one team to solve tough problems. We proudly serve not only the equipment we build, but also the people who operate and depend on it.



    The company THAI FOODS PRODUCT INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Powdered and condensed milk industry. It also operates in the Coconut Milk Powder, Durian Powder, Ice Cream Powder Mixed, and Monosodium Glutamate industries. It is based in Bangkok, Thailand.



    The company BIOLALLAMERIEM AULISUA HUILE D'OLIVE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Olive oil industry. It also operates in the extra virgin olive oil, and bread rolls made with extra virgin olive oil industries. It is based in Misserghin Wilaya D'oran, Algeria.



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    Established in 1998, Maya Plastic is a plastic packaging manufacturer from Turkey. We continue to manufacture our high-quality plastic packing products with our four large factories in Istanbul. Our production facility has a total of 16.000 square meters of plastic packaging capacity. Maya Plastic, we are Turkey’s first courier bags and security envelope manufacturer. We continue our R&D works, innovation, and new investments rapidly. We offer customer-oriented solutions to institutions and organizations operating in different sectors such as retail, hygiene, cargo, e-commerce, textile, food and chemical. We have a wide product portfolio: •Poly mailers, •Courier bags with security tapes and serial numbers, •Laminated products, •Eco-friendly packaging, •Reinforced packaging, •Handled shopping bags, •Food packaging such as chicken and bread bags, •Cleaning products packaging, •Wet wipes packaging, •Diaper packages, •Detergent packages, •Shrink rolls for industrial products and many more to be discovered on our website! Our mission is to respect human and environment, high production quality, advanced technology, efficiency, timely delivery, and sustainability. Our aim is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by adopting flexible manufacturing method with our dynamic organizational structure. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Established in Brittany, France, AXION BAKERY CORPORATION specialises in the sale of equipment and professional supplies for bakers, pastry-makers, caterers, restaurants and food companies. For 30 years, AXION BAKERY CORPORATION has been selling bread-making and pastry-making material as well as haute cuisine equipment for restaurants. We also provide design concepts for setting up bakeries. The equipment and supplies that we sell are custom-designed to adapt to the your kitchen's structure and comply with all applicable standards. We are the exclusive distributors of the Logiudice, Garbin and Paniclima brands. Make the most of a large range of high-performance quality equipment. Among other pieces of equipment, you will find ovens, rolling machinery, refrigerated cabinets and cooling units. AXION BAKERY CORPORATION welcomes professional chefs and bakers.


    United Kingdom

    Bakery & Confectionery Supplies, Manufacture of bread, manufacture of fresh pastry goods and cakes. We provide high quality frozen unbaked and baked products: wrapped sandwiches and oatcakes, savouries (pies, rolls, pasties, quiches, puddings, pastry and shells), quality foods (snacks, cakes, desserts, tex mex, British classics, italian range, sous-vide) and sweet (Shot glass desserts, dairy cream cakes, multi portion cakes, sweet bakers choice, thaw and serve). We only use fresh vegetables delivered every day. We care about hand crimping our pork pies and we have built a worldwide reputation for producing the very best food.



    Shanghai Chengtao Machinery Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech proprietorship of modern food machinery integrating R&D, production and sales, and wins a good reputation from customers in the tenet of Quality First, Customer Supreme, Best Credit, Impeccable Presales, After-sales Service. The company is engaged in production and maintenance of various encrusting machines, including RHEON reconditioned encrusting machine N-208, KN-111, KN-120, KN-200, KN-300, KN-400, KN-500, Chinese bun moulding machine, bread making machine, Dumpling / Samosa / Ravioli / Egg roll making machine, Shaomai forming machine, paratha / chapatti making machin, cookies machine, cake machine. Besides sales and maintenance of machinery, the company also offers information on commodity and various reconditioned food machinery and assists customers in design and development of product modules, takes the operation policy of improving the added value of machinery to make it multifunctional, and enlarges the development space.



    JSC "Combinatul de Piine din Balti" is one of the largest manufacturers of bakery and confectionery in the Republic of Moldova and it is a company of the Moldovan-British holding "ZERNOFF", which specializes in full cycle manufacturing of food and beverages. Our assortment includes around 150 kinds of products and their quantity constantly increases: the bread, crackers, bagels, pastry, sugar cookies, muffins, rolls, cakes, breadcrumbs and more.


    United Kingdom

    Bakery & Confectionery Supplies, Manufacture of bread, manufacture of fresh pastry goods and cakes