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    Our passion is to introduce you to the wonders of local fare from Corréze through our company LIMOUZI SAVEURS, by concocting recipes that will both surprise and delight you. Always on the lookout for new items, we apply our know-how to offer you refined, delicious products. We are proud of our commitment to making all our products in our kitchens at Objat (19), paying special attention to the quality of the ingredients that we take the trouble to select. We call on pastry- and chocolate makers to devise our products. We at LIMOUZI SAVEURS, appreciate local produce and offer a wide range of products such as jams, syrups, biscuits, caramelized and chocolate coated walnuts, cailloux (chocolate-walnut sweets), nougats, caramels, fruit jellies and other treats, to satisfy the taste buds of lovers of local flavours. In order to meet your expectations, we hold the values of quality, expertise and innovation very close to heart. Feel free to contact us for further details!



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    Ekinoks is a wholesale business that sources and supplies branded goods across the globe. Our dedicated import export team helps our customers, retailers, and manufacturers expand their brand/business locally and across continents. With over ten years of experience in export, we help our customers promote and extend their product range, achieving sales aspirations and growth worldwide. Our services include as follows : •Household cleaning tools, •Sanitary Paper, •Beauty & Personal Care, •Food & Beverage, •Household Chemicals and many more are to be discovered on our website! We operate across continents to deliver your products to the best markets... As Ekinoks, we provide easy and accessible customer service anytime.Our mission is to offer our customers the best and most innovative solutions. That's why we always do our best to prioritize our customers' needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    Here Comes Pumpidup. Meet the craziest healthy popcorn from Ukraine A long time ago (in 2008) in a galaxy far, far away (actually, in Ukraine) the most comfortable and innovative movie theater appeared. And its name was Planeta Kino. It started with only IMAX screen in Kyiv, but grew up so quickly that it expanded to 10 movie theaters with 74 screens in total including IMAX and 4DX, the most advanced and innovative movie screening technologies. Planeta Kino loved its customers and they loved it back. And that mutuality helped Planeta Kino to share ≈25% оf the Ukrainian box office and become second largest cinema chain in Ukraine. This not-that-small cinema chain was so into inventing that it also created something outstanding. Planeta Kino combined cinemas with restaurants and found its own concept called RE’LUX. There was another wonder, called Kinomarkets — minimarkets right inside the movie theatres. They sold snacks, drinks and popcorn there. And as for popcorn, since the very dawn of Planeta Kino, customers adored it for the high quality and great taste. Ten years after being founded, in 2018, Planeta Kino decided to produce even more popcorn. Not just popcorn, but the craziest popcorn ever! And that’s how Pumpidup was born. To find special taste Planeta Kino tried to grow own corn, tried dozens of different corn types from plenty of suppliers and finally found it. And completed it with traditional and the most unexpected flavors.



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    Raffael, from the Ingino family, has been working with chestnuts for 60 years, scrupulously following the old recipes and using the most innovative methods, in order to maintain the flavours of traditional craftsmanship whilst meeting the standards required by modern distribution. The quality of the products is ensured by means of a series of strict checks and controls: from the qualification of suppliers to the selection of raw materials and the monitoring of individual production processes. Certifications: IFS , BRS and Bio.



    SOFI BAKERY– is a creative workshop. SOFI Gingerbread confectionery Studio is a unique creative workshop where sweets of the highest quality are crafted – decorated honey gingerbread cookies, candy bars and hard candy handmade by a team of professionals: bakers, confectioners, candy-makers and artists. SOFI BAKERY – the art of making gifts. The pastry chefs at the SOFI studio bake and decorate gingerbread by hand only. We continuously develop and maintain the best traditions of the confectionery industry in Russia, preserve and develop traditions of handicrafts, and at the same time revive folk crafts in confectionery. In the process of manufacturing we use only natural ingredients of high quality in unique combinations. SOFI BAKERY – the secret of success. The recipes of our gingerbread cookies are based on ancient Russian traditions and appropriately complemented by the secrets of European pastry masters, while generous amounts of honey and spices, such as ginger, cinnamon, cocoa and so on, give our gingerbread that unique chocolate colour, a festive flavour, and a tender texture. SOFI gingerbread cookie is the best product of the year. Gold medal!

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    We release caramel on a stick for unique European technologies. Our specialists have been trained in the industries of Western Europe, after which they successfully implement the acquired knowledge on their native land. At the same time, with the manufacture of caramel on a stick, we produce products from marshmallows. Our assortment is very large - it's cakes and figures, different assorted, barbecues with marshmallow and many others, but they combine them alone - our bright and refined sweet products are made for you with love!


    United Kingdom

    We are concentrated on worldwide distribution of products manufactured by Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, L'Oreal, Henkel, Colgate - Palmolive, Beiersdorf, We export and wholesale for branded fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Our main product range includes Candy / Chocolates: - Cadbury - Dairy Milk Bars & Mini, Crackle, Fruit & Nuts, Roast Almond, Fuse, Dairy Milk Silk Bars and Mini, Bubbly Bars, Caramello, Fruit & Nuts, Roasted, Five Star Bars & Mini, Dairy Milk Shots Chocolate Balls, Perk Bars & Mini / Munch Bars & Mini , Dairy Milk in Lickables with Surprise, Gems Candy with Surprise, Cadbury Bournville Dark Chocolate Bars, Choclairs Toffee, Nutties Candy, Celebrations Gift Packs / Perfetti Van Melle: - Chupa Cups - Lollipop, Sour Belt, Sour Bites, / Mentos - Chewy Toffee, Chew Gum, Marbels/ Center Fresh / Just jelly / Alepenliebe - Candy, Alepenliebe Lollypop / Creamfillz Candy, Rooters Balls / Fruit-tella / Happydent / Big Babool / Wrigley's - Doublemint Chewing Gum Sticks, Doublemint Candy, Doublemint Sugar free Mint Candy, Doublemint Chewy Mint Candy / Orbit Sugar Free Chewing Gum / Solano Candy / Ferrero: - Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Joy Surprise (boys/girls) , Kinder JOY Angry Birds with Surprise, Kinder Schoko - Bons, Kinder Crokao*Short Supply, tic tac Candy, tic tac Candy, Mini / Nestle: - Kit Kat Bars & Mini / Munch Bars / Nestle Polo Candy / Halls Candy. Contact us via our website



    Naujoji ruta, AB is one of the largest confectionery manufacturers both in Lithuania and in the Baltic States, offering a range of tasty confectionery articles. Our products are made according to original recipes developed by our specialists, taking into consideration the tastes of our consumers, without any synthetic preservatives. Each year consumers are offered new products. They are developed upon prior thorough consumer investigations and data analysis. Every year we renew the design and quality of the packages for our products. Residents in both Lithuania and many other countries like Latvia, Germany, Russia, Estonia, the USA, the UK, etc. are able to relish articles of Naujoji ruta, AB, because we export our production to those countries.



    Company "Tri Star" - a major producer of confectionery. Halva sunflower, peanut or sesame seeds, with and without additives, various types of pills, caramel bar of sunflower, peanut or sesame - any sweet tooth will find a treat in a variety of flavors, shapes and formulations. For more than 20 years, the company "Tri Star" has become a modern, equipped with advanced equipment company, whose products are known to almost every Ukrainian, as well as in countries near and far abroad. Experts say that halva TM "Zolotoi vek" can be easily distinguished from other manufacturers halva taste, appearance and even the color. All products are made exclusively from natural ingredients, and mix of traditional recipes and modern technology can not only achieve excellent palatability of the product, but also to preserve all contained in the product useful vitamins and minerals. After all, the main purpose of "Tri Star" - production of confectionery, healthy all sweet lovers. And no preservatives and GMOs!



    We are specializing all around the topic of Stevia and one of the first Stevia growers in partnership in Europe. The sweetness of the leaves is 20-30 times sweeter than sugar without calories and is teeth-friendly. The Leaves product is already processed as leaf powder or in screen sizes for tea bag cut, whether it's sweet for dressing or as an end product for many teas example available as organic children-tea in various flavors combinations. Also we try first time with the leaf powder to make some new Applications in food and beverages. Stevialine Best Raw material Best Know How Best Product You are Welcome to Stevialine For any further Quations feel free to contact us your Partner in Quality "Made in Germany"



    LEDOVAR is a production company that produces original lollipop caramel on a stick. We do what we do best! We offer reliability and quality through a single product concept. The Ledovar brand is valued for its specialized skills in the production of molded caramel. The process of making sweets is based on the principle of environmental friendliness, which allows us to proudly present our sweets on the world market. All handmade caramel! For production, sugar, corn syrup from agricultural enterprises in Ukraine and a natural dye are used. The excellent taste of our products is achieved not due to chemical additives and stabilizers, but due to the original recipe and skill of the master. Ledovar was founded in 2012 and is a registered trademark. Production is certified according to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system. Our lollipops are always on sale and bring joy to children and adults. We already sell products to the countries of the European Union and the Middle East. We can work under your brand. Our lollipops are always on sale and bring joy to children and adults. We already sell products to the countries of the European Union and the Middle East. We can work under your brand.



    Our company, which adopts the principle of customer satisfaction with its superior quality policy, started production in Konya in 1993. Our journey, which started by producing Soft and Hard Candyand it has been continuing with producing the modern Chocolate and Cocolin/Compound Chocolate in our facility which has established in 2008. In 2015, we increased our production capacity by increasing the production area to 10 000 m2. In 2020, thanks to chocolate covered caramel line, we have added a new flavor to our product range and presented it to our cutomers.We are still working on adding new flavors to our product range.



    We are Bulgarian company producing waffles and wines and dealing with many Bulgarian and European branded goods, such as Italian coffee, pasta, soft drinks and Bulgarian Bio products. We are looking for potential partner - distributor or wholesaler to sell our products in new markets.Our competitive advantages are: • Loyalty to our customers - usually we have not more than one partner per country; • Prices are constant and in most cases cheaper than any other European supplier, especially for Italian products; • Quality of the goods and services. No compromise on that; • Long term relations with our partners established on mutuality and efficiency principles; • Flexibility. We are ready to work on any inquiry and even develop and produce products upon request. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone: Daniel Stoykov, Sales Manager, +359882426612, totalvini@outlook.com



    We are pleased to introduce you to our company AL-SULTAN SWEETS, specialized in the production of high quality Arabic sweets. Founded in 1998, Al-Sultan Sweets has soon become well-known for providing its customers with quality service and delicious products. By combining traditional Arabian craftsmanship with modern technology and methods, guarantee a truly authentic and delectable product. All our 125 staff members are well-trained, dedicated, and proud to be part of the Al-Sultan team. As proof of our dedication to modern production standards, we were honorably granted the seal of the International Standardization Organization (ISO) in 2008; HAZARD ANALYSIS AND CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS (HACCP) , and we were the creative company in Arab League for 2009.In 14 July 2010 the largest phyllo dessert mosaic was achieved by Al-sultan sweets.Each sweet item is assembled using 100% natural ingredients, grown locally under the Mediterranean sun.



    Durukan family had been in food industry as of 1976 as distributor, wholesaler and supermarket owner. With the vision of growing the business, Durukan focused to be a producer of confectionery products in 1993.Durukan Confectionery first started to produce lollipop products in order to sell in the domestic market, under the Durukan brand. Afterwards, the company have grown in export sales with Durukan brand.Until 2003 PepsiCo distributed Durukan branded products in the domestic market. In 2003 PepsiCo launched its own candy brand called Rocco, which is the second biggest candy brand in Turkey now. With this decision, Durukan Confectionery became sole producer of Rocco Lollipop and Rocco Rengarenk "coated chewy candy" items for Turkish market. Durukan Confectionery is still one of the biggest suppliers of PepsiCo Europe.Durukan products sell all over the world (including U.S.A., European Countries, MENA Region and Far East Countries) as one of the biggest and candy, lollipop producers.With the success of growth in domestic and export markets, Durukan Confectionery have developed itself by its investments for building a state of the art factory, increasing lollipop capacity and also adding coated chewy candy & center filled hard candy products to the portfolio. All these investments have started to run in the new factory of Durukan Confectionery in 2014.Amongst these investments, the most challenging product range was the “coated chewy dragee" product. The scientific research a



    Dears, our company's universal shipping and trading was established within main location at port said city, egypt. Supported with branches network covering some egypt region. And the company's main line of business are import and distribution all the assorted confectioneries and canned fruit juices, jams, canned sea foods, dairy assorted products besides to multi shipping transactions applied to world's vessels cross suez canal transit. And we are dealing in this field since 1983 in additional to we are enjoying with worldwide experience also excellent reputation between our overseas suppliers and agents in all over the world. Accordingly, we are strongly looking to create a mutual, benefit, actual and long term business relationship with the concerned overseas manufacturers, exporters, suppliers and agents dealing in this field. There offers, general catalogs, brochures and samples if available all are welcome. Hoping our company's above mentioned clarification to meet their satisfaction, attention and acceptance. Thanks and regards. Sincerely yours. Aly hassan aly abou tabl managing director



    We, Ozel Sekerleme are one of the esteemed manufacturers here in Turkey. Since 1971, we have been manufacturing different types of sugars and chocolates by good knowledge. As we export our products to more than 20 countries, our aim is to make people able to reach our quality products in more countries. We employ nearly 100 employees in our two factories located here in Konya. We have necessary certificates such as ISO 9001, HACCP, ISO 22000. We request you to visit our web site www.ozelsekerleme.com and see our products.



    famous confectioner in China: hard candy, milk candy; good quality , factory price, fast deliverycertificate: ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO22000 and HACCP International Management System.welcome OEMabout Zhenmei Foods: Guangdong Zhenmei Foods Group Co., Ltd was first established in 1991. Covering the total area of 60000 square meters, the company is located in the lower reaches of Hanjiang River, a beautiful oasis Jiangdong Town. The natural inland island, with breath taking beauty, is an idle place for the foods processing due to its non –industrial polluted environment. The modernized garden-like factories consist of more than 20 fully automatic production lines for the production of different varieties of confectioneries. The high-tech large scale Enterprises is well known for it’s commitment as a professional snack manufacturer. Being recognized as Institute for National Standardization of Candy greatly enhances the visibility and competitiveness of our products.



    As Gumi Gida, we manufacture Jelly Products, Liquorices and Lollipop Hard Candies.We are suppliers of Kraft, and Perfetti (for Chupa Chups brand liquorices). We export our products to more than 45-50 different countries all around the world. Our quality policy is to produce new products which makes a difference in the market focusing on food safety and customer satisfaction and to move following the latest technology and developments. Our principle to fulfill our policies are; To determine consumer and customer satisfaction correctly and to create new products and designs according to consumer and customer demands and to develop original products at our R & D department and to increase our market share with new marketing strategies.Also, To design our products according to the laws and regulations of the countries of our customers and their expectations.Plus, lTo make a production of carefully designed products according to food safety and quality control regulations.



    Our company carries its production to a sustainable level with a total production area of ​​3150 m2, of which 1550 m2 is closed and 1600 m2 is open, and proves that it is one of the most successful brands in the sector with its annual production of 540 tons of stemmed lollipops and hard candy and 810 tons of Turkish delight. With more than 40 years of industry experience, Forslu Gıda produces lollipops, hard candy (bonbons) and Turkish delight; In addition to succeeding in making a name for itself with solutions that will bring quality to the fore, it continues to work to always raise production standards to high levels and to achieve perfection in product quality. Our company uses sugar obtained from sugar beet, 100% natural colorant and 100% natural aroma in its production and aims to be a pioneer by moving its products to the highest quality point in the sector. Our company, which makes production using natural raw materials and always improves product quality in Turkey, continues its activities with the understanding of being above the standards, and also acts with the awareness of social responsibility.

  1. TRT CO


    Ton Razzagh Trading Co (Iran)has been assisting by professional experts with several years' experiences in importing the raw materials of Food; Health & Cosmetic and pharmacy industries besides exporting the finish products in mentioned firms would be high appreciated in mutual & long lasting cooperation with esteemed suppliers in local and abroad with best quality. Hence, it would be assisting us in order to increasing the aim of Quality improvement in the territory & global market. The company continues all efforts for enhance to providing better business services to all valued customers occasionally holding companies.



    The company is working in candies production area over 20 years. Currently it has around 60 local partners in Turkey and its expanding to new markets. The company specializes in children oriented candies. Company invests a lot of in its mashinery what allows to have the best quality products. As the quality is very high, the prices are very cheap so it looks very convenient for the customer. It is a serious and long experience containing company.



    We already have an experience of sales in Ukraine, Romania, Latvia, Estonia and Moldova. Our main products: - marmalades (jelly) - cookies - candy - oriental sweets The assortment is about 100 titles of products.


    South Korea

    Since Hongsam sidae was established in 2009, Hongsam sidaehas specialized in Korean red jinseng market. We optimized for candy, candy products and jelly. Excellent taste and reasonable price are connited to customer satisfactionIn order to diversify our existing markets, we are always interested in supplying our valuable products to all of you on good and long terms. We ask for your continues support.



    Sweet Travel provide you quality service and enjoy memorable boat tours in Budapest, Szentendre with top attractions of riverfront. Don't miss the chance to lay back and relax on our wavy, breezy cruise on the river.



    International trade oriented wholesale and distributor of brand name confectionary, snacks, food and beverages, pet care and food, professional hair care products, cleaning and housekeeping supplies and materials.


    South Africa

    we are manufacturer of sweets and specialized in Lollipops business we started the business at 1984 and in 2005 we had our main products Stumbo Lollipops which is classified as the biggest in the African market and the best test and quality controlled. in 2014 our new factory started producing the classy shape Lollipop and we spread in the Export market to cover more than 10 African countries and we are seeking for more ...



    Romanian from Linz are proud with having an own romanian shop, where they find genuine products from Romania, with the best quality, the products that they always miss. The fact that we have where to buy meat products, vegetables and especially traditional Romanian products make us happy. Unfortunatelly these types of shops are not sufficiently promoted on the Internet . but here we bring you all you need.


    Czech Rep.

    The original edible flowers in Prague welcomed positively fruit chocolate boxes and fruit bouquets became a hit. It is delicious bouquet of fruit and chocolate. Frutiko flowers produced only from fresh fruit and quality chocolate.You can add free gift cards with your personal message on your flower. Just Praha delivery option is available now.Frutiko produces flowers seven days in a week and always fresh. You can order flowers online and flower delivery in Prague free!



    Newtime Candy is a professional confectionary manufacturer and exporter. Our main products are: Lollipops, Bubble Gum, Toy Candies, Marshmallow, Dextrose Candies. Our Main customers are in America, Middle East, South America. We hope to find worldwide importers.

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