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    Czech Rep.

    Fitmin Produces the best Pet Food - we care and create only the best for all the animals we love. - Super premium Purity Dog and Cat food - Horse food and supplements - Dog Nutritional Supplements - Fitmin For Friends - Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Small animals - Play and Train Treats and Snax made with fresh meat We invented a unique fresh meat technology into Kibbles production with which we use and now sell worldwide. We proudly comply with ISO 22000 quality standard. Our own in-house R&D Nutritionists develop unique recipes, constantly seeking new quality ingredients and pet food world trends, to enable the best feed for your pets. Our FITMIN purity ranges uses fresh meat as the first ingredient which retains the nutrients and aromas that our pets love. The Purity range does not contain grain, GMOs nor artificial colours or flavours so this is an absolute holistic super pet food at its best. We also have the availability of a private label business for you. www.fitmin.com email: sales@fitmin.com We manufacture dry feed and treats in the Czech Republic and ship worldwide, we invented Fresh Meat to kibble technology which we built and use in our factory in the Eagle Mountains in the Heart of Europe. Only the best pet food is made here, quality food which we feed to our own Breeding Kennel Dogs and to our own pets at home and in our offices at work.



    Bib petfood was founded in July 2003. We are producers of pet food for dogs and cats, puppy and kitten food, special foods for working dogs, etc. All our products are made on receipt of order, in record time. That means that our customers receive the goods in their shops in the shortest time. bib petfood offers great flexibility, customized and immediate service in a constantly changing sector. Bib Petfood has a great variety of brands ranging from the most basic product range to super premium segments: First Level, FUTURE, H.Q., HUNDERSPORT and NAF. We offer the maximum product quality and stability guarantee for all of them. At Bib petfood, we not only work with our brands, but also with those of our customers, in order to develop own labels.





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    Discover CHAMP, an exceptional dog food brand that offers quality at an export-friendly price. CHAMP is precision engineered and meets strict ISO 9001 and H.A.C.C.P. In particular, our formulations align seamlessly with the demanding US NRC and Aafco standards, underlining our commitment to meeting the highest benchmarks. CHAMP features a superior composition of high-quality proteins and fats, carefully balanced to provide your dog with the optimal mix of nutrition. Essential vitamins are integrated, ensuring a complete and well-rounded diet. Through a skillful combination of raw materials and an extrusion process, CHAMP achieves exceptional digestibility, paving the way for better nutrient absorption. The high-tech production techniques used in crafting CHAMP, combined with the selection of ingredients, guarantee a palatability that dogs love to embrace. CHAMP is the preferred choice for dog owners looking for a dry food range that energizes and stimulates their dog. In addition to consumers, CHAMP also targets professionals in various fields, including institutions such as military and police units. Breeders and retail chains also rely on the consistent quality and reliability of CHAMP. Champ is available daily in 22 countries such as Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Malasia To learn more about CHAMP and our offer, we invite you to visit our website. CHAMP THE CHOICE OF PROFESSIONALS.

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    WE MANUFACTURE SOLUTIONS FOR DOSING YOUR PRODUCT We manufacture industrial bakery machinery and equipment for the food industry. We offer solutions in dosing processes for dense and semi-dense doughs, fillings, mixtures with solid particles, fluid and viscous pastes, and various other products. MACHINES THAT WILL HELP YOU TO: Increase production. Improve the uniformity of your product. Diversify your product range. Spend less time on your elaborations. MANUFACTURING RANGE: Dough dispensers for pastry and pre-cooked products. Filling injectors for pastries. Chocolate dispensers. Automatic capping machines. Machines for making biscuits. Machinery for decorations and topping. We are specialists in manufacturing workstations for making food products. By studying your product and the desired production we can create a work line adapted to your needs. WHAT CAN YOU MAKE? Cupcakes, muffins, cakes, shortbread, sponge cakes, ponquets, cakes, brownies, plum cake, sobaos, pancake, marble cake, creams, yoghurt, tarts, quiche, sauces, soups, brandades, mousse, croquette dough, lasagne, mashed potatoes.... YOUR PRODUCT. The company's philosophy is based on personalised customer service, advising and always looking for the best solutions for each case.

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    Czech Rep.

    The company DAFIKO PET FOOD, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Pet foods industry. It also operates in the animal food, moist dog food, cat food, and dog biscuits industries. It is based in Chomutov, Czech Rep..



    The company TASTE ME PETFOOD, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Pet foods industry. It also operates in the Cat food, natural food for dogs, dog biscuits, Cat food, and cat snacks industries. It is based in Amersfoort, Netherlands.



    The company VADIGRAN, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Dogs and cats - articles for industry. It also operates in the Pet supplies, accessories for pets, Pet supplies, food industry, and biscuits for rodents industries. It is based in Lennik, Belgium.



    The company TELEPIENSO, is a Distributor, which operates in the Dog food industry. It also operates in the Cat food, Pet foods, Cat food, Pet foods, and dog biscuits industries. It is based in BARCELONA, Spain.

  5. DR PET


    The company DR PET, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Dog food industry. It also operates in the Cat food, Pet foods, Cat food, Pet foods, and dog biscuits industries. It is based in MALAGA, Spain.