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    VIBRAFLOOR is the specialist manufacturer of emptying systems for bulk products, both fluid and cohesive. The VIBRAFLOOR system can be adapted to all types of storage: metal or concrete silos, hoppers, carriages, independent skips, ships, whatever their shape or size. Whether in cylindrical, rectangular, concrete or steel silos, domes, ships, lorries or carriages, Vibrafloor installs its emptying system, guaranteeing integral cleaning.



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    The company, which was founded in 1967, boasts a technical and sales staff with more than 40 years' dedicated experience in the construction of cereal storage and drying systems. Our strength lies in the fact that we can offer a whole range of specific and even customised ideas and solutions, to solve all customers' issues on a case-by-case basis. The leading-edge machinery in our production areas can produce the highest recognised quality levels.



    FRAME is one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of all types of agricultural steel silos including round and rectangular hoppers, sweep and discharge augers mechanical handling equipment ranging from chain and flight conveyors to belt and bucket elevators, cleaning, drying and other equipment associated with both commercial and agricultural cereal storage systems. FRAME have in-house capability to design, manufacture, supply and install complete wheat and other cereal storage facilities. FRAME have access to a wide range of Credit facilities enabling clients to have finance at competitive rates. FRAME products are manufactured to the highest standards, UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 quality controls are applied throughout the manufacturing process of all FRAME equipment.



    Nuestra Señora del Pilar, a cooperative that specializes in exporting high-quality wines. Our main aim is to offer our customers flawless service and adapt to their needs. Production of wine. Specialising in whites, reds and reserve wines. Storage of cereals. Selected seeds.

  5. RBL - REI


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    RBL-REI is the world specialist in handling equipment for solid bulk products. From storage to loading and unloading, including dosage, weighing and mixing, the company also has a division specialising in tunnelling works. There is no limit to the products handled, just so long as they are solid and dry: aggregate, gravel, fertilizer, cement, clinker, coal, limestone, cereals, biomass, sulphur, lime, earth, etc.

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    Analysis laboratory serving grain industry specialists: Storage organisations, farming cooperatives, traders, in France and EU countries. We identify and examine all the physical/chemical properties of cereals and oilseeds. Real guarantees: COFRAC accreditation. FranceAgriMer approval. Syndicat de Paris approval. FOSFA Member Analyst. GAFTA.



    "TORGOPTYUG" is a trading company that supplies agricultural products and provides global imports/exports of food products. The company has many reliable partners in crop production: —oil-bearing crops (flax seeds, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, Camelina sativa, mustard, safflower, oilseed radish, etc.); —cereal grains (wheat, barley, rye, farro, oats, yellow and red millet, corn, white and red sorghum); —Buckwheat "TORGOPTYUG" regularly cooperates with producers of processed agricultural products (oat and wheat bran, flour, husk) and agricultural products for livestock feed. The company's own storage facilities all over Russia make it possible to quickly ship the required amount of goods to any location worldwide. Long-term experience in imports and exports of food products and expertise helps "TORGOPTYUG" to succeed in partnership with farmers and customers. The company's priority is to supply healthy and eco-friendly agricultural products all over the world, to reduce the environmental impact, and to improve the quality of life in the regions of presence. The team of professionals of "TORGOPTYUG" is open to discussing customized delivery conditions with the buyers. To achieve shared prosperity, the company is building and developing partnerships with various actors of the global food supply system. We are open to cooperation and will be happy to answer any questions.



    Quarry producing gypsum and manufacturing plaster coatings and by-products: Gypsum rock for use in cement industries. Gypsums and plaster coatings for the building industry. For the manufacture of prefabricated plaster materials, sheets, partitioning, roofing, mouldings and decorative features. Plaster glues and pastes, pre-fab storage. Yesos Agrícolas AGRO-FORT and AGRO-GYPSUM natural and neutral fertilisers suitable for all types of agriculture and cereal crops, particularly recommended for ecological industries.

  4. C.H-U BUGAJ


    CHU Bugaj company is Polish manufacturer of wild bird food and products under Happy Birds brand and manufacturer of seed under Semina brand.Our company was founded in 2003 as an agricultural production and trade company. Throughout the years, concentrated on seed production, becoming one of Poland's leaders in this field. Our core business is seed cultivation, processing and preparation; cereal seed production; wild bird feed production. Production is manage on fully automated production line, including cleaning, calibrating, sorting and packaging. Our company grow various kinds of cereal and other plants (maize, rape, sunflowers etc.) for grain and seeds at our own 500 hectare land. The farm uses the most modern machines and devices for cultivation, sowing and harvesting. Crops are stored under controlled conditions in dedicated storages integrated with state-of-the-art drying infrastructure with efficiency of 800 tons per day. We produce seed mix based on own recipes as well as recipes provided by clients. We offer products under own label or prepare ready products under customers' label. Additionally, our company can offer special seed mixes for bird farms (pheasants, partridges, peacocks, ostriches etc.) The bird food is composed according to the clients’ needs and packed in bags from 25 kg to approx. 800 kg. We are looking for distributors of wild bird feed in the form of seed mixes and seed-fat snacks & fat balls. We also offer production under customer label.



    SAVA KOVACEVIC At about 4, 400 ha of arable land for the need of agricultural production is represented by industrial plants (40%), cereals (55%) and fodder crops. In addition to farming, significant resources have been invested in animal production in recent years, given its very strong position in the agrarian sector. Production: 1. CROP PRODUCTION carried out at more than 4, 400 hectares of land of the best quality in this part of Europe, from which are currently irrigated more than 85% of the area of higher irrigation system which ensures better yields.In addition to these hectares, we are tilling additional 1000 ha of stubble sowing per year. 2. COW FARM Within livestock production “Sava Kovacevic” ad has a cattle farm one of the largest in the country, equipped with the latest technology of European manufacturers in which Holstein cows are bred with more than 2, 000 head of cattle, of which 900 dairy cows. 3. BEEF CATTLE FARM “Sava Kovacevic” has a beef cattle farm of 800 animals that are raised in a 5 barns. 4. IRRIGATION SYSTEM 5. SILO AND PROCESSING CENTER “Sava Kovacevic” has a storage capacity of 25, 000 tons of cereals from two reception places. 6. ORCHARD The orchard is spread over 43 hectares. 7. MILK PRODUCTION Within the company operates dairy factory with a capacity of 50, 000 liters of raw milk per day, in which we process any amount of milk obtained from our farm and that emphasizes the quality of its products.



    MAY Group, is established with the experience and knowledge accumulated for over three generations. Its foundations reach over to 1962. MAY Group consists of manufacturer and trading companies which work on the production, domestic and foreign trade of oil , soap, chemicals, oil seeds and cereals. MAY Group’s production plant and storage depots are established in Istanbul İkitelli Organized Industrial Region on a total land of 12.000m2. The production plants make production on oil, soap and chemicals with the certifications of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, GMP and GHP.We will be happy to supply you Refined pure Sunflower Oil, Olive oil and fatty acids. If you inform us the quantities and the packing you are interested in, we will immediately send you our best quotation.



    The initiator engaged in peanut business from 1993, and in July, 2003 registered and established Junan Jinguo Cereals & Oils Foodstuff Co., Ltd..The company has an area of 10000 square meters, processing and storage workshop occupies 35000 square meters. We have 2 processing factories and 30 material collecting sites.We can proceess different kinds of peanut products, which mainly includes peanut in shell, peanut kernels, blanched peanut kernels, roasted peanut in shell , fried peanut, etc. We possess advanced peanut processing and testing equipment.Depending on ISO9000 and HACCP quality management system, we control the processing quality from materials to final products.



    We are a British/Ukrainian company with deep roots in the Ukrainian organics market, supplying organic food ingredients and premium quality organic products to the food market of the UK, EU and other countries globally. We work with small and medium-sized Ukrainian organic farms and have certified organic production facilities in Ukraine for dehulling, cleaning, sorting, and packaging organic cereals and pulses following our customers' specific requirements. We can offer our products in 25kg bags, 1MT big bags by container and truck loads, in bulk by containers with linear bags or in other (including small) packages as per customers’ specifications. We have a certified storage facility for organic produce located in the UK to facilitate distribution to our customers. Our teams, both in the UK and Ukraine, work closely with a selected group of farmers to ensure traceability and quality control throughout the entire production and delivery process.


    United Kingdom

    Established in 1975, Gascoyne Cecil Farm has grown to be one of the biggest mixed farming operations in the UK. From our traditional crops and cereal growing, we have expanded to include the rearing of Poultry and Livestock in our farms dotted across the UK. We are very conscious in our operations about environmental factors as a result have included Ecological/Environmental friendly farming methods in these operations. We carry out the following services: Pesticide Efficacy Studies Crop Tolerance Screens Pesticide Residue Studies Crop Nutrition and Fertilizer Evaluation Evaluation of New Crops Varieties GM Crop Evaluation Agronomic Systems Development Field Trials for Product Demonstration and Market Development Contract Sowing, Maintenance and Harvest Of Field Trials Grain Quality Testing to Delivery Standards (Cereals & Canola) Training on Spray Technology, Pesticide Storage, Transportand Handling



    Manufacture of metal silos, complete installations and 100% guaranteed storage. Complete installations for the storage and transport of cereals and flours. Water reservoirs for irrigation and fire-fighting.


    United Kingdom

    Grain storage and handling Chief Industries UK Ltd is part of the Chief Industries Group of Companies, with manufacturing facilities in the UK complemented by additional facilities in France and the USA. Years of experience in the design and installation of grain handling facilities, from on-farm drying and storage to large port terminals, coupled with modern technology and the latest manufacturing methods, making Chief UK your ideal partner whether embarking on a new project, or expanding an existing plant. Collaboration with CFCAI, France Chief has exclusive rights to sell Marot rotary cleaners and spares (as previously sold by Law Denis Eng Ltd) in the UK and Ireland. We have also employed key Law Denis staff to assist customers with any Law Denis equipment; be it cleaners, dryers, storage, handling, spares or service.