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    Your expert partner in the food industry, A. Schmidt & Co. GmbH has been developing special stabiliser systems for the food and fine food industries for over 65 years. We develop highly functional stabiliser systems to suit your individual requirements. We guarantee consistent, high quality thanks to our flexible production. Our product range includes: Fish curing agents (with or without herbs and spices) e.g. for herring and salmon, fish injection, fish stuffing, fishcakes, fish sausage, pates, surimi, roe and shrimp processing, mayonnaises, salad creams, dressings, hot and cold dips (with or without egg yolk/milk protein additives), sauces and creams for fully preserved foods, condensed soups, ketchup, marinades, breadcrumb coating additives, desserts, food additives, contract mixing as a service provider



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    ARFOC - is a multidisciplinary company that coordinates several services and products in different countries. The areas we focus on in 2023 are: Chemicals Trading (see brochure); Wine Trading (see brochure); and Business Management (see brochure). CHEMICAL TRADING - Our expert team is able to guarantee access to the best solutions for the final customer, not only in terms of price but mainly in terms of quality. Where you see the ARFOC symbol on your product means that you are accessing a quality product and certified by our team at all levels. WINE TRADE - ARFOC has a strategic partnership with PINTO & RAPOSO, owner and producer of several reference brands in Portugal. For example, PAPO SECO, GUARDA FREIOS and SUNSET are wine brands that are asserting themselves more and more every day in the world. With ARFOC you are guaranteed access to these brands and we can also manage purchases of other brands and other drinks from other countries. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT - we provide a range of services that includes property management, building rehabilitation, assistance in commercial and strategic management for private and public companies. Do not hesitate to contact our Team!



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    A future-facing company, D-Ingredients offers its clients a vast choice of ingredients used in the food, health food and pharmaceutical industries. With a high-tech laboratory with sophisticated apparatus, our highly qualified and competent team of technicians develops bespoke essences, aromas, additives, pigments and mixes to satisfy different needs.



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    The company LAMBERT CHEMICALS SRL, is a Distributor, which operates in the Additives, food industry. It also operates in the Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives, Solvents and thinners, ammonia, acetone, decalcifiers, industrial chemical products, chemical additives for the food and canning industry, hydrochloric acid, and demineralised water industries. It is based in Herstal, Belgium.



    We find sellers and buyers as well as provide information & services for exporting and importing food, agricultural products, animal products, agrochemicals, beverage , food additives and sweets around the world. If you are a buyer or seller all you need to do as the first step is to Register Your Company and post your products allowing us to deal with your inquiries. REGISTRATION IS FREE, after finding clients for your products we will contact you. We finds partners for global agricultural industries, food manufacturers to buy or import products they need in their production and sell food local area or export around the world including agrifood and processed food - meat and poultry meat, dairy products, canned food, egg and eggs products, fish and fish products, honey and bee products, beans, grains, flour, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, oils, seeds, coffee, tea and cacao, nuts and kernel, as well as sugar and sweets, tobacco products.

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    Established in 1976, J.B.Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (JBCPL) is one of India’s fastest growing pharmaceutical companies. An integrated, research-oriented, public listed organisation with a focus on supplying affordable, quality products both in India and International markets, JBCPL is trusted by healthcare professionals globally. Today, JBCPL exports to over 30 countries across the world and earns more than half its revenue from its international business. JBCPL is widely committed to manufacturing a range of innovative specialty products that include various pharmaceutical dosage forms like tablets, injectable (vials, ampoules, form fill seal), creams & ointments, lozenges, herbal liquids and capsules. JBCPL has its headquarters in India’s financial capital, Mumbai. With a domestic sales force of 1, 000 people, 17 internationally approved state of the art manufacturing units, a Research and Development Centre, and subsidiaries abroad, the organisation is continually enhancing value for its shareholders.


    United States

    McBoeck is specialized in the worldwide supply of first class raw material to thePharmaceutical, Food, Feed and Chemical Industries. McBoeck, LLC distributes chemical products, food- and pharmaceutical ingredients. McBoeck delivers ingredients from A like Ascorbic Acid to Z like Zinc Oxide.



    Unichimica is the leading company in the chemical product distribution market for the tanning sector; as the range of products dealt with is highly diversified and increasingly broad, Uniholding is now able to offer a quality service in other sectors of Italian industry, more especially for textiles, gold and silversmithery, galvanization and mechanics, food and purification treatments.



    The company PROTEX INTERNATIONAL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives industry. It also operates in the chemical products for the pharmaceutical industry, chemical products for water treatment, chemical additives for the food and canning industry, and chemicals for the cosmetics industry industries. It is based in Levallois-Perret, France.



    The company BRENNTAG FRANCE, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Chemicals - import-export industry. It also operates in the industrial chemical products, and chemical additives for the food and canning industry industries. It is based in Chassieu, France.



    The company IMPEXTRACO, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Feeds for animal farming industry. It also operates in the food ingredients for meats, chemical additives for the food and canning industry, and Premixes for pigs industries. It is based in Heist-Op-Den-Berg, Belgium.



    The company KEM CANARIAS, is a Distributor, which operates in the Industrial maintenance industry. It also operates in the chemical additives for the food and canning industry, motor vehicle engine cleaning chemicals, and Cleaning products industries. It is based in Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Spain.



    The company ACCA SPA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Detergents and soaps - professional industry. It also operates in the chemical additives for the food and canning industry, chemical descaling services for water treatment plants, and industrial chemical products industries. It is based in Flero, Italy.


    United Kingdom

    The company MAI GLOBAL GROUP, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Chemical fertilizers industry. It also operates in the Plastics - industrial raw materials, Trade unions, chemical additives for the food and canning industry, agricultural products, Plastics - industrial raw materials, and Trade unions industries. It is based in Grimsby, United Kingdom.



    The company CALDIC, is a Distributor, which operates in the Herbs and plants for cooking industry. It also operates in the Spices, Spices, chemical additives for the food and canning industry, and chemical additives for the food and canning industry industries. It is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.



    The company IMCD BENELUX, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives industry. It also operates in the Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives, Food supplements, Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives, Food supplements, chemical additives for the food and canning industry, and Chemical products industries. It is based in Mechelen, Belgium.



    The company TESSENDERLO GROUP, is a Distributor, which operates in the Chemicals - import-export industry. It also operates in the industrial chemical products, and chemical additives for the food and canning industry industries. It is based in Brussels, Belgium.



    The company CHIMIPHAR, which operates in the Anti-corrosion products, chemical industry. It also operates in the chemical extracts for perfumes and cosmetics, and chemical additives for the food and canning industry industries. It is based in Pacé, France.



    The company FA BURGERMANN, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Food - import-export industry. It also operates in the chemical additives for the food and canning industry industries. It is based in Düsseldorf, Germany.



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    Welcome to Willy Benecke. The company was founded in 1954 by Willy Benecke. It produces and sells natural gums and resins for the food processing industry and various other sectors. The company is located in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and has a worldwide logistics network, with representatives in over 20 countries worldwide. With over 7000 sqm of warehouse space, and with its laboratory, production and processing facilities, Willy Benecke can consistently guarantee the highest quality. The company was taken over by Dietmar Hauser in 1982, and today, it is led by Thorsten and Soeren Hauser, part of the third generation of the Hauser family. Our many years of experience and use of the latest technologies are your guarantee of quality, consistency and reliability. This is backed by independent certification to the globally recognised IFS and FSSC 22000 standards.



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    PolyNeo GmbH is a global trading company with a focus on technology. Specialising in the trade of raw materials and additives for the plastics industry as well as semi-finished products; particularly polymers, additives and polymer chemicals. They offer their customers the full range of an international company from procurement and financing through to logistical processing. The cosmetics, food supplements, washing products and detergents division includes natural and innovative raw materials and active ingredients as well as finished products. Our product portfolio is continually growing and can be individually customised (private labelling). The PolyNeo GmbH quality policy consists of the corporate principles for customers, quality, markets, profitability, environment and culture. Our compliance with these principles is regularly audited by external bodies.



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    WE OFFER YOU COST-EFFECTIVE WIPE SOLUTIONS SPECIFICALLY GEARED TOWARDS THE DEMANDS OF THE RESPECTIVE WORK PROCESS AND ENVIRONMENT. WE COVER THE FOLLOWING AREAS OF APPLICATION: WIPES FOR CLEANING, CARE AND DISINFECTION Additional factors such as user-friendliness and low-cost disposal are major factors which we consistently incorporate within our product-development activities. With our wipe solutions, your employees can perform their cleaning and wiping tasks faster and more efficiently, and therefore more cost-effectively. With our expertise, we operate in 18 European countries and the USA, serving as a point of contact to businesses working in the following sectors: Industry, Food & Beverage, Precision Mechanics and Optics, Automotive, Varnishes/Paints and Printing, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, Construction, Healthcare, Cleaning and Services. Our customers and partners rely on the powerful performance of our products, our speedy delivery times and our expert consulting service which always focuses on finding the best possible solution for our customers. We have been doing this for over 80 years, with quality Made in Germany.



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    Foodcom S.A. is a reliable supplier of raw ingredients from Europe. We collaborate with companies from all around the world, providing them with commodities from our diverse product range. On our website, you can receive all the information about our products. Foodcom S.A. is a trading company that specializes in the food and feed industries. We are industry experts when it comes to the trade of Dairy products, Plant-Based Products, Category 3, Food and Feed Additives and Chemicals, and we are growing exponentially in this field. Our expertise enables us to maintain supply chain continuity in challenging market situations. Thanks to our Foodcom team, the company has gained many loyal Business Partners and is further expanding and attracting numerous devoted Business Contacts.The firm now has five VAT Numbers, and is rapidly progressing in this area. Our workforce is full of passionate traders from all around the world, for you to receive the highest caliber solution and to give you the finest possible service. This is why our traders can speak more than 25 languages in total! For a seamless and effective business, we have different teams working in each of the departments in our back office, including administration, sales support, finance, logistics, and marketing.



    We are a leading manufacturer of machines and production lines. WE THEREFORE CREATE SOLUTIONS FOR ALL YOUR PRODUCTION LINES. In addition, White Steel GmbH is one of the largest technology suppliers for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food production industry as well as for a large number of other sectors. White Steel GmbH boasts an extensive range of services. Benefit from our vast experience in the development of customised production processes. We operate globally from our sites in Turkey and Germany. Our machines manufacture important products which can be used directly by end users in the local region. (Food, medical products, etc.) Our large projects take into account using and strengthening regional infrastructure. In this way, we support the surrounding area when awarding contracts and at the same time contribute to protecting the environment and sustainability by minimising transport, for example.



    Virus Guard Disinfectant GmbH Company based in Vienna specializing in the manufacturing of disinfectants to fight against all viruses and bacterias, including coronaviruses. Our ISO 9001 certified products provide disinfection for up to 10 days to prevent contamination and infections. Our sprays and wipes are adapted to multiple types of surfaces and areas such as lavatories, galleys, tray tables, window blinds, overhead bins, door handles, airport lounges. Our products are most useful for airlines and the hospitality industry such as hotels. Our R&D department works every day for innovation to formulate the most efficient products. We use the most advanced chemical formulations. The production of our chemicals is subject to strict quality controls to meet all current international standards. In addition, all our products are dermatologically tested and don't contain alcohol to be safe for all users and their skin. They are also food safe. We make sure to deliver our products to the best deadlines possible. You can count on us to contribute to your safety. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!


    United Kingdom

    Established in 1967 Anopol is the UK’s market leader in electropolishing and chemical surface treatment processes for Stainless Steel and other metals. Anopol surface treatment processes find application in a wide range of products covering a broad spectrum of industrial sectors and markets including medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, nuclear, oil & gas, artistic design, food & beverage to name but a few. Processing can be carried out at our operational sites in Birmingham, West Midlands & Bordon, Hampshire; or on-site in locations around the world, we pride ourselves in offering an all-round service. As an addition we design, build and install Plant & Equipment for customers to carry out their own processing. We Members of the Surface Engineering Association, British Stainless Steel Association, The Federation of Small Businesses and Association of Welding Distribution. Signatories to the Supply Chain Charter for Nuclear Decommissioning and approved to ISO.9001 & ISO.14001.



    Company Biokedar-DV ltd., based in Croatia is importer of organic raw material for the food industry. We use Far Eastern cedar cones invented and patented by the Russian company "Biokedr DV" ltd. The development of this innovative product took more than 15 years. It was discovered that the most valuable substances, vitamins, minerals and amino acids are hidden in the husk and in the very core of the cone of the Far Eastern cedar purified resin. With the help of special equipment we remove 98% of the resin. We grind the cleaned cedar cones into a fine powder and immediately pack them. Final product does not contain any impurities and does not undergo any additional chemical processing. BioKedr is unique innovative, natural product that contains a huge amount of useful components. We offer possibilities of packaging the product under your own brand. Product can be even used as an ingredient in the production of cosmetics - scrub and creams.



    MyTech Ltd. - was founded in 2010 in Bulgaria and became a major supplier to the pipeline, chemical, refining, food, power generation, and industrial markets. We also represent the leaders of the industry in elastomeric products and profiles, engineering plastics, measurement and automation equipment, compressed non-asbestos sheets and gaskets, metal gaskets, static seals and mechanical seals, expansion joints, industrial valves and actuators, gland packings, conveyor belts, high-temperature insulations and many more. Over 100 types of machinable plastics are offered! We offer a broad-based range of production techniques capable of processing thermoplastic stock shapes in a wide variety of plastic material choices under a single roof. We offer Neoprene rubber sheeting, Silicone rubber sheeting, FKM Viton sheeting, EPDM sheeting, NBR rubber sheeting, SBR sheeting, Hypalon sheeting, Polyurethane sheeting, and many more. Some rubber sheeting materials are inherently suitable for a given service environment or they can be bolstered by the inclusion of certain additives that impart special properties on the rubber sheet.



    Beckmann-Kenko is your strategic partner for the acquisition of chemical raw materials. We offer a variety of speciality chemicals for miscellaneous applications and support you in searching for and selecting new products. Our activity in the acquisition and sale of raw materials as well as auxiliary materials and active ingredients for the pharmaceutical, chemical, biochemical, cosmetic, food and feed industries, as well as for synthesis in technical applications, is wide-ranging. In addition, we offer you a wide range of products and are the right contact partner for you, especially when it comes to the acquisition of new or rare special chemicals. – Plastic additives and petrochemicals – Food additives and ingredients – Active pharmaceutical ingredients and auxiliary materials – Ingredients for health supplements – Personal care and cosmetic ingredients – Flavours and fragrances – Speciality chemicals. Even if a product isn't listed on our product list, we look forward to your request. Through our worldwide network of manufacturers and strategic trade partners, we can reliably source almost any chemical product according to your requirements. Import/export trade/distribution: With a good international network, we import and export a large number of chemical products and help you with acquisition.

  10. TARNOS


    VIBRATING EQUIPMENT FOR MANTERIAL HANDLING.TARNOS designs and manufactures Vibrating Equipment for more than 50 years under the Manufacturing Licence of FMC Technologies / SYNTRON.Among Tarnos standard and customized equipment: Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Feeders, Vibrating Screens, Conveyors, Elevators, Vibrating Tables, Vibrating Sieves...Tarnos extended experience is present in any kind of Industry: Chemical, Food, Mining, Foundry, Recycling, Glass, Additives, Wood, Construction, Steel, Gravel, Aggregates, Quarries, Packing, Pharmacy, etcAlso TARNOS manufactures Tarnos equipment for Water Screening that can be used in different Industries, such us: Thermal Energy, Hydroelectric Energy, Thermo solar Energy, Water Purification, Regasification Plants, Irrigation Systems, Engineering

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