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    For a Sustainable Tomorrow! VERMILION, a leading player in Foreign Trade, offers a range of 100% eco-friendly, natural sugar cane-based tableware. Our products are ecologically compostable, breaking down in nature within 60 to 90 days. We supply a variety of biodegradable items such as plates, cups, bowls, boxes, straws, forks, spoons, knives, compartmentalized plates, hamburger boxes, and trays. Our commitment is to produce products that, like our food, come from nature and return to the soil. In the food industry, VERMILION is at the forefront of single-use tableware innovation, catering to hotels, restaurants, catering companies, families, weddings, parties, picnics, and events. As an eco-friendly packaging exporter, we prioritize guest satisfaction by providing cost-effective solutions. We ensure timely deliveries to all European countries. Our top-notch, eco-friendly products are water and oil-resistant, microwave-safe, and can withstand temperatures from -20 degrees to 150 degrees. They retain the natural taste of food while offering durability, providing both convenience to nature and a premium experience for users. For more information: https: //vermilion.com.tr/en/home/



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    As a leading company in the packaging sector, we at Eröz Hygiene und Verpackungs GmbH specialise in the production and sale of high-quality packaging materials. Our wide-ranging product portfolio includes different types of packaging such as cardboard boxes, plastic bags, films, foams and much more. We have specialised in providing tailor-made packaging solutions for numerous sectors. We provide not only packaging materials but also services such as designing customised packaging solutions, printing packaging with company logos or advertising messages and delivering packaging directly to customers. Our high quality standards and outstanding customer service have earned us an excellent reputation within the sector. One of our core activities is the provision of sustainable and environmentally-friendly packaging, including biodegradable packaging or packaging made from recycled materials. In this way, we contribute to reducing environmental pollution and meeting our customers’ sustainability goals. We at Eröz Hygiene und Verpackungs GmbH are a key player in the supply chains of numerous sectors as we ensure that products reach the customers safe and sound, thereby contributing to their perfect presentation.


    Viet Nam

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    Our company MMAYR Trading Co, Ltd. specialises in the procurement of sustainable, fairly produced and environmentally friendly products. We procure products that contribute to the sustainable management of the worldwide environment. We follow the principles of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in every possible way in our business. Our company operates from Vietnam and places great value on a friendly and close relationship with their manufacturers, managing a project from sourcing suppliers to on-site delivery. Whether you want to test the market or you seek a long-term partner to manage all your purchasing operations and logistics in Southeast Asia, our expertise at MMAYR Trading will suit your purposes. Here is an unexhaustive list of the products MMAYR Trading provides at the moment: furniture, handicraft home decor made of rattan, biodegradable and compostable drinking straws made of coconut, rice, grass and coffee, compostable cutlery, toothbrushes of bioplastic and vegan toothpaste, handmade wedding dresses, premium live edge tables, kitchen collection and many more. MMAYR Trading looks forward to your interest and possible cooperation. We would be happy to send you more detailed information, should you desire it. Please visit our website or contact us for any inquiry.


    United Kingdom

    Based in the Midlands, UK, Celebration Packaging Limited are manufacturers and importers of high quality packaging for food and drink. Established in 1983 we specialise in takeaway food packaging and disposable tableware for use in restaurants, bars and hotels. Our Enviroware range of commercially compostable food packaging was launched in 2007. We offer a wide range of food disposables made from natural, sustainable, renewable resources. Such materials include plant starch PLA, bagasse non-wood fibres, sustainably sources paper and palm leaves. Products include: smoothie cups with lids, paper cups, paper straws, dinnerware, portion pots, food boxes, platters, napkins, coasters, glass covers, tray liners. Much of our packaging is available custom printed - please contact sales@celebration.co.uk with the details of your enquiry. We are members of the Food Service Packaging Association (UK), and are certified by ISO, BRC and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).



    Paper Cutlery, PLA Cutlery, Biodegredable Cutlery, Compostable Cutlery, Reusable Cutlery, Salad Containers, Sauce Cups, Cups Turkey, Plates Turkey, Cutlery Turkey, Food Containers Turkey, Plastic Cups, Plastic Plates, Paper Cups, Plastic Cutlery, Fast Food Packaging, Plastic Containers, Leak Proof Containers, Noodle Boxes, Doner Boxes, Hamburger Boxes, 180cc cups, 330cc cups, 200cc cups, disposable cups, pp cups, injection molded cups, printed cups, round plates, octagonal plates, lux plates, , fork, spoon, knife, stirrer, desert spoon, coffe spoon, ice cream spoon, cocktail stirrer, straws, 4oz cups, 8 oz cups, tableware, leakproof containers, hinge lid containers, pet containers, sauce cups, wine glass, food packaging, plastic boxes, paper boxes, paper bags,

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    Celebrate enjoy and preserve nature, contribute to nature by using our use and throw plates gifted by nature for the human being. Let us reduce the carbon emission and continue to enjoy our life without causing any harm to nature. The process of producing our dinnerware or tableware is: collect the fallen leaf, clean them with water give the shape. The Palm leaf tableware is produced from fallen Palm leaf sheath The sheaths used are fallen from the palms anyway will compost, we collect them to make plates for the universe to use them and dispose of after use without causing any pollution. Washed leaf sheaths are pressed into the desired format 180 degrees. Free from any additive. Our industry employs about 1000 persons directly and indirectly in poor villages nearby during collection and production to generate extra income for the rural poor in India. Nature in its purest form in different shapes and sizes. Each person is unique and so is our plate. Palm leaf tableware is oven-proof, food-safe, acidity, oil safe. You can bake cakes, pizzas and even Bread. The products are stylish, naturally elegant with the pattern of veins and each one is unique. After using, just put it into the compost and nature will take care of it. Within a short period, it will be composted. Idle for all occasions like lunch, dinner, birthdays, marriages, big gatherings, music festivals, private occasions lunch, dinner, weddings, or even small parties for giving it an exclusive touch. The used plates



    GreenAge EcoTech Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing of various dosage forms of BioDegradable Plastic packaging materials such as Bio Degradable Bags, Biodegradable Disposable Kitchenware & Tableware and Custom applications.GreenAge using its state of the art production technology uses Polylactic Acid (PLA) & PLA Blends as its Raw Material which is a transparent “plastic” produced from cane sugar or glucose. GreenAge is certified 100% Biodegradable & Compostable as per European Standard EN13432 and US Standard ASTM D6400, & IS/ISO 17088: 2008.GreenAge is dedicated to protecting the environment and helping you do more by producing affordable Biodegradable Plastic Products.We manufacture Garbage Bags(With & Without Bags on Roll), Shopping Bags(T-Shirt Bags, Grocery Bags, Loop Handle Bag etc) & Custom Applications as per request.


    United States

    CANGZHOU LVIV TABLEWARE CO., LTD Professional Manufacturer&Supplier of Green Bio-degradable Tableware and Package! We supply Eco-friendly Biodegradable Sugarcane Bagasse Food Container: Box, Clamshell , Plate , Tray , Bowl , Cup and Cornstarch Tableware Series. And Biodegradable PLA Paper Cup, Coffee Cup, Food Paper Package.We have got the Certificate of ISO: 9001, FDA-SGS, EN13432, ASTM6400, VINTOTTE-OK Compost, BPI, BRC, NSF Certificate.We have advanced production facility and excellent technology. The whole production process is no pollution. To guarantee high quality products, we adopt advanced facility, scientific management and strict quality control. We are committing ourselves to supply safe and sanitary green products.



    Biodegradable Cutlery : Made from PSM or CPLA, 100% biodegradable and compostable , heat resistance. We will supply OEM service, namely custom-made products are welcomed! We also make PSM/PLA biodegradable cutlery/tableware/dinnerware/flatware/utensils: Fork, spoon, knife, soupspoon . Sugarcane utensils: Clamshell , food tray , round plate, elliptical plate, bowl and so on. There are many certificates for our products.



    Biodegradable and Compostable eco-friendly molded pulp tray packaging, food packaging , disposable tableware, made from sugarcane fiber



    The company GREEN DAY ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL CO., LTD, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Plastic - disposable tableware and articles industry. It also operates in the CPLA compostable cutlery, and biodegradable tableware industries. It is based in Dongguan, China.


    Taiwan R.O.C.

    Applied Sustainable Materials, Inc. is an innovation and quality driven company exclusively focused on the development, distribution and manufacturing of products that is renewable and sustainable. Our dedication to research and experiments with new applications and new products enable us to stay at the forefront of this innovative field, which in turn allows us to bring new possibilities to our customers. We design and manufacture products by incorporating proprietary eco-friendly additives and resins. These ingredients meet ASTM D6400 and EN13432 standard for compostability and have comparable and even superior performance characteristics to conventional, petroleum-based products. Then we made these semi-products into 100% compostable products providing alternatives to conventional plastics, enabling industry and consumers to move closer toward a low carbon footprint lifestyles and green economies.