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    Established in 1964, Arslan Metal stands as Turkey's premier manufacturer of top-grade Lead and Copper products. With meticulous attention to detail, we provide an extensive range of copper products tailored precisely to meet our clients' specifications. Whether for the electrical industry, roofing applications, or various other uses, our copper products are available in soft, hard, and semi-hard variations. At Arslan Metal, our manufacturing process involves the precise upward casting of copper fluid, followed by meticulous presssing or rolling to craft high-quality copper goods. All our copper products are 100% electrolytic, boasting an exceptional conductivity of 58.50 micrometers per siemens, sourced from A-grade cathodes.Our lead Sheet are ony made by Rafined and min %99.95 purity ingots. Our comprehensive product lineup includes: •Copper Sheets •Copper Busbars •Copper Strips •Copper Rods •Copper Tubes •Coiled Copper Tubes •Copper Profiles •Level wound copper •Copper Tubes pancake •Lead Sheet, Roll •Lead bars Committed to upholding the utmost standards of environmental integrity, quality, and cost competitiveness, every aspect of our business operations reflects our dedication to excellence. Additionally, our drum cymbals are meticulously handcrafted, ensuring unparalleled quality and resonance. Moreover, rod turning products are precision-engineered using CNC Swiss-Type Automatic Lathes, guaranteeing consistency and accuracy. Contact us for more information !



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    The Liberti & Parodi company specialises in the industrial supply of hydraulic materials and in the shipbuilding sector. The company also specialises in the sale of flanges (JIS, DIN, UNI, ANSI), fittings, valves and joints in various types of stainless steel, bronze, copper, PVC and carbon steel. We are located in Genoa but operate throughout Italy and Europe.

  3. BULK S.R.L.


    The company BULK S.R.L., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Plumbing, industrial industry. It also operates in the needle valves, high pressure fittings, compression joints, and boxes in plastic reinforced by fibreglass industries. It is based in Cormano, Italy.


    South Africa

    Manufacturers of rubber & plastic components. We are able to develop Plastic and Rubber componts from drawings or samples. We have modern injection and compression moulders.We export pipe joints to15 different countries we are able to manufacture composite pipe joints and rubber only pipe joints in three different designsWe also supply rubber and TPR footwear components.Our general moulding division produces several different components for the electrical industry by using the latest rubber to metal bonding technology.



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    South Korea

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    Since it's creation in 1996, ECPlaza has grown as a N.1 leader in providing online and offline service. Based on export marketing, we operate not only as a B2B website, EDI service and trade consulting but also offline trade-related services for SMEs. With worldwide network and high brand recognition, we are extending our business field to the global market to provide business opportunities. We manufacture and supply products in numerous fields such as agriculture, health, comestics hardware and machinery. We are looking to build up a "One-Stop Trading Network" by providing solutions and services for the entire trading cycle, from finding new clients to making settlements. Additionnaly, we will offer a complete online trading service which includes offline support, addressing one of cyber-business' largest needs. Our trade team is composed of a variety of industry experts, regional experts as well as trade specific experts. Our marketing department can also help you find solutions to recurrent business problems. In the field we benefit from a very well-versed e-market place marketing team, a search engine marketing team as well as social media marketing experts. Finally, our Public relations team can help you meet all your PR needs, regardless of what you may need help with be it catalogue design, e-Newsletter design or your homepage design, we can meet your needs at EC Plaza. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



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    Since 2003, ALLIANCE CAOUTCHOUC has manufactured all types of injection and compression moulded items in rubber, silicone, EPDM, nitrile, Viton, Chloroprene and other materials, all made in France. ALLIANCE CAOUTCHOUC operates REP, MAPLAN, ROCHART and DESMA presses in capacities ranging from 40t to 630t, so that we can produce parts weighing from a few grams to several kilos, and in all hardnesses. We also operate an large-format HURCO machine tool. As experts, we will design and fabricate the tooling and formulations of different materials you need, meeting your needs in terms of designing the best and most cost-effective mould for your application. Alliance Caoutchouc has sufficient purpose-built space to store your moulds and parts so that we can meet your demands very rapidly.Our policies include traceability of materials to ensure your receive consistent post-fabrication quality. Injection moulding rubber is a technique that allows task automation for high and medium production runs to ensure production of rubber parts at a controlled price. We also offer steel and metal machining. Please visit our website at http: //www.alliance-caoutchouc.com/fr/ or call us on +33 (0)5 46 99 68 86, a technical advisor will be happy to suggest the right solutions to met your specific requirements.



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    We offer a comprehensive selection of aluminium foils. That why you can not only source traditional aluminium foil for around the home – whether as a practical folding foil or pop-up sheets – but also self-adhesive aluminium foil, aluminium strips or aluminium stamped parts from us. We also provide various stamps and perforations, laminations and coatings. Our efficiency relies on our maintaining a very comprehensive stock of aluminium foils. We provide you with access to over 1000 tonnes of aluminium foil, whether as stamped parts, rolled goods, formats or composite foils, in thicknesses from 0.008 to 0.300 mm – and as a matter of principle we never stipulate a minimum order volume because we work according to the motto: "No order too small – we always welcome your business." Our flat hierarchy and low overheads enable us to complete even smaller orders at competitive prices. Korff AG is a respected name in the special aluminium foil manufacturing sector.



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    Eisele Pneumatics GmbH & Co. KG is a multinational family owned company with headquarters in Waiblingen, Germany since 1939. With 170 employees, Eisele develops, produces and distributes premium quality solid metal connectors and has become established over the past decades as a leading supplier of innovative connection solutions. The Eisele portfolio – manufactured virtually 100% in Germany – comprises all important standard connection components such as push-in fittings, quick-release couplings and tube fittings, as well as numerous innovative products with unique selling properties that set standards, such as an extensive line of multiple connectors. Worldwide distributors and the subsidiary Eisele Connectors in Michigan, USA, ensure the global availability of Eisele products.



    Spiroflex is specialized in Metal bellows & Expansion joints customized solutions. Together with our customers we design new soultions and provide help in order to optimize their idea when developing new products or implementing metal bellows to existing design. Spiroflex has more than 30 years’ experience in application of expansion joints, which are all designed and manufactured in our facility. Highly evaluated performance indicators received from customers globally ensure that products will be delivered as per agreed lead-time and specifications. Our goal is to increase safety and help improve final products where bellows and expansion joint assemblies are implemented



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    HAAG + ZEISSLER is a high-tech firm with more than 40 years’ experience. Over the years, we have developed into one of the leading manufacturers of rotating assemblies and piping joints – always focussing on the global market. Thanks to our outstanding technical expertise, high product quality (Made in Germany) and solid experience, we distribute solutions tailored to the challenges faced by our customers. Our goals: 100% customer satisfaction, 0% error rate and the best possible service. We design, develop and produce rotating assemblies and piping joints for the mechanical, chemical, electrical, pharmaceutical and steel industries, to name only a few examples of the fields of application. Our products are suitable for both warm and cold water, steam, heat transfer oil, hydraulic oil, compressed air, different gases, cooling lubricant, vacuum and many other media.



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    Nutralong Pharmachem Co., Ltd. is a dedicated provider of quality raw ingredients for food and beverage, dietary supplements, and animal nutrition markets. Our range of products includes natural sweeteners, joint health, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbal extracts. We comply with EC and FDA regulations and provide solutions and finished products based on clients' needs. As a professional Chondroitin sulfate supplier, we offer all series of Chondroitin with human consumption certificates. Our products are stocked in the EU with a health certificate and lab test report available. We provide not only Chondroitin powder but also Direct Compression (DC) grade and 98%, 95%, and 85% assay. Quality and product assurance are our top priorities. We stay up-to-date with the latest EC and US FDA's regulations and provide quality reports monthly. We have two decades of experience in converting clients concepts into real productions based on 1000+ formulations. We offer varied payment terms to clients with good payment history. We also purchase $2million product liability insurance for all products to protect clients from claims in the subsequent business. We have eight professional warehouses in the US, EU, and China with stable stock for our advantage products to provide prompt delivery. Our 600, 000 ft² logistics service center in China supports us in customizing packings, labels, pallets and containers for clients. Choose us for quality, reliability, and consistency.



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    The company was established in 1968 at its current location in Weiterstadt near Darmstadt. At that time, it was the first company worldwide to focus solely on the production of modern, environmentally friendly expansion joints. Just several years later, the company opened representative offices outside Germany. The company has always highly valued the development of innovative products. For example, KOREMA® was the first company to manufacture completely asbestos-free expansion joints. This was followed by numerous German federal patents and international patents. The company trend is clearly moving towards one aim in particular: To continue to make used composite materials even more environmentally friendly. In this goal too, KOREMA® is a pioneer, with its SIMIFLON and ELTROFLON compensators. Today, the company stands for environmentally friendly products of outstanding quality and high durability. KOREMA® expansion joints connect the most varied piping. They distinguish themselves through the consistency of the medium that flows through them. This can be gaseous, damp, wet or a condensate. The concentrations of the media also vary. Whether containing dust, acid, solvent, solids or condensate, or at risk of explosion – KOREMA® expansion joints are manufactured so as to be suitable for all uses. The flexible connections absorb the movement of piping in all dimensions: Axial compression and stretching, lateral displacement, torsion. This is how KOREMA® soft material compensators connect piping and acoustically and thermally isolate it.



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    GEFICCA is specialised in the study, formulation and transformation of technical rubber and silicone parts. Creation of bespoke parts based on specifications or drawings. Transformation of all technical parts by moulding, compression or injection, as well as extrusion and butt joints. With several years experience and a subsidiary in Tunisia (SOMA), GEFICCA manufactures all rubber and silicone technical parts. Large and small production runs


    United Kingdom

    Izumi Products UK Ltd supplies and repairs hydraulic tools. These include battery operated, manual or hand operated and remote heads with power packs. We manufacture dies for compression tools and blades for cutting tools, to suit customer specification and applications. The applications are varied from electrical line maintenance to outdoor adventure courses, safety lines and underground cabling. Izumi Products manufactures connectors for electrical cables and rope course development. These include Aluminium, Copper and Bimetal lugs, tension joints and non tension joints. The SB-3UK and SB-4UK are battery operated live line tools for shear bolt connectors. Our repair centre provide the following services. Repair, Service, Testing, Vibration testing, Pat testing, Pull testing and Battery testing. We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 accredited. Resisted with Achilles UBVD, FPAL, Joscar and RISQ.



    MyTech Ltd. - was founded in 2010 in Bulgaria and became a major supplier to the pipeline, chemical, refining, food, power generation, and industrial markets. We also represent the leaders of the industry in elastomeric products and profiles, engineering plastics, measurement and automation equipment, compressed non-asbestos sheets and gaskets, metal gaskets, static seals and mechanical seals, expansion joints, industrial valves and actuators, gland packings, conveyor belts, high-temperature insulations and many more. Over 100 types of machinable plastics are offered! We offer a broad-based range of production techniques capable of processing thermoplastic stock shapes in a wide variety of plastic material choices under a single roof. We offer Neoprene rubber sheeting, Silicone rubber sheeting, FKM Viton sheeting, EPDM sheeting, NBR rubber sheeting, SBR sheeting, Hypalon sheeting, Polyurethane sheeting, and many more. Some rubber sheeting materials are inherently suitable for a given service environment or they can be bolstered by the inclusion of certain additives that impart special properties on the rubber sheet.



    Bairoe bases our development on technology, aims at quality of products and fully implements the ISO9001 quality management systems. Our products are monitored during the whole manufacturing process. We try our best to capture every single detail to reach users’ expectations on the quality of the products.Bairoe provides the following testing systems: electronic universal testing machine, electro servo hydraulic universal testing machine, automatic universal testing machine, automatic compression testing machine, stress relaxation testing machine, torsion testing machine, axial torque load joint testing machine, impact testing machine, automatic impact testing machine, shear testing machine, hydraulic horizontal tension testing machine, anchor testing machine, a complete set of optical cable testing system and etc.



    Modern medicine is increasingly advocated cold fomentation therapy, the cold can make human body surface by cold due to vasoconstriction, reducing pain caused by substances released, so as to control and alleviate the symptoms.Hot is the increase in body surface temperature and the vasodilation, increased blood flow, improve the microcirculation of the human body, relieve symptoms and accelerate the healing purpose.Characteristic.1. the product is made of polymeric compounds and a variety of biological elements, to human body non-toxic no side effect.Scientific formula so that the bag full of flexibility and below - 18 temperature environment long time storage can still maintain a soft hand, commonly known as "ice ice".2. this product is used to compress bending free site, close to the joints and muscles, so applying treatment more effective.3. the product after the pre-cooling or pre-heating disposed of after use, can be adapted to unlimited alternating hot and cold.Applicable1.Cold c



    Beijing Utilcell company limited is the first joint production with foreign investors. Distribution of the load cell, weighing instruments and ancillary equipment joint venture. Our company has bending beam load cell, the bridge, pull, compression and other forms, specifications from the 2k9 to 500 ', with room temperature. High temperatures. Low explosive series. Testing by the Institute of Metrology. Performance in full compliance with the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) the relevant standard. Our instrumentation are weighing series. Ingredients series. Pressure series, widely used in weighing equipment, weighing display



    Zhejiang Longxin Machinery Manufactory Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise. The company is located in the place where millennium dawn first raised—the hometown of air compressor. Founded in 2003, the scale of the company has been expanding after several years’ efforts. The company has the fixed assets of over RMB20 million and the registered capital of RMB 5 million. It employs more than 150 people, of which 28 engineering technicians and 8 senior engineering staff. Our company integrates with design, development, production and marketing. With the largest scale, it is professional on manufacturing technology, production and testing equipment. It produces the advanced world level freezing type and adsorption type compressed air drier, pre-cooling units, precise filter, water chiller and pneumatic components. The annual production of freezing type, adsorption type compressed air drier, precise filter and gas tank is more than 300 thousand.



    We offer a concentrated product range of rubber and plastic products, favorable prices and terms on both retail and wholesale basis and a reliable partnership. RUBBER HOSES for oil products (fuel hose SAE J30R6, submersible fuel hose, fuel injection hoses), industrial water, food products, compressed air, welding gas (oxygen hose, acetylene hose, twin line welding hose, LPG hose, argon, nitrogen and carbon dioxide gas hose), steam, hot water, chemicals, abrasive materials (sandblast hose, plaster hose), silicone hoses. PVC HOSES for liquids, air, water, oil products, abrasive materials, ventilation, wastewater, agricultural, chemicals. COMPOSITE HOSES for oil products, chemicals, food products, abrasive products, cryogenic products, bottom loading installations, extreme temperatures. Various types and dimensions of hose clamps (GBS, ASFA, MINI, DW, ST ORIGINAL, SAFETY) from aluminum, stainless steel, zinc plated steel or brass. Hose couplings CAMLOCK, PERROT, TANK TRUCK, STORZ, GEKA. Quick couplings for compressed air delivery. INDUSTRIAL RUBBER SHEETS:   SBR, NBR, EPDM, CR rubber; silicone, natural, non-vulcanized, abrasion resistant rubber sheets, foam (sponge) rubber sheets, rubber matting, gasket production service. SEALING MATERIALS: jointing sheets, millboards, packings Isotem and Temapack, gasket material Guamotor, gasket production service according to technical drawings. PLASTICS: polyamide PA6 or PA 6 G (cast polyamide).


    Taiwan R.O.C.

    Senteq was founded in 1987. We are a manufacturer and exporter of neoprene sport, medical protections and healthcare products from Taiwan. Through years of experience, we have a professional and motivated team which can support your OEM and ODM projects. We provide orthopedic related products. Athletic ankle braces for medical use; back lumbar supports for medical purposes; braces for limbs and joints, for medical use; cervical pillows for medical use; chemically activated hot and cold gel packs for medical purposes; compression bandages; elastic stockings for medical purposes; electrotherapy devices for providing transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, infrared heat and compression; chemically and electrically activated heating pads for medical purposes; incontinence bed pads.Our products provide patients gentle therapy, prevent injuries and accelerate the speed of recovery.Ideal for indoor homecare and outdoor activities. Senteq's goal is to let you enjoy a better lifestyle.



    Main products as follow: Compression Packing PTFE packing, Aramid packing, Graphite packing, Carbon fiber Packing, Other Packing etc. Industrial Gasket Graphite gasket, Double jacketed gasket, Auto gasket, Spiral wound gasket, Kammprofile gasket, Corrugated metal gasket, Ring joint gasket, Metal O-ring, PTFE Envelope gasket, others etc. Joint Sheet Non-asbestos sheet, PTFE sheet, Graphite sheet, Rubber sheet, Cork Rubber, Mica sheet, Beater sheet, Asbestos sheet and so on Sealing Machine & Mechanical Seals Packng tools, Packing cutter, Gasket cutter, SWG winding machine, Braider Packing Machine, Mechanical Seals and so on. PTFE PTFE Tape, PTFE Rod, PTFE Tube, PTFE Sealing and so on.



    Floor Master Clapa was designed to eliminate complaints in laying of concrete cement and sand substrates i.e. shrinkage cracks, cupping of expansion joints and corners. The devices are used for levelling of concrete substrates, and thanks to a specially designed head they vibrate substrates to a depth of 10 cm, which ensures the optimal use of dispersed reinforcement and steel mesh. Vibrating of semi-dry concrete mix also increases the compressive strength to 30% and shear strength to 25%.



    TGS started its industry adventure in the early 70s by producing machining products for gas springs and various fields of industry. Our early gas spring production steps started in 1992. Day after day, we improved our manufacturing technologies and machinery equipment and caught world standards. All our products are designed, manufactured, and delivered according to the most strict quality standards. Our experienced and specially trained employees monitor the adherence to our quality criteria in every phase of the production process. We are certified following DIN ISO 9001: 2008. Our quality program starts with implementing strict quality controls on our purchase transactions. In 2008 we started exporting our products to European countries and established our export company Tunatek Ltd. Co. to organize all our export operations. Nearly a quarter century of experience in gas spring production ensures us self-confidence to provide our products to all high-level markets. Today we manufacture seven different series of steel and stainless steel materials and dozens of different functions. Customers from about 50 countries and dozen industrial sectors rely on different kinds of gas springs made by TGS. TGS products are continuously tested to ensure reliability, long life, and overall product safety for your highest satisfaction. Our R&D teams are constantly searching to develop our products and technology. Contact us for more information !



    FlexInd B.V. is a specialized industrial service provider in the field of rubber and industrial products. FlexInd B.V. has been providing the maritime and mechanical industry with a large package of top-quality products for almost 25 years. Our strength is our expertise and no question is too demanding for us. We try to find a solution by looking at the problem from the customer's perspective. Our stock consists of more than 10, 000 items from which we can draw. FlexInd B.V. provides industrial hoses in various shapes and sizes of the Alfagomma brand. A suitable hose is available for every industry and application. Large stock, fast delivery and high quality, this is what FlexInd BV stands for. Delivery times are never extremely long if we unexpectedly do not have anything in stock due to the short lines with our almost exclusively European suppliers. The new website has been designed in such a way that you can reach the article or datasheet you are looking for within a few clicks. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information! www.flexind.nl