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  • Ing. For over 20 years, A. Rossi Impianti Industriali is a company operating in the food processing sector. Thanks to its innovations and on-going development, the company is able to meet exacting... Supplier of: Food industry - machinery and equipment | construction of machinery for the food processing industry | construction of installations for the food processing industry | electronic process automation for the food industry | Heat exchangers [+] steriliser for the food industry | systems and equipment for the fruit and vegetable canning industry | electric pasteurisers | systems and equipment for the food and canning industry | evaporators for the food industry | evaporators | systems and equipment for processing tomatoes | industrial juice pulpers for foodstuffs | aseptic filling units | tomato processing lines
    ITALY - Parma
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  • Machines and equipment for the food industry, chemicals, plastic and agriculture. Patented sample taking for automatic sampling representative of samples in the production flow, in response to the... Supplier of: Food industry - machinery and equipment | construction of machinery for the food processing industry | stainless steel apparatus for the food processing industry | baking systems and equipment | chocolate processing equipment [+] chocolate production equipment | cocoa processing equipment | animal feed equipment | coffee roasting equipment | plants and equipment for breweries | vibrating extractors | stainless steel worm screw | multiple screw extractors for silos | worm screws for cereals and animal feed
    ITALY - Gambellara
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  • We produce a metal constructions for various industries. Our main competency is manual and automated welding of steel, welding of stainless steel and welding of aluminum. Our manufacturing is assured... Supplier of: Metal construction, lightweight | Welding work - steels and metal | Tanks, metal | robotised welding | aluminium welding [+] welding | stainless steel welding | metal constructions | manufacturing of metal constructions for energy | metal construction for chemical industry
    POLAND - Koszwa?y
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  • ...machinery is used in particular in the food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries, as well as in the construction of power plants and pipelines and in shipbuilding. Our continued success... Supplier of: Machine tools, metal shaping - parts and accessories | Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories | Machine tools - metal machining | Cutting - machine tools | Machine tools - metal shaping [+] Blades, circular | Sawing machine tools | Fittings, pipe, tube and hose - plastic | electrode welders | welding machines for plastics | orbital welding | pipe processing | pipe abrasive cut-off machines | welding equipment | pipe threading
    GERMANY - Singen
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  • ...itself in the confectionery and food processing industry. At our plant in Aachen, we develop and manufacture machinery and equipment for the chocolate industry, specifically for the production and storage... Supplier of: Mixers and grinders for the food processing industry | Confectionery - machinery and equipment | Boilermaking, heavy | Foundry machines - centrifugal | Boilerwork [+] magnetic filters | machine overhauling | chocolate makers | plants and equipment for the preparation of cocoa and production of chocolate | chocolate processing equipment | proportioning devices for the food industry | chocolate production plants | mixers for food industry | chocolate production equipment | sump pumps
    GERMANY - Aachen
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  • ...pharmaceutical, food, plastics and processing economies. We use our engineering expertise to develop and create cGMP-compliant industrial grinding plants, special grinding mills, pre-crushing plants and crushing machinery in our... Supplier of: Mixers and grinders for the food processing industry | Crushing and grinding machinery | chipping machines | hammer mills | crushers for ceramic materials [+] bespoke plastic crushing | proportioning devices for the food industry | systems and equipment for chopping and squeezing fruit | grinding mill | grinding mills for the chemical industry | fine crushers | fine crushers for the industry | granulating machines for the chemical industry | lump breakers | laboratory grinders
    GERMANY - Nossen
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  • is successfully active in all areas of industry around the world. We store small machine tools as well as large forging presses, but also machinery from the areas of metal working, plastic, pressing and paper, the chemical industry,... Supplier of: Anti-vibration supports | Machine tools - metal machining | nuts | phonometric and vibrometric surveys and analyses | vibration insulation panels [+] spring dampers | support foundations | anti-slip panels | ums machine shoes | machinery feet | anti-fatigue mats | vibration absorber | levelling components | statics calculations | dynamics calculations
    GERMANY - Stuttgart
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  • Machinery and equipment for industry, agri-food industry, canning plants, bottle conveyors, construction of industrial machinery, automation and robotics. We undertake to develop complex projects for new... Supplier of: machinery and equipment for food products | construction of industrial machinery | Food canning and preserving - machinery and equipment | packing | industrial machinery robotics [+] machinery and equipment for canning | depalletisation process | automation of industrial machines
    SPAIN - Lorquí-Murcia
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  • ...from the most advanced materials and production processes. Codan’s flexible hose systems are specified for respiratory equipment, construction and farming machinery, food processing, gas and welding appliances and for use in... Supplier of: Rubber - products for the motor vehicle and transport industry | air condition hose | automotive assemblies | rubber hose | breathing hose
    DENMARK - Koege
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  • ...experience in the design and manufacture of processing equipment for various industries. We design and manufacture a wide range of technological equipment and technological lines for the food industry - machinery for making dairy, cheese, oils, sweets, meat and fish, bread, fruit, wine, beer,... Supplier of: mixers for food processing industry | Food Industry - Machines & Equipment | vacuum cooker | continuous fryer | vacuum homogenizer
    SLOVAKIA - Malacky
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  • ...Waterproof clothing and waders for - Agriculture, - Building & Construction, - Food processing & Hygiene, - Forestry, - Highways, - Industrial cleaning, - Oil refineries, - Plant machinery, - Etc. Supplier of: Technical textiles | waterproof clothing | rainwear | manufacturer of performance waterproof workwear | waders and rainwear
    UNITED KINGDOM - Milton Keynes
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  • ...machinery and we have been leading the industry with our endless belts (braybands) since their invention over 100 years ago. We manufacture belting with a unique woven endless construction - i.e. it has NO JOINT anywhere in its... Supplier of: Biscuit-making - machinery and equipment | biscuit-making machinery and equipment | biscuit conveyor belting manufacture | rotary moulder webbing supplier | manufacture of truly endless rotary moulder webs
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  • ...Turkish metal working machines, crane group, food processing and packaging lines, construction machines and other industrial machines to the CIS nations, the Middle East, European and North African countries. We offer quality refurbished... Supplier of: Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | Construction cranes | pipe bending machines | drilling machines for metalworking turkey | used plant machines in turkey
    TURKEY - Istanbul
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  • ...for aviation industry, greases for Construction industry, greases for Mining industry, greases for Steel Industry, greases for Paper Industry, greases for Food Processing Machinery, consistent greases, plastic greases,... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | Lubricants for cars | Oils, industrial | Greases, industrial | greases
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  • ...alloys, and alloy steel are used in the construction and maintenance of industries like petroleum, fertilizers, natural gas, ship building, electric power, metallurgical, food processing, pharmaceuticals, paper making, city... Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, stainless steel | weld neck flange | flanges | pipe schedule | pipe fitting manufacturers in india
    INDIA - Gurgaon
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  • In its portfolio, manufacturers of construction, earth moving, mining and agricultural machineries, machine tools; both metal cutting and forming, wood working, packing machines and machineries for process industries,... Supplier of: Construction machinery | Agricultural machines and accessories | Machine tools, cutting - parts and accessories
    TURKEY - Ankara
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  • ...and installing all types of precision and heavy industrial machinery. We currently have proven experience in the following sectors; Automotive & parts and construction & materials, Industrial engineering, defence, Aerospace,... Supplier of: Forges - machinery and installations | machinery and factory installations
    UNITED KINGDOM - Bristol
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  • ...and extremely high-quality stainless steel construction, food, shopping, water treatment (filtering) industry equipment. We produce flexible attachments, hinges, various fastener types, metal constructions, wire... Supplier of: Welding work - steels and metal | metal processing
    LITHUANIA - Kaunas
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  • Design and construction of machinery and installations for oven and frozen products for the food-processing industry. Supplier of: Bakery and confectionery industry - machinery and equipment | Pastry-making - machinery and equipment | machines for bakeries | rolling machines for bakeries, biscuit factories and confectionery | machines for fresh pasta
    ITALY - Galliate
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  • ...pharmaceutical, beauty and petrochemical industry. We build containers and processing lines fitted with constructions, service platforms as well as specialist devices. Since we own a rich machinery... Supplier of: Mains pipes - ferrous metal
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  • The philosophy of company HERFRAGA, S.A. has always been to seek out flexibility in manufacturing in order to meet the demands of a market such as canning, which is constantly undergoing... Supplier of: Food industry - machinery and equipment | packing machines for the food-processing industry | industrial machinery | Food canning and preserving - machinery and equipment | Crate packing machinery [+] Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | Bottling and filling - machinery and equipment | machining | oiling and flouring plants and equipment for the food and canning industry | plants and equipment for the production of jams | systems and equipment for the food and canning industry | systems and equipment for the fruit and vegetable canning industry | proportioning devices | boxing machines for packing | packaging machines for packing
    SPAIN - Carballo-A Coruña
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  • Glass, PET or aluminium – Krones machines and installations process millions of bottles, cans and shaped containers each day. Our customers are mainly breweries, manufacturers of water, soft drinks... Supplier of: Food industry - machinery and equipment | systems for the food processing industry | Packers - companies | Marking and labelling machinery | Engineering - industrial contractors [+] Labelling machines | proportioning devices | systems and equipment for the drinks industry | process technology | brewery systems | packing machines | unpacking machines
    SWITZERLAND - Buttwil
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  • Our story started in Sweden in 1943, with research into a pack for milk that was sparing on material yet offered maximum hygiene. That is the principle behind tetrahedron-shaped beverage bricks.... Supplier of: Food industry packaging machinery | food packaging machinery | filling lines for the food-processing industry | Cartoning machinery | Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment [+] Bottling and filling - machinery and equipment | bottling lines | plastic stopper applicators | automatic packaging machinery | manufacture of conveyor belts | portioners for packing | automatic dosers for mineral water bottling | cartoners for packing | automatic packaging machine line | powder product packing machines
    ITALY - Modena
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  • Innovative by tradition Our company has been well acquainted with all the countries around the world that produce cereals and grains and with all the working methods associated with cereal and grain... Supplier of: Mixers and grinders for the food processing industry | production of machinery for the food processing industry | cereal mills | machine building | cereal treatment plants and equipment [+] systems and equipment for washing and cleaning cereal grains | systems and equipment for valuing cereal grains | hulling machines | grain grinding systems | grain roasting machines | mill construction (industrial facilities) | scraper conveyors | trieurs | seed treatment systems | rice plan sifters
    GERMANY - Reinbek
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  • KASAG is a medium-sized industrial company in Langnau in the Swiss region of Emmental. Since 1929, the company has been creating jobs in this region for a qualified skilled workforce. This hilly... Supplier of: vacuum cooking apparatus for the food processing industry | Engineering - industrial consultants | Fruit-based preparations | stainless steel and alloy pressure apparatus | stainless steel exchanger [+] reactors for chemical plant | nuclear components | equipment for jam production | heat regeneration systems | apparatus and container manufacturing | equipment manufacturing using stainless steels and special materials | devices and containers for the pharmaceutical industry | stainless steel containers for mixing devices | stainless steel process containers | biotech containers
    SWITZERLAND - Langnau Im Emmental
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  • FLUID Misch- und Dispergiertechnik GmbH, a member of the EKATO GROUP, was established in 1982 as an independent subsidiary. EKATO FLUID provides custom-built, process engineered industrial agitators... Supplier of: Mixers and grinders for the food processing industry | Food industry - machinery and equipment | Seals, mechanical | industrial agitators | stainless steel stirrers [+] agitators, explosion-proof | agitators for wastewater treatment | mixers for the food industry | electromagnetic stirring | mechanical stirrers for water systems | mixers for waste composting plants | agitators | mixers | agitators for biogas plants | agitators for the pharmaceutical industry
    GERMANY - Lörrach
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  • Hebold Systems has been supplying and developing custom solutions in vacuum, mixing and homogenising technology for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries for many years. It produces... Supplier of: Mixers and grinders for the food processing industry | Food industry - machinery and equipment | Pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | Bins, tanks and hampers - goods handling | Storage tanks [+] homogenising machines and equipment | vaccum mixer | homogenizers | cooking containers | industrial mixers | mixers for food industry | vacuum mixing unit | vacuum homogenisation systems | bitumen mixing systems | machinery for the chemical industry
    GERMANY - Cuxhaven
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  • The experts in high-quality tools are merging under the umbrella of A+N | POTT GmbH. Whether it's for the development and production of special machine knives, highly skilled manufacture of tools to... Supplier of: Food industry - machinery and equipment | stainless steel apparatus for the food processing industry | Steels and metals - machining | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Hand tools, non-power [+] Blades and knives, industrial | Cutting - machine tools | Machine tools, metal shaping - parts and accessories | Knives, industrial | plastic industry instruments | knives | stainless steel knives | metal accessories for sewing | professional knives | utensils, kitchen - knives
    GERMANY - Remscheid
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  • VALKO srl manufactures professional vacuum-packing apparatus. Its extensive product line-up includes chamber vacuum-packing machines, barquette heat-sealing machines, food sealing machines able to... Supplier of: Food industry - machinery and equipment | facilities and equipment for the food-processing industry | Food canning and preserving - machinery and equipment | Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | systems and equipment for dairy products [+] packing machines for packing | manual heat sealers | packing and packaging machines and equipment | heat sealers | steriliser for the food industry | packaging machines for packing | vacuum packing machines | canning systems and equipment | vacuum | packaging machines
    ITALY - Bottanuco
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  • Bakery and confectionery industry use "Rice Cake Machine" The SYP Rice cake machine can be classified as Bakery machine or Confectionery machine. We are manufacture of Rice Cake Popping... Supplier of: Food industry - machinery and equipment | machinery for food-processing products | Food Industry - Machines & Equipment | Bakery and confectionery industry - machinery and equipment | Confectionery - machinery and equipment [+] industrial food cooking equipment | food machine | rice cake machine | bakery machine | confectionery machine | syp grain popping machine | rice cake popping machine | puffing machine | cereal bread machine
    SOUTH KOREA - Bucheon
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