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    WORLDWIDE, QUICK, RELIABLE AND ABSOLUTELY TRANSPARENT – Are you looking for a debt collection service that can enforce your claims even abroad? - No membership - no contractual commitment - payment based on success. No risk: With us, you only pay in the event of success. Do you want to award a debt collection contract? With absolutely no risk? Then you've come to the right place with Atlas Inkasso. Our service is free of charge. We only receive a small commission if we are successful. We operate worldwide, even in North Korea. With our worldwide network, we can guarantee direct access in every country. If our efforts in writing or by phone go unanswered, a personal visit by one of the experts in our international network often leads to a quick resolution. - over 25 years of experience with more than 95, 000 debt collection contracts - 83% success rate - successfully active in 193 countries. Your customer is abroad and won't pay the bill. What can you do? Commission a debt collection agency. Good, because... - A debt collection agency can act quickly - Personal contact often leads to immediate payment - More than half of debtors pay after the initial contact. Engage a lawyer. But... - A lawyer costs money immediately - You have to wait 1-2 years for a result - Costs – even if the process is unsuccessful



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    The company J10 CONSULTING, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Business Consultancy industry. It also operates in the Debt collection, court credit collection, Debt collection, debt collection procedure advice, and recovery of unpaid debts industries. It is based in Saint-Mande, France.



    "Tivari & Hareçari" Law Firm was created in 2011 by lawyers Att. Idlir Tivari and Att. Elda Hareçari. The law firm has for its aim to provide legal services, representation in national and international jurisdictions at all levels, fiscal and financial consultancy, through a maximal and professional commitment.The objective of "Tivari & Hareçari" Law Firm is to become a benchmark for clients who require professional legal assistance at any time, solution of complex problems and prevent them whenever it is possible.Today it operates in Albania and abroad helping companies, government agencies and individuals throughout the territory of Albania and abroad, in collaboration with other professional nationally and internationally law firms.The law firm also has partnership relations with different legal firms in Kosovo, Europe and the United States of America, particularly in Paris, Rome, Munich, London, Geneva, Athens, Madrid, etc.


    South Africa

    We specialize in the recovery of bad/overdue accounts locally and globally. At SVG Legal Services you will find that we are extremely passionate in our work and we are confident knowing that we can be of great value for your company. Our aim is to contribute to the financial success of companies of all sizes. What makes us different? 1. We do collections on a no-cure, no-fee basis. Negotiated fee on amount . 2. We have a 55%-75% strike- rate in recovering our client’s costs incurred for the recovery of outstanding account/s. 3. We do not keep your money for 20 to 30 days before we pay out. You either get paid directly by your debtor/s or we pay you within 24 hours of receiving payment from your debtor/s. Please give me a call or send an email and I will answer any questions you might have.



    Employing artificial intelligence, the Roboclaim company develops application software for the banking, financial, and insurance industries, as well as for parking lots and utility companies. The company was founded in 2019 and has been a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation and the Moscow Innovation Cluster since the same year. Roboclaim creates software solutions that optimize organizations' business activities, automate legal transactions and dealing with outstanding debts. Electronic data processing software by Roboclaim helps develop optimal up-to-date solutions and create conditions for the development and scaling of a business. The company focuses on two main areas: •Providing automated online services: collecting outstanding debts, processing tax deductions, drafting documents and contracts, disputing traffic police fines, patenting. •Development of customized software solutions, including cloud-based software solutions for legal assistance and online financial services. One of the company's successful developments is the cloud platform URROBOT, which automates receivables management for organizations, magistrates, and bailiffs. The platform facilitates all the steps of work: from automated phone calls to debtors to drafting requests to the Federal Tax Service and banks for bailiffs. URROBOT makes dealing with debtors 45 times faster, forecasts debts and their payment through artificial intelligence, and automates all kinds of calculations.

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    United Kingdom

    Kent based Debt Collection Agency Credit Limits International Ltd (CLI) is an independent family ran and owner managed international debt collection agency. CLI collect debts in Kent, in the UK and all over the world on behalf of UK SMEs and large corporations from all industry sectors. Some of our clients use us to collect a one-off business debt from time to time. Others instruct us to collect large batches of small consumer debts. CLI also offers Credit Control outsourcing Services for SMEs. If you do not have time to chase for payment of your invoices yourself, we can do it for you, in the name of our Credit Control entity: Credit Control Solutions. This dramatically improve your cashflow whilst preserving client relationships. We can trace individuals and companies who have moved address in order to renew contact and collect an outstanding debt you may have written off. Professional Debt Collection requires skills, specific IT tools, access to quality commercial information and consumer data, time and patience. There is no magic wand when delivering a reliable debt collection service. So, whether you find that collecting debts is problematic and time-consuming or whether you want to focus your own resources on growing your core business or avoid potential bad debt, speak to us today for immediate professional advice. Our Debt Collection Service is always offered on a “no collection no fee” basis. We collect through negotiation and also use the Courts when necessary.



    Debt collect and recovery company: the F1 of debt recovery. AFR can help you find an answer to all your questions: How to recover a disputed debt? How to recover a civil or commercial debt? How to recover a commercial debt? How to recover unpaid invoices? AFR's policy is simple: recover debts faster than our competitors, defend the interests of our Partner Clients whilst fully respecting debtors and with the firm intention of preserving on-going commercial relationships. Your clients are slow to pay, unpaid invoices are eating into your free cash, your amounts set aside are increasing and, mindful of the economic environment, your are worried that your clients may cease trading. AFR acts fast to find solution to your difficulties. Alongside legal proceedings, attempts to reach an amicable settlement of your outstanding debts continue daily by telephone, even during the enforcement phase.



    INFOSISTEM is software development company located in the Adriatic region. Our core business includes software development, implementation and maintenance. We also offer consulting services. Our origins date back to year 1959, and our reference list has over 150 clients. Focus of our work is on specific solutions for financial institutions and outsourcing of software development services. We are certified by ISO 9001: 2015 standard for quality management. Infosistem offers specialized solutions for the following business areas: •Financial sector solutions - Core Banking System and Omnichannel Digital Banking •Software Development Services •Collections Software •Digital signature solutions



    TIMOCOM GmbH is a medium-sized IT and data specialist with more than 500 employees from 30 countries and representatives in Poland, Czechia and Hungary. As an innovator and companion in the process of networking European logistics, we offer the first Smart Logistics system, which is used to input and process up to 750, 000 international freight and cargo space offers every day. Our neutral network of more than 43, 000 verified companies is also a key part of the system. Neutrality is an important advantage here, as transactions are completed directly between the contracting parties. "Plan your capacity even more efficiently with Europe-wide tenders and find reliable business partners."



    Since more than 25 years of experience , we have acquired new skills and resources to improve our professional. Our study is based on a direct and personal relationship with the user / company, those who choose us are guaranteed personalized assistance based on their specific needs, with particular attention to their financial resources.Together with the user / company we choose an effective strategy, we have telematic databases and research tools to optimize every single entrusted practice. The conservation of the data acquired by the study and for the protection of privacy, special telematic and IT means have been preparedStatistically speaking, there is an advantage in managing practices in outsourcing and in the first instance out of court (considering that judicial procedures are increasingly long, expensive and with unpredictable results) One of these, for example, is the cancellation of fixed costs business management type: dedicated clerical staff, creation of an IT system for managing and monitoring recovery activities, etc. etc. Practice opening Search from database Telephone and exact recovery on site Practical start-up timing and extrajudicial phase management Activation of the pre-legal recovery phase



    LEADERS IN DEBT COLLECTION IN SPAIN . SERVICOBRO, is one of the Spanish companies that generates more impact among debtors, thanks to its innovative approach to debt management, and the most varied collection actions with debtors. We make claims in all locations in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Alicante, Seville, Malaga, Lerida, Tenerife, Murcia, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza... Important companies from all over the world trust Servicobro to solve their unpaid debts in Spain and to obtain a professional and efficient collection management, thus reinforcing their image of seriousness.


    United Kingdom

    Recoup provides a fully comprehensive service encompassing pre-litigation recoveries utilising our sophisticated contact management combined with our Track and Trace resources, litigation and enforcement, and door collection services. we currently provide consumer and commercial debt recovery services to a range of public sector and prominent private sector organisation and other sectors. Recoup Financial Solutions is a debt recovery company with an exceptional reputation for achieving success and in providing quality of service second to none. With our low industry rates our highly experienced staff will give the expert and specialist advice 24 hours a day, yes day or night. We operate a professional and ethical approach in collecting outstanding debts and we are entirely results driven. We operate a strict no collection/no commission pricing policy. If we don’t collect your outstanding debt, we do not get paid, It’s a simple as that. If you are struggling collecting an unpaid invoice


    United Kingdom

    First Choice for Business Debt Collection Federal Management are the No1 Business Debt Collection Agency in the UK. Our comprehensive Debt Recovery solution is Low Fixed Fee with No Hidden costs. Since 2004, we have recovered Millions of pounds every year on behalf of UK Companies. Our Professional and Award Winning Debt Recovery services deal with most Business sectors. From Unpaid Invoices to overdue Accounts, we provide the most transparent way to recover Commercial Debts in the UK on a No Collection - No Costs basis! We provide a Local, National and International service. We help Businesses of all sizes collect what is owed to them. Contact us today for a FREE Pre Action assessment of your situation. Our specialist Debt Recovery Experts are waiting to help you. Professional Business Debt Collectors UK For Quality results, you need a Quality service - FACT! We are the most accredited Debt Collection Agency in the UK. We are also FCA Regulated. If your Business is owed money, then it is absolutely imperative you only use a highly Professional solution. The choice of action you take will determine the outcome of your endeavours. There is no better Business Debt Collection specialists than Federal Management.


    United Kingdom

    CEA Limited is a specialist provider of debt collection and recovery services for B2B & personal debts of all kinds. If you're owed money by another business, our experienced team are here to help. We can work with you to recover unpaid invoices and outsource your bad debts. In addition to standard commercial debt collection, we can also carry out CCJ (county court judgement) enforcement to help you recover any and all debts you are owed. Whether you're owed interest on a debt, or you simply want to recover an unpaid invoice, we are here to help. CEA's experienced agents and debt collectors can work with you to recover debts of all kinds. Whether you're owed money by a larger company, smaller company or even individuals, we are here for you. Our experienced team can work with you to ensure that you recover unpaid invoices for products or services you have delivered. For more information on our wide range of debt collection and recovery services in your local area, get in touch with CEA Limited today!


    United Kingdom

    FEDERAL MANAGEMENT is the UK's leading Private & Commercial Debt Collection Organisation, with a trusted network of partners that covers the world. - Low Commission Rates - Industry leading recovery rates - No Collection - No Commission - Comprehensive Service - Award Winning Debt Recovery service We are at the forefront of International Debt Collection in the UK, so whether it is Argentina or Zambia, our operations cover most of the world and we offer a fixed cost service that delivers results in a professional, ethical and expedient manner. Our Debt Collection Professionals ensures we have the capability to collect monies almost anywhere in the world upon request. Where necessary, we can also enforce Legal Action on your behalf to ensure your commercial debts are recovered as quickly as possible using the appropriate and most effective means.



    EMS DEBITA International Debt Collection – a strong, reliable partner for recovery of your non-performing loans worldwide. We operate strategic bases in England (Safe Collections Ltd.) and South America. Over many years, we have built up a worldwide network of experienced agents around the world, which enables us to collect for you "on site". Our employees form a motivated and engaged team that includes a number of experts with experience abroad and foreign language proficiency. Our international clientèle value the consistently high, out-of-court success rate we achieve on the debts passed to us. Our principles: 1. "No success, no fee! " - 2. "Your debt, our challenge! "

  5. DCB LTD

    United Kingdom

    DCBL is one of the UK’s largest Enforcement companies exclusively featured in the popular Channel 5 TV series Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away! In the last 12 months, we have collected tens of millions of pounds for our clients whilst maintaining a 98% client retention rate; we recognise the importance of delivering an unparalleled level of service, maintaining and building, strong on-going client relationships. DCBL’s ethical approach, robust training and auditing systems, combine to deliver an industry-leading level of service to our clients, furthermore, our focus on vulnerability identification at the earliest stage in our collection process results in early intervention and case resolution by our Welfare and Support teams. We have invested heavily in the most up to date, real-time trace, financial profile and address verification systems. Experience has taught us that information is key and is one of the factors why we constantly achieve industry-leading recovery rates. Upon receipt of your instruction, we will act as efficiently as possible to enable the collection process to commence, ensuring a speedy return of your outstanding monies. However, if we feel your debt is unrecoverable, we will tell you. We operate from 5 strategically located offices throughout the UK and our services are delivered by fully qualified and highly experienced teams operating alongside a management team who have been selected on their ethical, competent and professional approach.


    United Kingdom

    Advanced Debt Collection offer a variety of services from Debt Collection, Litigation, CCJ Enforcement and Tracing your debtor. We work with both businesses and individuals to get you your money back. We also offer Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery and Forfeiture of Lease to Commercial Landlords. We take a small commission on recovery and advise of the most cost effective recovery process. EG in some instances there are fees out of our control that need paying. (EG Litigation, there are court fees that need to be paid. These are not paid to us, they are paid to the court).



    Declan Duggan & Co Solicitors is a law firm based in Charleville, Co. Cork and acts for clients all over Ireland. Our aim is to provide you with a dependable, efficient and quality-grounded, professional legal services whatever your requirements and stage in life. Declan has represented clients at all levels of court jurisdiction in Ireland. During the year 2012 alone he has achieved settlements in excess of €2m. His litigation practice, in addition to engaging in accident/injury litigation, undertakes medical negligence and professional negligence cases, employment law, criminal law and a full range of representation in courts and tribunals, often availing of free legal aid for the benefit of his clients.



    Supercheck GmbH is one of the leading investigation services in Europe for obtaining the addresses of customers and debtors who have moved away and whose address is unknown. These services are exclusively available to companies/solicitors. Individuals are denied information. Address determination, debtor determination, creditworthiness, solvency. Supercheck identifies over 6 million addresses and information (including 1 million registration office inquiries) for over 20, 000 companies and 8000 law firms.


    United States

    National Service Bureau is a national debt recovery agency founded in 1986 in Seattle, Washington with specialized divisions in the areas of commercial, financial, retail, insurance, education, telecom, utilities, and the medical industry. As a full-service collection agency, NSB offers a wide range of receivables management services operating nationally. We are a national leader in the arena of insurance subrogation, and all verticals of consumer and commercial collections. Each department and division operates separately to ensure every focus is provided by an agent that specializes in our varied clients'​ verticals of the industry. NSB builds long-term, quality business partnerships, and has for over 31 years representing a multitude of fortune 500 companies nationwide. Our total focus is on working with you, and your staff to find out how we can provide the ideal agency relationship. By gaining a clear understanding of your internal procedures, and your customers, along with exactly what you are looking for in an agency, we craft a customized program to deliver the exact service "package"​ you need.


    United Kingdom

    Incorporated in 1984 Safe Collections Ltd has been collecting unpaid invoices and contractual arrears for B2B companies for almost 40 years. From our offices in the heart of central Lancashire we are proud to offer a genuine no win = no fee debt collection and debt recovery service to our customers in the UK and worldwide. For UK and international debt recovery our rates start at just 10% and we specialise in EU and UK recoveries, in addition we have excellent coverage in the Americas, Asia and Australasia. With Safe Collections it does not matter where your debtor resides as we have the local skills, experience and knowledge to recover your unpaid dues anywhere in the world. With a multilingual staff and local collection partners across the world we are well placed to assist in recovery of any unpaid debts, with NO advance fees, NO abortive charges and NO "hidden" or "bonus" extra charges. If we collect we charge, if we do not collect we do not charge. Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation on any debt matter and find out why we are the UK's number one rated debt recovery company on Google and Trustpilot.


    United Kingdom

    HIGH COURT ENFORCEMENT SERVICES DCBL. The name to trust for High Court Enforcement Renowned for our effective, ethical approach to High Court Enforcement, DCBL featured exclusively on Channel 5 and Netflix's "Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away! ". We're proud to be an industry leader and our commitment to outstanding customer service and tactful enforcement has solidified our position since 2001. Call today on 0330 404 4374 to see how we can help. Why Choose DCBL for High Court Enforcement? We collect debts that others simply can’t, due to our high levels of early engagement. Our journey, rooted in old-fashioned values, reflects in our 98% client retention rate and impressive annual collections exceeding £75 million. Our Commitment to Ethical High Court Enforcement At the core of DCBL’s ethos is an unwavering commitment to ethical practices. Our participation in the popular TV show underscores our transparent and principled approach. Our team understands the delicate balance between enforcing judgments and upholding the dignity of all parties involved. Trusted Nationwide Service with 5 Regional Offices DCBL operates through five regional offices, strategically placed across the UK. This enables us to enforce County Court Judgments (CCJs) and High Court Writs of Control efficiently. Our infrastructure, coupled with local knowledge and administrative support, ensures a seamless and unrivaled service.



    Deurwaarder, incassobureau of incasso advocaat nodig? Intercash Incasso en Juristen maakt het verschil! ● Snelle incasso in binnen en buitenland volgens uw wensen ● No cure, no pay (zie onze algemene voorwaarden op deze site.) ● De incassokosten zijn voor rekening van uw debiteur ● Gratis eerste lijns juridisch advies door onze ervaren jurist Johan Tukker ● Wij benaderen uw klant respectvol ● Intercash heeft een hoog slagingspercentage 93% ● Uw dossier: 24 uur per dag online inzichtelijk ● Binnen een week na betaling geld op uw rekening U heeft goederen of een dienst geleverd en uw betaling blijft uit. Geld wat al bij u op de rekening had moeten staan. De incassojuristen van Intercash innen uw geld snel en de debiteur betaalt de gemaakte incasso kosten en rente. Wij werken op basis van No cure, no pay. Met een slagingspercentage van 93% bent u er zeker van dat wij alles doen om uw geld zo snel als mogelijk te innen.



    Whether you need to recover debt, or pay debt, S.M.C.M. International's highly professional, multilingual team are here to provide you with comprehensive debt management solutions. With over 10 years of experience providing national and international accounts receivable management & debt collection services globally, we are convinced that we are able to meet all your expectations & requirements. We can provide you with the most effective services for your individual credit management situation. Let S.M.C.M. International GmbH, Switzerland, improve your cash flow and resources without compromising your brand. We'll free up internal capacities allowing your business to focus on what it does best.If you would like to talk to one of our competent and friendly team members about: Debt Collection - Debt Recovery - Credit Management - Dispute Resolution - Mediation - Litigation - Court Representation - Credit Reporting, feel free to contact us today.


    United States

    Debt Nirvana is a young and dynamic professional services organization started by an Ex - Google employee.Services offered includes Credit Risk Mitigation, Debt Recovery Collection Services and Enterprise Risk Advisory services. People behind Debt Nirvana have a experience of 25+ years in MNCs As Debt Nirvana's professionals distinguish ourselves with the personalized high quality services. Our beliefs get reflected in our services. At Debt Nirvana, we believe in solving client's problems and creating value for the client. We focus on client's success and measure our success with that of the client's. Published By : Ravi Malhotra



    Debt Collection: Debt collection is time consuming and challenging aspects of running a business. Recovering unpaid dues from customers is costly and time consuming task.We BelievedWe take pleasure in introducing our specialized follow up and collection team which is specially created and designed to serve our clients to help in recovering dues of all types of debts through a highly qualified, experienced and motivated staff.We believe of the return benefit of direct contact, communication, professional negotiation and consistency as the primary tools and vital to a successful recovery in a shortest possible time.Security and ConfidentialityIn Amanaat we provide a high standard of care and integrity protecting the confidential information to prevent any disclosure. Following a code of ethics and high standard of quality while handling your accounts. We guarantee you ethical and professional services. However, and to ensures the security and confidentiality we implemented the following: • Exclusive Offices • Full Time Dedicated Staff • EPABX - Telephone Systems • Cash Management Systems • Security InfrastructureOur GoalTo provide prudent and consistent assistance to our clients to recover “Debts" as quickly as possible and minimize client losses professionally and ethically. However, Collection the debt in full is always our primary goal. Furthermore, we will make sure that we save the image of our valued clients and ensure the continuation of your business with your customers.


    United Kingdom

    Founded in 2002 Thornbury Collections Ltd were predominately just a debt recovery company that always worked on a no win no fee agreement. It also helps companies of all sizes, right across the UK, with -Credit CheckingCredit ControlTrace Reports (Basic & In depth)FactoringConfidential Invoice DiscountingAsset FinanceDebt MediationDebt Collection & RecoveryDebt Management (IVA's & CVA's)Statutory Demand IssueSmall Claims Court LitigationBusiness Cost ReductionCommercial FinanceIf we can be of assistance with any of the above please don't hesitate to contact one of the team.Steve WhiteMD Thornbury Collections LtdSo much more than just collections! www.thornburycollections.co.uk


    United Kingdom

    Lee Pomeranc is a long established firm of solicitors and experienced debt collectors. We provide a “no collection, no fee” service with no upfront payments required from our clients. Clients only pay our fees when debts are recovered. We are solicitors and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. As solicitors, we operate under strict regulations and guidelines and all clients’ funds are protected. Debt Collection . No Collection - No Fee . Debt recovery. debt collections. collections. debt - debt collectionOur approach to debtors is courteous, yet firm, so as not to alienate the debtor. We provide a personal service to our clients. We keep our clients updated on developments with regular reports. We are happy to provide references from existing and past clients.



    You have debtors worldwide, maybe thousands miles away from you and you have no good solutions how to handle such challenges? Debtors might think that you can’t do anything to collect the debt, because they are in another country. You might think that it is too expensive and complicated to pursue recovery of debt (debt collection) in foreign country? You also don’t know any debt collection agency or lawyer abroad or you don’t know the legal system outside of your country? Our international debt collection company provides specialized pre-legal debt recovery and legal debt collection services, CREDIT REPORTS. We work with local partners! Pre-legal debt collection without any costs risk - NO COLLECT NO FEE! Effective international out-of-court debt recovery – COVERAGE OF MORE THAN 110 COUNTRIES. Credit reports - FOR COMPETITIVE PRICES FROM MORE THAN 200 COUNTRIES.

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