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    We are a car demolition and used car company founded in 1969 which has expanded over the years to its current surface area of about 11, 000 sq.m., with the intention of extending further in the near future with the arrival of the second generation. An ADA associate since 1995, the company provides a DVLA cancellation service and deals with the relative administrative procedures and any problems that may arise. Transportation is by means of authorised vehicles, from the address at which the car to be scrapped is registered. We have a warehouse with a wide range of spare parts for cars.



    About us. Today: Managed by the fourth generation of owners, Wagner EWAR manufacturers from the Reutlingen site and sells its products throughout the world. Wagner EWAR offers one of the most comprehensive ranges for high-quality stainless steel washroom fittings for the project business. 2005: Expansion of the product range for equipping accessible washrooms. 1997: Relocation of Ernst Wagner GmbH + Co. KG to the new company building in the industrial zone Markwest, Reutlingen, Germany. 1974: Stainless steel washroom fittings. Formation of a national sales organisation with dealers and internationally with general importers. 1950: Wagner made products for large kitchen equipment from stainless steel for the first time. 1893: The company's history starts with the founding of Ernst Wagner Apparatebau Reutlingen – EWAR. A successful, medium-sized, family-run business for conveying and large kitchen equipment evolved over time.


    United States

    Bathroom remodeling company, specializing in custom cabinets and specialty tubs. Complete or partial remodeling. With a wide range of skilled craftsman, we do it all, providing our customers with the best customer service possible with competitive prices.



    The company DAVERMO, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Engine disposal industry. It also operates in the engine components, engine overhaul, spark plugs, and non-polluting engine industries. It is based in Bissegem, Belgium.



    The company M COHEN TRADE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Oil - distribution industry. It also operates in the Engine disposal, automobile, industrial vehicle and automobile accessories business associations, lubricant, and Engine disposal industries. It is based in Kfar Saba, Israel.

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    The company GEDSTED AUTOOPHUG A/S, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Spare parts for cars industry. It also operates in the Engine disposal, and Engine disposal industries. It is based in Gedsted, Denmark.



    Godrelish Electronic Technology Co., Limited is professionally engaged in researching and developing LED products and is a hi-tech science & technology enterprise. We supply LED clocks, outdoor LED clocks, LED digital clocks, LED countdown clocks, LED countdown timers, LED timers, LED displays, LED signs, LED moving displays, scroll message displays, LED moving message displays and LED production counters. We have professional technicians, designers and engineers at our disposal. Our company has won a good reply



    V&T Technologies Co., Ltd. is producing variable speed drive (frequency inverter), servo drive, motor soft starter, other power electronics. The drives are used for energy saving and process control, in plastic injection molding machine, machine tools, air compressor, water supply, civil engineering, conveyor belt, sewage disposal (wastewater treatment), extruder machines, extruder, fan and pump, HVAC, food and beverage industry, mining industry. As the leading factory, we are competing with AB, Danfoss. From 200VAC to 1140VAC, power from 0.4KW to 3MW. Favorable advantages: failure rate < 1%, similar as Siemens, Emerson Control Techniques, ABB, Danfoss, Eaton, Schneider, Allen Bradley, Lenze, Yaskawa. authorized CE by ECMG. Under the audit of NVLAP. NVLAP Lab code: 200068-0. ISO/IEC 07025: 1999, ISO 9002: 1994. 18-month warranty period. prompt delivery lead time: 1-3 days. supply to REGAL, Ingersoll Rand, Foxconn, Tata Group...



    Thermoplastic injection, engineering and development, disposable products and parts for sheaths and mini-cases



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    TRACTO-TECHNIK develops, produces and sells machines and accessories for underground installation and replacement of pipelines. This trenchless NODIG technology can be used in the manufacture of pipeline networks for water, gas, electricity, telecommunications, district heating, fibre optic cable networks and in the waste water disposal industry. Customers for these special machines mostly come from the civil engineering and specialist civil engineering sectors, although these also include suppliers and network operators. TT values first class manufacturing quality in all production processes. As early as the material procurement stage, TT will seek out suppliers of the highest level of quality. Steel in particular is subject to the strict quality controls which are easily visible throughout the entire production process. The most modern manufacturing technology, highly precise CNC-controlled machining centres turn, drill, mill and grind the workpieces into shape.



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    Polytec Kunststoffverarbeitung was founded in the town of Vreden in western Germany in 1988. As an owner-run, family business, we are an expert contact partner for customers that have global operations in the transport, timber construction, electronics, automotive or mechanical engineering sectors. Our core area of expertise lies in the manufacturing of films according to individual customer requirements for industry, transport packaging and export packaging. In addition to the custom manufacturing of packaging solutions, we offer a standard range of pouches, bags, covers and films that are available from stock. Our core range includes the following products: Box covers, dust covers, retractable shrouds, side gusseted covers, thermal covers for IBC, ticks, inserts, retractable shrouds for module construction, shrink films, covering films, flat films, round bottom bags, chip bags, disposal bags, shrink guns, lining films, non-woven fabric lining, tarpaulins, ESD packaging, VCI packaging, VCI dust covers, VCI box packaging and much more.



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    Micontec GmbH is an innovative and flexible company in the field of conveying technology and industrial plants. Our team continuously develops innovative products to meet the high requirements of our customers in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Micontec GmbH's customs include large European energy suppliers and plant builders as well as well-known disposal companies and foundries. We offer planning, design, engineering, manufacture, delivery, assembly, commissioning and servicing of conveying technology and industrial plants for transportation and the cooling of ash, slag, hot materials and bulk material: Slat deslaggers / slat ash removal systems, wet deslaggers / wet ash removal systems / scraper conveyors, dry ash removal systems / dry deslaggers, slat conveyors, trough chain conveyors, hot material conveyors, cast coolers, deflection stations / underwater rollers, hydraulic tensioning stations, pressure water stations.



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    As partners of Temas Group Export Partners, we specialize in helping businesses succeed in the global marketplace by finding new export customers, generating leads, and developing export strategies. Our carefully designed services ensure that our esteemed clients receive a unique and effective experience. With our experience in customs clearance, logistics, and foreign trade, we drive sales and help your business achieve success. Our broad selection of products caters to diverse needs, including textiles, medical equipment, machinery, mechanical engineering, industrial equipment, agricultural products, chemicals, plastic products, disposable tableware, packaging solutions, fruits and vegetables, and laser processing among other exceptional offerings. We export high-quality products from Turkish manufacturers to Europe. Please visit our website to explore the entire range of opportunities available to you. At Temas Group Export Partners, we prioritize customer satisfaction and make it the core of our business operations. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering excellent services that are customized to meet your specific needs. We provide valuable support to develop and expand your business activities, leveraging our expertise in finding new customers, generating leads and promoting export development, to ensure you achieve your goals. If you require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.



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    Fratelli Pagnin is a spring manufacturing company established in 1965 to produce new coil springs. The company's precision springs guarantee extremely accurate linear deflection as they eliminate virtually all residual forces, making them ideal for all applications that demand accuracy and reliability. Our springs are used in the aerospace, aeronautical and automobile industries, in automatic weapons, thermostatic taps and gas valves, computers, household appliances and telephones. We can manufacture from plans or samples depending on the specific requirements, or else our engineers can design exactly the right part for your needs, using the powerful computer tools at their disposal. Quality system certified to UNI EN ISO 900122008 by RINA QUACER.



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    Hemogum is a manufacturer/producer of technical rubber goods and offers cost-effective solutions for rubber, rubber-metal or rubber-plastic products. We achieve successful business results with constant development, stable investment policy and constant quality improvement of the existing and the introduction of new products. Hemogum disposes with CNC equipment, milling and spark erosion machines that are fully integrated in technological system. We design, manufacture and test new product from the previously determined requirements, from the design phase of virtual models using the most advanced 3D software, though examining with the end element method, up to the prototype and tools manufacture for mass production. We are able to maximally shorten the development time and expenses due to maximum usage of capabilities of modern software solutions. We are also very successful in dealing with reverse engineering according to the given sample, whether it is damaged part of an equipment or a new model. We are qualified to perform measurements, analysis and testing of highly complex parts, and then manufacture then as well, or make them as individual parts or either create a tool for their development. Hemogum produces custom products: parts for the needs of the automobile industry, freight traffic, agricultural mechanization, mining, construction, chemical industry, food industry and other products.



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    Manufacturing of components and products in the field of metal and wood processing. Our services include: Turning; Milling; Laser cutting; Sheet metal bending; Grinding and polishing; Powder coating and varnishing; Sandcasting of brass and aluminum; Preparation of technical drawings; Printing - printing on advertising articles; Assembly / Packing. In addition, we offer the production and modification of existing products according to the customer's design and the application of reverse engineering. With high-level customer service at heart, professional engineering and particular attention to the quality control of each order. From idea to production, according to specifications, minding operating costs and execution time, we are here for you. The company was established to offer experienced compliance, engineering specialists and a commitment to sustainability. We give our customers an edge in solving today’s challenges related to products or components production. The commitment, expertise and experience within the industry give us unparalleled capabilities. Many of our customers are often designers, entrepreneurs, brand owners or large commerce companies. Allied For Tech for many years has been a gateway to successful manufacturing of metal and wood products with a wide range of industrial and manufacturing capabilities at our disposal. All inquiries are welcome - large or small, with professional documentation or a design on a napkin. We invite you to contact us!



    Gebuwin is a leading manufacturer in high quality hand operated industrial winches. Hoisting and lifting capacities for manual winches range up to 7500 kg. Gebuwin also provides customers in the international offshoring, marine, mining, agriculture and food industry with electrical operated industrial winches and is specialized in custom made hoisting and lifting solutions. In addition, Gebuwin is the right place for punching and turning parts, sub-assemblies and complete end products. In 1947 Gebuwin was founded by the two brothers Buunk in Winterswijk, the Netherlands and is since 1965 family owned. With more than 70 years of experience, Gebuwin knows as no other what is important for our customers. The Gebuwin team ensures that your product and all related services are perfectly organized. Gebuwin considers it essential to strive to the highest quality, have an excellent delivery reliability, provide the customer with the best service linked to a competitive price/quality ratio. Products are designed, engineered, assembled and tested within the production facility of over 2000 square meter. Gebuwin can operate flexible and therefore ensures that your product is well taken care of. We also have an extensive dealer network which, for sales and service, is at your disposal.



    Büchi AG – Reactor Systems and Pilot Plants. Büchi AG is a worldwide leading Swiss manufacturer of reactor systems and pilot plants for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as research facilities, from laboratory and pilot through to production. Our company offers two different product lines: Reactor systems made of glass, enamelled steel and other corrosion-resistant materials. Pressure reactors made of various metals and glass. We offer customised solutions tailored to your specific laboratory, pilot or production requirements. Thanks to our proprietary designs and use of high-performance materials, our reactor systems and pilot plants are suited for the most demanding corrosion and pressure requirements. . With over 75 years of experience, Büchi stands for superior quality and reliability. Our offer covers the entire life-cycle of the plants, from pre-sales consulting and engineering, manufacturing and assembly, right through to after-sales service and plant optimisation. Our sophisticated technical and customised solutions lead to the highest performance of your R & D activities and production processes. The company has all the necessary certifications. A global sales and service network is at your disposal. Reactor systems and pilot plants for chemical research, process development, scale-up, pilot production and commercial manufacturing – Büchi is your reliable partner!



    Stamixco develops and produces a variety of static mixers (stationary mixers without moving parts) for the continuous processing of polymers, liquids, gases and sludges. Highly viscous liquid processing is our speciality. Basic operations include mixing/blending of materials with similar and significant differences in the viscosity and the volumetric flow rate and melt flow rate in plastic injection moulding, extrusion and polymer production blends; continuous polymerisation plug flow reactors; heating and cooling of viscous materials and plastic disposable static mixers for dual-component (2K) resin systems. If you feel our products are suitable for your application, our engineers will be delighted to discuss it with you, come up with a design and offer a price. We produce both standard ready-to-dispatch and user-specific static mixers.



    Binology is an engineering and technology company that develops a set of solutions for the urban environment to ensure the efficient collection of solid municipal waste (MSW) at the generation area, waste management and recyclables collection, efficient and cost-effective disposal processes. Binology LLC was established in 2018 in Moscow, Russia, developing smart city equipment, while our team has more than 12 years of experience in waste management field and equipment production. The solution is based on smart and technologically advanced municipal waste containers equipped with a press compactor, solar panels, a filling-level measuring system, various sensors and other features of the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as ultrasonic fill-level sensors for conventional municipal waste bins, various containers and bunkers, managed by cloud-based software. The company's developments can reduce the cost of waste management activities, introduce separate waste collection, and provide an opportunity to generate additional revenue for the collected waste and recyclables. Evolve the cost-effectiveness of waste management with Binology solutions: - Up to 75% costs reduction on waste collection processes. - Up to 80% CO2 emissions cut with smart planning and dynamic routing. - Up to 80% savings on service, cleaning and maintenance over conventional street bins. - Up to 70% staff efficient work time release. - Up to 90% saved recyclables share from MSW in high foot traffic areas!



    Submersible motor pumps and submersible motors from oddesse are used in a broad spectrum of applications in modern water supply and disposal in industry and agriculture, mining, shipbuilding, the offshore sector and in a broad range of applications covering municipal, commercial and private needs and emergency situations. Developed around 80 years ago, our powerful pumps, motors and plants were and are being updated with new materials and modern technology to meet the specific requirements of our customers and the environment and are continually undergoing a process of perfection. With its future-oriented company concept, oddesse Pumpen- und Motorenfabrik GmbH are continuing the more than 120 years of tradition in pump engineering in Oschersleben, Germany. Innovative, flexible and always with an eye toward the needs of our customers in over 50 countries around the world, our company offers dependable, high-quality workmanship, on time and on schedule. We stand ready to provide you with outstanding service, from commissioning through to maintenance, for our powerful and long-lasting pumps and plants used in many different applications. Our experienced and highly-qualified team of professionals in each of our areas of business would be happy to contact you.


    United Kingdom

    CHEMRING TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS is a global provider of advanced Electronic Warfare (EW), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Communication Information Systems (CIS) products that deliver leading edge technology to mitigate current and emerging threats. CHEMRING TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS' products are relied upon by the best equipped armed forces in the world, including the UK MOD and NATO allies: Electronic Warfare, Signals Intelligence, EOD, Counter IED, Tactical Comms and Cyber Security. Our heritage dates back to the development of early radar and the first mobile digital communications system. Over many years our trusted equipment has supported operations from Northern Ireland to Afghanistan. Our product range has continued to develop and we now operate from two sites in the UK where our world-class engineers and operational experts create innovative products that protect and enhance lives. Trusted by armed forces, governments, and national security customers worldwide our understanding of operational requirements allows us to deliver products able to meet today’s asymmetric threat environments. We provide our customers peace of mind by providing solutions that ensure the suitability, long term supply and through-life support of our products. Working as part of the Chemring Group we are able to support and supply our products globally, and with a worldwide network of agents and distributors our products are accessible in all regions.



    LEROMA is a B2B platform for food ingredients and forms a digital bridge between suppliers of food raw materials and food producers. We offer a global online database for food raw materials, as well as a search engine to find suitable ingredients and their suppliers. Raw materials that can be listed on the platform include additives, functional ingredients, flavors, proteins, fresh produce, fish & meat and many more. Suppliers and producers of food ingredients come from all over the world. This way, the procurement process is shortened from 2 months to 2 minutes. Additionally, the marketplace for surplus raw materials offers the possibility to sell overstock and residual materials in order to minimize food waste at the beginning of the value chain and to reduce disposal costs.



    Shenzhen Royal Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2008, is a professional supplier of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars, disposable atomizer e-cigarettes, disposable e-cigarettes and minie-cigarettes. Since our foundation, we have always focused on the development of e-cigarettes, with high quality services, strong belief and stable production capabilities. Royal has great R&D ability. There are eight professional electronic and structure engineers. All of them have several years' experience in electronic cigarette production. We also have a perfectafter-sales service system, which is very important. Since electronic cigaretteis a new product, most customers need technique support or training to ensure their sales. All of our products have passed CE, RoHS and SGS certifications. "Good quality with competitive price" is our promise to all worldwide customers. We sincerely hope to establish a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperative relationship with all clients.


    United Kingdom

    Work Right. Breathe Right. Feel Great. Managing dust safely not only improves the environment you work in but improves both your physical and mental health which in turn improves your overall performance, productivity and self esteem. Airflo Dynamics is all about making the best of you and the belief that the working environment makes or breaks your success. We have a three part process: firstly monitoring dust levels in your workplace, which gives you the necessary and vital intelligence by which you can maintain your healthy working environment; then the safe capture and disposal of the dust. It's our business, it's what we're good at and we do it so that you can carry on being even better at what you're good at. Working primarily in the mining and civil engineering, construction, manufacturing, healthcare and education sectors, we're driving new standards in occupational air quality through innovation in monitoring systems and services. Distributors of MAXVAC dust solutions, Nanozen DustCount particulate monitor, Airtec elemental carbon monitor, Pacific dPM-RT2 particulate analyser, Enerac exhaust gas analysers, Trolex AirXD particulate monitor, Industrial Scientific gas detectors, Kane instruments, Dwyer instruments, Soler&Palau ventilation fans, ducting systems


    United Kingdom

    Spraytecs has a long experience in design and production of several mechanical components as spray nozzles and spraying systems for all industrial applications. Today we supply our international Customers with a complete range of products for processes such as spraying and fine atomizing of liquids, fire fighting, explosion suppression, smoke washing, evaporative cooling of gases, industrial tank washing, cleaning applications, liquid spray dry and many others. Moreover all our skills are at your disposal in a tailored-approach, because Spraytecs is available for you to design and develop new nozzles and spray devices tailored on the applications or machines of the customers. This is the right way to maximize your technical and economic performance results with the latest technologies and materials available today in the engineering world.



    BGH Edelstahlwerke: Bound to achievement by tradition. The name BGH has been synonymous with achievement in stainless steel for more than 550 years. It was established as a forge in 1466 by Gotthard Busch. Quality and service are part of a long tradition at BGH. Today, BGH consists of six plants and three service centres that offer its customers a wide range and unique variety of stainless steels. And that's not all: We offer first-class service in both our production plants and our service centres in Hanover (D), Katowice (PL) and Cleveland (USA). We produce over 700 different steel grades that are used in the production of fine wire, wire, bright steel, steel bars (round, rectangular and flat), semi-finished products and open-die forging. No matter whether steel for engineering or tools, stainless steel, special alloys or nickel-based alloys, BGH partners customers with high demands around the world. Two-thousand qualified employees are at our customers' disposal in our plants and service centres.


    South Korea

    Hummer, eco-friendly company was established to develop the modern life necessity, home appliances ; esp. food-waste disposer for housewives, multipurpose mini-sunvisor for vehicles, auto-pencil wax dispenser for dental technician & laboratory with a new technology, self-design, R&D, manufacturing know-how, new engineering system, etc., (Product name) : Food-waste disposer (Features and Specification): Easy and simple installation, auto operation-stop(25sec), Low noise and electrical power fee, auto bioseptic injection, safety, eco-friendly made for house wives.(Usage) : food-waste disposing in kitchen sink(Strengths) : Wide size of food insert head, smooth start up, safety, auto start with cover sw & auto stop, auto bio-septicinjection for cleaning, malodor, bacteria etc.low maintenance fee just about 0.4USD per month.(M.O.Q) : 1, 000 ea(Packing detail); Depends on buyer’s requirements, Otherwise, seller’s basic export procedures and cond



    Cappellotto V. Snc has been working for over 50 years in the food and dairy sector with a high degree of expertise, competence and professionalism. The company designs, constructs and installs equipment and machinery in accordance with ISPESL/PED standards. Made to the customer's requirements and specific instructions in full compliance with legislation in the end-user country. Cappellotto V Snc can supply both a single piece of equipment and the complete system. The company has highly qualified technicians, engineers, labourers, welders and fitters at its disposal.



    Since 1987, we have been providing our customers with system-independent high-quality commissioning solutions for the automation and process industry. We have the latest digital analysis tools at our disposal – including our own tools which we have developed in-house – for use in PROFIBUS quality assurance, for example, and can draw on considerable experience to implement tried and tested practical solutions. BOORST's offerings include comprehensive services in the field of engineering and product management with regard to measurement and control technology, such as the monitoring and development of PROFIBUS requirements specifications, functional specifications and digital measurement protocols for PROFIBUS DP or PA, taking into account aspects such as explosion protection regulations (NAMUR, ATEX95).

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