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  • Additives and agents are used in many areas of daily life. We specialise in additives and services for fuels, combustibles and lubricants. There is a surprising variety of additives with properties... Supplier of: Petroleum fuels and additives | fuel oil additive | fuel additive | diesel additive | petrol additive [+] terminal additive | service additive | lubricant additive | agricultural additive | flow improver | erc | refinery additive | forwarding additive | industrial additive | agents and additives
    GERMANY - Buchholz I. D. N.
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  • ...through to highly complex fuel and oil additives, our product range covers all requirements from the automotive and accessories industry. In addition to producing and bottling our own formulas,... Supplier of: additives for oil fuel | fuel additives against emissions | fuel additives for fuel economy | oil additives for the automotive industry | Vehicles - accessories and equipment [+] Vehicles - services | car cleaning product | car polishing | motor oils | filling detergent products | detergents for motor vehicles | motor vehicle engine cleaning chemicals | car care products | engine oils for combustion engines | private label chemical products
    GERMANY - Bad Boll
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  • GFF Canada is a specialist non chemical bio additive production company using our Advanced Molecular Spacing Technology currently working at the cutting edge of development to ensure chemical free... Supplier of: Petroleum fuels and additives | additives for oil fuel | fuel additives for fuel economy | fuel additives against emissions | fuel additives
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  • Best Oil cares for your ‘get a ways’ providing you, since 1978 with high quality oil for vessels in the most competitive market price. With a large number of vehicles, we can guarantee your immediate... Supplier of: Fuel oil | additives for oil fuel | marine fuels | fuel lubricants | fuel supply and delivery
    GREECE - Athens
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  • CleanerGlobe Less CG7 is a leading liquid nanotechnology fuel additive. CleanerGlobe provide effective and practical solutions to help conserve natural resources, improve air quality, and combat... Supplier of: Petroleum fuels and additives | additives for oil fuel | fuel additives for fuel economy | fuel additives against emissions | diesel fuel and derivatives
    UNITED KINGDOM - Leominster
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  • Chemoxy serve a diverse range of industries from pharmaceutical, electronic and flavour & fragrance through to oil drilling, fuel additives and industrial solvent users. Supplier of: Strippers and abrasives, chemical | suppliers of recycled chemical products | recovery of solvent applicators for the chemical industry | estasol™

    Brands : Estasol

    UNITED KINGDOM - Middlesbrough
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  • ...ABCON imports, produces and sells high quality fuel and lubricating oil additives, which improve the performance of engines and machines and also lessen the environmental impact from the operation of such engines and machinery. Additives for... Supplier of: fuel additives | additives for lubricating oils | Lubricants, industrial
    DENMARK - Rungsted
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  • ...oil tanks, heating oil additives, fuel tank locks and oil tank guages, along with many other products for heating your home. If you are looking for heating oil in Ireland for your home or business and you'd like to see the... Supplier of: Fuel oil | fuel | oil, heating
    UNITED KINGDOM - Stockton on Tees
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  • ...engaged in the waste oil regeneration, fuel technology and fuel oil auxiliary additive research and development, waste oil recovery technology development, all kinds of waste oil refining gasoline, diesel oil and fuel environmental protection equipment... Supplier of: Oil refining - installations and equipment | oil refining equipment | chemicals
    CHINA - Xuchang
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  • ...products, specialty lubricants, fuel oil treatment additives, water treatment and maintenance chemicals.2) Providing mothballing or preservation services to oil and gas, marine and offshore... Supplier of: Marine, port and underwater works - contractors | anti-corrosion | petrol car lubricant
    SINGAPORE - SIngapore
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  • High technology engine oils and special lubricants for cars, motorbikes, HGVs, vessels and industrial motors. OILSD can offer lubricants, greases, additives and chemicals for the automotive and... Supplier of: Petroleum fuels and additives | fuel additives | Lubricants, industrial | Lubricants for cars | Oils, industrial [+] lithium grease | plant-based lubricant | petrol car lubricant | hydraulic circuit lubricant | differential and gear box lubricant | lubricant for motorcycles | synthetic lubricant | lubricants | high temperature lubricants | agricultural lubricants

    Brands : MOTOR OIL

    FRANCE - Marsiglia
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  • The company's business activity is based on wholesale petroleum products, fuels and lubricants for automobile traction and heating fuels. Present in the energy market for over 30 years, Biasion Sante... Supplier of: Petroleum fuels and additives | fuel | fuels | industrial fuels | heating fuel [+] traction fuel | fuel oils | agricultural fuel | Heating, industrial - installations and equipment | motor oils | oil product | firewood | gas bottle | petrol | heating oil
    ITALY - Romano D'ezzelino
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  • ...gear pumps for the transfer and dosing of industrial liquids of all types, primarily: bitumen, fuels, fats, glues, additives, polyurethane, foods, paints, solvents, oils, cosmetics, and chemicals. Supplier of: Pumps | Gear pumps | Injection pumps and systems | Pumps, hydraulic | Vacuum pumps [+] solvent pumps | viscose liquid pumps | pneumatic pumps | electropumps | pumps and compressors | electric pumps | vertical pumps | installation of pumps | drainage pumps | electric submersible pumps
    ITALY - Quarto Inferiore
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  • Air, oil, fuel, water, air conditioning filters, dessicators and separators. Grease and oil for gears, oil for compressors, machine tools, tyres and textiles, brake fluid, antifreeze and chemicals for... Supplier of: Filters for cars, lorries and construction machinery | Oil filters | Lubricants, industrial | industrial filters | filters [+] filters for compressors | filters for the chemical industry | hydraulic filters
    ITALY - Altamura
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  • ...bladder tanks to be integrated in various vehicles (armored trucks, boats, UAVs, USVs used as main or additional tank. These bladder tanks can also be used to store any other fluids or chemicals (oils, water, other…). Supplier of: Cylinders, pneumatic | gasoline tanks | pneumatic cylinders | flexible tanks | tank for the aircraft industry
    BELGIUM - Froyennes
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  • ...and Tube) -Mud Tanks -Conditioning Skids (Fuel Gas Supply Systems) -Injection Units -Natural Gas Compression Packages -Stacks -Pressure Piping -Nitrogen Gas System -Columns In addition to... Supplier of: Mechanical engineering - custom work | storage tanks design and manufacturing | fabricated filters and strainers | ibc tanks and aviation fuel tanks | exhaust silencers and accessories
    TURKEY - Izmit/kocaeli
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  • ...the anti-wear characteristics of the lubricating oil. Fuel and lubricant consumption is reduced from 17% to 27% and harmful emissions reduced too, Promises of Qualities . A drastic reduction in fuel consumption . Less harmful exhaust... Supplier of: Cylinders - combustion engines | hydrogen generators | restore batteries and engines | engine hydrogen cleaning carbon | revive engines diesel gasoline lng
    CANADA - Verdun
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  • ...packages include internal combustion engine oil additive package, gear engine oil lubricant additive package, anti-wear hydraulic engine lubricant additive package.Application: they are widely used for high-grade gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, bearing oil, sideway oil, metal cutting oil, industry... Supplier of: hydraulic oil additive package | gear oil additive | Petrol | lubricant additive | pour point depressant
    CHINA - Liaoning/shenyang
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  • ...PROTECTION / ANALISYS SERVICE / AUTOMOTIVE OILS & LUBRICANTS / SPECIAL PRODUCTS FOR EARTH MOVING EQUIPMENT Effective lubrication helps maintain your machinery in good working order and ensures longer working life. A... Supplier of: additives | Lubricants, industrial | lubricants | greases | syneco
    SWITZERLAND - Lugano
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  • ...granulate absorbents for removing oil, fuels, lubricants and others, 2. filter aids for water filtration (granulated and powders) 3. products for animal nutrition (feed additives E551c, carriers for premixes, acids... Supplier of: Minerals | manufacturer of products based on diatomite
    GERMANY - Soltau
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  • ...temperature, the oil pressure, and the fuel mileage before, and after, installing the Amsoil. I also noted that depending on the type of driving I was doing I was getting significantly better fuel mileage with the Amsoil. I own a fleet of... Supplier of: diesel fuel | Oil - distribution | synthetic industrial oils | lubricant for motorcycles | lubricant for motor vehicles
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  • ...the company manufactures oil, fuel, air and cabin filters for automobiles, agricultural, industrial, and commercial vehicles. In addition this SARDES Automotive imports its raw materials... Supplier of: vehicle fuel filter | Spare parts for cars | vehicle air filters | vehicle oil filters | vehicle cabin filter
    TURKEY - Hatay
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  • ...a 20 year, tax free additional income. Solar PV means that we DO NOT use 'traditional' methods like burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gas, or nuclear power, in order to generate electricity. Supplier of: Solar energy - installations | Solar energy equipment | Solar energy production | solar panels for civil and industrial use | solar panel maintenance
    UNITED KINGDOM - Orpington
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  • ...has a strong background in energy related products, with domestic and international sources for oil, gasoline, petroleum, natural gas, diesel, JP 54 jet fuel and Mazut.Precious MetalsTrim your search time. Supplier of: Investment consultants | crytpocurrency trading | asset management | financial services | capital market trading
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  • ...products including petrol, middle distillates, fuel oil and bitumen. This covers all aspects from fuel importation, storage, fuel handling and blending, and discharge by road, rail, pipeline and ship. Specialties Mechanical... Supplier of: Engineering - industrial consultants | engineering consulting | project design
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  • ...and house-car area, Real Estate, develop energy power sources, coal, M100, black diesel, tower bottom oil, fuel oil, petroleum coke; bitumen; area settlement account and budget center in Middle East etc. Supplier of: Additives, food | crystalline fructose | maltodextrin
    CHINA - Qingdao
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  • ...its product range to air, oil, fuel and hydraulic filters for heavy duty vehicles, industrial machines, construction machinery and compressors. On 1988 with manufacturing of air/oil separators, our company... Supplier of: Filters, liquid | air filters | seperators
    TURKEY - Samandira/istanbul
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  • ...products marketed home and overseas are just additives and what is worse, they rarely meet customers’expectations. Established to manufacture innovative fuel saving products(fuel additive), the company has developed “POWER-Z”, one of such... Supplier of: Petroleum fuels and additives | fuel additives | catalysts
    SOUTH KOREA - Kyeongki-do
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  • ...the company is focused on scaling up through additions to its resource portfolio, the intensification of crude output, and modernization of its refining facilities. Main products include gasoline, diesel fuel, construction and road bitumen, fuel... Supplier of: Import-export - oil | crude oil exporters | oao magomed gasanov mardan ogli
    RUSSIA - Moscow
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  • ...ring, sel ring , O-ring, and some kinds of oil separator and turbocharger and so on. In addition , we also supply some kinds of used spare parts. Our company have out own production factory which product... Supplier of: Provisioning, general | marine spare parts
    CHINA - ningbo
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