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    PROTECTO is a manufacturer of and specialist in environmentally friendly storage technology. Protectoplus has been designing, manufacturing and installing products for the safe and reliable storage of water pollutants and flammable materials since 1993. Pollution of the water and ground needs to be prevented and people need to be protected anywhere hazardous materials, operating resources or waste products are handled. From storage and transport to emergency sets, Protectoplus offers a wide range of high-quality products. Protectoplus is a specialist company according to Section 19I of the Federal Water Act (WHG) and produces standardised or custom storage solutions. All products, whether collecting trays made of steel, stainless steel, PE, GRP or polymer concrete, shelf containers and fire protection storage facilities or complete storage halls for environmental pollutants, are always manufactured in accordance with the currently applicable legislation and in line with the latest technology. With products made from six different materials (steel, stainless steel, concrete, GRP, PE and PVC plastic).



    The company ATS ALL TANK SOLUTIONS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Cisterns, plastic industry. It also operates in the Tanks, metal, Tanks, metal, gasoline tanks, installation of tanks, and metal tankers industries. It is based in Zonhoven, Belgium.



    The company ATELIERS ET CHANTIERS DE LA GRANDE BRUYERE (ACGB), is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Boilerwork industry. It also operates in the Mechanized welding, gasoline tanks, and diesel tanks industries. It is based in Bavent, France.



    The company SITKI ÇINAR, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Tankers, lorry industry. It also operates in the fuel tanks, gasoline tanks, gpl tanks, and trailers industries. It is based in Konya, Turkey.



    The company CENTRREZERVUARSERVIS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Storage tanks industry. It also operates in the gasoline tanks, steel tanks, and carbon steel tanks industries. It is based in Verkhnodniprovsk, Ukraine.

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    The company COTAC BELGIUM, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Cleaning, tanks and cisterns industry. It also operates in the Garages and service stations - equipment and installations, Garages and service stations - equipment and installations, and gasoline tanks industries. It is based in Antwerpen, Belgium.



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    The company Gerd Hacker was founded in 1970 as a sales agency and dealership for automotive parts and in recent years has increasingly specialised in supplying industry. Together with efficient suppliers, today it is mainly manufacturers of aggregates, construction machinery, rail vehicles, compressors and vehicle tanks. We provide you with high-quality products, including Blau (fuel tank caps and fuel pump nozzles for petrol, diesel, hydraulic and urea tanks (AdBlue); MotoMeter (displays for temperature, pressure and fill level displays, etc. and the accompanying sensors).



    You can use our high-grade security seals for: Transport and logistics companies: vehicles, containers, cars, tanks, capacities, cylinders, luggage, bags, expensive and dangerous goods, warehouses, GPS tracking equipment, gasoline tanks, etc. Banks and cash collection companies, bank suppliers: moneybags, cash-boxes, ATMs, cash machines, cases, collector cars, monetary safe deposits, offices. Refineries and petrol stations: fuel tankers, gas stations, fuel storage, oil storages, valves and pipelines. Agricultural companies: warehouses, storages, bags, containers with expensive goods. Food industry: tanks with liquids, refrigerated meat and fish, containers with alcoholic beverages, oil storages. Posts and courier services: sealing cargo, warehouses, vehicles, bags, parcels. Vending companies: machines for food and drink. Chemical plants and pharmaceutical companies: sealing expensive or dangerous products. Utilities companies: domestic meters, gas/water/electricity meters, pipes and valves, gas stations, gas cylinders. Gas companies and refineries: gas stations, gas meters, gas storages, equipment of oil and gas development. Chemical industry: high-tech equipment, machines and tools, machines, monitoring and control equipment, emergency communication channels and pipelines in conservation state. IT companies: PC, servers and enclosures, network facilities. Petrol stations: fuel tankers, gas stations. Casino machines and gambling machines; Etc.


    Czech Rep.

    PRONAJEM-NADRZI.CZ company was founded in early 2012 based on a new concept of business. The aim of the management is offering comprehensive services in the areas of own resources of fuel, by renting aboveground diesel and gasoline tanks. The reason for this progressive method of exploitation of fuel is the fact that we are trying to control the costs of providing for these stocks , mainly due to the unfavorable development of the economic situation in the market , which unfortunately does not have a positive outlook . Another part of our activity is the operation of electronic specialty store that provides our customers with convenient service not only in petrol stations , workshops, industrial facilities , garages, warehouses, oil management , etc. The site , however, you can find the complete equipments, lighting mobile containers , bins , signage and many other operationally necessary accessories required by FRS example , IBP , health and safety or environmental protection .



    AHED Plastic Industry and Trading Limited Company was established in 1994 in ANKARA/TURKEY. We have been serving high quality materials and proffessionally made application services to construction sectors for the usage of waterproofing.Our product rate consists of PVC waterstops, PVC flat sheet geomembrane, PVC signal-layered flat sheet geomembrane; EPDM geomembrane; HDPE geomembrane; LDPE and LLDPE geomembrane; PVC T-LOCK; HDPE T-Lock geomembranes, PVC corrugated drainagepipe, Nonwoven PP geotextile fabrics.Our products are commonly used in tunnels, subways, irrigation canals, dams, water tanks, artificial ponds, petrol sites, building foundation and shearwalls, minig, concrete pipes, bridges, landfills, terraces and roofs, water reservoirs, etc. We have been continuing production in our factory that has been established on 6800m2 close and 12000m2 open area. We have our own quality control laboratory where we test each batch in order to control its conformity to the standards



    We are the manufacturer company for preesure vessels . We can manufacture lpg storages and lpg transport tank trailers and gasoline tank treilers too. And we can create lpg cylinder filling skid and tank farm and filling ststions about lpg. We already have good market in african countries too. We are using pressure vessel steels and all our tests make by third part authorised inspections companies like sgs and tuv avustria .



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    Petroline company specializes in the production of metal horizontal underground and onground storage tanks for oil products with a volume of 1 to 100 cubic meters. We produce single-walled and double-walled tanks. One of the main directions is the production of refueling complexes for private enterprises for refueling vehicles with diesel fuel and gasoline. We also offer services for metalworking, plasma cutting of metal, bending, welding, shot blasting, airless painting or powder painting. We have our own design department, which will develop the necessary product and implement it. We will turn your idea into a product with a competitive cost price. Location 30 km from the Polish-Ukrainian border will minimize logistics costs. We will be glad to see you among our partners!



    In 2017, Metallurgical Ltd. was born from a vision to bridge a critical gap in the brazing industry. Our mission: to elevate industry standards by delivering superior quality, cost-effective brazing solutions, and unparalleled application expertise. Fast forward to today, we're leading the charge in sustainability. Through dedicated research and development, we've introduced innovative recycled materials like ABS, PP, and HIPS. This eco-friendly expansion solidifies our commitment to both industry excellence and environmental responsibility. What sets us apart? We deliver a powerful combination of exceptional quality and competitive pricing. Here's a glimpse of our product offerings: Material MFI (g/10min) Izod Impact (KJ/m²) Price (€) ABS 22-26 8-10 760 PS 6-7 7-8 800 PP Grey 6-7 7-8 690 PP 8-10 5-7 660 PP(95% Pure)10-12 5-7 760



    "GidroBak" is the leader in the production of flexible containers in Ukraine. We produce tanks with a capacity of 50 to 1, 000, 000 liters. More than 150 items of products: frame pools, flexible tanks, soft gas holders, storage tanks for fuel and lubricants. Quality guarantee for all products - from 12 months Features of our products 1 Convenient transportation The products are compact in size and light in weight 2 Easy operation No special preparation required 3 Practicality Materials are resistant to mechanical damage 4 Long service life Can be used for 10 years or more 5 Affordable price Cheaper than traditional storage tanks 6 Quality All products have successfully passed all trial tests. The quality control system ISO 9001 Why you should order flexible tanks from us: ✔ We are manufacturers, so we can offer our customers the lowest retail and wholesale prices ✔All our products are made of European high-strength and elastic materials, the quality of which is confirmed by certificates of conformity ✔ If necessary, we can produce products of non-standard sizes and configurations (for specific tasks) ✔We provide our clients with information and technical support, we accept applications from all regions We are interested in long-term and fruitful cooperation! For us there are no impossible tasks! Any question will be solved in the shortest possible time with the maximum benefit for the client!



    Jetter LLC is a developer and manufacturer of a unique Jetter ACV, which can be used as a river and lake rescue vehicle, an all-terrain vehicle, a pleasure boat. The Jetter amphibian is an all-season all-terrain vehicle that can move through water, swamp, sand, snow, ice, negotiate hills and small obstacles. In contrast to similar vehicles Jetter is a sidewall hovercraft (SES), which has increased space from the surface to the bottom (by about 30 cm), enhanced steerability on the water due to the orientation of the skegs and the transverse steps on the bottom. Jetter ACV is capable of staying afloat for a long time without sinking and is easily repairable in field conditions. An empty Jetter airboat weighs only 290 kg and can carry up to 2 people with a total weight of up to 260 kg. The 65 HP gasoline engine and 47 L fuel tank provide a cruising range of up to 280 km. The hovercraft is suitable for year-round operation at temperatures from -30 to +40°C. Jetter is suitable for winter and summer fishing, boating and adventure holidays, hunting, tourism, cargo transportation, emergency rescue operations, medical assistance in hard-to-reach areas. The Jetter company performs development, design, engineering of hovercraft and development and production of private ship transport made of materials that have passed the necessary tests for durability and wear resistance.



    ECO POWER PILL® is an engine care product which is not a liquid additive; it is a fuel conditioner pill which dissolves completely in any vehicle’s fuel tank and blends with the fuel (diesel or petrol), changing its molecular structure. Only the resulting altered fuel exits the fuel tank and enters the vehicle’s fuel system and engine. Liquid additives usually act directly on the engine. ECO POWER PILL® acts directly on the fuel and only indirectly on the engine. Both diesel and petrol altered fuels have been extensively tested by international testing laboratories who certify it conforms to stringent EU laws on fuels, making it impossible for ECO POWER PILL® to damage any engines. The process of blending completely with the fuel whilst still in the fuel tank also has the advantage of administering ECO POWER PILL®’s active substances into the engine as evenly as is possible, to maximize its effectiveness and prevent damage. Once the altered fuel enters the engine, a main active ingredient makes it burn in the combustion chamber at a higher temperature than it would have without the effect of the pill, which reduces impurities left behind from the combustion process, resulting, upon engine decarbonisation, in a cleaner, better performing engine. Other active ingredients can safely serve the functions of more than one additive, by cleaning and lubricating essential parts of an engine, such as spark plugs, intake valves, pistons and injectors.



    Since more than 30 years, we operate successfully in the petroleum and chemical sector with our qualified staff and competent partners in the group. Our mission is the highest protection of the air, water and soil due to the advanced and innovative technical solutions. Our experience is appreciated by more than 11.000 customers including all the major oil companies. To our customers we are trusted advisors for the protection of their assets and investments. To keep our customers ahead of the game, across years, Wolftank Adisa developed end to end systems & solutions that allowed us to cover the entire chain: …. from helping our global customers to prevent and identify a problem (tank inspecting solutions, tank and line tightness test, precision test, direct inspections, wells monitoring, wet stock management, etc.) ….to solve it (cleaning and surface preparation, local repairs, coating and lining systems, sealing solutions, underground and above ground tanks for external and internal interventions, direct and indirect applications, water and soil engeneering and threatments, etc.) … and finally, to put them back to operation and keep them compliant (tank calibration services, remote monitoring, etc.) We manage the above for various vertical businesses with a specific focus on Petrol and Chemical industries.



    Rcontainer Import AS currently offers a large range of products including: - storage, refrigerator/freezer, CSC plate, quick build demountable, and rebuilt containers- modules in steel and wood- offshore DNV certified containers, modules, subsea, aggregators and rebuilding solutions- diesel tanks, diesel pumps and accessories, and diesel storage solutions- marine, petrol and DNV aggregates, generators and lighting towers- temporary sanitation and building structures- defence force container storage solutions- second hand containers.



    General Petrol, established at 2011 in Istanbul, is a specialized firm in the fields of gas station equipment supply and engineering services. General Petrol carries out businesses as both producer and distributor in its main area of activity, which are petroleum equipment and engineering. General Petrol has a wide range of product range including: the complete underground piping solutions for stations, fuel dispenser hardware, Lpg dispenser equipment, dispenser equipment for alternative energies (Cng, Hydrogen, Ad-Blue etc.), tight-fill offloading equipment, loading terminal equipment, cryogenic valves, lubrication equipment, transfer pumps and meters, and delivery truck equipment. In the field of engineering, it offers the following worldwide leading technologies and practices into the service of the industry: turn-key station projects, vapor recovery systems, the most environmental friendly storage tank, line and leak detector tests, a technological masterpiece of storage tank visual monitoring systems, double wall leak detection systems, electronic line leak detector systems, detailed fuel tank cleaning services, survey, maintenance and renovation.


    United Kingdom

    Project Design Engineers has a strong specialisation in projects associated with oil storage and distribution, and with all facilities and utilities required for sites that provide these services. This has been developed over the 20+ year life of the company and is delivered by a team of 50 experienced engineers and designers. Our experience includes designing and developing facilities for all petroleum products including petrol, middle distillates, fuel oil and bitumen. This covers all aspects from fuel importation, storage, fuel handling and blending, and discharge by road, rail, pipeline and ship. Specialties Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automation Engineering, project management, oil storage, oil tanks, design, additive injectors


    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Main activity of the company is in the road transport of goods, both international and domestic traffic. Besides trasport, the company offers logistics and freight forwarding. Although registered to transport all kinds of goods and items, the company "Tehošped" Ltd. specializing in the transportation of food products in liquid rostfrajnim tanks (milk and dairy products, frozen fruit for distillation, sunflower oil, wine, syrup ...), various types of additives, detergents, glass of water, alcohol and ADR products, such as all kinds of technical gases, oils, solvents, propane, butane and petroleum products (gasoline, e.dizel, heavy oil, bitumen). The company "Tehnošped" Ltd. operates according to all applicable regulations and standards of its activities, and simultaneously povećavajaući renewing its fleet, all at the highest European standards.s text is search-sensitive. Use the specific terms and expressions of your trade. You will increase your chances of being found by businesses in

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