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  • AEVA
    FRANCE- Vic-Sur-Aisne

    AEVA has 30 years' experience creating, designing and manufacturing industrial electrothermic solutions. We manufacture according to plans and specifications. The product range includes: shielded...

    Supplier of: heater band and cartridge | cartridge heaters | Electroheat - machines and equipment | standard and self regulating heating sets

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  • ELPI D.O.O.
    CROATIA- Prelog

    ...of electric industrial heaters such as band heaters (mica & ceramic), nozzle heaters, plate heaters (mica & ceramic), high efficency cartridge heaters, temperature probes such as thermocouples (type j, K,...

    Supplier of: heater band and cartridge | Plastics - machines and material for industry | nozzle heaters | thermocouples | industrial heater

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  • ...elements. In addition to the Band Heaters, we also supply: Tubular heating elements, heating cartridges, infrared heaters, surface and film heating elements, heating elements for air heaters...

    Supplier of: heater band and cartridge | Electroheat - machines and equipment | industrial heating elements | electric heating elements

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  • Supplier of: heater band and cartridge | cartridge heaters | high load cartridge heaters | Elements, electric | flow heater

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    ALGERIA- Akbou

    Supplier of: heater band and cartridge | Import-export - electrical and electronic equipment

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  • ...Electric Heaters, Heating Elements, Band Heater, MICA Band Heaters, Ceramic Band Heaters, Strip Heaters, Tubular Heaters, Cartridge Heater, Hot Runner Heater & Bushes, Manifold Heaters, Infrared Heaters, Cast-in Heaters, Roller...

    Supplier of: Unit heaters | industrial heating elements | thermocouples

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  • application like thermostat, beads, cartridge heaters, band heater insulators, bobbin, endsealbush, cordierite tubes, formers, wire wound resistor and many more as per customer's specification...

    Supplier of: Ceramic, components - electric | technical ceramics | ceramic resistor

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    GERMANY- Menden
    FRIEDR. FREEK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Friedrich Freek GmbH is a family-run company based in Germany. We develop, produce and sell electrical heating elements. As a globally recognised process heating specialist, we have been supplying...

    Supplier of: cartridge heaters | coil cartridge heaters | Electroheat - machines and equipment | halogen floodlights | thermocouple lines [+] heating elements | electric heating elements | heat conducting elements | reflective pipe heating | sleeve heating | hotrunner heating | microcoil | hotcoil | heating rods | pipe heaters

    • Square Cartridge Heater Square Cartridge Heater
    • heating bands heating bands made of stainless steel, mico or ceramic
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  • ...heaters, d-type heaters, band heaters in s.s, m.s. casing in mica and ceramics, w-types heaters, aluminum casting heaters, cartridge heaters, open type heating elements, coil type heating elements, silica tube heaters, furnace coil Etc....

    Supplier of: manufacture heater specialised in roller heater | Import-export - electrical and electronic equipment | manufacture any type of heater or heating element

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    INDIA- Gurgaon

    ...& Exporters Industrial Heaters Cartridge Heaters Tubular Mica band heaters ceramic band heaters air heaters oil immersion heaters coil heaters electric heating element coil heaters hot runner heaters space heaters alkaline...

    Supplier of: Heating and air conditioning - works

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  • With over 90 years of experience, Klöpper-Therm from Germany has specialised in development, planning, manufacture and installation of electric heating systems for industrial applications to suit a...

    Supplier of: cartridge heaters | Heating, industrial - installations and equipment | heaters (electric channel-type) | process heaters | water heater [+] electric steam boilers | tank heaters | flow heaters | gas pre-heaters | electric steam superheaters | electric flow boilers | power to heat (pth) systems | cable-type heaters | container heating systems | trace heating

    • Cable-type-heater Cable-type-heater Start-Up Heater
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    GERMANY- Neuenrade
    SCHNIEWINDT GMBH & CO.  KG - Verified by Europages

    Schniewindt was founded in Westfalia in 1829 and is an independent, performance-oriented family business. Since the invention of the “Schniewindt grid” in 1902, we have produced electrical...

    Supplier of: cartridge heaters | cartridge heaters | Elements, electric | Burners, industrial | flow heater [+] steam wand | brake resistors | electric heaters | heating rods | air heating | electric air heaters | flange heaters | space heaters | pipe heaters | immersion heaters

    • CSN® Ex-flange Heater CSN® Ex-flange Heater
    • CSN® Cartridge Heater CSN® Cartridge Heater
    • CSN® Ex-cartridge Heater CSN® Ex-cartridge Heater
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    UKRAINE- Kharkov
    KAMIN GROUP - Verified by Europages

    Ceramic heaters are a modern-day type of heating technology, a fireplace for modern times. This type of heating technology is both environmentally friendly and versatile, given that the specific...

    Supplier of: heater | cartridge heaters | heaters | Unit heaters | Heat recovery systems [+] Heating, domestic - installations and equipment | Tiles | Ceramics - tiling | flexible heaters | plate heaters | electric heaters | heating components | heating equipment | baseboard heating | heater setting regulators

    • Ceramic convector  475 W (white, biege, black) Ceramic convector 475 W (white, biege, black) 2 heating methods convection and infrared
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  • Schultze RiRo is a reliable partner in nearly all imaginable applications – we stand out thanks to the extraordinary stability and simple connection of their products. Our finned tube heaters protect...

    Supplier of: cartridge heaters | heaters | Heating, industrial - installations and equipment | finned resistor | heating systems, electric, for industrial purposes [+] infra-red radiators | radiators | screw-in type heating elements | heating radiators | electric heaters for industry | heating for greenhouses | domestic heating | electric heaters | electric heating elements | finned tube radiators

    • Finned Tube Heater w/ thermostat Finned Tube Heater w/ thermostat Finned tubular heater, RiRo-A, automatic, Stainless steel, IP66/IP67
    • Screw-in heater G2 Screw-in heater G2 Screw-in heaters with G2" thread and ceramic heating element
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  • Eurasia Heat & Heater System is a Design , Manufacturer and exporters of high quality Industrial machinery heating equipments

    Supplier of: band heaters | cartridge heaters | Extrusion, plastics - machinery | hot runner coil heater | plastic machine heaters

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Erdington, Birmingham

    When it comes to Cartridge Heaters, we have one of the largest stock ranges in the UK. With a wide range of both metric and imperial diameter cartridge heaters, in lengths from 25 mm (1") to 200 mm...

    Supplier of: cartridge heaters | bendable cartridge heaters | custom-made cartridge heaters | coiled cartridge heaters | Heating, industrial - installations and equipment

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    GERMANY- Stuttgart

    The biggest stock of high voltage cartridge heaters available for all kinds of machinery. Manufactured for your satisfaction with instant quotes available. We manufacture your cartridge heaters and...

    Supplier of: cartridge heater | high voltage cartridge heaters | Building materials, manufacture - machinery and equipment | 3d printer | hotset

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    ITALY- Brembate

    C.R.E. di Verzeni is a certified firm, leader in the production of heating elements for over 50 years. Our experience and skills allow us to establish not only in the Italian market, but also...

    Supplier of: cartridge heaters | Heating, industrial - installations and equipment | electric heating elements | thermocouples | flexible tubolar heaters

    • Eletric heating elements Eletric heating elements heating element
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  • Oggi Rae has a 500 sq metre store and a workforce of 7 employees. We work with Rpe for solenoid valves and Caem for thermostats. We supply and manage in our store many types of electric resistances...

    Supplier of: cartridge resistance | low load cartridge heaters | Elements, electric | thermoresistances | safety thermostats

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    ITALY- Brescia

    CRC Progetti Srl nasce nelle vicinanze di Brescia (Italia) nel 1978 per opera di Francesco Piva ed oggi è diretta dal figlio Stefano Piva. Nella sede operativa di San Zeno (Brescia, Italia) si...

    Supplier of: Elements, electric | manufacturing of electric resistors | electric heaters | costruzione forni elettrici industriali | costruzione resistenze elettriche

    • Band heaters Band heaters Band heaters
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  • MERCAN Heaters Manufacturing Co. was founded in 2008 to establish its position as one of the leading providers in manufacturing of all kinds of high-quality industrial heating equipments, and related...

    Supplier of: mica ceramic heater band | Elements, electric | industrial heating equipments

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