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    FRANCE- Fesches-Le-Châtel
    POMPES JAPY - Verified by Europages

    ...pumps - electric pumps - hydraulic pumps - pumps for AD Blue- lift pumps - motor pumps - suction kits -filtration - hoses - ATEX meters - hose reels - control boxes - delivery guns - dispensing guns - jerry cans -...

    Supplier of: Pumps, hydraulic | Cosmetics industry - machinery and equipment | Pumps | Centrifugal pumps | transport of explosive material [+] pumping units | plants and equipment for breweries | pneumatic pumps | solvent pumps | greasing and lubrication equipment for repair garages | filtration equipment | water pumps | transport of food | electric submersible pumps | mechanical counters

    • Open-Turbine Pumps With Hydraulic Motor Open-Turbine Pumps With Hydraulic Motor Hydraulic Motor Pumps
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    SWITZERLAND- Bergdietikon
    GRIBI HYDRAULICS AG - Verified by Europages

    ...components, hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic installations, hydraulic filters, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic oil coolers, hydraulic, special cylinder and control block repairs,...

    Supplier of: hydraulic pumps | hydraulic cylinders | Hydraulic equipment | Joints, hydraulic | Valves, hydraulic [+] Linkages, hydraulic | Assemblies, hydraulic | filters for hydraulics | control blocks, hydraulic | hydraulic units | hydraulic system components | industrial hydraulics | proportional valves | high pressure proportional valves | hydraulic blocks

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    GERMANY- Zimmern
    MÜLLER HYDRAULIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...strong performance both in the distribution of new systems and in retrofitting systems that are already in operation. Our products: Our products: High-pressure pumps, hydraulic units and hydraulic components.

    Supplier of: Pumps, hydraulic | hydraulic cylinders | Assemblies, hydraulic | Filtering equipment and supplies | high-pressure pumps [+] hydraulic units | hydraulic components | hydraulic hoses | industrial hydraulics | wood chip transport | hydraulic filters | hydraulic cylinders & components | proportional valves | piston accumulator | letter press

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    GERMANY- Neustadt
    IPR GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ipr WERKZEUGE is a manufacturer of hydraulic tools. Innovation is our passion and new developments are our speciality. This is what sets us apart. ipr WERKZEUGE can rely on personal expertise...

    Supplier of: Hydraulic equipment | Presses, hydraulic | Safety equipment, work | Threading tools | crimping presses [+] wire cutters | crimping tools | hydraulic hoses | electrical assemblies | equipment for robotics | robotised cabling | gripper devices for robots | automation robotics | wire cutters | hydraulic tools

    • Hydraulic pumps Hydraulic pumps Hydraulic power unit ipr850HA-UNI-FUTURE-DA-RPW
    • Hydraulic pumps Hydraulic pumps Accessories
    • Hydraulic pumps Hydraulic pumps Hydraulic power unit ipr850HA-UNI-FUTURE-DA-SCU
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    GERMANY- Hammelburg
    SCHMITTER HYDRAULIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We are a prominent German supplier of fluid-related systems and components, with a focus on hydraulics and pneumatics. In these areas, we provide specialised high-quality services. Our national and...

    Supplier of: hydraulic pumps | hydraulic cylinders | Hydraulic equipment | Manometers | adapters [+] hydraulic filters | hydraulic units | hydraulic clutches | hydraulic hoses | industrial hoses | ball valves | metrology | tube clamp staves and rings | pipe unions | hose presses

    • Gearpump 26,7ccm,BG2,CW,Shaft:17mm-1:8 Gearpump 26,7ccm,BG2,CW,Shaft:17mm-1:8 English-italian standard Ø 36,45 mm conical shaft 1:8 with thread...
    • Gearpump 26,7ccm,BG2,CW,Shaft:17mm-1:8 Gearpump 26,7ccm,BG2,CW,Shaft:17mm-1:8 English-italian standard Ø 36,45 mm conical shaft 1:8 with thread...
    • Gearpump 6,6ccm/U, CW,Shaft: 10mm-1:8, Gearpump 6,6ccm/U, CW,Shaft: 10mm-1:8, English-italian standard Ø 23,35 mm conical shaft 1:8 with BSP-thread...
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    GERMANY- Schwerin
    HNP MIKROSYSTEME GMBH - Verified by Europages

    precise pumps – smart solutions HNP Mikrosysteme develops, manufactures and markets pumps worldwide. These micro annular gear pumps (mzr®-pumps) are used where fast and highly precise dosage is...

    Supplier of: Pumps, hydraulic | Pumps | Gear pumps | Filters, liquid | Dosing pumps [+] micropumps | self-activating pumps | gear pumps | pumps | pumps for industrial uses | viscose liquid pumps | filters for the chemical industry | liquid chemical filters | self-priming pumps | paint dosing accessories and systems

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  • Lee Hydraulische Miniaturkomponenten GmbH | The German subsidiary of "The Lee Company" was founded in Frankfurt in 1979 and, since then, has operated as a legally independent distribution subsidiary...

    Supplier of: Pumps, hydraulic | Plumbing, industrial | butterfly valves | non-return valves | dispensing valve [+] shut-off valves | non-return valves | solenoid valves | valves | adapters for medical engineering | solenoid valves | sealing plugs for hydraulics | microfluidics | miniature diaphragm pumps | built-in non-return valves, hydraulic

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  • We are one of the leading European system solution providers in - Fluid and process technology - Drive and automation technology - Inspection and test systems - Electronic control and operating...

    Supplier of: hydraulic pumps | hydraulic cylinders | Hydraulic equipment | Heat exchangers | Clutches [+] hydraulic systems | methane service stations | fluid technology | drive technology | automation technology | process technology | test rigs and test systems | electronic controls and operating systems | process data management | condition monitoring

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    GERMANY- Werdohl
    R+L HYDRAULICS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...your response times: The FLUIDWARE APP sizing tool can help you calculate the design of an assembly, such as pump carriers, shaft couplings and accessories, immediately, based on your individual criteria.

    Supplier of: hydraulic pumps | Hydraulic equipment | Gear pumps | sleeve gear couplings | sintered metals [+] shaft couplings | hydraulic components | heat exchangers with tube bundle | oil cooler | bellows couplings | heat exchangers | hydraulic oil tanks | pump carriers | aluminium heat exchangers | cooling pump carriers

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    GERMANY- Kempen
    GSW SCHWABE AG - Verified by Europages

    GSW – Sheet metal fans since 1963. "Sheet metal is worth more than rubies to our customers. So we offer them tailored and holistic solutions for sheet metal work. So that production runs optimally –...

    Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | coiler | cut-to-length lines | straighteners | decoiling installations [+] decoiling and coiling reels | coil lines | coil welding machine | coil connection | coil feeding lines | coil handling | coil processing | coil tongs | double-ended coil reels | precision straightener

    • Wv-series roll feeds Wv-series roll feeds Roll Feeds
    • Shears Shears Machines
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    GERMANY- Duisburg
    WOMA GMBH - Verified by Europages

    WOMA GmbH | Kärcher Group. WATER POWER AS A TOOL. WOMA is a leading supplier of high-pressure plunger pumps, ultra-high-pressure equipment, high-pressure systems and water tools. Innovation and...

    Supplier of: Cleaning, tanks and cisterns | high-pressure pumps | tank washing | motor pump connection units | industrial pumps [+] machinery and systems for descaling | paint removal systems | high-pressure water jet cleaning equipment | cleaning systems for pipes | machinery and systems for high-pressure water jet cleaning | high-pressure water-jet deburring | high-pressure cleaning equipment | tank cleaning equipment | concrete removal equipment | paint stripping systems for surface treatments

    • 3 Series - High-pressure plunger pump 3 Series - High-pressure plunger pump
    • ARP Series - High-pressure plunger pump ARP Series - High-pressure plunger pump
    • 2 Series - High-pressure plunger pump 2 Series - High-pressure plunger pump
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    ZBKIT LLC - Verified by Europages

    ...m³/h and pressure up to 80 MPa. •Five-plunger hydraulic pumps for various liquids, including chemically active ones, with temperatures from -15 to +450°C; pumps for viscous liquids with a maximum kinematic viscosity of 8 cm/s that may contain up to 0.2% by...

    Supplier of: Pumps, hydraulic | hydraulic piston pump | Pump-driven power stations, installations and equipment | Vacuum pumps | Piston pumps [+] Gear pumps | Centrifugal pumps | Submersible pumps | Dosing pumps | Fire protection services | Fire protection equipment | pneumatic pumps | pumps and compressors | pumps for high and very high temperature | membrane pumps

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  • The company LEBEN was founded in 1967. Since 1980, exclusively shock-reducing elements and vibration dampers have been developed and produced under our trademark Compenser®. Our damping elements are...

    Supplier of: Shock absorbers, vehicle | hydraulic absorbers | heavy-duty shock absorbers | industrial shock absorbers | shock-reducing element [+] elastomer springs | hydraulic buffers | buffer stops | vibration measuring technology | hydraulic springs | crash-energy absorption systems | hydraulic end stop buffers for cranes | shock absorbers for rail vehicles | end stop buffers | automation equipment for conveying systems

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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    HUGE PUMP - Verified by Europages

    Entering the sector with diaphragm pumps (AODD) in 2002, Günalsan Pompa was founded in Istanbul with the goal of making contributions to our country in industrial areas. Since the day our company was...

    Supplier of: Pumps, hydraulic | hydraulic pumps | Centrifugal pumps | Gear pumps | Pumps [+] Vacuum pumps | Submersible pumps | air pumps | water pumps | magnetic pumps | air motor pumps | high-pressure pumps | blowers | electric pumps | chemical pumps

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  • Jiangyin Eternal Heavy Industry Co.Ltd was established in 2008. Our products mainly include hydraulic cylinder , hydraulic press , forging roll and forging shaft etc Our hydraulic cylinders...

    Supplier of: hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic presses | Cylinders, hydraulic | hydraulic jacks | forged shafts [+] steel mill roll | dumping cylinder | tipping cylinder | multi stage cylinder | baler machine | scrap baler | straightening roll | plate bending roll | raise boring cutter | raise boring drill pipe

    • Roller Press Cylinder Roller Press Cylinder
    • Container Reachstacker Hydraulic Cylinder Container Reachstacker Hydraulic Cylinder
    • Metallurgical Machinery Cylinder Metallurgical Machinery Cylinder
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    GERMANY- Willich
    MOTRAC HYDRAULIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...partner of Linde Hydraulics, supplying pumps and motors as well as complete drive solutions. We also supply valve bodies and sandwich plates under our own IMAV Hydraulics brand. Combined with the IMAV range of valves and our...

    Supplier of: hydraulic pumps | Valves, hydraulic | control blocks, hydraulic | hydraulic units | check valves [+] hydraulic filters | control blocks | hydraulic motors | hydraulic blocks | hydraulic components | fluid technology | hydraulic control systems | pressure relief valves | check valves | adapter plates

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    RUSSIA- Penza
    VILLINA LLC - Verified by Europages

    Villina LLC is a manufacturer of pumps for the oil, gas and chemical industries: horizontal and vertical pumps, semi-submersible pumps, and with spare parts for them. The product range includes: •...

    Supplier of: Pumps, hydraulic | Pumps | Centrifugal pumps | vertical pumps | highly heat-resistant pumps [+] horizontal pumps | replacement parts for pumps | pumping units | chemical pump manufacture | industrial pumps | pumps for industrial uses | chemical pumps | pumps for high and very high pressure | bitumen pumps | pumps for alkalis

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  • We have everything you need – even discontinued parts. If you're looking for accessories and spare parts for your railway vehicles, we can supply it – including in particular any article that is no...

    Supplier of: hydraulic pumps | Brakes, servo-brakes and accessories | Railway stock and equipment | Rubber seals | solenoids [+] bowden cables | spindles | bushings | spare parts for railway vehicles | spare parts for wagons | articulated shafts | railway vehicle components | remote controls | cable pulleys | signal converters

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    LITHUANIA- Vilnius
    REFRA, UAB - Verified by Europages

    Launched in 1994, Refra is a well-known manufacturer of refrigeration equipment in Europe today. Distinguished by a highly complex and unique offer of refrigeration products, the company can design...

    Supplier of: pumps, hydraulic | Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | Refrigerated display units and windows | Cold rooms | Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment [+] Tanks, metal | Food industry - machinery and equipment | industrial refrigeration | condensing units | refrigeration equipment | buffer tanks | food industry - machinery and equipment | heat exchangers | water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | air conditioning equipment

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    FRANCE- Le Bignon
    CALPEDA POMPES - Verified by Europages

    CALPEDA POMPES SA, is a subsidiary of the Italian CALPEDA group. Manufacturing water pumps for the last 50 years: centrifugal pumps, standard pumps, circulator, inline, drilling, pressure pumps for...

    Supplier of: Pumps, hydraulic | Pumps | sump pumps | underwater centrifugal pumps | multicellular pumps [+] single-block pumps | submersible pumps | circulation pumps | immersion pumps | pumps for agriculture | surface pumps | stainless steel underwater pumps | self-priming pumps | submerged pumps | pump accessories

    Brands : CALPEDA | ZENIT

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    GERMANY- Sonneberg
    KW HYDRAULIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...power packs, power units, high pressure pumps, hand pumps, foot pumps, electro-hydraulic pumps, rechargeable battery pumps, TracHorse, PTO, auxiliary drives, generators, hydraulic inverters, pressure transducers,...

    Supplier of: Pumps, hydraulic | hydraulic pumps | Hand tools, non-power | Compressors | Presses, hydraulic [+] Hydraulic tools | underwater pumps | oil hydraulic accessories | hydraulic units | breakers | cable shears | electrified rail machining systems | tools for electrical installation | steel cutters | high-pressure cleaners

    • Hydraulic Pumps Hydraulic Pumps 10000 -12500 PSI Hydraulic Pumps for Single Action Tools
    • Hydraulic Pumps Hydraulic Pumps 1700-2500 PSI Hydraulic Power Packs for Hydraulic Circuits
    • Hydraulic Pumps Hydraulic Pumps 7150-10000 PSI Hydraulic Pumps for Double Action Tools
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    ITALY- Brandizzo
    SAVINO BARBERA - Verified by Europages

    Savino Barbera produces pumps for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cheese, oenological, drink, metal plating, water treatment, fume reduction, textile and tanning industries as...

    Supplier of: Pumps, hydraulic | Submersible pumps | Pumps | Centrifugal pumps | electropumps [+] vertical pumps | pneumatic pumps | underwater pumps | magnetic pumps | pneumatic membrane pumps

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    ITALY- Rivoli
    COSTELLI - Verified by Europages

    Costelli srl is a company with an over 40 years long know-how in the oleo-pneumatic field. It offers its customers leading expertise for everything related to oil hydraulic and pneumatic systems....

    Supplier of: hydraulic pumps | hydraulic equipment | hydraulic cylinders | Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | hydraulic power packs [+] hydraulic and pneumatic components | solenoid valves | gaskets | gear pumps | fittings | spare parts for hydraulic equipment | flexible tubing | valves | technical assistance

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    TAIWAN R.O.C.- Tainan
    KALOPI PEDICURE SPA - Verified by Europages

    Kalopi is a manufacturer of pedicure chairs founded in 1996 in Taiwan. Since its foundation it has been the first in the Taiwanese market. With over 20 years of experience in the market, our chairs...

    Supplier of: Beauty salons - equipment | Beauty salons - instruments | Hairdressing salons - equipment | Pedicure instruments | pedicure chairs [+] spa pedicure chairs manufacturer | nail and beauty suppliers | shiatsu massage chairs | battery free nose hair trimmer | pedicure portable spa | massage chairs | pedicure bowls | premium quality pedicure chairs

    Brands : Kalopi

    • Powerful Drain Pump Powerful Drain Pump
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  • Eurogeo Drilling in Bibbona in the province of Livorno uses highly modern techniques and provides a wide range of services in the field of well drilling and water supplies for drinking water,...

    Supplier of: Pumps, hydraulic | Well construction | artesian well drilling | artesian wells | hydrogeological consulting [+] underwater pump installation | submersible electric pump maintenance | artesian well maintenance | artesian well purging | water well drilling systems | drilling and excavating wells | well drilling for the building trade | drilling in rock | pipes for drilling

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    ITALY- Fidenza
    PROJECT DRILL - Verified by Europages

    Trading of new and refurbished boring machines and equipment for wells, poles, micropiles, probing. Mud pumps, rotating heads, clamps, winches. Boring machines and augers, pumps, they all have their...

    Supplier of: Drilling and test boring - equipment | Drills, pneumatic | Submersible pumps | drills for digging wells | injection of filler [+] perforation units | drills | drilling machines | drilling machines for ground anchorages | second-hand boring machines | machines for micropile supports | hydraulic boring machines | drilling rig | boring machines for probing

    • Clivio Apol Eta Drilling Rig Clivio Apol Eta Drilling Rig Construction machinery
    • Project Triplex 140 Project Triplex 140 Pump
    • Trivellatrice Soilmec Sm 401 Trivellatrice Soilmec Sm 401 Drilling rig
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    ITALY- Caraglio
    ROTAIR SPA - Verified by Europages

    Rotair works with air compressors and motocompressors for civil engineering, building and road construction. Electrocompressors and compressed air plants for the industrial sector. Hydraulic...

    Supplier of: hydraulic pumps | Compressors | Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | Demolition - machinery and equipment | reciprocating compressors [+] accessories for compressors | mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment | earthmoving machinery and equipment | gas compressors | diesel compressors | electric compressors | hydraulic hammers | multi-purpose motorised wheelbarrows

    Brands : RAMPICAR

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    SPAIN- Llanera-Asturias
    HIDRÁULICA BALCON - Verified by Europages

    ...range of components and accessories such as pumps, hydropower plants, cylinders, distributors, circuits, hydraulic motors, pressure gauges, orbitrol systems, fittings, flow controllers, valves, etc.

    Supplier of: hydraulic pumps | hydraulic cylinders | hydraulic circuits | hydraulic accessories | hydraulic installation [+] hydraulic distributors | Hydraulic equipment | hydraulic system components

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    ITALY- Oglianico
    CASTAGNA F.LLI SRL - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1966, Castagna Fratelli s.r.l. began as a car repair workshop in Rivarolo Canavese, and began selling technical items for industry, crafts and agriculture from 1972 as well. Castagna...

    Supplier of: Pumps, hydraulic | hydraulic pumps | Pumps | pumps | hydro-pneumatic equipment [+] accident prevention | plastic screw cutting | pneumatic cylinders

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  • The company Petroltecnica Siciliana was founded in 1977 mainly in order to have a storage and trading centre that could best meet the requirements of the companies that were operating in Sicily. It's...

    Supplier of: Pumps, hydraulic | Flanges | Industrial piping | Nuts and bolts | hydraulic valves [+] forged fittings | fittings | valves

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