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  • CSI is a specialist in the study, fabrication, assembly and commissioning of infra-red installations (IR) electric or gas, UV (Ultra Violet), EB (ELECTRON BEAM). We can also upgrade and retrofit... Supplier of: industrial oven for baking | infrared ovens | industrial oven for finishing | powder coating baking ovens | bespoke industrial ovens. [+] Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric | coil coating | heat processing for the food industry | paint curing ovens | oven for drying liquid paint | infra-red tunnels | vehicle painting drying oven | sir stove
    FRANCE - Brignais
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  • Taixing Weibo Hi-Tech Material Co., Ltd, established in 2001. We especially produce various of PTFE silicone fabric and belt products. Our main products are PTFE mesh conveyor belt, PTFE seamless... Supplier of: industrial baking ovens | Painting machinery and equipment | ptfe processing
    CHINA - Taixing
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  • Supplier of: industrial baking ovens | ovens | Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric | thermal processing | electric stoves
    SPAIN - Santa María De Palautordera - Barcelona
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  • Supplier of: industrial baking ovens | Bakery and confectionery industry - machinery and equipment | risers for pastry making | storage trolleys
    FRANCE - Le Cateau-Cambresis
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  • Supplier of: Bakery ovens | industrial baking ovens
    LUXEMBOURG - Strassen
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  • ...heater, gas brooder, pizza oven burner, industrial oven heater, fruit dryers, etc. Infrared catalytic gas burners are good choice for industrial drying, baking or curing oven, especially in tunnel & conveyors ovens,... Supplier of: Ovens, kilns, furnaces and hearths, industrial | infrared catalytic burners | gas bbq burner parts | cast iron gas burners | infrared ceramic gas heaters
    CHINA - Chongqing
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  • Our ovens are for very diverse applications: 1. Concrete drying ovens, etc. 3. Teflon baking ovens 4. Heat setting ovens 5. Ovens for thermoretractable film 8. etc. Supplier of: drying ovens | powder baking ovens | paint curing ovens | industrial furnaces and ovens | convection ovens [+] high-temperature ovens | powder-coating ovens | paint drying oven | infra-red cure oven | large capacity ovens | Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric | industrial furnaces | chamber furnaces | high-temperature furnaces
    BELGIUM - Oostkamp
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  • ...confectionery industry, beverage and liqueur industry, and pharmaceutical industry since 1984. Flavourings for sweet and savoury products, beverages, products for oven-baking, cakes and dairy-based products. Supplier of: Perfumes - essences and scents | Essences and fragrances - nonfood | Food essences | essence | natural flavours [+] natural flavours for the food and canning industry | flavourings for the confectionery industry | natural flavours for the beverage industry | flavours for bakery products | flavours for alcoholic beverages | aromas and essences for the confectionery industry | flavouring products for food | preparations for the beverage industry | production of natural flavourings
    ITALY - Carbonara Al Ticino
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  • ...of PTFE belts, PTFE dryer mats, PTFE baking sheet, PTFE release sheet, PTFE conveyor, PTFE packaging belt, sealer belts, zone tapes, release liner, PTFE baking liner, PTFE tortilla belts, solar membranes, solar diaphragm, PTFE adhesive... Supplier of: Conveyor systems | Packaging | membranes | ptfe tapes | ptfe adhesive tape
    POLAND - Falkowo
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  • ...service to the sectors of the baking industry. We have experience in the manufacturing of bakery and pastry ovens and equipment and we committed ourselves to developing new products. -We offer projects and technology for bakery: We... Supplier of: Bakery ovens | Bakery - machinery and equipment | Bakery - machinery and equipment | Pastry-making - machinery and equipment | technology
    ITALY - Verona
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  • ...clients reliable, high quality thermoventilated ovens at the right prices. The VENTO ovens are suitable for all types of pastries, pre-baked and deep-froozen bread . Garantee a exceptionally baking. The POWER SNACK ovens are perfect... Supplier of: Electric ovens | Bakery ovens | thermoventilated ovens | professional ovens | Food industry - machinery and equipment
    ITALY - Thiene
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  • Kaveh Oven Industrial Co is a manufacturer of all kinds of Rotating oven such as Mini rotating oven, Bread rotating oven, and Rotary rack oven Rotating ovens are suitable for baking all kinds of food such as bread, Confection, Cookies and other... Supplier of: rotating oven | rotary oven | Bakery - machinery and equipment | rotating bread oven | rotary rack oven
    IRAN - Isfahan
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  • ...processor, offset plate register punch, plate baking oven, plate preserve machine, spray powder extraction system, fountain solution filter system, offset printing plate, conventional PS plate, CTP plate,... Supplier of: Offset printing machinery | ctp machine | imagesetter | plate processor | plate punch
    CHINA - Shanghai
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  • ...made out of hot dip galvanized and oven baked powder coated metal tubing which makes them the sturdiest on the market. Landscape architects and landscapers love the design of our products and since we have a... Supplier of: Tubular structures | iron playground furniture for garden and park | playground
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  • ...Air conditioning machinery, DVD, Microwave oven, Electric baking oven, etc) and Office equipment(eg: Computer, Copier, Printer, etc), etc.Most of the products are exported to Europe, USA, Japan and... Supplier of: Industrial hardware | metal stamping parts | dies
    CHINA - Dongguan
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  • Established in Brittany, France, AXION BAKERY CORPORATION specialises in the sale of equipment and professional supplies for bakers, pastry-makers, caterers, restaurants and food companies. For 30... Supplier of: tunnel ovens | baking systems and equipment | installation of baking ovens for bakeries | open hearth ovens and fan ovens for professional bakeries | electric deck ovens and gas deck ovens [+] Biscuit-making - machinery and equipment | Bakery - machinery and equipment | Pastry-making - machinery and equipment | Catering - machinery and equipment | Bakery and confectionery industry - machinery and equipment | Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | equipment for bakeries | shaping machines for the food industry | refrigerated display cabinets for shops, bars and restaurants | resting cabinet
    FRANCE - Moustoir-Ac
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  • ARCTIS stands for optimum product quality. We achieve this with a partner that has been well-known in the baking trade for decades – the SEHNE bakery. Complete with high quality expectations,... Supplier of: frozen baked products | seeded baguette, stone-oven-baked | Bread, cakes and pastries | Bread | croissants [+] bread rolls | lye rolls | quark turnovers | cherry and vanilla pastry | ciabatta | white twisted bread | pumpkin seed bread | potato rolls | mini baguettes | "donauwelle" sheet cake
    GERMANY - Ehningen
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  • BTF SA specialises in the bespoke construction of different types of industrial furnaces designed for all industrial sectors, and ceramic furnaces, working in temperatures of up to 1800°C.They can be... Supplier of: Electric ovens | Ovens, kilns, furnaces and hearths, industrial | laboratory ovens | oven manufacturer | tunnel ovens [+] bell-type ovens | Heat treatment furnaces | Ceramic and enamel kilns | industrial furnaces | fire resistance test furnaces | tubular furnace | hardening furnace | industrial heating engineering | ceramic furnaces | industrial kilns
    BELGIUM - Villers-Le-Bouillet
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  • Thermomelt works in the area of design, construction and turnkey supply of electric arc furnaces and EAF-EBT. Designs, constructs, supplies and installs ladle furnaces, ladle turrets, ladle cars,... Supplier of: Ovens, kilns, furnaces and hearths, industrial | installations, furnaces and industrial ovens and smokestacks | Iron and steel industry and foundries - machinery and installations | Smoke extraction systems - fire protection | Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric [+] Engineering - industrial contractors | Industrial facilities - design | metallurgy furnaces | smoke extraction | supplies for systems and equipment for foundries | supplies for blast furnace plants | construction of industrial plants | industrial extraction systems | air intake systems | fume extraction systems
    ITALY - Pian Camuno
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  • Supplier of: Microwave ovens | baking oven | Domestic appliances - small
    CHINA - Shanghai
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  • Twenty years of success in the business: What started as a mere service provider in 1993, has now developed into an innovative manufacturer of individual technology for bakeries. Our business... Supplier of: baking equipment for bakeries | special equipment for the baking industry | baking machinery, used | Bakery - machinery and equipment | spicers [+] pasta makers | pasta dryers | pasta sheeter | kneading machines | dough preparation systems | provers for bakeries | bakery machinery | bread roll production systems | kneading machinery | dough sheeting machinery
    GERMANY - Hallbergmoos
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  • For over 40 years, Maestri Srl has designed and manufactured gas furnaces for heating and hot moulding of brass, copper, aluminium, and steel forging. In addition to pusher and chain furnaces for... Supplier of: industrial furnaces and ovens | industrial gas-fired ovens for heating metals | Industrial furnaces | industrial furnaces | hot metal forming furnaces [+] steel hardening furnaces | pusher-type furnaces for heating and hot moulding metals | chain-type furnaces for heating and hot moulding metals | furnaces for metal heat treatment | furnaces for heating brass | steel hardening furnaces | chain ovens for heating and moulding aluminium | chain-type furnaces for heating and hot moulding | pusher-type furnaces for heating and hot moulding
    ITALY - Calcinato
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  • Established in 1970 by Tubini Remo, Tubini Forni was originally a family business that manufactured food ovens for baking pastries, bread and bread-sticks, and all bakery products. In time, TUBINI... Supplier of: ovens for patisseries | industrial oven repairs | tunnel ovens | Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric | electric stoves
    ITALY - Dossobuono-Villafranca Di Verona
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  • For over 20 years, A. H. Lehmann Blechwarenfabrik GmbH stands for sheet metal working of the highest level of quality and precision. As a specialist in baking moulds, we have made a name for... Supplier of: Baking moulds and trays | baking moulds for industrial bakery products | baking trays for baguette production | wire racks for the industrial production of baked goods | hamburger and hot dog baking moulds for industrial production [+] Bakery and confectionery industry - machinery and equipment | Bakery - machinery and equipment | Moulds and patterns | Pastry-making - machinery and equipment | moulds for sweets | cake base moulds | cake-setting rings for bakery production | cake rings and cookie cutters for industrial production | bread pan tins – edged individual moulds
    GERMANY - Schorndorf
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  • We have been meeting the needs of the glass industry for several decades. All of our products are carefully monitored and checked at each stage of design, construction and manufacture, right up to... Supplier of: industrial ovens for glass works | pre-heating ovens for printing | Heat treatment furnaces | annealing ovens for glass works | double belt annealing furnaces [+] electric furnaces for glass factories | tempering furnaces | decoration kilns | scrapers for hot glass | stacker
    ITALY - Cimetta-Codogne'
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  • CASTELLI FORNI has a strong presence within in Italy and in international markets, a testament to the quality of its products. For thirty five years, it has been providing its products to... Supplier of: Bakery ovens | gas ovens | ovens for patisseries | ovens for pizzerias | industrial oven repairs [+] supplies for pizzerias | bakery supplies | technical assistance
    ITALY - Roma
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  • Established in 1990, the company has 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of heat treatment equipment. The production range covers engineering and manufacturing of all types high quality... Supplier of: industrial furnaces and ovens for nitriding | Industrial furnaces | Heat treatment furnaces | hot dip galvanizing lines | industrial furnaces for nitriding [+] vacuum furnaces | industrial furnaces for carburizing | spare parts for heat treatment equipment
    POLAND - Swiebodzin
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  • Supplier of: Coke ovens | Ovens, kilns, furnaces and hearths, industrial | Heat treatment furnaces
    GERMANY - Atzendorf
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  • Supplier of: Bakery ovens | baking oven | cereal mills
    BELGIUM - Lauwe
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  • AMFORA LLC is the largest manufacturer of AMFORA TANDOORS since 1998. Our factory is situated in town Shakhty, Rostov Region, Russian Federation. A TANDOOR - is a unique ceramic oven used for cooking... Supplier of: Ceramic, crockery | Barbecues and accessories | cooking equipment | barbecue hearth grills | ceramic stove
    RUSSIA - Rostov Region, Shakhty
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