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    FOOD PARTNERS CO, set up in 2000, specializes in the design and production of fresh, sterilized and pasteurized ready meals for the Food Services & supermarket sectors. We produce: - Own label processed food - A broad range of seafood-, vegetable- and meat-based ready-meals that we cook in pasteurized or sterilized containers - Recipe and production research & development in our factory. FOOD PARTNERS CO has developed and marketed an innovative range of iced teas accompanied by pearls, commonly known as BUBBLE TEA, since 2022. Young adults are particularly taken with this original, refreshing beverage. We supply our BUBBLE TEA under our own BUBBLE GO brand name or as private label products in the Benelux, France & Germany. Contact us right away to discuss your project with us.



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    In 2011, Oreshak Escargots Snail Farm took root amidst the picturesque Trojan Balkans, founded by Vyara Donova and Kalin Dimitrov. Following suit in 2012, the noteworthy "PP Helix" emerged near Sevlievo, spearheaded by Paulina Manuilova and Plamen Penchev. Both farms have organically progressed over the years and in 2013 established their own reproductive halls and a centralized storage base, specializing in the meticulous breeding, rearing, and storage of Helix Aspersa Maxima snails. The pinnacle of this collaborative journey materialized in the formation of "Perlescargots" Ltd. This distinguished company not only houses its processing plant but also focuses on the art of crafting delectable snail delicacies. The snails used in these culinary creations undergo meticulous breeding under the vigilant supervision of their owners and the veterinary services of the Republic of Bulgaria. Both the processing plant and the farms hold all requisite permits and certifications, adhering to the standards set by Bulgarian and European legislation. Proudly bearing their trademark, the comprehensive production process from A to Z ensures top-notch quality. Professional refrigerated transport guarantees the preservation of freshness, and weekly deliveries to France underscore their commitment to timely service. All of this is offered at the best price-quality point, cementing their reputation as leaders in the snail farming industry.



    The company RABBIT, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Foods, precooked and gourmet industry. It also operates in the early produce, industrial pre-cooked meals, suppliers of pre-cooked meals, and suppliers of single-serving pre-cooked meals industries. It is based in Molenstede, Belgium.



    The company LA BRESSE SAS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Import-export - food and agriculture industry. It also operates in the Meats, cooked and cured, industrial pre-cooked meals, and Meats, cooked and cured industries. It is based in Servas, France.



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    CTI PROCESS APS, a pioneering company rooted in Danish identity, is dedicated to an unwavering commitment to advancing equipment quality, durability, and performance. Our journey transcends a mere venture; it is a perpetual pursuit to set new industry benchmarks. At the core of every machine, technology, and design is a clear vision. Being Danish signifies more than a geographic origin; it embodies a commitment to precision, reliability, and a profound belief in the transformative power of design. We believe all constraints have an answer – thus we custom design our equipment to best fit the client’s needs. Our teams, comprising expert engineering, design, and technical professionals, transcend traditional roles. They serve as industry consultants and process partners, collaboratively delivering highly engineered equipment critical to food manufacturing processes. We take immense pride in our team – a collective embodiment of excellence, innovation, and a commitment to exceeding industry standards. CTI PROCESS APS offers a diverse product portfolio, featuring the Edge Drive Spiral Freezer, IQF Tunnel Freezer, IQC Steam Cooker, and Offshore Steam Cooker. These cutting-edge products cater to a spectrum of sectors, including Baked Goods, Dairy, Fish, Meat, Poultry, Shellfish, Shrimp, and Vegetables. Each product is meticulously crafted to meet the specific need of these industries, reinforcing our commitment to delivering tailored and high-performance solutions.

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    We selection and sell on-line high quality artisanal French terroir gourmet food products with long conservation only. We never stop tasting to offer to your customers and employees high-end French gastronomy with very rude selection criteria. Mets Terroir is focusing on French gourmet Hampers for B2B gifts and jars: we select the best pre-cooked artisanal meals that you can eat directly in the jar - or store for at least 3 years. Our artisans are typically family farming sharing long tradition, know-how and regional specialities reflected in their products. Some of them have turned into small semi-industrial production where they can have up to 20 employees. Yet most of our artisans have their production tools in the farm next to the house where they live. MetsTerroir is therefore a site entirely devoted to the great French culinary tradition. We are delivering our products everywhere in the European Union + UK and most of our customers are based outside France.



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    The Rivière Group which has been firmly rooted in its locality for 3 generations in the South-West of France, concocts and prepares innovative gourmet ready meals, based on traditional French recipes. The recipes are formulated from natural ingredients, without colourants, preservatives or artificial flavourings. The Rivière Group expresses its attachment to the quality of its products and its commitment through its CSR policy across its brands. Maison Rivière showcases the traditional French recipes of south-western prepared meat dishes. Les Mets de Provence brings sunshine to your plate with culinary aids, condiments, aperitif spreads and Provence-flavoured cooked vegetables dishes. Aroma One is the specialist for herb and spice purées in tubes, for practical and flavoursome cooking. Solvia takes your taste buds on their travels and your 5 senses abroad with condiments, sauces and organic cooked vegetables. Our commitments to supply quality products: - Manufactured in France - French-sourced meats and vegetables - Clean label and nutritionally balanced recipes - SME quality labelling and our productions sites (CSR) - Well-functioning production facilities and accreditation by international standards (IFS, BRC, Bio)