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    SVA Export has been established in Konya/TURKEY as a supplier of Agriculture Machineries, LED Lighting, Renewable Energy Equipment, Solar Agriculture Pump Driver. LED LIGHTING & RENEWABLE ENERGY; We are speciality of LED Street Lighting, Renewable Energy Equipment, Solar Agriculture Pump Driver, Solar LED Lighting with all-in-one and all-in-two. We also have been providing energy-efficient luminary solutions with environmentally friendly LED lighting and Solar Powered lighting systems. We could support more kinds of efficient Indoor and Outdoor LED Lighting solutions including solar powered systems with LM-80 and UL certificated. AGRICULTURE MACHINERIES; We have been located city, Konya, center of Anatolia in Turkey where with many industrial agriculture of manufacturer. We could support machineries of fertilizer, spraying machine, bucket & digger and rotary hoes.



    The company MUNASA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Buildings, prefabricated industry. It also operates in the prefabricated sheds, cement manholes, concrete, and irrigation work industries. It is based in Murcia, Spain.



    The company DREAM GARDENS, S.L./ LANDSKIPE, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Agriculture - import-export industry. It also operates in the irrigation work, and gardening industries. It is based in Rabat, Morocco.



    Future Energy Element CO. Ltd. Geosakht is a Professional manufacturer in geosynthetics in Iran. We are a leading company in geosynthetics production and installation with chemical process technology. Geosakht focuses on the growing demand for sustainability and environmental production. We are specialized in HDPE Geomembrane, Nonwoven Geotextile, Geocell and geocomposite. Our Products have been up to the international standard our products are mainly, irrigation works and landfills. - World standardized product - High quality products - Cost saving - Good experience in Europe, Asia and CIS countries - Very close to Goals - High experienced installation You can contact Us: http: //www.geosakht.com/



    Jiangsu Xinghuachang Generator Equipment Co., Ltd is located in the east suburb of Yangzhou, a famous city in the Chinese history. It borders the Yangtze River to the south and lead to the ancient Channel to the west and the world-famous Yangtze River irrigation works hinge project is also situated here.Our Company is a manufacturer specialized in the production of national and imported diesel generating sets ranged from 5kw to 2000kw strictly in accordance with GB/T2820-1997 standard. Our main product is semi-automatic, automatic, low noise, two wheels or four wheels moveable diesel-electric sets with over 70 specifications from 5kw to 2000kw. In recent years, Xinghuangchang Company has paid special attention to the research, development and after-sales service of high grade generating sets and make them mating with famous brands at home and abroad. We also assemble imported Cummins, Volvo, Benz, Perkins and Daewoo and national Shangchai, Tongchai and Weichai diesel generating sets wi

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    United Kingdom

    Porous Pipe watering/irrigation pipe, works by leaking water evenly along the length of the pipe, right where it is needed. Key advantages and applications; - Made in the UK from recycled materials to ISO9001 standards - Uses up to 70% less water than normal watering methods - Cost-effective if using a water meter / timer - Environmental; uses rain water via water butt / storage tank - Provides precise, gentle watering - Can be used above and 10-15cms below ground - Designed to work at low pressure - Easy to use - Long life. Available in Standard 1/2”, MicroBore 1/4” and ProBore 5/8” Waters; Garden borders and Flower beds, Vegetable plots and Plant pots, Seed trays and Capillary matting, Hanging baskets, Jardinieres and pot plants… Irrigates: Gardens and Landscapes, Greenhouses, Cloches and allotments, Landscaped areas under bark or mulch, Municipal road-side borders, Lawns and sports turfs, Fruit and vegetable areas and more… Also; Aeration in Fish Ponds, Foundation Watering.



    Taian naite geosynthetics Ltd, located at the root of the famous Mount Tai, is a professional manufacturer in geosynthetics in China. We are specialized in manufacturing plastic uniaxial geogrid, biaxial geogrid, fiberglass geogrid, polyester geogrid, geogrid for mining, 3D geomat , high-strength geonet, geocell, geomembrane. They are mainly used in the foundation construction such as roadways, railways, irrigation works, electric power, water and land protection, and environment greening, etc. They have been widely used in hundreds of national projects, for example, Beijing...



    Taian Road Engineering Materials Co., Ltd, located at the root of the famous Mount Tai, is a professional manufacturer in geosynthetics in China.We are specialized in manufacturing PP geogrid, HDPE geogrid, fiberglass geogrid, polyester geogrid, steel plastic geogrid, geogrid for mining, 3D geomat, high-strength geonet, geocell, geotextile, geomembrane, BOP stretched net, plastic blind ditch and soft permeable tube, Our products have been up to the international standard absolutely and have been exported to more than thirty countries and areas.They are mainly used in the foundation construction such as roadways, railways, irrigation works, electric power, water and land protection, and environment greening, etc.



    we do provide local representaion to foreign companies who are interested to assess business and establish operation in ethiopia . we also provide liaison / representative service to foreing companies interested to participate in differenty types of projects in ethiopia - power generations ( hydro power , geothermal , wind ) , road constructions , raily way installations, building design and constructions , dam and irrigation works , electro-mechanical works etc. we do also provide representative service to foreign buyers of agricultural products - coffee, sesame, spices . we represent any foreign supplier of products , services



    About the company: Falate Pars Limited, based in Tehran in the Iran, was established in 2014 to manufacture Geomembrane sheets. The Company now also produces geocomposites using components such as geotextiles, geogrids, Foil geomembranes, signal layer geomembranes, geonets and related products e.g. band drains and erosion mats. Falate Pars focuses on the growing demand for sustainability and environmental production. We are specialized in HDPE & PVC Geomembranes, Nonwoven Geotextile, Geocell, and geocomposite. Geocomposites for access/construction over poor subgrades, earthworks, landfill, railway track ballast, and vertical/horizontal drainage. Our Products have been up to the international standard our products are mainly, irrigation works and landfills. You visit our website which includes Product Data Sheets, and product catalog are all available to download.



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    MEKO Metal, a leader in steel profile production since 1969, has grown from a 10, 000 sqmtr facility to a 100, 000 sqmtr powerhouse in Torbalı-Izmir under the KMC Group since 2011. Our collaboration integrates unique commercial and technical expertise, resulting in an annual production capacity of 150, 000 tons, consistently aligned with global technological advancements. Aspiring to secure a spot among the top 3 global companies for special profiles, MEKO Metal has witnessed a steady rise in export volume. Specializing in open, welded, and stainless steel profiles, our offerings cater to a wide array of industries, including automotive, furniture, domestic appliances, steel goods, decoration, heating & cooling, air conditioning, civil works & steel construction, scaffolding profiles, heated towel racks, solar energy systems, and agricultural irrigation & greenhouse. Our key sectors: •Standard Tubes and Profiles •Special Profiles •Automotive Profiles •Solar Energy Systems Profiles •Solar Energy Ground Mounting Systems •Solar Energy Roof Mounting Systems •Civil Works & Steel Constructions •Profiles for Agriculture and Greenhouse •Profiles for Electric & Electronics •HVAC Profiles •Stainless Steel Profiles Roll-forming offers a cost advantage over aluminum by replacing crucial production parts that traditionally require aluminum with roll-formed steels. We specialize in in-house design and production of molds, tools, rolls, and other essential components. Contact us for more !



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    RM designs quality hose reel irrigators, for the most diverse climates and for the most special working conditions. RM is a leading brand in its sector and operates worldwide. The company has built its success by working uninterruptedly since 1952 and owing its leadership to the most complete product range, to the most advanced technology, to the performance reliability of the machines it produces and to a team of competent people at your service.



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    Since 1972 Tassinari Rubinetterie has been working in the field of hydraulic valves. We select the best products on the market. We provide a vast range with fast delivery. We are specialised in professional bathroom fittings; taps for institutions; pedal mixer taps; shower assemblies; reel systems; hand basins; hoses for gas and supplying-draining washing machines and dishwashers. We work in the sectors of major installations, institutional kitchens, traditional kitchens, bar facility installation, plumbing and irrigation.



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    Tecnidro srl is a company that, since 1987, has been developing and trading a wide range of automatic hydraulic valves for the industrial and water works sector. It offers a complete range of irrigation valves and accessories the includes: hydraulic valves, meters, tangential meters, water meters, prepaid system water meters. It also produces Saddle Water Meters, Woltmann meters. Tecnidro srl also produces high-performance automatic valves for the fire prevention sector.



    Global Textile is one of the largest textile companies in the Republic of Uzbekistan, specializing in Yarn and Knit fabrics. The company started operations in 2018 and is now vertically integrated in the production of textiles, from growing cotton to production of garments and apparel. The company grows its own cotton with the latest drip irrigation technology, has its own cotton processing plants, the largest spinning mills in Uzbekistan located in Tashkent and Fergana, including knitting and dyeing houses in Fergana. The company is equipped with high quality machines of well-known manufacturers Rieter, Uster, Mayer&Cie, Thies, Santex, Osthoff Senge, Mario Crosta, Ferarro, Corino, Odesi and Bahar. The quality of cotton, yarn, fabrics and garments is checked in our own laboratories. The company has ISO, Usterized, Oeko-tex certificates, that confirm the quality, safety and environmental properties of the product. Also group of companies Global Textile works due to the international social standards Sedex and BSCI. Capacity: Yarn: 48 000 tons per year Knitted Fabrics: 22 000 tons per year Dyed Fabrics: 11 000 tons per year YARN: Cotton Combed Compact Yarn Cotton Carded Yarn FABRICS: Single Jersey French Terry Footer 3 Thread Pique Honeycomb Vanise Interlock Ribana Selanik Kashkorse Punto Milano



    Our company established in 2019. We re located in capital city of Turkey, Ankara. We produce high quality irrigation system and able to sende all above world. For further information please mail us we will be happy to inform you. StcPlast. In order to participate in International Trade was founded in 2019 in Turkey, Ankara. Our company can take very fast actions in Foreign Trade, Project Consultancy and Market Research issues with its expert staff. Healthy as a team We believe in growth, technology, human and service quality, and business ethics above profitability. Now, As a result of our honest and decisive trade policy for many years, Yemen has We expanded our international network by exporting. Our professional members who have worked in our company have completed successful projects in their fields for many years and our Corporate Culture; It is based on increasing transparency, communication and reliability. WHOLESALE Stcplast sold by retailers around the world including Europe, Asia, Middle East and America. We produce and supply high quality hpde and ldpe pipes, fittings and buttwelding equipments. StcPlast. In order to participate in International Trade was founded in 2019 in Turkey, Ankara. Our company can take very fast actions in Foreign Trade, Project Consultancy and Market Research issues with its expert staff. Healthy as a team We believe in growth, technology, human and service quality, and business ethics above profitability.



    Driptime ® is a brand of AR Agricultural Irrigation Company. AR Agricultural Irrigation Company has been producing valves, fittings, sprinkler and filtration equipment since 2008. Our company, which is among the companies that develops its production capacity every year in its sector, works on the use, dissemination and development of irrigation systems in our country and in the world with the products it produces. While our company delivers its products to our farmers with all its devotion, it increases its reputation day by day in the world market through its partners, distributors and representatives in many countries. Our company, which increases its product range day by day, has pioneered the inclusion of many useful products in the sector as a result of its efforts to produce new products related to the irrigation sector and to improve existing products.



    AGROFORCE LLC was created in 2004 to trade the pulse crops and grain in Ukraine, aswell as to process the soybeans for the animal feed.The affiliated company UGAGROFORCE LLC rents land in the southern part of Ukraine and cultivates the grain and leguminous crops. We began with 4 employees and 300 ha of land, and now we have more than 20 employees, 1300ha of land with irrigation systems, more than 15 units of modern equipment for land cultivation. Nowadays, AgroForce Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of the Ukrainian agricultural market. One of our business goals is to meet our clients’ needs and requirements. We have been working on the market for 15 years already and cooperate with several partners for 8 years for now. Let’s deal with the other advantages that turn into your profit automatically. Specially designed warehouses for more than 10.000 tons of grain to save its quality and features. Fresh, dry, and benign grain with its inherent smell, gloss, and color. Low price of pea per ton (the same relates to other products). Certificates and documents for a certain product. The specifics of our farming let us get cereal and beans without substantial impurities and exclude insect infestations. The advanced machinery and techs ensure the highest volumes and quality of harvest from year to year. The rational resource allocation allows offering the most lucrative pea price per ton, as well as beneficial conditions of purchase of other products.



    ForTest designs and manufactures leak testing and flow testing equipment. Always with an eye on innovation, since 2012 the company has been based in Modena in the former Maserati factories and boasts clients in Italy and around the world, working in many sectors, such as automotive, agriculture, oil hydraulic, irrigation, mechanical, electronics, biomedical and packaging. Touch the partnership | We don't sell products, but solutions built in collaboration with our clients. Our equipment is designed for a vast range of applications, in-process and post-process, to guarantee excellent performance even in the most difficult conditions. We develop abroad through networking with local companies. Touch the testing technology | The innovative technologies on our leak testing tools aim to obtain the most stable, precise and repetitive measurements currently on the market. Touch smart | Our tools are supported by the most modern IT systems, to always provide the best response to your test problems. Touch fast | Testing has never been so easy thanks to the incredible pneumatic and measurement performance. Touch easy | The extremely easy use gives our tools that competitive edge, also thanks to the new intuitive touch screen keyboard, ensuring fast implementation and without any technical training. Install, use, test.



    We specialize in Construction and Civil Engineering Consultancy, Management Consultancy and Foreign Trade. INFO has been the Business Partner of EUROPAGES since 1995. EUROPAGES has helped businesses to find and get found in the World for more than 30 years. Not only the largest B2B Directory in Europe, but also a web B2B marketing solutions provider. Engineering and Consultancy Services have been given to construction companies in infrastructure and superstructure contracts for Dams, Gas and Water Pipe Lines, Tunels, Plain Irrigations, Pumping Stations, Road and Bridge Construction Works. INFO Consulting and Engineering offers a range of global business solutions to help companies succeed in international markets including, market research, feasibility studies, partner search and trade show support services. Design, Production and Export of steel works, especially High Security Steel Sliding Gates and exclusive representation of foreign companies for ductile pipes, steel pipes, fuel polishing systems are performed by our Foreign Trade Group.



    A Green Roof / Live Roof gives instant increase to the value of a property without increasing its size. Adding a green area improves living and working surroundings. A reduction is possible on drain diameter and sewage charges because much of the rainwater is recycled into the irrigation system of a Green Roof. The excellent insulating properties of a Green Roof keep buildings warmer in winter and cooler in summer, cutting heating and cooling costs. Noise and particle pollution is cut. The building stucture and its conventional insulation gains a longer life. A green roof indicates the building owners concern for the environment. We produce HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) drainage boards used widely in Green roof systems. Drainage boards are designed with dimples on both sides allowing air ventilation which is crucial for vegetation on top. Green roof system is composed of mainly 4 layers the root barrier membrane at the very bottom, war retention mat, drainage board and filter fleece.



    LRT Infrastructure-Construction-Consultancy In order to ensure the coordination of supply and processes of materials used in dam & pond irrigation projects, drinking water and treatment plant projects. We started to serve in 2016 with our head office in Çankaya, Ankara. Our most important principle as the company; In the infrastructure construction sector, with the products obtained from our qualified manufacturers, according to the demands of our customers with reliable, stable and professional service approach to meet. In order to meet the needs of our clients with the right product, the right time and the right cost conditions, we closely follow developments in the sector and aim to achieve unlimited and sustainable growth based on quality awareness and customer satisfaction. We provide financial benefit and time benefit to the companies we work with. With the professional team we have, formed with our competent colleagues the projects of our both suppliers and customers meet with the quality we target. Our vision is to make our company the most reliable and professional company in the worldwide sector by advancing with firm and confident steps in line with the principles we have acquired, to be an example to the sector in terms of professionalism and quality, to provide the highest benefit for our planet. We know the value of water and believe it is the greatest legacy to be left to the next generations.



    Agrikol Ltd. is a leading worldwide company in assembling and equipping plastic and glass greenhouses with a head office in Serbia. We work all over the world, with the experience from hundreds of entirely different projects, cooperating with some of the largest companies in business. Our services include: Greenhouses supervision and construction Metal construction and installation Turnkey Projects Heating system Irrigation / drainage Electrical installations Screen system, fog system Covering with foil, glazing and installing solar panels Greenhouse demolition Construction works of other kinds than listed for greenhouse



    Mecanex is the only Romanian company specialized in the production of industrial pumps, active for more than 45 years, with an impressive portfolio. We are one of the most established foundries in the country and an important industrial producer in Romania. Our activities include the design, manufacture and the sale of pumps, motor pumps, electro pumps and various castings of cast iron and steel, both for Romania and for the European Union. Currently, we produce over 20 types of pumps in approximately 20000 variants and sizes, adapted to the needs of our customers, having applications in agriculture (irrigation and draining), energy industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, hydro-transport, water supply and others. Among the major clients with whom the company has worked, we would like to mention: OMV Petrom, Arcelor Mittal, National Agency for Land Improvements, Oltenia Power Complex, Hidroelectrica and Electric Power Company Bucharest. We also have collaborations with partners from Italy, Austria and Germany.



    At Okanagan Yard Works, we strive to deliver excellence by meeting and exceeding all your landscape needs. We are a locally owned and operated company offering quality commercial & residential landscaping services. We offer personalized and professional service and strive for top quality results on every job, large or small. Commercial Grounds Maintenance: Our expert team provides professional grounds maintenance services to hotels, apartments, condominiums and professional buildings. Our services are available all year long and include all outdoor maintenance. We work with our clients to develop a maintenance plan that is suitable for each property. Irrigation: We provide installation and maintenance of irrigation systems for both residential and commercial properties. Developing and implementing the right irrigation system means that your lawns and gardens will be perfectly healthy. Over watering is a common mistake for property owners, and can lead to plant loss and added expense. Under watering is easy to do - especially when the weather gets warm - but this too can lead to plant loss and the extra expense of replacement costs.An in ground irrigation system that is professionally installed and maintained can save on water, extend the life of your plants and grass for many years to come, and is also environmentally friendly since it eliminates wasting of water.



    We own four major categories of products mainly used as the temporary office, accommodation and warehouse in such fields as building, petroleum, irrigation, mining, exploration, military and government procurement. Awarded many honors including “Outstanding Contribution Enterprise” and “Advanced Unit of Construction”, we are involved in the construction of many important project houses both at home and abroad named only part of which such as Beijing Olympic venue, earthquake relief work project in Sichuan, 60th anniversary of national drill camp construction project, earthquake relief work project in Yushu, Qinghai province, construction in Angola, mine project in Peru and others in Mali and Ethiopia.


    North Macedonia

    BOSHAVA LLC is a company in the metal working industry which deals with designing and manufacturing steel constructions and various metal products and structures for different purposes. The company is established in 1989 and has great tradition of excellence in the performance that allows gradual improvement and expansion of the market and the products. The activities are mostly focused on developing and (re)assembling of: -Steel structures, frameworks, fences, marquees, halls -Bending metal columns -Steel pergolas -Cutting, rolling and folding metal sheets -Perforating metal sheets -Urban equipment - benches, waste - baskets, light poles, playgrounds, lamp posts -Steel sport facilities -Stairs, gates, roofs, fences -Steel tobacco dryers -Garages, moving or ordinary doors, trolleys, storage cabinets -Production of irrigation systems “drop by drop”



    Turkey's largest fully integrated egg producer company, which Güres Group's half-century of experience and knowledge in the poultry sector Güres Technology was founded in 2002; With 20, 000 m2 of production space and 8, 700 m2 of R & D cluster operating in the international arena, Turkey's leading manufacturers of cages. It has fully automated irrigation, feeding, egg collection, ventilation, air conditioning, fertilizer dispensing, fertilizer drying systems for the poultry industry in its state of the art production facilities. ISO 9001 and CE certificated cages are produced with their own patent and quality standards they have created. After the production of fully automatic and semi-automatic air conditioning systems with chicken cage, chick breeding cage, broiler cage, breeding cage, quail cage, quail enlargement cage, enrichable and rich chicken cage, as well as design, installation, parts services are also performed professionally by expert staff of Güres Teknoloji. As a result of continuous researches carried out by the engineers within the factory and R & D units providing creative solutions to the changing conditions, it continues its success in domestic and international markets with increasing product range and improved production efficiency methods. Güres Teknoloji; is in contact with them whenever they need, in order to provide quality and service to the customers and to continue their work in a perfect and trouble-free way. Güres Teknoloji / Poultry Solutions



    The Adamet Metal Plant was established in 2014, but its owners have been working in the metal industry for more than 20 years. Suitable experience and practice allowed the company to quickly take a solid position on the market. In the plant located in Wola Wadowska, in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, pipe and cable reels are produced. These are specialist unwinders for various types of ducts or PEX, PERT, PE and HDPE pipes. Adamet products are used by installation companies, electrical plants, computer facilities, wholesalers and other representatives of many industries. The reels are designed in various ways and allow easy transport of cables and pipes used for floor heating systems, irrigation systems and other installations. Apart from developing products, the company is also engaged in the manufacture of sliding and hinged gates and other fencing elements. The company’s range further includes: – stop roofing; – staircase roofing; – terrace roofing; – sheet metal garages; – balcony guardrails; – railings. The company provides services to individual customers, companies and public institutions. Contact Adamet for a full range of products.



    Quinoa Andina, based in Peru, prides itself on being able to produce and guarantee both high quality and standardized quinoa.Our global quality accreditations and advanced procedures were designed and developed to monitor the farming, harvesting and processing quinoa, allowing us to consistently deliver a high quality product that clients can trace from start to finish.Located at the Coastal and andean regions over 1000mts, our fields are supervised and worked by highly trained engineers and staff, resulting in a great production capacity & quality. Likewise, we have a controlled drip irrigation system that allow our products to grow and develop with no more than the necessary water. Working in a eco-friendly system to preserve the environment.Processing plants are located in Lima, with the most modern equipment that receive raw quinoa grown in our farms across the country to be processed.Inside our indoor processing plant, our raw material gets transported and sorted using only stainless steel pipelines and top-notch Buhler machinery with a computerized fluid system that allows a continuously air-dynamic pumped flow filter for full wash, drying and optic sorting in order to meet our clients specifications.Quinoa Andina has multiple global accreditations that guarantee our ability to produce, sell and distribute quinoa of the highest quality all over the world.

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