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    Conserverie du Sud, with over a century of experience and unique know-how, has emerged as the leading maker of pork-based terrines and the only one with national and international reach. Conserverie du Sud has set up a local alliance and sources its quality-labelled pork from a regional supplier renowned for its Red Label meat. The keys to our success: its taste, well-balanced flavours and its appetizing texture! The products are made using the most traditional recipes applying know-how passed down through the generations. The firm is proud to offer natural products to its consumers. The Conserverie du Sud obtained IFS version 8 certification in 2021. IFS FOOD is an international repository for assessing product and processing compliance with food safety and quality standards. Conserverie du Sud has several ranges: -Label Rouge: from free-range pigs, whose meat is fresh, succulent, exceptional and flavoursome. - ABio testifies to a farming production method that respects natural systems and cycles. -VPF the pigs are born, raised, slaughtered and processed in France. -IGP Porc du Sud-Ouest certifies that the pigs are born, raised, slaughtered and processed in the South-West of France.



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  3. DETRY


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    Since 1963 we have offered a selection of tasty cooked and cured meats, famed for their matchless taste and the expertise of our master butchers. From hams to boudin, including pâtés and raw products, we offer 9 broad product families that provide a wealth of tasty selection for every occasion! Would you like to sell our AUBEL brand? Buy our cooked and cured meats or have them packaged under your own brand? Contact us for a chat about your plans.



    We are a extravergin olive oil producer and we also sell a wide range of italian fine food excellences, such as organic pasta, bakery products, extravirgin olive oil, canned vegetables, paté, jams, saffron, etc.All products are selected from local manufacturers that we know directly.We deliver in more than 200 countries and you can order the products you prefer on our online store on the website www.gelsomora.com



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    La Ferm' Meaux Pâtes is the story of a farm handed down from father to son. We grow durum wheat for transformation into traditional pasta for short circuit sales. We are proud to present you our pasta: 9 shapes (shells, fusilli, tagliatelli, hearts, …), over 20 flavours (Espelette pepper, garlic and parsley, cuttlefish ink, …), 250 and 500g sachets, as well as ( and 10 kg boxes for professionals, fresh pasta to order and soft wheat flour.

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    RNC BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL was founded in 2020 and is based in Asnières Sur Seine, France. We are specialised in the import-export of food products, namely garlic, turnips, oranges, olive oil, wine, etc. The agrifood produces consumer goods from products farming and breeding. products like yoghurts, cheese, frozen dishes, pâté, chocolate and other confectionery from these companies. Feel free to contact us for more information.



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    Your expert partner in the food industry, A. Schmidt & Co. GmbH has been developing special stabiliser systems for the food and fine food industries for over 65 years. We develop highly functional stabiliser systems to suit your individual requirements. We guarantee consistent, high quality thanks to our flexible production. Our product range includes: Fish curing agents (with or without herbs and spices) e.g. for herring and salmon, fish injection, fish stuffing, fishcakes, fish sausage, pates, surimi, roe and shrimp processing, mayonnaises, salad creams, dressings, hot and cold dips (with or without egg yolk/milk protein additives), sauces and creams for fully preserved foods, condensed soups, ketchup, marinades, breadcrumb coating additives, desserts, food additives, contract mixing as a service provider



    Kurgan meat processing plant "Standart" (SATURN LLC) is one of Russia's largest producers of canned meat and meat-and-cereal products; sausages and delicatessen products; semi-finished foods and gourmet products. The plant's product line includes: — traditional canned stewed meat (beef, horsemeat, poultry, pork) and vegetables; — various pâtés (chicken, goose, duck, mushroom, ham, vegetarian); — hams made of beef, chicken, and pork. The meat processing plant is part of a vertically-integrated full-service holding company, which makes it possible to use pork from an in-house pig-breeding farm, to control product quality and ensure maximum efficiency at all levels of production. Natural foods production facilities are fitted with advanced equipment. The production site is certified under ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 systems. The company is authorized to produce Halal foods. Along with products under its own brands, the company also manufactures private label products and makes store brands. Kurgan meat processing plant "Standart" is looking to expand its markets, and is certified to export and import food products to 11 countries worldwide. The company has already been exporting its products to Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan.



    JOSEFA FOODS is a family-owned food manufacturing business since the 1970's, the second generation of JOSEFA family is continuing the commitment to bring our customers the highest quality foods available. Since its inception, JOSEFA has developed into Malta’s recognized name for pasta patés and dips, boasting a portfolio of local and internationally-renowned clients.JOSEFA has been providing an exceptional selection of gourmet pasta sauces, patés, pastes and dips using only mixtures of specially selected ingredients to assure the best result for each product - ready to eat anytime you want a healthy meal or quality ingredients for your favourite dishes. JOSEFA speciality foods are available in retail grocery stores including supermarkets across the Maltese Islands, as well as club stores, fine restaurants, wine-bars and bistros, hotels and factories. Caters as well for well-known international food franchises. Currently the company is bound to increase its production to cater for new foreign markets. Further to exporting its products to EU countries, the management envisaged exports towards Middle East and North African countries. JOSEFA Manufacturing Ltd operates in the Food Manufacturing Sector and the management has been bringing key export goals into sharp focus to move forward and expand the company’s operations by exporting its range of products overseas It is presently one of the main suppliers to LIDL Chain of Supermarkets and does Private Labelling



    Dirmak Food Processing Equipment Co. is a Turkish Company that produces industrial kitchen equipment such as Spiral Mixers, Planetary Mixers, Fork Type Dough Kneaders, Bread Slicers, Potato Peeling Machine, Dough Sheeter Since 30 years, we have been producing industrial kitchen equipment and our brand is very well known in the market. Our products are sold in Europe, Africa and Middle East, thanks to the quality, strength, endurance and continuous technological innovation We can face all our customer’s demands with a complete range of traditional and new products Dirmak Machinery Co. est une société turque qui produit des équipements de cuisine industrielle tels que des mélangeurs spirale, Mélangeurs planétaires, fourche type pâte Kneaders, Trancheuses à pain, pommes de terre, Peeling machine Laminoir Depuis 30 ans, nous produisons des équipements de cuisine industrielle et de notre marque est très connue sur le marché.



    La Ferme de Grezelade farm is located in one of the regions that offers the pledge of great cuisine – Quercy-Perigord. The family business specializes in making foie gras-based products. The company produces fresh and home-made preserves. It offers foie gras (moulded foie gras, whole duck foie gras and half-cooked foie gras), duck magrets, confits and ready-meals. It also sells appetizers such as duck rillettes and foie gras-based pates as well as specialities like duck à l'orange confit and Lanzaguais cassoulet. La Ferme de Grezelade also carries a wide range of regional food hampers. The products are sold in our own shops, delicatessen outlets and restaurants. A web-enabled seminar room and restaurant are under construction and due to be opened in 2016.



    Michna Food is a company established in Pelplin, the Pomeranian Voivodeship, in 2009. We draw on the centuries-long tradition of our families in meat processing and production, which dates back to the interwar period. We have been working closely with our sister company, Micha Rao. Our plant manufactures meat products made of pork meat. These products are characterised by high flavour and health values. They contain a large amount of proteins and potassium, calcium, iron and B vitamins. Importantly, some of them undergo pasteurisation and sterilisation processes. Thanks to this, food products retain their freshness for a longer period, without having to add artificial preservatives. Our products include: - pork cheeks in gravy, - slow-cooked pork cheeks in sauce, - pâté, - luncheon meat, - meat in sauce. Some products are packed in foil, cans and jars. Thanks to this, our tasty treats can also be taken on a trip. We care for the quality of products and do not use carcinogenic substances during production, which unfortunately happens in many other meat plants. All the products we present here contain 99% of pork meat. Feel free to contact us – Michna Food from Pelplin.



    Very Gourmand a story of two gourmets: 
Armel and Emmanuel, two French and gourmet friends above all! Lovers of good products , we wanted to share it with as many people as possible and we have selected the best French houses in all specialties, from delicatessen to charcuterie, including butchery, regional cheeses or traditional cakes. . French local products From andouille from Guéméné to smoked duck breast from the South West, from andouillette from Troyes to pâtés or rillettes from Le Mans, from duck foie gras to Bresse chicken, from old Cantal to Saint Maure de Touraine, beef from Aubrac to black pork from Bigorre, from pink biscuits from Reims to Four quarter breton, not forgetting Bordeaux, Burgundy or Loire wines, you will find all your favorite French products in our grocery store. The best French houses We have grouped together our fine selection at the Rungis International Market , the largest fresh produce market in the world, where all our shipments leave from! We offer more than 2000 French local products. A refrigerated insulated package All our packages have insulated packaging specially designed for the transport of fresh products and to withstand shocks. Accompanied by cooling gels , they guarantee that all your products are kept cool until you reach your home, whatever the outside temperature. Delivery within 24/48 hours throughout Europe We send all our packages with the courier DHL in 24h / 48h whether you are in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Ireland...



    Antonijoan L.C. is a Spanish meat products manufacturer since 1976. Our main products are : Bacon, Sausages, Cooked ham, Chorizo Rosario, Patés We are specialized in the commercial sector of HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) We are based in Ripollet (7 km to Barcelona) in a 3.000 m2 factory with state of the art industrial equipments and production methods Our company is a leader in this sector with its main product line and we are increasing export sales to the E.U and out of the E.U since 2001 We offer a wide range of quality products to our clients and we guaranty an efficient service and availability before, during and after delivering the goods. For further information, don't hesitate to visit our web page.


    Czech Rep.

    The company DELICATESSEN SNAILEX s.r.o., is a Czech family business, which focuses on delicacy production based on original family recipes free of preserving agents. The most significant international award, received by the company so far, has been the 1st price at the 1995 International Gastronomy Fair in Dijon (France) for the originality and innovative attitude - product SNAIL LIVER. Snail livers? Yes! Taste a shocking snail delicacy! Just now, you can shock you friends and win a bet that: Snail liver do exist! Our other products: Snail Caviar – A touch of fantasy Snail spawn (eggs) in a delicious spiced pickle. Snail Pâté with cranberries great, original and easy to serve. That is our snail pâté with cranberries. Royal Snails ala Burgundy 12 pcs snails with herb butter - frozen Snail Soup with cognac a luxurious snail soup of a noble taste and smell. 4 servings in a jar.



    We are always up to date with the preferences and lifestyle of consumers and we are constantly adapting our recipes to give people the food they want.Mandy Foods International is part of a select elite which have as field of activity, the production and distribution of foodstuffs, putting the bases of the cannery of the group. Glina Factory was founded in 1970 and represented the largest meat cannery in Romania at that time.In the same year, Morad Group starts production of canned meat under the Mandy Foods brand.Currently, Mandy Foods International has a large product portfolio, which includes 8 assorted ranges which totals 70 products. The assortments include: classic, vegetable, and fish pâté, cooked food, zacusca, canned tomatoes, canned vegetables among other canned products.Mandy Foods is part of a bigger family of companies. Morad Group represents a number of independent organisations forming a significant force in areas where they operate. Activities include hospitality management, construction, real estate, and food production.With an experienced and highly regarded leadership team, the focus has consistently been on strong investment performance and outstanding services.


    United Kingdom

    EUROGROUP TRADING NETWORK LTD Spécialisé dans le négoce de matières premières, nous connectons l’Afrique avec le monde Nous sommes l'import-export, la production et la commercialisation de produits tropicaux. Nous recherchons également des associés commerciaux (acheteurs) pour coopérer ensemble pour un bénéfice mutuel. Société de sourcing/marketing basée à Londres. Nous opérons entre l'Europe et le reste du monde. Nos principaux produits à l’export sont : - Arachide (en gousses et décortiqué) - Noix de Cajou brut - Coton (graine-tourteau en farine et pellets) - Soja - Gingembre - Graine de Sésame - Noix et huile de palm - Bronze -Le Zinc -Bauxite -Aluminions -Mais -Fer -Gasoil A l’importation, nous sommes dans les produits agro-alimentaires nous faisons de : - Farine de Blé - Le riz - L’huile végétale - Les pâtes alimentaires - Les conserves - Les boissons -Sucre



    The main product of the company are multi-layer polyamide SAUSAGE CASINGS and SHRINK BAGS. All CASINGS have the same brand name PENTAFLEX® and used for packing of all kinds of cooked sausages, mortadella, liverwurst, blood, hams, pate, meat and vegetable aspics, butter, diary and other food products. Pentaflex-Extra RTU® - very elastic casing with high shrink - using with NO SOAKING - READY TO USE (DRY); Shrinkable bag with high shrinkage (up to 60 %), transparency and gloss after cooking, easy opening, designed for packaging of processed meat products and fresh meat. USING• processed meat products ; • fresh meat; • non-respiring cheeses; PROPERTIES• High shrinkage; • Softness / elasticity; • Clearness and gloss after cooking; • Easy opening.



    We, as Kybele Fine Foods A.S., are a Turkish company dealing with production, development and export of the best of Mediterranean gourmet foods line.The basis for our product line is a tasty, healthy, cuisine formed over thousands of years in the Mediterranean. Ambient, chilled, or frozen, our range consists of oven-roasted semi-dried conventional and organic tomatoes, other vegetables and fruits, sun-dried vegetables, Mediterranean specialities such as grilled vegetables, pestos, bruschetta pastes, wild mushrooms, ready meals, marmalades, honey, olives, olive oil, pates, humus, frozen fruit and vegetable juices, wild mushrooms, capers, laurel and thyme. Our innovative approach to packaging allows us to meet the requirements of a wide range of customers.More than 30 years experience in the business enables us to satisfy our customers all around the world, including EU Countries, Japan and the USA.Our hygiene standards are of the highest, and certification include A standart BRC certifi

  8. HAMÉ A.S.

    Czech Rep.

    HAMÉ s.r.o. is one of the leading Czech food manufacturing companies producing durable and chilled products. The company headquarters is located in Kunovice near Uherské Hradiště. Main activities include meat processing, tomato purée, fruits and vegetables. HAMÉ s.r.o. offers the widest variety of pate, ready made foods, canned meat, pickled vegetables, vegetable salads, ketchups, sauces, marmalades, jams, stewed fruit, syrups, baby foods and sandwiches. Other products include number of chilled meat, vegetable a fruit products. HAMÉ s.r.o. is leading food manufacturing company producing durable and chilled foods with tradition going back to the second decade of the last century.HAMÉ s.r.o. offers a great number of products such as for example ketchups, pates, canned meat, ready made foods, vegetable products, mixed fruits, jams, stewed fruit, baby foods, sandwiches and many others.HAMÉ s.r.o. synonymous with durable and chilled food suitable for every customer



    Campus Trading is a Romanian company that export from Romania and Europe canned meat, powdered milk and wine.Our mission is to provide worldwide consumers the joy of celebrating Balkan and European tastes with the full benefit of European high quality and safety standards.The founders’ experience in the food industry exceeds 40 years, a guarantee for solid and mutually profitable business. We offer to all of our clients a very good quality products. Through their exoticism, Made in Romania Canned Meat attract quality clients, hence generate significant traffic. We have a very long shelf life and expiration dates. We have European level standards of quality and control and we can produce any taste and any label by our clients.We export a large range as: Canned Meat: Canned liver paté in cans – pork/ poultry/ beef/game–spreadable paste / sliceable with/ without additions; Vegetable Patés -standard or with additions; Canned meat in own juice - pork/ beef/ turkey and luncheon typ



    Company based on experience, the care and attention paid to its customers and permanently aiming for quality. Most of our products are hand collected and packed according to traditional methods. Live snails Bover (Helix Aspersa) and Viñal. National product. Tinned snails: snails in brine to be served with your favourite sauce, snails in sauce, snail pâté, snail ratatouille, Euskal Herria and Navarrico snails, etc.


    United Kingdom

    COUP DE PATES® is a supplier of raw materials such as butter, milk, eggs, cheese, finished and semi-finished frozen products to food professionals since 25 years. COUP DE PATES® offers a range of exclusive, traditional and innovative, products created with only the highest quality raw ingredients. COUP DE PATES® also offers first class services: specialist sales support, telesales agents, dedicated logistics teams and Innovation centers.


    United Kingdom

    UK's largest importer and distributor of Czech & Slovakia foods and beverages. Our range of products include wafers, biscuits, pates, beers, spirits. We supply to cash and carry's, wholesalers and independent stores.



    A familiar company that made natural seasonal preserves, liquors, fruit syrups, quince jelly. we sell also other kinds of products like paprika, vegetable creams, Iberian pates, olive oil cosmetics, and a big variety of natural products. Honeys, cheeses, chorizos, ...



    Olivia Ltd. is a premium rabbit meat producer company in Hungary. Our markets are the wholesale/retail & Hotel/Restaurant/Catering networks & Food Industry Companies (raw materials for: baby food, sausages/salami, meat or liver pate, other canned food, or ready-made dishes, hamburger, lasagne, bolognese, spaghetti sauce, ect.) All of our products are most pure, especially tender, 100% verified & healthy.



    The company SELECTOS DE CASTILLA SA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Foie gras industry. It also operates in the suppliers of duck confit, duck pate, and Delicatessen products industries. It is based in Villamartín De Campos - Palencia, Spain.