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    CHEMEGRA is your expert partner for the mechanical processing of various slag for sand blasting (slag abrasives) and of other granules for different applications. In particular, CHEMEGRA produces quartz-free single-use abrasives in your requested grit size and in your preferred packaging. For example, these abrasives are suitable for providing corrosion protection in bridge repairs, bodywork surface treatment, concrete repairs, facade restorations, etc. Abrasives, manufacture of various grit sizes, polished gravel and reusable abrasives, building materials for enhancing ground properties and backfill materials. We can also custom pack our customers' bulk or powdered material as part of our contract filling/refilling service in the space of just a few days. We are also willing to fill big bags (large, flexible bags), including at the customer's premises (mobile system).



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    More than 135 years of Strobel silica sand. A long tradition. We will also overcome future challenges through our readiness to invest and enthusiasm for innovation. In the company's long history, the willingness of all generations to continually invest in the future of the company has laid the foundations for successful further development. The ever changing number of applications for silica sand, our reserves of raw materials which are guaranteed for the long-term, and the high product quality mean we can look to the future optimistically. We will continue to meet the requests of our customers in the future with new ideas implemented by committed and highly qualified staff. We hope to ensure the company's success in the long-term, retain jobs and create new ones.



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    «ASL OYNA» LLC is the leading Glass Production Factory in Central Asia established in 2009. The factory is located in the Republic of Uzbekistan, Sergeli district, Tashkent. Quartz sand and dolomite for producing ASL OYNA goods are obtained from own quarry. The production capacity of the factory is based on equipment of European origin: • Furnace No. 1 - Heye Int. Gmbh (Germany) • 8-section IS machines - Heye Int. Gmbh • Furnace No. 2 - Stara Glass S.p.A. (Italy) • 6-section IS machines - Bottero S.p.A. (Italy) The total daily capacity of the furnaces is 270 tons of glass, which make 560, 000 bottles daily, and 200 million bottles annually. The advanced NNPB technology has been implemented since 2014, it helps reduce the weight of produced bottles by 15-20% on average. To date, over 450 different shapes of glass containers and their combinations have been produced. In 2018, the glass factory stepped into a new stage of its growth and has been implementing international quality and food safety standards since then: ISO 9001: 2015, (FSSC) 22000, ISO 45001: 2018, and ISO 14001: 2015. In 2022, glassware decoration lines were launched, which made it possible to provide safer and more environmentally friendly types of decoration and their combinations: - Hot foil stamping - Vacuum metallizing of bottles - Glass container coating - Decorating bottles by silkscreen printing Choose high quality and innovative technology by ASL OYNA!

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    A historical family-run business founded in 1940, Helios Quartz Group has two production sites - one in Italy and the other in Switzerland - and offices in the USA, South America and Asia. It is one of the leading international players in the processing of quartz glass and the production of IR lamps, UV lamps and devices for industrial, scientific and medical applications.



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    The company DOLDTERRA INH. MARTIN DOLD, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Quartz and quartz sand industry. It is based in Niedereschach, Germany.

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    The company QUARZSAND GMBH NUDERSDORF, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Quartz and quartz sand industry. It is based in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany.



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    The company TRICURA GMBH & CO. KG, is a Agent/ Representative, which operates in the Quartz and quartz sand industry. It is based in Hude, Germany.



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    The company ZIEGLER & CO. GMBH MINERALSTOFFE, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Quartz and quartz sand industry. It is based in Wunsiedel, Germany.



    It is give me great pleasure to contact your esteemed company, that we are Engineering Company for Mining - KNOUZ one of the leading Producing, Crushing, Grinding and Exporting of Mining & Quarries Materials in Egypt. KNOUZ production plant established on 13.000 m2 in El Sadat city, including all crushing and grinding facilities in addition to American, Germany and Chinese technologies to provide the most efficient, consistent economical and finest powder of products with almost lowest percent of iron. We have ISO Certifications (9001 - 14001 - 45001) and wide range of product's specification and size; •Silica Flour "Silica Powder" HS Code: 250510 Size: 45 micron up to 150 micron "top cut" •Feldspar Powder and Crushed HS Code: 25291 Size: 75 micron up to 150 micron "top cut” 0-10mm •Quartz Powder and Crushed HS Code: 250610 Size: 45 micron up to 150 micron “top cut” •Dolomite Powder HS Code: 25183 Size: 75 micron "top cut” In addition to Trading in below Materials; •Kaolin Powder HS Code: 2507 Size: 75 micron "top cut" •Calcium Carbonate HS Code: 25210 Size: 5 micron up to 75 micron “top cut” •Talc Powder HS Code: 25262 Size: 5 micron up to 45 micron “top cut”

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    UralGRIT LLC manufactures mechanical abrasives – copper slag, nickel slag, powder for water jet cutting, and restoration powder under own trademark Uralgrit. Uralgrit’s materials are used for corrosion protection of any surfaces and performance of blast cleaning. All-purpose slags of Uralgrit are professional abrasives: -as opposed to silica sand, use of granulated slag is safe for sand blaster operators; -have wide range of particles consisting of 11 particles; -have minimum level of dust (weight content of particles with a weight less than 0.2 mm does not exceed 5 %); -have constant chemical composition. Below are the advantages of collaboration: -Possibility of copper slag and nickel slag manufacture with any particle size within 0.1–3.0 mm. -The manufacture is certified in accordance with standards ISO 11126-3, ISO 11126-5. -High performance and efficiency of abrasives for Uralgrit metal are confirmed by more than 30-years experience of use in the field of ship building, ship repair, bridge building, steel structure handling, oil and gas industry. -The company’s specialists will give advises related to anti-corrosion and select particles to ensure the required profiling. 3 production sites of Uralgrit are located in Russia. Uralgrit is the member of the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives (FEPA).



    Company was established 1978 has continually pioneered the design and production of ultraviolet products for scientific, industrial, and research applications. Jelight custom designs, manufactures, and internationally distributes a wide range of high-quality UV lamps and replacement ultraviolet lamps for various types of equipment including Gallus, Mark Andy, GEW, IST, Brewer, and more. For special applications, we can assist you with the designing and manufacturing of a customized product. As an ISO 9001 Certified System, we highly value safety and quality, not only in the production of our product, but for the users as well. Additional UV Curing exposure system spare parts include; Irradiators, Hot/Cold Mirrors, and Reflectors. Jelight Company Inc. established in 1978, is a manufacturing company of low/medium pressure mercury lamps, UV Curing Lamps, Exposure Lamps, including lamps made with Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon and Helium. Also, manufactured at Jelight: Magnetic/Encased Ballasts, Capacitors, UV Irradiators, Hot/Cold Mirrors, Reflectors, UV Floor/Handheld Curing Systems, UVO Cleaners, Ozone Generators, & Chip/EPROM Eraser systems in numerous sizes, Quartz parts for Semiconductor & Solar industry, and more! We have opened a subsidiary for European market in Zagreb, Croatia, where you can contact us but the production for all our products remained in California, U.S.A.

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    1. Salt Trading SAHM Trade Ltd. Co. Salt mining sites produce huge quantities of Salt with different qualities and specifications to meet our customers target. 2. Mining Raw Material SAHM Trade Ltd. Co. has its own Mining Sites in Egypt in cooperation with IEG mining company in Egypt as IEG is our sister company. 3. Logistic services image10 SAHM was established in Turkey market in 2019 and has been working in the field of freight forwarding for many years (15 years) considering the volume of freight, range of coverage and the service level. Who Are We ?

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    As Antatrade, we made a humble start, but today we have become a successful Sustainable Products, Metals, Ores, Minerals Trade Company with our effort and will to change the world in a positive way. We also strive to inform communities around the world about sustainable living and inspire them to adopt this kind o

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    Saudi Arabia

    شركة نقل اثاث بالدمام لخدمات نقل وتخزين العفش والأثاث توفر كل خدماتها المميزة لجميع العملاء في الدمام والمدينة المنورة والخبر والقطيف والجبيل ومختلف المناطق الأخرى التي تحتاج لمثل هذه الخدمات الحيوية والهامة فعملية نقل العفش والأثاث هي في الأصل عملية معقدة تحتاج الى شركة لديها من الخبرة والكفاءة ما يكفي لتقديم تلك الخدمات الهامة بسرعة واحترافية تنال رضى العملاء في مختلف المناطق.* تمتع بخدمات أفضل شركة نقل وتخزين أثاث بالمدينة المنورة: نقل العفش والأثاث من خلال الاستعانة بـشركة نقل اثاث بالمدينة المنورة يوفر لكل سكان المدينة المنورة هذه الخدمة الرائعة فاذا كنت أحد عملاء المدينة المنورة يمكنك طلب تلك الخدمة المميزة والتي تقوم بتقديمها للعملاء شركة نقل عفش بالمدينة المنورة من أجل الحافظ على العفش والأثاث الذي تمتلكه وترغب في نقله من مكان لأخر بسرعة وكفاءة عالية فأحد أهم عوامل الجودة في عملية نقل العفش هو الحفاظ عليه وحمايته من مختلف الأضرار سواء الكسر أو التمزق أو التلف والضياع وغيرها من الأمور التي لا ترغب بكل تأكيد من أن تحدث للعفش الخاص بك.* شركة نقل أثاث بالدمام: لكل العملاء الكرام في مدينة الدمام تقدم لهم شركة نقل الأثاث أيضا هذه الخدمة ذلك لتوفير الخدمات في عدد كبير من المناطق الشيء الذي يضمن تقديم خدمات مميزة ورائعة لعدد كبير من العملاء ويشمل ذلك العملاء في مدينة الدمام فتقوم شركة نقل عفش بالدمام بنقل العفش والأثاث



    Lianyungang Suke quartz products Donghai County, Jiangsu Province, the largest quartz thermal processing enterprises and bases. With secondary molding Flaring equipment two production lines, production, and comparable to the inlet tube of large diameter quartz tube. Small quartz glass processing lathe 5, the Suke people pursue product details and continue to explore and study Flaring and processing technology.The Lianyungang Suke quartz products covers an area of ​​15, 000 square meters, the annual inventory of all kinds of quartz tube, rod 300 kinds to meet the needs of various industries, the quartz tube and derivative products.



    We are pleased to inform you that brg ceramine has started commercial productions for quartz grits and fillers in new plant which is state of art and highly acomadate with new technology and perfections of quality standards . With this new plant our capacity to supply quartz grits is increased by 750-1000 mts per month capacity with existing capacity of 500 mt each for filler and grits .With new requirements quarries from your esteem company ., We would like to request you to please visit our plant to see our perfections of producing quality quartz grits for your valued quartz stones . At present our two grade of quartz grits are · opaque (milky )· semi transparent (glassy )with highly processings through high traned and qualified monitoring on daily productions and input of raw material we are sure about outcomes productions . Which is zero black particals and high purity of quartz . Which is key role for your precious quartz stones slab . We can make customised packi



    We "Century Trade" established in 2012, our Organization has become one of the emerging manufacturer Importer and Exporter of products such as premier quality Garnet, Quartz Powder, Quartz Lumps, Manganese, Feldspar, Silica Sand, etc. and Spices & Dry fruits. Our Organization is committed to delivering the finest and reliable quality products to our clients because our goal is customer satisfaction. We work to Develop the Customers trust that they can rely on us for our products and especially Minerals and safe delivery of their product. Our offered products are processed using the best grade basic materials and advanced technology by our hard-working team of professionals as per the market quality standards. The products offered by us are widely acknowledged among our esteemed clients owing to their unique characteristics like long shelf life, precisely processed, hygienically packed, etc. Our company operates in compliance with the law and adheres to high ethical standards in action with integrity and honesty. With our ethical and transparent business policies, we have carved a niche in the domestic as well as international market. We are backed up by a wide distribution network and spacious warehouse that enable us to ensure timely delivery of the products. Our client oriented approaches and reasonable prices provide us with an additional edge over other competitors in a similar area. We can provide products in all ranges of meshes and microns.



    Our products are non-metallic minerals and products such as mica, quartz sand, Quartz stone , vermiculite, Natural color sand, floating bead, barite and so on.Our company was established in 1988. We have become a large-scale supplier of quartz sand, vermiculite, Natural color sand, floating bead, barite and so on in China because of our precise technology and good service. Meanwhile, our company attracts a large number of domestic and international dealers because of our qualification in this field. Our products are widely used in domestic and international markets. Our company would like to establish a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with all of our customers based on good quality and perfect credit.


    Viet Nam

    Bao Loc is a jointstock company one of among subsidiary companies belong to Him Lam group. We are a professional supplier of construction materials. we have two factories one in Binh Duong province and other in Bac Ninh Province. Bao Loc investment construction jointstock company established in 2002 with orientation producing material for construction market. At present, Baoloc company have 04 producing lines of Burnt – clay hole brick with capacity up to 160 million products per year located Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong province. In 2009, Bao Loc company invested a plant of compound quartz stone that located in Que Vo district, Bac Ninh province with 9, 000 M2 of work area and total amount 200, 000 M2 of first stage. Virona compound quartz stone applied newest vibro – compression and vacuum process. Our product can either be sold as polished slabs of various dimensions, or finished products such as counter tops, floor and wall tiles, vanity units, kitchen top, etc.


    United Kingdom

    BlackQuartzTiles.co.uk sells multi color quartz tiles including Black Quartz Tiles. Black Quartz Tiles Ltd is offering the shining and easy to use Black Quartz Tiles as the customers prefer to fit the tiles in their whole flooring area. The restaurant cooking area is fitted with these black Quartz tiles with the purpose that the dirt is camouflaged in the dark color and at the same time the whole area gets double attraction by these bright polished black Tiles. Black Quartz Tiles Ltd have the perfectly cut tiles with reduced price than other tiles in the market. Special: black quartz tiles, starlight quartz tiles, sparkly tiles, quartz wall tiles, quartz tiles, quartz floor tiles, quartz tiles, glitter floor tiles



    OLympus sa is an industrial minerals producer The raw minerals extracted from its own quarries and procesed in its plant by crushing, washing, hand picking, drying, grinding in pebble mills, screening, air separation and packing as end product The main products are Quartz and Quartzite for specific mortars, artificial granite water filtering etc with particle size varying from 20 micron up to various size of granules 0, 1-0, 3 mm , 0, 3-1, 2 mm , 1, 2-2, 4 mm , 0, 3-2, 4 mm etc in accordance of customers request Next to above products is zeolite (clinoptilolite type) in granules and powder -20micron up to various size f granules 0-1mm , 1-3mm, 3-5mm for agriculture and as a supplement in animal foods Other minerals are pozzolane in powder -45 micron for archaeological works and traditional constructions and clayey diatomite as insect repellents in agricultute



    Vinayaka Microns (India) Pvt Ltd has production Facilities in located at Rajasthan in the western part of India and our administration office at Mumbai India. Basically VMPL is a leading producer of High Purity Quartz Grits & Filler from Rajasthan INDIA, for making of Quartz surface Engineering Stone and for many other application. Vinayaka Microns (India) Pvt Ltd has most popular sizes of our High Purity Quartz Grits and Filler which is as under -A) 0.1 - 0.4 mmB) 0.3 - 0.7 mmC) 0.6 - 1.2 mmD) 1.2 - 2.5 mmE) 2.5 - 4.0 mmF) 4.0 - 6.0 mmG) 0.8-0.15 mmH) 38 MicronsOther then of above we can also produce any specific sizes of Quartz Grits and Filler.RegardsRobert KerryExport ManagerVINAYAKA MICRONS (INDIA) PVT LTDTel.: +91 22 40131548 / Fax.: +91 22 27656821Mobile.: +91 8652101113E-mail: sales@vinayakamicrons.comwww.vinayakamicrons.com


    United Kingdom

    Lochaline Quartz Sand Ltd. owns and operates the silica sand mine in Lochaline, Morvern, in the West Highlands of Scotland. The main product of Lochaline Mine is LQS85, a high quality silica sand with low iron content and exceptional whiteness, unique among UK sand sources. The sand is particularly suited for production of top quality flint glass and is valued for a range of other uses where consistent white colour and low iron content are demanded. In addition to LQS85, Lochaline Mine has developed an additional sand grade, LQS500. This product is similar in appearence to LQS85 but with the iron content controlled at a slightly higher level. This product is a high purity silica sand suited for Clear glass production and is also suitable for any customers who require a white colour but where the absolute iron content is not critical. The plant has a fully equipped laboratory on site. Our product quality is closely monitored using modern analytical techniques including X-Ray Fluorescence. Lochaline Quartz Sand Ltd. is a joint venture between the Italian mining company Minerali Industriali and the global glass manufacturer NSG (owner of the famous Pilkington brand).



    Marbolux supplies and fits marble, granite, quartz, ceramics and corian for both indoors and outdoors. Tables, shelves, work surfaces, kitchen, sideboards, bathrooms, Italian shower, staircases and fireplaces, everything is done for many years of beauty and ease of use. Granite and marble from around the world, colours of the rainbow and more, they will brighten up your home in every possible way.



    Newstar stone is a specialized in natural stone series, we offer counter-tops, granite, marble, travertine, tile, , onyx and much more from residential applications like kitchens, vanities and other household projects to custom and commercial solutions. we pride ourselves in every project using the finest materials and a paramount attention to detail



    SIFUCEL has several units distributed throughout mainland Portugal being located in Rio Maior, Alcácer do Sal and Mosteiros/Alcanede. It has mineral reserves of over 700 Hectares and extracts, using the most modern methods, a large productive slice of silica sand, transforming it in a closed circuit, with high-tech equipment. It is dedicated to the external market of special and industrial sands.



    AB Anykščių Kvarcas manufactures and sells high-quality quartz sand: Washed quartz sand, 2/0.05 fraction from 0.0 to 1.2 mm (humidity up to 10%); Different fractions of dried quartz sand: Quartz sand 2/0.05 fraction 0.0 to 0.4 mmQuartz sand 2/0.05 fraction 0.0 to 0.8 mmQuartz sand 2/0.05 fraction 0.4 to 0.8 mmQuartz sand 2/0.05 fraction 0.8 to 1.2 mmQuartz sand powder A-4/12.



    2. China Newstar stone , white carrara marble , Calacatta white , pure white , aristone white , east white , Guangxi white , white slab , white marble , marble slab , italy marble , China marble , import marble , natural marble , white marble slab , marble tile , marble floor , marble wall .calacatta gold , italy marble , greece marble , turkey marble ,



    Our aim to providing high quality and premium silica sand to increase the production of high quality glass. our commitment to quality is as strong as yours, our products engineered to meet the aggressive demands of modern industrial processing. Working with customers in Egypt, the Gulf Region, Asia, Italy, Greece and Turkey. we have team to processing equipment and logistical facilities.


    United Kingdom

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