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  • ...Jams, Honey, Helwa, Hazelnut crème with cacao, honey syrup and sugar syrup in our own factory in Ankara Turkey. HSC 170290 Sugar syrup, HSC 200799 Jams, Jellies, Marmalades HSC 040900 Natural Honey Supplier of: Fruit preserves and jams | Honey | preserves, jams and marmalades | hazelnut creme | susame paste
    TURKEY - Ankara
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  • Supplier of: syrups, sugar | Aperitifs, alcoholic | liquors
    FRANCE - Valaurie
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  • The productions are located in ecologically clean area and uses only natural raw materials - sunflower seeds, corn syrup, sugar and advanced technologies. Supplier of: Oils and fats, edible | crude sunflower oil | foodstuffs | halva | fuel briquettes
    UKRAINE - Lubny
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  • ...can be used as a sweetener in all kind of drinks, in milk based sweets and in all other desserts instead of using white sugar. Instead of sugar or glucose syrup, date molasses is a healthier alternative in food industries. Supplier of: sugar free %100 natural | Import-export - food and agriculture | dates | natural snack | raw material for chocolate and protein bar produce
    TURKEY - Ankara
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  • ...sryups, liquid fructose, cane sugar, beefeed syrups, specialised bakery syrups, Golden Syrup, Treacle, fondants, and blends with Stevia and Neotame, including dry blends for table-top and bakery uses. Supplier of: Sugar | liquid sugar | fructose
    CZECH REP. - Zvoleneves
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  • Other raw materials that are added in marmelades are sugar, candy syrup and citric acid. Supplier of: Fruit-based preparations | thermostabil marmelades | fruit filling for biscuits | marmelades
    SERBIA - Feketić
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  • Therefore, be it coffee machines, vending tea, sugar, slush syrups, skimmed milk or any other coffee making ingredient of equipment, you can count on Coffee Seller for buying any of these things. Supplier of: Coffee machines, professional
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  • ...glucose and bespoke mixes, for the following sectors: juices, ice cream, cakes, catering, refreshment, confectionery, conserves, powdered sugar, liquid sugar, glucose syrup and polyol, seed oil, etc. Supplier of: Sugar | dark brown sugar | liquid sugar | Sweeteners | glucose
    SPAIN - Molina De Segura-Murcia
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  • Norevo GmbH is a globally established manufacturer and supplier of natural raw materials and special ingredients for the food and drink industry, for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors, and for... Supplier of: agave syrup | tablet sugar coatings | Food emulsifiers | Honey | Stabilisers, food [+] agar | carnauba wax | acidifier | synthetic thickeners | waxes | organic honey | honey | beeswax | pan release | baking ingredients
    GERMANY - Hamburg
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  • Hafen-Mühlen-Werke GmbH was established in 1949 and has a reliable Hanseatic tradition as an importing and trading company. Furthermore, in the last three decades we have become experts in the import... Supplier of: sugar substitutes | agave syrup | Condiments, extracts and spices | Extracts, food | Honey [+] coconuts | organic honey | ginger | raw coconut products for the food industry | malt flour | guar flour | xanthan gum | pre-gelatenised flours | honey powder | maltodextrins
    GERMANY - Gnarrenburg
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  • DeLeyer Food was founded in 1914 as a rusk factory in Boxtel, The Netherlands. In 2006 we developed the product ChocoWriters, and since 2012 we produce a wide range of cake decorations and... Supplier of: sugar fondant paste | Food specialities | natural food colourings | semi-finished pastry products | private label cake decorations [+] chocowriters decorating pen | chocolate colorings | fondant icing | glamour glaze sparkled gel | color paste soft gel in tubes
    NETHERLANDS - Boxtel
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  • Food Ingredients USA, Inc. is a supplier of bulk food ingredients for the United States market. Our natural conventional and organic bulk ingredients are consumed in a diversified range of industrial... Supplier of: Juices, fruit and vegetable | fruit juice concentrate | fruit puree | organic fruit juice concentrate | organic fruit puree
    UNITED STATES - Buffalo
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  • ...Enterprise, China's Top 10 Manufacturing Enterprise of Functional Sugar. Core products are resistant dextrin, fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS), isomaltooligosacharide (IMO), polydextrose, maltitol, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) etc. Supplier of: glucose syrups | Foods, health | natural additives for the food and canning industry | glucose | sweetening glucose
    CHINA - Shandong
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  • Xiamen Huashengbiz Import and Export Co., Ltd is a specialized supplier of Frozen fruits, vegetables & Canned foods with more than 10 years experiences. Our company is based in the Southern part of... Supplier of: Berries | frozen raspberry | frozen strawberry | canned sardine | canned tuna
    CHINA - Xiamen
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  • We offer B2C & B2B Zero Calorie Sugar Free Sauces and Syrups. Supplier of: sugar free syrup calorie free syrup carb free syrup coffee | low sugar sugar free low calorie | Sauces | sugar free sauce calorie free sauce carb free sauce | healthy snacks confectionary
    UNITED KINGDOM - Chorley
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  • KROHNE provides complete process instrumentation solutions for measuring flux, fill level, pressure and temperature, and for analysis applications. Founded in 1921 and with its main office in... Supplier of: Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - output and flow | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Flowmeters | Weight and mass - measurement and regulation instruments | thermometers for industrial use [+] pressure sensors | pressure gauges | ph measurement equipment | level sensors | flow meter | temperature measurement | sensors, probes, transmitters | flow metre manufacturer | process instrumentation
    GERMANY - Duisburg
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  • ...fruit fillings, marmalades, candied fruits in syrup, fondant, artificial honey, glucose syrup. We are also importer and exporter of sugar, icing sugar, raisins, rapeseed oil, palm oil and much more. Supplier of: Food - import-export
    POLAND - Pęgów
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  • honey, date powder and date sugar. Dates are naturally sweet, flavoursome and make a great alternative to refined sugars or sweeteners, for all those looking to make clean label products. Supplier of: date syrups to meet all food manufacturing requirements | Food - import-export | suppliers of the best date ingredients | chopped dates for food manufacturers | date powder or sugar food ingredients
    UNITED KINGDOM - Borehamwood
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  • ...starch and food processing industry.Vogelbusch offers proprietary processes for biocommodities such as alcohol, bioethanol, yeast, vinegar, as well as glucose, dextrose, high fructose syrup, and citric acid. Supplier of: Industrial consultants | plants and equipment for the production of pure alcohol
    AUSTRIA - Wien
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  • ...dates, date paste and date juice concentrates (date syrups) to food companies, manufacturers and retailers. Our ingredients work as a high-quality alternative to refined sugars and sweeteners. Supplier of: date syrups | Fruits, dried | dates | date paste | date fruit
    UNITED KINGDOM - Peterborough
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  • ...sugar Fast dissolving sugarSyrup Fruit syrup Molass Phosphorus Gypsum Nondairy creamer Bath Soap Organic Soap Quicklime Hydrated Lime Slaked Lime Hydraulic lime Calcium Carbonate Methyl Ester White Spirit Rubber Solvent MEG DEG TEG... Supplier of: Import-export - agents | chemical | palm oil
    THAILAND - Bangkok
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  • ...for cookies and biscuits .Bakery oil ( Shortening oil )We also offer egg yolk powder , egg white powder , non-dairy creamer , fruit powder , maltodextrin, glucose syrup, Welcome to co-operation with us. Supplier of: Cocoa and chocolate
    CHINA - Kunming
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  • ...with 120, 000 tons for fructose syrup and maltose syrup, 12000 tons of rice protein with first phase investment at RMB50 million. These products widely used in beverages, bread, canned food, dairy, sugar, pharmaceutical, feed etc. Supplier of: Food flavourings
    CHINA - Wuhu City
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  • PRUNEAUX DE MENET specialise in Agen prunes, with pits, pitted, chocolate-filled, in wine, in syrup, creamed, as a compote with no added sugar. Supplier of: Dried fruits | Fruits, dried | packing of dried fruits | packaged exotic fruit | prunes
    FRANCE - Villeneuve Sur Lot
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  • ...products, ground coffee, fairtrade beans, Milfresh milk and hot chocolate, grinders, tamps, knock out drawers, take away cups, sugar sachets, biscuits, Monin syrups and many many more coffee items. Supplier of: Coffee and tea | coffee supplies | espresso supplies
    UNITED KINGDOM - Glasgow
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  • Fructose corn syrup, also known as HFCS. It is an ideal substitute of sugar. Supplier of: fructose corn syrup | high fructose syrup | Drink additives
    CHINA - Binzhou
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  • Amigos International Trade BV was established in 2005. Amigos (co-)develops, imports and distributes organic food with a green footprint. Amigos is the preferred supplier of (organic) wholesale and... Supplier of: organic palm sugar | organic syrup | Organic food | organic chocolate | organic energy bars
    NETHERLANDS - Wageningen
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  • Supplier of: Sugar | liquid sugar | glucose syrups
    SPAIN - Murchante
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  • Supplier of: brown sugar | manufacturer of fructose syrup | Dairy Products | Food preservatives | non phosphate
    THAILAND - Bangkok
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