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    The company HYDITEX CORPORATION, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Scientific research centres and laboratories industry. It also operates in the technological laboratory, explosion-proof, hydrogen, and Hydrogen for energy industries. It is based in Kerenia, Cyprus.



    The company HIPPEROS, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Onboard electronic systems industry. It also operates in the innovative products, and technological laboratory industries. It is based in Gosselies, Belgium.



    The company DRONE VALLEY, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Associations and organisations industry. It also operates in the innovative products, technological laboratory, and technology platform industries. It is based in Libramont, Belgium.

  4. ICTER


    The company ICTER, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Medicine and ergonomics - studies and research industry. It also operates in the eye diseases, technological laboratory, ophthalmology, and research centres industries. It is based in Warsaw, Poland.



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    As a manufacturer of innovative and certified hardness test equipment and hardness test systems and services, it is our duty to guarantee quality. Our strengths are our focus on the essential and our drive to consistently meet all of our customers' requirements. As a manufacturer and family-run business we consider our responsibility to be not only to our products, but also to our employees. We serve customers in the following industries: rubber and plastics processing, automotive, medical technology, laboratories | institutes, aerospace engineering, and the food, optical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, among others.

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    Benefit from more than 65 years of experience. The company was founded in 1950 by Friedrich Würth with the corporate objective of producing and repairing heating elements for household devices, industrial applications as well as medical and laboratory technology. His successors have remained true to the original company objectives to this day. Today, his grandson Steffen Wolf runs the company in the tradition of its founder’s philosophy. You can benefit from the advantages of our location. The company headquarters of Friedrich Würth Produktions GmbH are located in Empfingen. The production site of Würth products is in the Czech Republic. The WoTech company belongs to the Würth company group. We would be happy to show you our product range on the following pages, which includes, in addition to electrical heating elements for various applications and ceramic heating plates, complete device and system component manufacturing.



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    For over five decades, the name Rübsamen & Herr has been synonymous with reliability and the "Made in Germany" quality standard. What began in 1964 as an electrical control construction company has developed over the years and become a successful company, now in the hands of Ralf Uwe Jungfer and Armin Herr, the next generation guiding the company. We develop, produce and sell high-quality, innovative products for enclosure air conditioning. The company's services include the supply of ex stock standard products and the development of customer-specific special solutions. Our customers are active in sectors such as mechanical engineering and plant construction, telecommunications, medical and laboratory technology, traffic technology and energy technology, as well as from the renewable energy sector, which focuses on the future. Our quality management system is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. Our company is based in Neunkirchen, a location steeped in tradition, from where we supply products to customers all over the world.



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    Welcome to Quarzglas Komponenten und Service "QCS GmbH". Quarzglas Komponenten und Service GmbH has operated successfully in the national and international market for several years now. Our company was founded as a result of the takeover of the laboratory technology product line from the company Heraeus Quarzglas. We can therefore draw upon more than 50 years of experience working with quartz glass for the market. QCS GmbH develops and produces quartz glass products to customer specifications. We produce individual pieces and series, up to complete quartz glass apparatus incl. electrical control technology. Our technological range of machining and processing options enables us to find the perfect solution individually tailored to the needs of each customer. For individual, customer-specific queries, we will develop the technologically and economically ideal solution for your application.



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    Innovative solutions for sealing, bonding and casting. A technology driver and quality leader: Based in Grafenberg near Metzingen, RAMPF Polymer Solutions develops and produces state-of-the-art casting resins based on polyurethane, epoxy and silicone. RAMPF Polymer Solutions' product range includes liquid and thixotropic sealing systems, electro-casting resins and gap fillers, structural casting resins, edge casting systems, filter encapsulation systems and bonding systems. Products in the RAKU® PUR (polyurethane), RAKU® POX (epoxy) and RAKU® SIL (silicone) ranges guarantee the optimal solution for your application. Research and development is a top priority for RAMPF Polymer Solutions: A large-scale innovation centre is available for laboratory and application technology. Every day, we work to develop new products, adapt existing products to individual customer requirements and test new material combinations. RAMPF Polymer Solutions is ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 certified. Our products are listed by leading manufacturers in the automotive, electrical and electronics industries, among others, and meet the highest quality requirements including IP 67, IP 69, UL 94 V0, FMVSS 302, UL 746 B (RTI) and insulation classes B–F. We use state-of-the-art production processes and equipment to guarantee economical, environmentally friendly and high-quality production of our materials in compliance with DIN ISO 14001.



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    Trivialtex is a Portugal-based high-quality Polyamide and Polyester producer and a reference in polyamide 6 and polyamide 6.6 for the textile market in Europe. We play a role as a provider of high-quality synthetic fiber for knitters, weavers, the sportive garment industry, etc. Trivialtex operates with two different business lines: Polyamide and Polyester producing Polymide 6 and 6.6, Polyester Dope Dyed, as well as Custom Milled Yarn. Our machines are 100% made in Europe. Our mission is to strengthen our presence as a strategic partner for professional fabric manufacturers and brands in Europe and develop and provide personalized textile products that meet our client’s different requirements. Why Trivialtex? - All of our products are certified Oeko-tex Standard 100, a well-known textile certification standard for consumer safety. - Our compromise is to keep enhancing our products and services - continuously. Therefore, we invest in training, vertical operation, and technology. - Our facilities have three laboratories to ensure high physical standards, color development, and assure the soundness and quality of our yarns. - Our teams and suppliers are engaged in our shared goal of improving and delivering beyond expectations products to our clients, always putting into practice methods and techniques to upgrade our commercial practices. Don't hesitate in contacting us for more info!

  1. ZIA LLC


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    Since 2019, ZIA LLC has adhered to European quality and service standards. It has applied the best technology and equipment under strict laboratory and cleanliness controls. In 2022, we expanded further by adding manufacturing and storage capabilities in Odesa and Chernivtsi. Our company is ISO 22000 certified. Our success is based on: - Ongoing technical experiments to improve products; - Adding new product lines; - Staying aligned with the latest trends in the confectionery; - Automating customer service processes; - Upgrading equipment. YERO COLORS™ is an ideal solution for resellers, retailers, online/offline stores, confectionery product manufacturers, bakeries and confectionery schools. YERO COLORS™ by ZIA LLC offers a range of decorative confectionery products from premium ingredients of its own manufacture: : - Water-soluble synthetic classic, shiny, and natural-based gel food dyes; - Airbrush dyes; - High-shine dry food dyes; - Natural cocoa butter-based, fat-soluble food dyes in drops; - Nature-identical flavorings; - Premium-class powdered sugar (80 microns particle size); - Sugar paste for modeling (mastic for making figures and decorating confectionery); - Icing, a dry mixture for making glaze; - A wide range of confectionery ingredients. Our guiding principle has always been to provide the best quality products. All technological points and international sanitary standards are observed. Robust laboratory controls ensure products of the highest quality.



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    Garex Adria d.o.o. is a high-tech health company operating successfully since 2015. Under its auspices, it brings together experts of various profiles: information technology, medicine, laboratory research, rapid diagnostics, marketing, and sales. In 2020, Garex Adria successfully launched a global Starlife supplements brand, under which high-quality products and services are created to slow the ageing process, firm the body, strengthen the immune system, maintain vitality for all ages, and diagnose the condition of the organism. All our products are available on the webshop. GoStarlife is an online store offering our first-rate anti-aging products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes. We are a European company based in Slovenia, made up of innovators and forward-thinkers with the drive and wherewithal to update and improve ageing and health processes constantly. Our philosophy: "We create a healthier and better tomorrow, " is based on a solid commitment to our customers to provide scientifically proven high-tech products that offer quality and productive life. The company has two research groups participating in domestic and international projects to develop innovative products and solutions.

  1. SERIART G2 S.R.L.


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    Seriart G2 combines its expertise in the silk-screen printing industry with ongoing research in the use of the highest performing materials. From large industrial groups, motorcycle manufacturers, top fashion brands and electrical household appliance manufacturers: our customers find that our products have a winning formula, one based on research and innovative solutions, industrial technology, cutting-edge laboratories and creativity.



    ELBAT CJSC was founded in 2007 as a joint German-Armenian enterprise. The state of the art production plant is built on a flexible manufacturing system that adapts to different product creativity and design. Elbat offers full-line of batteries for every type of vehicles from municipal, cars, motor coaches, trucks to heavy duty such as agricultural and construction vehicles. Our products are designed to outlive the high demand of electric usage in a vehicle, the severe climate changes and rough road condition backed with good value wholesale pricing and generous warranties. Elbat invested in one of the most effective state of the art anti-pollution equipment for water and air with a large capacity to filter impurities and harmful junctions. Elbat complies with European safety, health and environmental regulations. QMS: ISO 9001: 2008 and EMS: ISO 14001: 2004 certificates were achieved in 2011, before launching its first products. Now Elbat produces 3 types of batteries: Conventional Lead Acid Starter Batteries, Maintenance Free-CA/CA Technology batteries and Low Maintenance/ Hybrid Technology batteries. Elbat's well equipped laboratories test at each stage the battery components and characteristics according to the European and international standard requirements to ensure quality control.Every new battery on the production line is tested based on CCA parameters to assure each battery delivered to the customer is 100% power and quality guaranteed.



    Ostec company is a manufacturer of industrial and scientific instruments and equipment, a developer of comprehensive solutions in the production of scientific research equipment. The company picks out innovative technologies and laboratory equipment and instruments, upgrades them by efforts of its engineering departments and brings to the international market the equipment that meets customer requirements and uses customer technologies and applications. The company provides further technical support to the customer as well. Ostec holds its own brands of research and industrial equipment: •RAMOS — microscopes for Raman microscopy and spectroscopy. Research-grade compact and multilaser systems with the options of scanning by galvano mirrors, CARS-microscopy, 3D-scanning. •IROS — Research and industrial online FTIR spectrometers with a selection of cells, optional modules and FiPOS fiber probes for online monitoring of chemical processes. •NIOS — modular scanning nanomechanical testers that can be configured and functionally extended to satisfy any industry or research application. •OCOS — compact spectrometers, monochromators, spectrographs, digital cameras and single-channel detectors. •GAOS – gas analyzers based on sensors and process mass spectrometer gas analysis systems. •AVOS — active and passive antivibration tables. Ostec is a regular participant of the international trade fairs CNCLS, CDYPE, analytica China, analytica Munich, SciX, ARABLAB, Pittcon, IFEX, MRS



    ALLVAC's key area of expertise is the production of deep drawing PA/PE films. These composite films are primarily used for packaging perishable food products. The key quality criteria for the various film types are the use of high-quality raw materials from innovative, well-known suppliers and the continual development of the film structure and production processes. The company covers the entire process chain, from film development to extrusion and manufacturing, enabling customers to benefit from unparalleled flexibility and speed. Its expertise and modern productions facilities mean that customer requirements can be reliably met. ALLVAC is not only a valued provider of high-quality PA/PE films in German-speaking countries but is also gaining increasing popularity around the world. Exports account for over 60% of the company turnover and its strong growing markets are North and South America, South Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia. ALLVAC was founded in 1992 by Hans Bresele Senior, and since then has been enjoying increasing success, rooted in a conservative sense of values, a good deal of innovative creativity and a commitment to high quality. Developments in acceptance of renewable raw materials for film products is another important key concept. ALLVAC is doing pioneering work here in its own laboratory and application technology centre.



    It's great that you're here to find out about our company. With our employees' expertise and more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of glass apparatus, we represent proven quality, comprehensive service and innovative solutions to problems. As a service provider for the chemistry and science sectors, we provide our customers with the whole spectrum of laboratory supplies, laboratory technology and glass laboratory instruments. Our range comprises more than 150, 000 items from renowned manufacturers and specialist laboratory retailers. Since 1958, qualified manufacturers of glass apparatus have been making laboratory glass, such as non-alkaline-earth borosilicate glass, into glass laboratory instruments. Via single part and series production processes, the glass laboratory instruments are manufactured for scientific equipment and industrial applications according to diagrams, drawings and templates. Our production employees specialise in manufacturing in accordance with customer-specific requirements. Beyond this, our sales employees would be happy to advise you about the many areas of application in a personal conversation.



    Kniel makes the difference. Quality without compromise, highly-qualified engineers, sophisticated service – power supplies from Kniel set standards. For your success. Kniel System-Electronic GmbH is a leading high-tech manufacturer of power supplies that range from 7 to 3000 watts. Founded in 1975, the company has developed over the years from a standard manufacturer into a provider of innovative, customised power supplies that draw on expertise in technological fields such as automation, measurement and testing, sensors and automotive engineering as well as medicine and laboratory technology. The product range from Kniel is divided into three main areas: Power supplies and accessories for 19" systems, top-hat rail mounting and wall mounting. The customer is able to choose from a variety of product types that include more than 10, 000 different standard devices. The company's headquarters are located in Karlsruhe, meaning that power supplies from Kniel are 100% made in Germany.



    The Sartorius group is one of the world's main suppliers of pharmaceutical and laboratory technologies with two divisions – Bioprocess Solutions and Lab Products & Services. The Bioprocess Solutions division with a broad portfolio of products geared to single-use solutions, contributes to the safe, efficient manufacture of biomedicines and vaccines. The Lab Products & Services division concentrates on top of the range laboratory apparatus, consumables and services for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry research and quality assurance laboratories well as university research institutes. The group, which operates manufacturing and distribution sites in about 110 countries, currently employs almost 6 200 people.



    On 1st July 2018, the sales and assembly capacities of the laboratory technology divisions from VARIALUX GmbH and Rotter Reinstraumservice were separated from GK Sondermaschinenbau GmbH and merged into Labor- und Reinraumtechnik Arnsdorf GmbH. This made it possible for us to offer even more efficient processes and more varied products, and consequently to fulfil the requirements of our customers even better. Our water baths and thermostats are available as standard equipment or special versions. As a contract manufacturer, we guarantee to our customers that we will execute all orders with great precision and reliability. In collaboration with selected qualified partners, we process all materials relevant for clean rooms, pharmacies and laboratories. We have specialised here in the production of demanding individual parts. As a module supplier, we install parts and components of various suppliers on installable modules for our customers.



    Ligredo is an experimental and design sewing laboratory, that develops and prints patterns for garment production, and offers wholesale sewing of garments. The laboratory provides the following services to clothing brands and companies that make womenswear and menswear: —developing models with regard to a customer's requirements; —making samples according to the designed paper patterns for clothing to verify the fit of the garments and further adjusting the patterns and manufacturing processes; —printing patterns on wide format plotter in DXF, PLO, PLT, PDF formats; —construction and design of garments, pattern grading according to sketches, photos, and reference patterns; —sewing clothes in batches of 5 and more pieces of one color and model; —designing corporate apparel and corporate merchandise; — sewing of evening dresses, corsets, beadwork and sequins. Since 2018, Ligredo has been launching tailoring projects for men's and women's clothing of different styles, including haute couture, ready-to-wear luxury clothing. The lab's experts handle 1, 2, and 3-ply garments, and beyond. Ligredo's specialists use fabrics and accessories of English and Italian fashion houses, they also work with fur and leather. The laboratory applies sewing technologies of the best European fashion houses. The company offers individually designed patterns and models of clothing at a customer's request and implementation of ideas of any complexity.



    Based in Eilenburg, Germany, PCW GmbH possesses modern production facilities over 65, 000 m² that conform to the latest technological standards. With approximately 150 employees, the production capacity amounts to 48, 000 tons. Having already undergone a large-scale expansion in 2008, PCW GmbH is once again investing in expanding its production facilities to include the latest technologies, manufacturing systems and laboratory equipment. This way, the company will continue to stay abreast of the continual growth in the compounding market. The product range also has a long tradition to draw upon: PVC products have been sold worldwide under the Decelith brand name since 1936. The popular range is continually being expanded to include new product groups. These include developments in the field of polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) that are an ideal complement to the existing hard and soft PVC products.


    United Kingdom

    Eurofins | BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd. (Eurofins | BLC) is a world-leading technology center and testing laboratory based in Northampton, United Kingdom. Eurofins | BLC holds accreditations from UKAS, CPSC, and ILAC, and has auditors approved to carry out LWG audits. Established for over 95 years, Eurofins | BLC provides a complete range of supply chain services to the leather industry, covering all areas from raw material through to finished product. Eurofins | BLC works closely with brands, retailers, product manufacturers and tanneries in many countries around the world. As the only laboratory dedicated to leather, footwear, chemical, and leather product testing, Eurofins | BLC has the technical pedigree to ensure fast and accurate solutions to technical, environmental or management problems in the leather supply chain. Eurofins | BLC Leather Supply Chain Services: •Chemical & Physical Testing •Fault Diagnosis & Problem Solving •Consulting & Auditing •Chem-MAP – Chemical Verification Systems •Membership •UK & International Training •Sustainability •Research & Innovation For more information about Eurofins | BLC products and services, visit www.blcleathertech.com or contact Eurofins | BLC directly to discuss on +44 (0)1604 679999 or email info@blcleathertech.com.



    SHP Steriltechnik AG is an established company in the field of steam sterilisation equipment for more than 14 years. The Laboklav autoclave series is available to the customer according to their individual requirements and dimensions. A manufacturer's warranty of up to five years and numerous accessories as well as a range of spare parts round off the service spectrum. Investments in research, development and marketing led to product development in the medical sector. All products are ISO DIN 9001: 2015 and ISO DIN 13485 certified and TÜV tested. In 2020, the company received an award in 2020 for being the best German manufacturer of steam sterilisers. Memberships exist with the SPECTARIS association. Professional Association of Analysis, Bio- and Laboratory Technology and the Association of Wholesale and Foreign Trade in Nursing and Laboratory Supplies. The SHP Steriltechnik AG group also includes two companies that stand for sustainability, recycling and environment.



    We are engaged in Manufacturing and Exporting an array of Starch Powder , Dextrin Modified Starch, British Gum, Industrial Dextrin, and Corrugated Products etc…. We have been producing Corn Starch & modified starches in a quantity of as much as 9000 MT per month.We have a Strong Infrastructure with latest Technology , Laboratories, R & D Centre and Ultra Modern state-of-art production plant to meet high standard requirements of global market , With the objective of providing products of highest quality, value added services & diversification in starch & related industries



    Shanghai Vitalyield Biotech Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the field of humic acid and humate products. We are focused on research and development, manufacture, sales, and services for high-quality humic acid series products and are committed to providing reliable and sustainable products and services to global customers. We are involved in important products including a series of humic acid, sodium humate, potassium humate, potassium fulvate, fulvic acid, boron humate, and so on. Our main production base is located in a national-level economic and technological development zone and we have a large number of quality natural leonardite resources. We also have advanced equipment and mature processes for production. The core and important positions are all still the original DDHA company, including the Production Department, Technology Research and Development Department, Laboratory, and Sales Department. Inheriting the export and professionalism of DDHA, VitalYield uses high-quality raw materials and strictly leverages quality control. With more than 25 years of production and export experience of humic acid products, and our consistent input in excellent quality, superior services, and good reputation, our products have been deployed in more and more places in the world. We are sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you to build an ecologically organic, resource-conserving, and environmentally friendly earth.


    United Kingdom

    PCE INSTRUMENTS is a manufacturer and seller of test equipment, control systems, scales and balances as well as laboratory equipment, operating on an international level: Acoustic Noise Dosimeters, Control Systems, Laboratory Technology, Measuring Instruments and Weighing Equipment, Sound level meters ... We mainly sell test meters which are developed, produced and sold under our own label "PCE INSTRUMENTS ®". Test Equipment which is not manufactured by PCE Instruments itself is selected from other top class manufacturers. PCE offers advice during the customer’s selection process, information on how to use the equipment and repair and (re)-calibration services, which is beneficial and convenient for our customers because they get everything they need from one source. The company’s headquarters are in Germany, with offices in Italy, France, Turkey, the Netherlands, Spain, Hong Kong, China, the US, Poland, Bulgaria, Chile and the UK. At PCE INSTRUMENTS we distribute smart products and solutions for technical tasks in industry, research and development.



    50 years of experience has made ZIEGRA into a leading international manufacturer that exclusively deals with industrial ice machines and associated technology. Products range from small laboratory machines through medium-sized machines for trade and processing to large fully-automatic equipment for industry. More than 80 specialists work at ZIEGRA who focus on all matters relating to ice. Experience, unconditional awareness of quality and continual further development make ZIEGRA a benchmark for its sector throughout Europe. To date, ZIEGRA ice machines have been used in over 160 countries on all continents. Our own national and international customer service departments, subsidiaries and representatives provide the necessary support with all installations. The second generation of this family company continues to ensure high standards of production for quality that's made in Germany.



    KURTSAN was established in 1982 and has been manufacturing all types of Wheel Hubs since then. By the addition of high quality bearings and wheel hub assemblies to the product range, Kurtsan is unique with more than 400 different wheel hub applications for all types of commercial vehicles. Automotive aftermarket leaders and OE manufacturers have been using well known Kurtsan wheel hubs for more than 33 years. By the advantage of being a complete facility, Kurtsan produces molds, makes the casting with highest quality raw materials, finishes the machining and painting processes in his own factory based in Konya/Turkey. Fully equipped laboratories with latest technology devices are making all necessary tests for both casting and machining by the rules of ISO 9001: 2008. Kurtsan’s capacity for wheel hubs is 300.000 pieces/year. These products have been sold by 145 dealers in 68 countries. With 33 years experience, Kurtsan is one of the most qualified suppliers of wheel hubs in the World.


    United States

    Laboratory Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures radiation measurements and safety products. Our Bind-It decontamination products are widely used in hospital nuclear medicine departments, nuclear pharmacies, universities and nuclear power plants. Additionally, our thyroid Patient kits are designed for use by thyroid patients receiving I131 to remove contamination form their home isolation area. These products are also ideal for emergency response involving radioactive contamination. Bind-It hand/body wash is the only decontamination product designed specifically for use on skin and hair. Our Wiper and Multi-Wiper counters enhance hot lab productivity for wipe testing and isotope identification.

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