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    Schrader was founded in 1969 in Münsterland. Today, Schrader comprises the departments of process technology, fluid technology, E&S and equipment manufacture and works all over the world with our collected markets. Schrader Verfahrenstechnik supplies turnkey installations and is your partner for high-quality production systems in the food & pharmaceutical industry. Schrader Verfahrenstechnik is also a reliable partner when it comes to waste water treatment and reclamation using evaporation processes which generate steam. Schrader Fluid Technology is an independent specialist for tailored supply and application systems for paint, sealing materials and adhesives in the automotive industry. Schrader Engineering & Service offers servicing, maintenance and spare parts worldwide. Schrader Apparatebau possesses highly sophisticated machinery for manufacturing cutting edge equipment. Our employees' extensive expertise guarantees welding applications and processing of the highest quality.

  2. AGRO-EKO S.R.O.

    Czech Rep.

    AGRO-EKO Ltd. was founded in 1992. The Main business is focused on these three areas: 1) Buildings, technologies and other services in the environmental area, where the company concentrates on technology supplies and processing of biologically decomposable waste (BDW) and its further use. 2) Preparing of project documentation and studies in environmental, especially for biologically decomposable waste treatment.3) Solving of science and research program. The core business is the manufacture of EWA Aerobic Fermentors = patented and certified technology for controlled aerobic thermophillic fermentation. EWA Fermentor is able to process all types of biowaste including sludge from waste water treatment plants and animal by-products in accordace with the EU Regulation no. 1069/2009. EWA Fermentor is able to produce compost, reclamation substrate or biofuel in a very short time. AGRO-EKO offers a turnkey solution for your waste.



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    Ovivo is a global company with offices in 15 countries and five continents and is solely dedicated to treating water and waste water. As real water specialists, we understand the complexity of water and the day-to-day reality for our customers. We are driven not only by the global aspects of tried-and-tested practices, we are also proud to challenge standards! Our well-established technologies, unmatched experience and corporate culture enable us to realise first-rate projects all over the world. We are specialists in planning, constructing and maintaining the following facilities: Ion exchanger plants, complete desalination plants, turnkey plants, waste water treatments and decontamination. We also specialise in water management, water recycling, recovering resources, servicing and maintaining waste water treatment plants (WTTP), and, in particular, eliminating heavy metals.



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    KMU LOFT Cleanwater SE is the professional and reliable partner of the water treatment industry – worldwide. From initial analysis and design to installation and commissioning, our industry experts, engineers and chemists are here to help you every step of the way. We have been designing and producing KMU LOFT vacuum evaporators as efficient solutions for waste water treatment since 1989. Currently, over 2400 of our vacuum evaporators are treating waste water all over the world, 24/7. Our evaporators recover up to 98% reusable high-quality distillate, allowing our customers from a wide variety of sectors to treat their waste water efficiently and safely. Using vacuum evaporators helps not only to reuse treated waste water as a resource, but also minimises costs, since you can recover and reuse valuable by-products from your waste water.



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    FLUIDTEC offers various technologies for water treatment and pump technology. FLUIDTEC has made it its business to design technical solutions for water treatment and water pumping for its customers ecologically and economically. Sustainability as well as the quality of our products and services are everyday requirements that the customer strives for when considering the environment and economy. Our product range consists of: Complete technical systems for processing water and other liquids. System components for water and liquid treatment. Consumables for water and/or liquid treatment.

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    The company GE WATER & PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES, which operates in the Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment industry. It also operates in the Water treatment products, Treatment of industrial waste water, Water treatment products, and Treatment of industrial waste water industries. It is based in Herentals, Belgium.


    United Kingdom

    Krysteline is a provider of bespoke solutions to the materials processing and recycling industry. Centred on its unique patented Implosion systems; developed for the quick, efficient and cost effective size reduction of a wide range of materials including glass, ceramics, minerals, ores and furnace slags. Our flexible processing methods allow processing plants to produce crushed glass that is sharp free and, after being screened and cleaned, a high quality product for use in a range of different marketplaces; water filtration, foam glass, hydroponics, remelt and aggregates to name but a few. Through significant investment in the research and development of our technology, we have been able to provide solutions across a global marketplace, from capital cities to small remote islands, for pharmaceutical companies, MRF operators, glass producers, windscreen recyclers and many more technically and commercially challenged applications. Through our patented, low-carbon Implosion technology, we encourage and facilitate the recycling of 100% of waste glass that would otherwise go to landfill, helping our partners to save money, resources and the planet.



    Since 1931 Walther Trowal has been developing and producing systems for the refinement of surfaces. Initially focusing exclusively on mass finishing – the term “Trowalizing” originated from the company’s cable address “Trommel Walther” – Walther Trowal has continuously expanded its product portfolio. Over time the company has developed a broad range of machinery and systems for mass finishing, shot blasting and coating of mass produced small components. With the invention of new systems like, for example, drag finishing and the development of special finishing methods for 3D printed components, the company has proven its innovative capabilities again and again. Trowal develops and implements complete surface treatment solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into linked production systems existing at the customers. This includes the entire process technology, perfectly adapted to the specific surface finishing requirements of the work pieces: Equipment and the respective consumables always complement each other in a perfect manner. Each individual work piece and each manufacturing process must meet special technical requirements. That is why the experienced process engineers in our test lab, in close cooperation with the customers, develop the optimal process technology for the finishing task at hand. The result: Work piece surfaces that meet exactly the required specification with short processing times and a high degree of consistent, repeatable results.



    The company 4L ENGENHARIA, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Water retreatment - equipment and installations industry. It also operates in the Car wash accessories, construction of water treatment machines, waste water recycling, and process water treatment and recycling industries. It is based in São Paulo, Brazil.



    We make drinking water or groundwater suited for your process, consumption, cooling, heating, cleaning, and much more with our systems! Every water treatment system we create is one-of-a-kind and thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. This implies it is 100% focused on the application in your company and is guaranteed to function. As a result, we assist you in getting the most out of your product, process, or service. On delivery, all that is required is to connect the water pipe and place the plug into the socket. We provide appropriate solutions for hospitals, industries, and utilities under the motto "German Quality, Dutch Thinking." For this, we use process technologies that provide good answers to the majority of market questions. This can include boiler feed water, flushing water, and/or cooling and heating water. This implies that we may create customized installations utilizing Grünbeck items that are tailored to your needs. For additional information, please submit a quote request on our website or contact us.



    The company ACQUA.ECOLOGIE / BIOMICROBICS FRANCE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Water purification industry. It also operates in the waste water treatment apparatus, process water treatment and recycling, and water recycling plants industries. It is based in Meze, France.



    When traditional water treatment methods reach their limits or process fluid disposal becomes uneconomical, we put to use our membrane distillation technology. Through the use of waste heat or renewable energies, we can improve the CO2 balance of your company. We offer complete solutions for industrial waste water treatment. Our products are used in the metallurgical industry in the field of printed circuit technology, or in research. For drinking water treatment, we use our solar-powered MBS systems, which produce crystal-clear water through up to five treatment stages. Since 2009, SolarSpring GmbH, membrane solutions, has become a world-leading membrane distillation specialist. We don't just believe in the importance of water; we work together with regional suppliers and are committed to a purposeful company structure.



    IKP Nord AB has worked with water management since 1998. We help the largest industrial companies to energy optimize the companies' water process. We also perform water tests and have our own techniques and manufacture our own chemicals for an optimized water that suits your industry. We also perform heat exchanger cleanings, gasket changes and recond of these. Feel free to contact us as we have a great technical competence when it comes to water. We are happy to send you a free quote on how we can help you. Our technologies are located throughout Europe.



    The company BWS ANLAGENBAU & SERVICE GMBH, is a Distributor, which operates in the Water distribution industry. It also operates in the Treatment of industrial waste water, process water treatment and recycling, Effluent and wastewater treatment, Treatment of industrial waste water, and manufacturers of water purification plants industries. It is based in Oberndorf A.n., Germany.