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    GERMANY- Ditzingen
    OVIVO DEUTSCHLAND GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Ovivo is a global company with offices in 15 countries and five continents and is solely dedicated to treating water and waste water. As real water specialists, we understand the complexity of water...

    Supplier of: Waste water recycling | waste water treatment systems for industry | waste water treatment, biological | waste water treatment plants | waste water treatment systems, physical-chemical [+] industrial water treatment facilities | water treatment systems | water treatment systems for waste water from production | waste water treatment, chemical | waste water treatment, physical | waste water treatment plants, physical | waste water treatment plants, biological | industrial water treatment plants | biocides for industrial water treatment | spare parts for waste water treatment plants

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    GERMANY- Bremen

    ...process equipment, environment protection, water and waste water treatment solutions and systems for industries and municipalities.Prozess & Umwelt Systeme GmbH’s Products and Services are: Water Treatment EquipmentRO ( Reverse Osmosis System)Ultra Pure Water Package UF ( Ultra...

    Supplier of: Treatment of industrial waste water | waste water treatment equipment | water treatment equipment | disinfection system | process equipment

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    GERMANY- Kirchentellinsfurt
    KMU LOFT CLEANWATER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    KMU LOFT Cleanwater GmbH is the professional and reliable partner of the water treatment industry – worldwide. From initial analysis and design to installation and commissioning, our industry...

    Supplier of: industrial run-off water treatment | waste water treatment for industry | industrial water treatment facilities | water treatment systems for waste water from production | Water retreatment - equipment and installations [+] belt filters | process water treatment and recycling | polluted water treatment | vacuum evaporators | production free from waste water | waste water cycle plants | waste water purification station | oil separator | process water treatment plants | demineralisation systems

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    GERMANY- Remchingen
    MSE FILTERPRESSEN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Since its founding in 1978, MSE Filterpressen® has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality filter presses in the field of solid-liquid separation. With the filter press plants...

    Supplier of: waste water treatment and sludge treatment | waste water treatment plants | water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | waste water treatment, sewage plants and sludge treatment | Filtering equipment and supplies [+] effluent and wastewater treatment | filter presses | solid/liquid separation | chamber filter press | filters and filter elements | feeding pumps | sewage water plant construction | sewage treatment plants | process technology | filters for waste water technology

    • Semi-mobile filter press plant (the cube) Semi-mobile filter press plant (the cube) The semi-mobile filter press - flexibly applicable and quickly ready for use
    • Semi-automatic filter press Semi-automatic filter press The semi-automatic filter press - economical with simple operation
    • CellTRON® filter press CellTRON® filter press The CellTRON® high-tech filter press for highest filtration requirements
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  • BMT, LTD
    RUSSIA- Vladimir
    BMT, LTD - Verified by Europages

    BMT is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of filtration equipment. The company was founded in 2005 to develop filter systems for the analysis of surface, ground and drinking water....

    Supplier of: Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | Filtering equipment and supplies | Vacuum pumps | Distilling - machinery and equipment | Filters, liquid [+] Water softening - systems and equipment | Filtration, chemical | industrial filters | drinking water filters | filtering units for water systems | purification filters | water filtering | filtration plants | pvc water filters | industrial filtration

    • Tanks equipped with mixers Tanks equipped with mixers motor driven mixer
    • Industrial liquid mixer (agitator) Industrial liquid mixer (agitator) Industrial liquid motor driven mixers
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  • FLUIDTEC offers various technologies for water treatment and pump technology. FLUIDTEC has made it its business to design technical solutions for water treatment and water pumping for its customers...

    Supplier of: Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | de-acidification systems for water treatment | waste water treatment plants | water treatment systems, mobile | Water retreatment - equipment and installations [+] Water distribution | Pumps | Drainage systems and equipment | Filtering equipment and supplies | filter systems | water conditioning | ultrafiltration plants | microfiltration systems | nanofiltration systems | demineralisation systems

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  • The Waterjet Production Academy GmbH is a service provider that has specialised in water jets for 20 years. We offer tailored advice, customized training courses and innovative products. We can guide...

    Supplier of: Waste water recycling | Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | water treatment advice | softeners for water treatment | water treatment equipment [+] waste water recycling | water treatment systems | Water softening - systems and equipment | high-pressure pumps | water softening systems | water filters | water jet cutting - machines | industrial washer | technical course in mechanics | technical consultants

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    ITALY- Pian Camuno
    SBM - IRFI SPA - Verified by Europages

    SBM-IRFI SPA designs, supplies, assembles and dismantles equipment both in Italy and abroad in the following fields: ironwork and steelwork, petrochemicals/oil & gas, waste water treatment, chemical...

    Supplier of: Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations | industrial waste recycling systems | industrial water treatment facilities | Iron and steel industry and foundries - machinery and installations | Furnaces, ovens and kilns, electric [+] Heat treatment furnaces | Smoke extraction systems - fire protection | Erection and dismantling of industrial plants | Air purification - equipment and systems | Ovens, kilns, furnaces and hearths, industrial | industrial system design | metallurgy furnaces | ladle wagons | high & low pressure tanks | lf-eaf

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  • Supplier of: compressed air aeration systems for water treatment | Piston and screw-type compressors | Vacuum pumps | Compressors

    • AERZEN rental service AERZEN rental service Rental machines
    • AERZEN Blower control AERsmart AERZEN Blower control AERsmart Machine control up to 12 units
    • AERZEN Delta Hybrid D12 ... 152E AERZEN Delta Hybrid D12 ... 152E Negative pressure packaged unit
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    GERMANY- Vilsbiburg
    FLOTTWEG SE - Verified by Europages well as in the environmental area for the treatment of waste water or oil sludges – Flottweg’s premium products and systems work successfully everywhere. Thousands of satisfied customers all around the world are our...

    Supplier of: Waste water recycling | Food industry - machinery and equipment | Water purification - systems and equipment | centrifuges | centrifuges for metal recovery [+] centrifuges for the wine industry | decanters | sludge dehydration machines | industrial systems | bioethanol | systems and equipment for the drinks industry | complete water purification systems | separators for liquids | centrifuge service | centrifugal fruit and vegetable juicers

    Brands : Flottweg

    • C7E Decanter Centrifuge C7E Decanter Centrifuge The Flottweg C7E Decanter is the Centrifuge for Waste water & Sludge Dewatering
    • C2E Decanter Centrifuge C2E Decanter Centrifuge The C2E centrifuge for sludge dewatering for small waste water treatment plants.
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    GERMANY- Maulbronn
    FLUX-GERÄTE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...pharmaceutical industry, in machine and system manufacturing as well as by companies in the electroplating technology, waste water treatment and food processing industries. Whether as an individual solution...

    Supplier of: Pumps | Flow meters | Dosing pumps | liquid flow metering instruments | compressed-air motors [+] industrial mixers | drum pumps | membrane pumps | underwater pumps | chemical pumps | pumps for chemicals | pumps for solids | double-membrane pumps | sump pumps | horizontal pumps

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    GERMANY- Ennigerloh
    SCHRADER APPARATEBAU GMBH - Verified by Europages in the food & pharmaceutical industry. Schrader Verfahrenstechnik is also a reliable partner when it comes to waste water treatment and reclamation using evaporation processes which generate steam....

    Supplier of: Engineering - industrial contractors | thermal degassing systems | stainless steels | extrusion systems | distillation systems [+] rectification systems | mixing unit | extractor/separator | maceration | food & pharmaceutical industry | aromas & active ingredients industry | wood & pulp industry | waste and process water reclamation | multi-stage evaporation plants | ink supply systems

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    SLOVENIA- Žalec
    APLAST D.O.O. - Verified by Europages

    ...are: AQUAstay tanks for for rainwater, drinking water and waste water; sewer inspection chambers; water meter shafts; cable chambers, wastewater treatment systems; septic tanks; AQUAoil oil and grease separators; AQUAway stormwater...

    Supplier of: waste water tanks | Tanks, plastic | Dredgers | sewerage systems | manholes [+] septic tanks | drinking water tanks | rotational molding | plastic masses | vacuum chambers | sewage treatment plant | oil and grease separators | water tanks | rainwater tanks | water meter boxes

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  • ...our Hel-X fillers for biological waste water and gas treatment and for use in aquaculture. You can build on this wealth of experience as the basis for high-quality Hel-X fillers made of plastic. We manufacture...

    Supplier of: Electrical components and parts | Fish breeding equipment | Aquaculture and pisciculture | aquarium filters | cartridge filters for water treatment [+] filtering products for sludge and sewage treatment plants | drop separators | effluent and wastewater treatment | gas treatment | wastewater treatment products | pisciculture equipment design | waste air cleaning | aquarium filters | filters for wastewater treatment technology | filters for water treatment

    • HXF14KLL Biocarrier HXF14KLL Biocarrier High capacity biocarriers for biological sewage treatment and for aquaculture
    • HX38 Biocarrier HX38 Biocarrier High capacity biocarriers for biological sewage treatment and for aquaculture
    • HXF13KLL+ Bio Carrier HXF13KLL+ Bio Carrier High capacity biocarriers for biological sewage treatment and for aquaculture
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  • When traditional water treatment methods reach their limits or process fluid disposal becomes uneconomical, we put to use our membrane distillation technology. Through the use of waste heat or renewable energies, we can improve the CO2 balance of your company. We offer complete solutions for...

    Supplier of: Water retreatment - equipment and installations | water purifying plants | air purification | vaporizers

    • MDLab MDLab
    • MBS-Standard MBS-Standard
    • MBS-Wall-Mounted MBS-Wall-Mounted
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    GERMANY- Ravensburg

    ...products and systems in the field of water treatment, waste water treatment, process water, drinking water, swimming pool water and environmental engineering worldwide for nearly 15 years. We specialise in the following areas: Water treatment, waste water...

    Supplier of: Swimming pools, installations and equipment | sensors | dosing pumps | chlorine dioxide | metrology

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  • ...we specialise exclusively in water treatment products and chemical oxygen demand (COD) in waste waster from the food industry – but it's something weein do perfectly. What we offer you: Our products have been developed and optimised based on practical use. Our solution...

    Supplier of: Water treatment products | Waste water recycling | chemical products for water treatment | effluent and wastewater treatment | wastewater treatment products

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    ...and supplier of a range of water treatment chemicals and equipment, such as water softeners, for industrial and commercial applications. Feedwater ltd specialise in boiler and cooling water treatment, legionella control and prevention of Legionnaires...

    Supplier of: Water treatment products | industrial water treatment | chlorine dioxide | legionella testing services | legionella control

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    ...oxygen sensors, bioreactors and automation systems for the bioprocess industries in upstream, fermentation and cell culture applications. Plus an extensive sensor line for industrial process applications such as water and...

    Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | bioreactor fermenter | dissolved oxygen sensor | ph sensor | sterilisable sensor

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    ITALY- Brandizzo

    ...whatever the sector: from petrochemical systems to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and dairy industries, systems and equipment for the wine and drinks sector, systems and machines for the gilding of metals, water treatment, smoke abatement,...

    Supplier of: Pumps, hydraulic | Submersible pumps | electropumps | vertical pumps | pneumatic pumps

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    UNITED STATES- Cleveland

    ...Osmosis, and Wastewater Treatment Systems. We sell new and used equipment to fit anyone's budget. We provide solutions for many industries. For high-performance and durable wastewater and waste de-watering equipment, look no further than Met-Chem. With our equipment and Water...

    Supplier of: Treatment of industrial waste water | clarifiers for water treatment | filter-presses | activated sludge | chamber filter presses

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  • We, ABS water treatment technologies are one of the leaders in water treatment system providers.ABS treats all kind of water (river/sea water, tap, lake, barrage, surface, ground, well water and waste water) according to the customer needs and with no capacity...

    Supplier of: Water purifying products | reverse osmosis unit | water | treatment | su arıtma

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    ...for all markets: Agriculture, Automotive Industry, Chemical Industry, Paper Industry, Steel Industry and Aerospace. We have over 50 years experience in conveyor chain systems: Agricultural Conveyor Chains, Automotive Conveyor Chains,...

    Supplier of: Conveyor belts | conveyors | conveyor chains | quarry equipment chains | shafts sprockets and ancillary components

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    TURKEY- Corlu-Tekirdag

    ...Paper and Paper Paste Industries, Waste water, Water Supply Treatment and Pressurizing), Bulding Systems (Residential and Industrial Booster systems) and Special Projects. Copany's general product range comprise of Single Stage Volute Casing, Horizontal...

    Supplier of: Centrifugal pumps | horizontal centrifugal pumps | centrifugal pump | fire fighting pump | electric pump and diesel pump

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    TURKEY- Izmir/ Alsancak

    Yulug Engineering Irrıgatıon Systems and Water Management company has been proudly providing services nationally and internationally since 1997. The main priority for Yuluğ Engineering is to protect water resources all around the world which gives, warning signs...

    Supplier of: Irrigation systems | irrıgation systems and water management | pressured irrigation methods | drainage landscape irrigation with treated waste water | project and application and consultancy

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Milton Keyens

    ...experience in oil and gas industry, we are now involved in Water industry, as well as Environmental projects and technologies, such as waste water treatment, waste steam to energy, gasification system, etc…

    Supplier of: Import-export - oil | oil products | bitumen | fuel oil | base oil

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    GERMANY- Bruchsal

    ...significant advantages compared to steam or hot water, particularly that it can be heated at atmospheric pressure up to temperatures of over 300°C with mineral oils, or 400°C with synthetic oils. Thermal oil is consequently the predominant medium used...

    Supplier of: Energy - production plants and equipment | thermal oil heaters and steam and hot water boilers | sewage sludge drying and incineration of different biomass | process heat and energy generation systems

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Rugby a global supplier of Oil, Gas, Produced Water and Sea Water process equipment solutions to the Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemicals Industries. We pride ourselves on the principles of developing and delivering innovative processes and exceptional products together...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | cyclone separators | production separators

    Brands : Twin Slot Filter | Twin Spin Hydrocyclones

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  • the beginning of the work produces healthy projects. Besihanelerden, slaughterhouses, meat processing packaging, cold chain and waste water treatment systems until it reaches the project is considered as a whole.

    Supplier of: Slaughterhouses - machinery and equipment | agri-food industry projects | machinery and equipment’s for food industries | expertise in stockbreeding and slaughterhouses | bio gas systems

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  • ...research & development and manufacture of water for the following industries: water for polycrystalline silicon and monocrystal silicon cleaning, cutting fluid recovery treatment equipment, water for electroplating coating cleanness, water for glass coating cleaning, water for life sciences research experiment,...

    Supplier of: Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | water treatment plants | water treatment plants for mineral waters and soft drinks

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