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  • Do you need special, ready-to-install products made of fibre-reinforced plastics? Then we should get in touch. Creative solutions with fibre composite components/Ready-to-install...

    Supplier of: Optical fibres | Structural shapes, plastic | glassfibre | glass fibre reinforced plastic sections | prefabricated fibreglass [+] grp | crp | fibreglass products | composite materials | fibre-reinforced composites | fibre composite components | composite | grp structural shapes | fibreglass profiles | glass-reinforced polyester resin profiles

    • Spoiler Panels (fiberglass) Spoiler Panels (fiberglass) Spoiler for the M5000 tram in Manchester
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    FRANCE- Sèvremoine
    DIGITEX - Verified by Europages

    ...panels. Our aim is to combine acoustic comfort and interior design. Our acoustic panels are fully customisable. We study all your acoustic comfort improvement projects in your spaces to...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | mobile acoustic panels | wall acoustic panel | customisable acoustic panels | square acoustic panels [+] rectangular acoustic panels | triangular acoustic panels | circular acoustic panels | suspended acoustic panels | magnetic acoustic panels | veneer wall acoustic panel | acoustic walls | mobile acoustic partitions | acoustic objects | acoustic solutions

    Brands : Tempo Acoustique

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  • AKSA ACOUSTIC SOUND INSULATION MATERIALS is a company based in Istanbul specializing in acoustic sound insulation solutions since 2004. We manufacture acoustic panels for walls and ceilings, acoustic screens, soundproofing barriers,...

    Supplier of: acoustic felt panels | fabric wrapped acoustic panels | acoustic glasswool panels | wooden acoustic panels | acoustic art panels [+] acoustic 3d panels | acoustic insulation | acoustic booths | acoustic foam | acoustic underlay | acoustic doors | acoustic metal ceiling | acoustic tile carpet | acoustic suspended ceiling | acoustic raised flooring

    • Triangle Acoustic Wood Wool Triangle Acoustic Wood Wool
    • Printed Art Acoustic Panels Printed Art Acoustic Panels Customized Printed Panels
    • Acoustic Wooden Slats Acoustic Wooden Slats Natural Wood Veneer Covered MDF with PET POLYESTER BACKING
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    POLAND- Wschowa
    LAMELIO - Verified by Europages

    ...we offer are very easy to install and have acoustic properties, and are also waterproof, so they can be used in rooms with high humidity. They are made of 92% recycled polystyrene, which makes this product fully ecological....

    Supplier of: Tiles | decorative panels | interior design | wallpaper | wood panels [+] wall panels | hotel investments | interior panels | indor panels | pcv panels | ps panels | 3d panels | decoration moulding | accustics panels | wall cladding

    • Asti Collection Asti Collection Discover a new face for your walls
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    PORTUGAL- Braga
    RIVA OFFICE SUPPLIES - Verified by Europages

    Riva Group has 25 years of experience. We are manufacturers, traders and distributors. We create exclusive products, sell and import products from suppliers in different markets, products from...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | Furniture for Business | Furniture, designer | Cork products | Hotels - furniture [+] artisan furniture | metal lockers | manufacturer of office furniture | meeting tables | writing-desk accessories | office and store furnishings | office and shop planning | company desk | design studio | office furniture

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    RUSSIA- Vladimir
    TECHNOSONUS - Verified by Europages the Russian market of sound insulation, acoustic and vibration-damping materials, technologies and engineering consulting in the field of architectural acoustics. The Company has been successfully developing since...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | acoustic barriers | acoustic insulation - materials | Sound insulation materials | Insulation - injection materials [+] Thermal insulation materials | Cavity walls - insulating materials | Partitions | industrial mufflers | noise reduction equipment and devices | heat/sound insulation panels | noise reduction device design | sound proofers | sound absorbing panels | civil and industrial soundproofing

    • Soundec Soundec Catalog acoustic materials
    • Acoustic Ampir Acoustic Ampir Catalog acoustic materials
    • Sab Acoustic Premium Sab Acoustic Premium Catalog acoustic materials
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    UKRAINE- Kiyv
    FDA GROUP - Verified by Europages

    Re: Quiet provides sound-absorbing materials, systems and furniture which turn your office into a comfortable place. A new corporate culture seeks for efficiency that does not have anything in...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | hanging acoustic panels or partitions | pendant acoustic panels or partitions | acoustic wall panels | acoustic design [+] mobile acoustic partitions | acoustic сeilings | acoustic lightings | acoustic lamp | acoustic solutions | acoustics | acoustic clouds | acoustic wall decoration | acoustic materials for walls | сeiling acoustic baffles

    • Wave Wave Wall panels
    • Star Star Wall panels
    • Square Square Wall panels
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    UNITED KINGDOM- Buckinghamshire
    SOUNDSORBA LIMITED - Verified by Europages

    ...products include sound absorbing panels, acoustic wall and ceiling tiles, acoustic doors, acoustic diffusers, acoustic fabric, sound absorbers and sound absorbing foam. These acoustic wall and ceiling panels and doors help to...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | acoustic panel | acoustic wall panels | acoustic ceiling panels | acoustic diffusers [+] acoustic tiles | acoustic boards | school acoustics | Sound insulation materials | sound absorbing panels | sound-absorbing materials | sound absorbing tiles | foam sound absorbing panels | sound control solutions

    • Acoustic panels Acoustic panels Toughsorba
    • Acoustic panels Acoustic panels Bubblesorba
    • Acoustic panels Acoustic panels Echosorba
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    BELGIUM- Farciennes
    HOME EOS ACOUSTIC SA - Verified by Europages

    Home Eos Acoustic manufactures and sells very thin and high-performance sound insulation made from natural components: Stop-Sound membranes that are only a few millimetres thick considerably reduce...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | acoustic ceilings | acoustic barriers | acoustic insulation for floors | Sound insulation materials [+] sound insulation for construction work | sound insulation for motor vehicles | soundproofing | soundproofing | natural insulators | sound insulation to mitigate aircraft noise | sound insulation for drainpipes | sound insulation expert

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    AUSTRIA- Innsbruck
    TANTE LOTTE DESIGN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels

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  • Supplier of: Acoustic panels

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    TURKEY- Istanbul

    Sensoylar company was established under TURKOGLU brand name in 1978, one of the Turkey’s premier manufacturers of contruction materials such as water meters, valves, water and gas flexible metal...

    Supplier of: Construction Materials | Cocks and valves | Industrial valves, operating equipment | water valves | ball valves

    • E40 Strawpanel - Ecopanel E40 Strawpanel - Ecopanel 100% ecological, energy-efficient and low-cost building material
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    UNITED KINGDOM- Camberley

    For No Grey Area, there is no substitute for quality. We are ISO 9001 2015 certified - a quality standard reflected in our supply chain. As Lighting Industry Association Members, we keep audited...

    Supplier of: acoustic ceilings | Lighting | supplier of stretch ceilings | led lighting | illuminated ceilings

    • Acoustic Timber Panels Acoustic Timber Panels
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  • Aksa Acoustic Company, from 2004 to the present day, is considered a company specialized in sound insulation and finding suitable solutions in Turkey. From the very beginning, we have been aiming to...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | acoustic insulation - materials | Sound insulation materials | heat/sound insulation panels | polyester slabs

    • Acoustic Panels Acoustic Panels Acoustic Panels with glass fibre, basotect or melamine foam
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  • BAF CONTROL (Building Acoustics & Fire Control) company has been in service for sales and applications of acoustics and noise control since 2012. More than 17 years of experience, BAF CONTROL...

    Supplier of: architectural acoustics | acoustic design | Construction Materials | sound insulation | vibration insulation

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    GERMANY- Hanau

    Innovations – creativity – experience – quality. These guiding principles have formed the pillars of the company Primex since it was founded in 2003. Primex is a manufacturer of textile stenters,...

    Supplier of: Trade fairs and exhibitions - stand fittings | dividers | screens | illuminated boxes | illuminated frames

    • Acoustic partition with your motiv, 80 cm Acoustic partition with your motiv, 80 cm Sound-absorbing desk partition, 80 cm high
    • Acoustic partition with your motiv, 40 cm Acoustic partition with your motiv, 40 cm Sound-absorbing desk partition, 40 cm high
    • Acoustic partition "Unicolours", 80 cm Acoustic partition "Unicolours", 80 cm Sound-absorbing desk partition, 80 cm high
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  • What we do for clients 1. Machinery construction for all type lightweight concrete 2. Additive Manifacturing for lightweight concrete. 3. Manifacturing Cellular Lightweight concrete wall panels. 4....

    Supplier of: Concrete preparing - machinery and equipment | cellular concrete | foam cutting machines | heat insulation panels | foam agent

    • Wall panels Wall panels lightweight concrete filled wall panels
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    SOUTH KOREA- Gyeonggi-Do

    Currently the largest importer and exporter of mineral treated Cladonia Stellaris in Asia, Scandia Moss is dedicated to creating products that will exhibit art in the form of nature without...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | moss acoustic panel | moss wall art moss tile | artificial moss | green interior panel

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  • ...main products are acoustic wood ceiling panels, acoustic wood wall panels and linear systems (wall&ceiling) and their installation. Besides, in 2013, we have made a new generation nano-technology investments and established...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | acoustic wood panels for walls and ceilings | soundproofing | linear ceiling panels | wooden panel

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Manchester

    Stil Acoustics offer an innovative approach to acoustic requirements with the use of timber and seamless acoustic finishes. Timber acoustic solutions offer a quality feel, durability, and style which...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | timber acoustic | acoustic plaster | acoustic spray | suspended ceilings

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    UNITED KINGDOM- South Ockendon

    Our purpose is to craft spaces that both look and sound great. In a world of constantly evolving environmental standards, an often-overlooked area of design is in acoustics. The demand for...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | soundproofing | soundproofing partitions | unwoven fabric soundproofing materials (geotextiles) | soundproofing of work areas

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Oxfordshire

    SOUND HUSH is the pioneer manufacturer of sound absorbing products. SOUND HUSH provides acoustic solutions for areas where there is an echo and reverberation problem. Our solutions consist of...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | acoustic ceiling panels | designer acoustic panels | acoustic wood panels | sound absorption panels

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Leicestershire

    Industrial Noise can be a problem for both employer’s and employees. High noise levels can cause communication problems in the work place, which leads to reduced performance, lack of productivity,...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | silencers | acoustic enclosures, screens and barriers | sound havens | sound deadening barriers

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  • ...acoustic panels, acoustic felt panels, acoustic booths, sound insulation materials and pet polyester panels. Our company has 6 branch offices in Turkey and more 50 employers. Our factory is in İzmit Turkey. We...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | acoustic insulation booths | acoustic barriers | acoustic design | sound insulation

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    GERMANY- Maisach

    ...North America. It offers acoustic wall panels, ceiling clouds, baffles, ceiling tiles, sound isolation products and suspended, acoustic, and grid ceiling products. Additionally, Pinta offers also custom...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | acoustic insulation systems | acoustic ceiling tiles | Ceilings, suspended | noise protection systems

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  • Established in 1993, Changzhou yanghu Refrigeration Equipment Co., ltd was founded in Changhzou city, Jiangsu province, close to Shanghai. The company is a large-scaled enterprise integrated with...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | construction of prefabricated cold storage rooms | pu sandwich panel | polyurethane sandwich panel | insulated pu sandwich panel

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    Inspired Noise UK offers a full range of noise and vibration control products that can be made to specification to give a complete solution for any acoustical project. We also pride ourselves on not...

    Supplier of: acoustic panel | acoustic insulation - materials | acoustic walls | acoustic barriers | Sound insulation materials

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  • Hebei WanEr Decoration Engineering Co., ltd specialized in developing, producing and selling Building machine and building materials . Our factory is located in Industry park, Dacheng, Langfang City,...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | acoustic panel | soundproofing for buildings | glass wool | sound-absorbing fabric

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  • ...committed to being a high-qualified architecture acoustic material supplier and offering professional acoustic solutions to our customers. Supported by the high speed development and continuous innovation of our company, we...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | acoustic barriers | sound absorbing panelling

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    CHINA- Guangzhou

    ...wood suspended ceiling, topakustik ceiling panels, topakustik acoustical wall panels, clearsorber, topakustik planks, top micro, topperfo panel, topperfo planks, siuakustik panel, siuakustik planks, ceiling tile, armstrong, fabric wall...

    Supplier of: Acoustic panels | wood ceiling tile

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