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  • We are a skilled provider of products and services in the field of material testing, especially for the rubber, plastic, textile and metalworking industries. As a service provider, we place great... Supplier of: mechanical testing machines | thermal testing machines | testing machines for raw materials | universal testing machines | rubber testing machines [+] testing machines for plastic | melt index testing machines | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | electric testing instruments | laboratory scales | printing plates | test instruments for the plastics industry | materials testing | test instruments for the textile industry | test instruments for metals
    GERMANY - Sonsbeck
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  • Welcome to Form + Test Seidner Co. GmbH. Thank you for your interest in our products. We will be happy to answer your questions. Come and speak to us! Supplier of: machine for mechanical testing | machines for dynamic material testing | pressure test machines | Marking and labelling machinery | Binding - machinery and equipment [+] Reprographics - machinery and equipment | Printing and setting - machinery and equipment | sieving machines | laboratory furniture | test instruments for building land | tightening clamps | scales | thermometers | precision scales | building material analysis
    GERMANY - Riedlingen
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  • Our universal testing machines for traction, pressure, bending forces and torsion are used in research and quality assurance for materials and components. Comprehensive solutions for testing screws... Supplier of: universal testing machines | torsion testing machines | accessories for testing machines | screw testing machines | testing machine controller [+] Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | measuring equipment for traction and compressive forces | material testing devices | load cells | force measurement equipment | load cells, electrical | test benches for screws | torque meters | simple test frames | software products
    GERMANY - Erkrath
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  • ...We use state of the art manufacturing and testing machinery to manufacture customised toothed components to order. Our customers include well-known German and international manufacturers of agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles,... Supplier of: Bearings - ball, needle and roller | Toothed wheels | Tempering, metals - machinery and installations | Painting machinery and equipment | Tyre manufacturing and re-treading machinery [+] paint line | splined hubs | cone drive | splined shafts | cylinder gears | contract gear tooth cutting | worm wheels | hardening shops for steel | worm shafts | ring gears, milled
    GERMANY - Straubing
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  • ...cylindrical grinding, electrical discharge machining, hardening, measuring and testing. Our specialist equipment comprises cutting edge CNC machining centres, conventional turning and milling machines... Supplier of: Seals | liquid silicone rubber (lsr) | prototype construction | precision moulded liquid silicone parts | moulded seals [+] silicone seals | silicone moulded parts | silicon/thermoplastic two-component moulded parts | injection moulds for liquid silicone | injection moulded silicone parts | seals for motor vehicles | sealing profiles for vehicle construction | silicon emc seals | silicone o-rings | silicone moulded parts for electronic equipment
    GERMANY - Laberweinting
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  • ...We manufacture and provide: Balancing machines for motor armatures, tools, articulated shafts, fans and crankshafts; electromechanical manufacturing and special-purpose machines, spindle machines, universal testing machines, modernisation of testing machines and... Supplier of: machines and systems for destructive material testing | long-stroke fatigue testing machines | inertial fatigue testing machines | calibration fatigue testing machines | modal fatigue testing machines [+] door rigidity testing machines | Mechanical engineering - custom work | Testing of products and materials | balancing machines | materials testing | vibration testing equipment | assemblies, mechanical | cnc machining centres | material testing devices | laser cutting systems
    GERMANY - Schalkau
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  • ...coating, as well as all kinds of material testing services. Our customers, including many in the energy sector, petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas industries as well as shipbuilding and mechanical... Supplier of: Seamless pipes and tubes - ferrous metal | Pipes and tubes, steel | stainless-steel pipe bends | stainless-steel pipes | pipes made from stainless steel sheeting [+] stainless steel unions | steel fittings | rust and acid-resistant steel flanges | precision steel pipes | tubing elbows | welded pipes | steel tubes | stainless steel tubes, seamless | hollow bars | pressure tubes

    Brands : Rohrverbindungstechnik

    GERMANY - Bremen
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  • The components are used in the machine beds of machine tools, test benches or in the base frames of robot units. We supply ready-made products such as machine components as well as... Supplier of: Concrete constructions | machine bodies made from polymer casting | machine components made from uhpc | machine beds made from granite | machine components made from mineral casting [+] machine parts made from natural hard stone | mineral casting | cement-bonded mineral casting | concrete for machines | swelling grouting mortar | casting mortar | test benches | handling units | robot base frame | steel composite structures for mechanical engineering
    GERMANY - Limburg An Der Lahn
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  • ...logistics projects. We also program and test the necessary warehouse management software in-house. You are assured of outstanding quality thanks to our expertise in mechanical and systems... Supplier of: Integrated logistics | conveyor systems for automation | industrial logistics | logistics software | storage systems [+] logistics services | automatic storage systems | high rack warehouses | logistics advice | rack feeders | general contractor for storage systems | software for storage and conveying technology | inventory management software | material flow software | automation of storage and conveying technology
    GERMANY - Borgholzhausen
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  • ...leading supplier of materials testing machines. Our materials testing machines are used worldwide in R&D and quality assurance in more than 20 industries. For more than 160 years, ZwickRoell has stood for reliable test results, excellent service, and quality... Supplier of: test machines | material testing machine | dynamic testing machine | tensile testing machine | ductility testing machine [+] Binding - machinery and equipment | Reprographics - machinery and equipment | Printing and setting - machinery and equipment | Marking and labelling machinery | materials testing | tensile testing | tensile test | hardness tests | fatigue testing | testing software
    GERMANY - Ulm
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  • The precise and powerful special machines that this specialist for high pressure and testing technology produces, are used in research, development and production processes. This includes installations for bursting pressure and leak... Supplier of: Mechanical engineering - custom work | centrifugal electropumps | pressure multipliers | bursting pressure test rigs | sorting plants [+] autofrettage systems | leak test benches | compressed air boosters | hydraulic test rigs | measuring and testing systems | hose test rigs | high-pressure test benches | endurance test benches | test rigs for automotive components | test rigs for quality assurance in manufacturing
    GERMANY - Nordhausen
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  • ...Cutting-edge automation and one-of-a-kind testing laboratories ensure maximum quality. We are capable of offering and implementing solutions for the most complex of mechanical force transmission... Supplier of: Toothed wheels | roller chains | slide guides | street chain tightener | racks [+] cone drive | sheaves | swivel heads | sprockets | sprocket pulleys | clamping sets | drive belt pulleys | poly-v ribbed v-belt pulleys | clutches | linear equipment
    GERMANY - Neckartailfingen
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  • ...the global market. These include industrial leak testing systems for wheel rims, wheels, air suspension struts, compressors, heat exchangers and coolant lines as well as test benches for cast parts, valves and... Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Lifting equipment - accessories | Seals | airtightness test device for industry | checking pipe seals [+] airtightness control device | system impermeability tests | welded construction made from aluminium | seals | densimeters | leak testing systems for high-pressure die-cast components | leak testing systems for vehicles | leak testing instruments | leak testing systems for series parts | leak testing systems for gas pipes
    GERMANY - Stade
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  • ...raw material procurement through to prototype testing reports. Whether it's in mechanical engineering, the automotive industry or in aeronautical engineering, our performance and service goes beyond the individual... Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Cutting - machine tools | Machine tools - metal machining | Mechanical engineering - custom work [+] 3d milling | cnc 4-axis milling work | cnc 5-axis milling work | laser engraving | quick prototyping | cnc milling | 3d printing | 3d subcontracted measurement | aluminium sand casting | cnc wire eroding work
    GERMANY - Lauffen
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  • hydraulics, electronics and mechanical engineering, we construct and manufacture hydraulic testing presses, assembly presses, production presses and force- and travel-controlled special machines. Supplier of: Presses, hydraulic | machines and equipment for moulding plastic materials | eccentric presses | dual presses | hydraulic gooseneck press
    GERMANY - Lörrach
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  • ...chemicals industry, the shipbuilding industry, machine factories. This QS-certified company has its own laboratory in which it conducts materials testing and other certification and acceptance procedures... Supplier of: Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | Copper and copper alloys | Aluminium and aluminium alloys | Pipes and tubes, copper | sheet metal
    GERMANY - Andernach
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  • ...mechanical engineering, for special machine construction and for plant construction, as well as in the municipal and commercial sectors. We are one of the few documentation service providers to be awarded system... Supplier of: Engineering - industrial consultants | Industrial consultants | instruction manuals produced | ec marking | online document management
    GERMANY - Essen
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  • ...a set of AC and DC motors, pumps and precision machining of mechanical and electrical integration of export-oriented production enterprise; products are directly exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe and... Supplier of: Sales Department
    GERMANY - Munich
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  • With more than 50 years of experience in engine maintenance and component processing, we are experts in repairing engines, maintenance, upgrading, conversion and manufacture from small-scale... Supplier of: mechanical machining of steel | on-site mechanical machining | Shearing - steels and metals | Perforation of steels and metals | Milling - steels and metals [+] Bearings, crankshaft | Gas powered engines | Cylinders - combustion engines | round grinding | cylinder heads | motor vehicle engines and components | industrial engines rectified | machining of parts | engine overhaul | camshafts
    GERMANY - Lingen (ems)
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  • MP GmbH Montage- und Prüfsysteme was established in 1990 and develops and produces bespoke machines for assembly, measuring and testing processes, tailored to customer requirements. For the assembly... Supplier of: specialised machines for testing technology | special machines with automated testing and measurement technology | Automation - systems and equipment | assembling machines | test benches [+] assembly installations | assembly installations for mechanical engineering | assembly systems for the automotive and supplier industry | assembly installations, robot-assisted | assembly automation | bespoke test equipment | test rigs for medical technology | specialised machines for medical technology | machines and systems for jointing and screwdriving technology | contracted installation
    GERMANY - Fredersdorf
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  • Manufacture of semi-finished goods made of high and ultra high molecular low pressure polyethylene PE-HMW 500 and PE-UHMW 1000 in various dimensions as well as PA6, PA66, PA 6-6/oil PA 66-GF, POM,... Supplier of: parts made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (pe-uhmw), mechanically machined | parts made of high molecular weight polyethylene (pe-hmw), mechanically machined | Plastic material processing | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Plastics - industrial machinery and equipment [+] Plastics - industrial raw materials | Sheets, plastic | Plastic products for the medical industry | street chain tightener | high performance plastics | cutting of plastic materials | track skids | plastics manufacturing | plastic components for medical technology | plastic turned parts
    GERMANY - Dortmund
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  • Highly skilled employees with many years of experience translate customer technologies into innovative system concepts. The specialised machines from BOS represent customer-specific installations for... Supplier of: test machines, automatic, for quality control | special machines with automated testing and measurement technology | Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | automatisation of special machines | packing machines [+] automation technology | automation of measurement technology | strapping machines for electronic components | tray packaging machinery and equipment | assembly machinery | production automation systems | process automation | specialised mechanical engineering | sorting machines for the packaging industry | packaging machines for special purposes
    GERMANY - Berlin
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  • Eurolaser is your partner in the world of laser technology, the specialist for laser systems for cutting, engraving and marking of different materials such as acrylic, wood, textiles and plastic... Supplier of: Textile cutting machinery | co₂ laser cutting machines | laser engraving machines | laser cutting machines | laser marking systems [+] laser labelling systems | laser cutting machines for wood | laser cutting machines for films | laser cutting machines for textiles | laser cutting machines for plastics | laser cutting machines for acrylic | laser cutting machines in large format | co2 laser cutter | laser systems from eurolaser
    GERMANY - Lüneburg
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  • At our site in Freilassing – in the Berchtesgadener Land in Bavaria – we bring assembly plants and production facilities to life, from the initial concept all the way through to the implementation.... Supplier of: mechanical engineering | transfer machines and mechanical work centres | Assembly robots | Machine tools - metal machining | Robotics [+] cnc tools | machinery and equipment - import-export | sorting systems | electromechanical automation | operator machines | machines, custom-built | assembly lines | specialised mechanical engineering | automatic revolving transfer machinery | assembly systems
    GERMANY - Freilassing
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  • Thanks to a cutting technology that was developed over 33 years ago, well diamond wire saws have helped more than 1200 customers worldwide achieve the results they desire. well diamond wire saws... Supplier of: machines for non-destructive material testing | specialised machines for testing technology | Power saws, portable | Diamond tools | Quality control - construction and civil engineering [+] diamond tools | materials testing | quality control | precision slitting | saws | machine tools for metal sawing | diamond wire saws | saw wire | material analyses | materials testing, non-destructive
    GERMANY - Mannheim
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    Medium Pressure...
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    Product name: A6061 ANODIZED NATURAL COLOUR CNC PLATE Material: aluminum, steel, brass ,plastic,... See product
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    Article ID 1941000
    single acting plunger Ø 16 mm, stroke 8 mm max. load force 6.5 kN off-position retracted contact... See product
  • Punch machine
    BS MULTI 450 / 750 Servo
    The most universal and most sold model by far for the mid capacity range to 10,500 cycles/h. ... See product
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    Product name: customized precision stainless steel mechanical parts Material: aluminum, steel,... See product
  • Load Frame 101
    Simple Load Frame
    One-column load stand, preffered for the transmission of compressive forces up to 500 N. See product
  • Modline Z
    Linear units with a belt drive specifically dedicated to the use along the Z axis. The Modline Z... See product
  • OPTIBAR PC 5060
    Relative pressure...
    The OPTIBAR PC 5060 is a pressure transmitter for process pressure and hydrostatic level... See product
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