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  • ...aluminium products as well as tungsten alloys. These products can be used for various applications, and therefore in several sectors such as electronic information, power facilities, automobiles,...

    Supplier of: Cold rolled steel strips | Import-export - steels and metals | tungsten carbide | carbon steel | aluminium bronze [+] aluminum manganese | aluminum zinc | aluminum copper | brass bar tube tape | bronze bar tube tape | zinc galvanized steel | hot dipped steel | 304 stainless sheet | stainless coil plate | wolfram oxide

    • High specification alloy aluminium coils High specification alloy aluminium coils High specification alloy aluminium coils
    • High quality round aluminum bars High quality round aluminum bars aluminum bar rod
    • Alloyed with magnesium Aluminum foil coil sheet Alloyed with magnesium Aluminum foil coil sheet Aluminium metal
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    SLOVENIA- Kamnik
    KOFRA - LIVARNA D.O.O. - Verified by Europages

    ...aluminium alloys, but we specialize in alloy EN AB 46100, EN AB 47100 and EN AB 44300. We produce a wide variety of aluminium castings for engine parts, electrode parts, car parts, tractor parts, pumps, power and...

    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | aluminium alloys | aluminium and its alloys - aluminium tubes | aluminium alloy metallization | Die casting moulds [+] Machine tools - metal machining | aluminium die-casting | aluminium casting | aluminium die casting | casting | fitting accessories | hydraulic component assembly | custom-made | machining | machining aluminium parts

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    GERMANY- Schwelm
    H.-D. AHRENS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Alloys are infinitely reusable. We are dedicated to this cycle. Sustainable competitive advantages. From industrial scrap, we gain a raw material which enables the casting and steel industries to...

    Supplier of: Iron alloys | Aluminium and aluminium alloys | nickel alloys | ferrochromium alloys | cobalt alloys [+] molybdenum alloys | niobium alloys | scrap recycling | aluminium | cobalt | manganese metal | molybdenum | tungsten | metal trade | recycling of scrap metal

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    ROMANIA- Baia Mare
    COLORICIO.SRL - Verified by Europages

    COLORICIO SRL is a company based in Romania, specialized in logistic services since 2013. We work in several sectors such as salt, metal, construction and transport. We supply different types of salt...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial | Steel | Pipes and tubes - ferrous metal | Pipes and tubes, steel | Seamless pipes and tubes - ferrous metal [+] Pipes and tubes - non-ferrous metal | Pipes and tubes, aluminium | International freight | Transportation of goods by road - international | Road transport - logistical services | Air Transport | sea transport | rolled steels | industrial salts in tablet form | table salt

    • Round Bar / Square Bar / Rectangular Bar / Hexagonal Bat Round Bar / Square Bar / Rectangular Bar / Hexagonal Bat Aluminium Bars
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  • SEPA is a company based in Istanbul specialized since 1986 in the production of extruded profiles, roll formed products, metal fabricated products and suspended ceiling systems. Over the years, we...

    Supplier of: Ceilings, suspended | welding | corrugated sheets | aluminium sheets | aluminium accessories [+] punch cutting | expanded metal | laser cutting | aluminium profiles | metal ceilings | linear ceiling | open cell ceiling | baffle ceiling | ceiling suspension systems | thread sheets

    • Aluminum Sales Foil Aluminum Sales Foil Aluminum Sales & Metal Processing
    • Aluminum Sales Plate Aluminum Sales Plate Aluminum Sales & Metal Processing
    • Aluminum Sales Sheet Aluminum Sales Sheet Aluminum Sales & Metal Processing
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    FRANCE- Aix-Les-Bains
    ALUDIS - Verified by Europages

    ALUDIS has been manufacturing aluminium and titanium products and semi-finished products for over 20 years. We specialise in sheet aluminium and titanium, titanium and aluminium bar, aluminium tube,...

    Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | brass alloys | aluminium | aluminium tubes | copper pipes [+] brass | titanium tube | aluminium rods | aluminium and titanium for the petrochemical industry | aluminium and titanium for aeronautics | aluminium and copper rods | titanium sheets | aluminium and titanium for bar turning | aluminium sheets | aluminium plates

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  • Novelis is the leading manufacturer of flat-rolled aluminium products and the world's largest recycling company for aluminium. In close collaboration with our customers, we offer innovative solutions...

    Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, aluminium | heat resistant fabrics | aluminium pipes | stainless steel tubing | stainless steel pipes [+] plastic hoses | metal tubes | metal tubes | heat protection mats | heat-resistant signs | aluminium sleeves | exhaust gas pipes | exhaust pipes | insulating tubes | rustproof stainless steel tubes

    • Transportation Transportation Specialties
    • Aluminum for Wind Power Efficiency Aluminum for Wind Power Efficiency Commerical & Consumer
    • Aluminum Energy Storage Solutions Aluminum Energy Storage Solutions Commerical & Consumer
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  • Laser welding wires, rods and coil 0.1 / 0.15 / 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.35 / 0.4 / 0.5 / 0.6 / 0.7 / 0.8 / 1.0 mm. Highly alloyed special material. For tool manufacturing, machinery and apparatus for medical...

    Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | copper alloys | titanium alloys | Welding, soldering and brazing - equipment and supplies | solder [+] accessories for welding | mig welding | welded cladding | welding equipment | automatic welding machines | reels | welding rods | laser beam welding wires | laser beam welding filler | laser beam welding material

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  • CARBO-WELD has been developing and producing high-quality welding additives since 1977. Our range includes rod electrodes, cored wires and solid wires: Cast iron | Hard facings | Tool steels |...

    Supplier of: Welding, electric - equipment and supplies | Electron beam welding - equipment | Steel, tool | electrode welders | welding electrodes [+] cast iron | high-alloy steel | electrodes | special electrodes | standard electrodes | welding additions | rod electrodes | cored wires | solid wires | hard facings

    • Aluminium Aluminium MIG | TIG Wires
    • Nickelbased Alloys Nickelbased Alloys MIG | TIG Wires
    • Low Alloyed Low Alloyed MIG | TIG Wires
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  • ...value added chain beginning with the melting, alloying and casting of aluminium billet through extrusion and drawing to final heat treatment and cutting of the semi-finished product all takes place in our factory. Having total control over...

    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | Sections - non-ferrous metal | Pipes and tubes, aluminium | Sections and bars - non-ferrous metal | aluminium profiles [+] aluminium - special profiles | drawn aluminium bars | extruded aluminium bars | extruded and drawn bars | aluminium sections for commercial vehicles | aluminium and titanium for general mechanical engineering | aluminum round pipes | aluminium tubes | extruded aluminium tubes | seamless aluminium tubes

    • Aluminium products Aluminium products Aluminium products produced by a seamless or porthole extrusion process
    • Aluminium billets Aluminium billets
    • Spacer bars Spacer bars Spacer bars with a circumscribed from 5 mm to 30 mm for solid / hollow profiles
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    LANHIT LTD - Verified by Europages

    LANHIT LTD is a manufacturer of high-purity chemical compounds: inorganic bases and compounds, rare-earth compounds, iodides and other chemical products for export and import. The company founded in...

    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | lead and alloys | Chemicals - import-export | Inorganic bases and compounds | Chemical metal treatment [+] Lead and lead alloys | Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | inorganic chemistry consultants | potassium and derivatives | fluoride and derivatives | chemical product | inorganic chemicals | mineral compounds | calcium chloride

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    GERMANY- Bad Salzungen
    HFP BANDSTAHL GMBH & CO KG - Verified by Europages

    In our company, HFP Bandstahl in Bad Salzungen, we now look back on more than 100 years of experience in cold rolling and almost 150 years in the metal business. With over 250 employees, it is also...

    Supplier of: Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Steel sheets and strips | Cold rolled steel strips | Steels and metals - machining | Industrial building construction [+] steel strips | stainless steel strip | surface treatment | metal - forming and cutting | steel processing | steel structural work | structural metalwork | case-hardened steels | stamping parts | cold rolled hoop iron

    • Coil Coating Coil Coating Coil Coating
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    GERMANY- Bad Bentheim
    A.B.C. WORLDWIDE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    With many years' experience in providing interior furnishings for public buildings and a wide range of high-quality products, why not come and make yourself comfortable on our seating furniture for...

    Supplier of: Tables and chairs | Furniture and shelving, office | Furniture, designer | Wooden chairs | garden furniture [+] tables | high bar stools | chairs | folding tables | office furniture | chairs for hotels and restaurants | garden chairs | stools | balcony furniture | padded benches

    • Crowd Control System 5 Crowd Control System 5 Hotelsupply
    • Velvet Rope Silver-red Velvet Rope Silver-red Hotelsupply
    • Cord Rope Gold-black Cord Rope Gold-black Hotelsupply
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    GERMANY- Lüdenscheid
    HORST PIELHAU GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    From the initial idea right up to final production, our decades of experience in the field of aluminium die casting guarantees you the highest degree of efficiency and quality. With our expert...

    Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | aluminium alloy casting | Foundries, aluminium | aluminium die-casting | pressure moulding [+] aluminium | aluminium injection | aluminium casting | aluminium machining | aluminium/light metal processing | aluminium parts | aluminium rings/din 1052 ring wedge dowels | machined cast parts | light metal processing | cnc machining for aluminium

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    GERMANY- Berlin
    ROM BAU GMBH - Verified by Europages

    R.B GMBH is a company registered in Germany with its head office in Berlin. It was founded in 2004 and also has branches and partners in Europe. Our main activities involve importing and exporting...

    Supplier of: Import-export - wood | epal pallets | palettes | wooden pallets | disposable pallets [+] soda | log wood | cutting wood | metal shavings | wood flour | roast coffee beans | tea, coffee and herbal teas | baby products | energy drinks | euro pallets

    • Aluminium Scrap Aluminium Scrap Scrap Metals
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    GERMANY- Villingen-Schwenningen

    Viro has been producing high-quality hot pressed parts in roughing and finishing work since 1982 for technically demanding applications. As a result of our customer-centric company policy,...

    Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | Aluminium and aluminium alloys | alloy forging | Hot forming | Gas fittings [+] Plumbing, industrial | valves for gas | aluminium tee-pieces | hot forming | copper forging | drop-forged parts for industrial applications | brass hot pressing | forged aluminium parts | aluminium drop forged parts | brass drop forged parts

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    GERMANY- Eschelbronn
    ROCHOLL GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Technical test specimens for your requirements. 40 years ago, Rocholl GmbH started to specialise in the manufacture and sale of test specimens. With a wide range of customer requests, the range grew...

    Supplier of: Garment industry - machines and equipment | test specimens | test specimens | test substrate | test substrate [+] test plate | test plate | test sheet | painted sheet | adhesive test | sealing compound test | colour test | paint test | laboratory testing | laboratory substrate

    • Aluminum Aluminum Test specimens
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    GERMANY- Iserlohn
    HUGO ARENS GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages the development and production of cast aluminium parts. Our Arens tubular fittings are highly versatile and have set new standards in quality and design. Our RoHS and REACH compliant products are...

    Supplier of: aluminium alloys | aluminium alloys foundry | Foundries, aluminium | Pipe and tube fittings - non-ferrous metal | plastic pipe connection pieces (fittings) [+] aluminium injection | plumbing fittings - non-ferrous metal | railings | shell mold casting | shopfitting and installation | c.n.c milling | safety rails | aluminium profiles | aluminium railing | aluminium casting

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  • ...Alluminio srl has been exporting semi-processed aluminium products from Italy to the EU market for 25 years. In the aluminium profile sector, we offer profiles and tubes with an outer circumference of up to...

    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | Pipes and tubes, aluminium | Aluminium wires and cables | aluminium profiles | aluminium rods [+] brass profiles | brass pipes | brass bars | aluminium sections for commercial vehicles | aluminium special profiles | aluminium profiles, anodised | aluminium profiles, extruded | seamless aluminium tubes | aluminium profiles, processed | facade profiles

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  • ...connectors, Hydraulic components Materials: Aluminium alloys, Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel, Titanium Special processes: anodizing, hard anodizing, chemical polishing, heat treatment,...

    Supplier of: Engineering - industrial contractors | Steels and metals - machining | Milling - steels and metals | Turning - steels and metals | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating [+] Cutting - steels and metals | 5-axis milling | cnc 4-axis milling work | cnc turned parts | aluminium milling | aluminium turnings | metal machining | cnc processing | mechanical engineering | valves

    • Milling and Turning, CNC machining and manufacturing Milling and Turning, CNC machining and manufacturing Ø170x35mm, Material: ENAW 6082 T6-AlSiMgMn F31
    • Milling 3 axis (X / Y / Z ) Milling 3 axis (X / Y / Z )
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    TURKEY- Maltepe / Istanbul
    ISTANBUL VIZYON - Verified by Europages

    Created in 1980, ISTANBUL VIZYON is Turkey's leading Mold and Aluminum Die Casting company with many years of experience, longevity and high quality standards in the products it manufactures. Since...

    Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | Casting, steel | Die casting moulds | Lighting | special steels for molds [+] aluminium die casting | aluminium injection | aluminium moulds | aluminium moulding | moulding | mould for casting | foundry moulds | injection moulding | moulds | metal moulding

    • Industrial Lighting -08 Industrial Lighting -08
    • Industrial Lighting -09 Industrial Lighting -09
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    GERMANY- Hannover
    MPINGER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Rabwin Industries has world-class CNC machines of various types to deliver precision machined parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies with consistent quality. Rabwin strives to provide unbeatable "value...

    Supplier of: Machine tools - metal machining | cnc 4-axis milling work | cnc 5-axis milling work | cnc sheet metal work | cnc turned parts [+] aluminium housing, cnc milled | cnc 3-axis milling | cnc drilling work | cnc milled parts | cnc cutting | cnc precision parts | cnc cylindrical grinding | cnc plastic processing | cnc internal grinding | nc milled parts made of copper

    • Aluminum Aluminum
    • Shaft Family Shaft Family
    • 10k/80k Plug 10k/80k Plug
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    TURKEY- Nilufer / Bursa
    ERA ALUMINYUM LTD. CO. - Verified by Europages

    Era Aluminyum was founded in 2021, Bursa and provides services in aluminum machining mainly for the Solar Energy Industry with various products such as frames of the Solar Panels and construction...

    Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | Solar energy | Stamping - machine tools | aluminum panel | aluminium [+] sheet metal | anodizing | cutting machines | photovoltaic solar panels | aluminium roofs | photovoltaic panels | solar panels | aluminium profile extrusion | sheet metal products | aluminum machining

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    BULGARIA- Sofia
    MARIMEX - Verified by Europages

    ...based in Bulgaria specialized in the casting of aluminum parts under high pressure and low pressure, production of aluminum alloys per block and machining of parts from different materials. We...

    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | production of aluminum alloys | production of aluminum alloys in block form | Foundries, aluminium | aluminium casting [+] aluminium die casting | cast parts | die-casting foundries | mechanical engineering | industrial engineering | casting | cnc processing | cnc machining | casting of aluminum parts | aluminum casts

    • Aluminium alloys Aluminium alloys Aluminium alloys
    • Casings Casings Castings
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    AUSTRIA- Neunkirchen
    BLECHA GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Aluminium profiles, special profiles, rods, fittings: Bent pipes, T-pieces, reductions, sleeves, nipples and flanges, fence systems: Fence pickets, palisades, forged fences, supplier parts for...

    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | Fences and gates | aluminium profiles | flanges and collars | aluminium reducers [+] special profiles | special profiles made of aluminium | threaded parts | aluminium profiles, anodised | perforated plates made of aluminium | fittings made of aluminium | fittings (pipe connectors) | aluminium | aluminium tube bent parts | aluminium profiles, extruded

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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    KLC ALUMINIUM - Verified by Europages

    ...Panel. Product details are as follows: -Alloys: 1050 – 3003 – 5005 – 5754 – 5083. -Condition: H0 – H12 – H16 – H18 – H22 / H32 – H24 / H35 conditions. -Thickness: 0.30 – 5.00 mm. -Coil Dimensions: 1000 mm – 1250 mm – 1500 mm – 2000...

    Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | aluminium profiles | aluminium | metal | aluminium accessories [+] construction materials | aluminium facades | tole aluminium | railing | aluminium sheet | aluminium extruded | glass railing systems | aluminium cassette cladding | aluminium special products | pure aluminium products

    • Aluminium Composite Panel Aluminium Composite Panel
    • Aluminium Tread Plate Aluminium Tread Plate
    • Aluminium Profile Aluminium Profile
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  • the machining of aluminium and alloys and machines, and produces metal precision parts for the following sectors: Automotive, Aeronautical, Military, Medical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic. Every...

    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | Turning - steels and metals | Milling - steels and metals | Boring - steels and metals | Screw cutting - steels and metals [+] Tapping - steels and metals | SMALL METAL PARTS | Steels and metals - machining | Precision mechanics | precision machining | stainless steel machining | precision turning | bar turning, all metals | precision machine shops | metal milling

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  • the production of grooved pulleys in aluminium alloy and take care not only of metal casting but of the whole machining process, up to the finished product ready for assembly. To date,...

    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | aluminium alloys | aluminium alloy castings | Precision mechanics | Foundries, aluminium [+] aluminium foundries | precision casting | aluminium injection | precision mechanical workshop | aluminium casting | pulleys | cone pulleys | poly-v pulleys | pulleys to measure | aluminium

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  • Hongsun is a factory specializes in custom made high precision parts for all kinds of industries. We are well-experienced at CNC milling and CNC turning parts, laser cutting and bending parts,...

    Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | Milling - steels and metals | cnc turned parts | contract cnc manufacturing and machining | cnc milling [+] machining steels | cnc turning | cnc turned titanium parts | cnc 4-axis milling work | cnc milling machine | cnc processing | cnc steel processing | cnc bending parts | custom mechanical components | cnc milled parts

    • CNC lathe turning aluminium parts CNC lathe turning aluminium parts Customized CNC turning anodized aluminum parts
    • CNC milling anodized aluminum frame part CNC milling anodized aluminum frame part CNC parts CNC milling machined aluminum frame part,CNC aluminum processing
    • CNC milling black anodized aluminum enclosure CNC milling black anodized aluminum enclosure Professional CNC milling black anodized aluminum enclosure
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    GREECE- Chalkida
    ALUMAX - Verified by Europages

    ALUMAX company has a long experience in the technology of aluminium extrusion and development processes of its related products, and focus on fulfilling the needs of demanding European industrial...

    Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | aluminium | aluminium accessories | aluminium profile extrusion | aluminium products [+] aluminium profiles | cnc aluminum processing | anodizing | anodised aluminium | aluminum machining | machining of parts | aluminium punched parts | cnc punching | cnc machining | custom-made extrusion products

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