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    At Congelados Mar de Mar we are able to supply a wide variety of frozen fish and shellfish, working with a range of common products and acquiring what our clients ask us to. We have a great deal of experience in frozen fish imports, exports and sales.



    CORNIC-NOVAMER has specialised in sourcing deep-frozen fish products since 1982. CORNIC-NOVAMER offers you the possibility of selling the following species: – Scallops, – Cod, – Pollock, – Mussels, – Salmon, – Hake, – Haddock. The company has opted to integrate its quality control, packing and storage operations to improve product quality. The eco-certified products come from responsible and reliable channels. The quality and its laboratory controls are your pledge that the products are healthy and regular to suit customers' needs. CORNIC-NOVAMER has built a network of topflight fishing operators in Scandinavia and South America as part of its cooperation partnerships drive. The company can ensure permanent supplies in their prime from Iceland, Norway, the Faroe Isles, Chile and Peru. Feel free to contact us for more details!



    Mascato S.A. is a company that sells fish and seafood. Fish and crustaceans, frozen shellfish. Our priorities are consumers' expectations, care for our employees, collaboration with our suppliers and being environmentally friendly. Mascato invests in the regions where the raw material is to be found, for the best food safety, for reasoned fishing and fair prices.



    The company INVERSIONES Y NEGOCIOS PHARMA AUSTRALIS SPA, is a Distributor, which operates in the Fish, salt-water industry. It also operates in the packaged salmon, cod, and caught sea mussels industries. It is based in Puerto Montt, Chile.

  5. COD


    The company COD, which operates in the Electronic data processing - minicomputers and mainframes industry. It also operates in the Minicomputers and mainframes - maintenance, and Minicomputers and mainframes - maintenance industries. It is based in Antony, France.

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  1. FEM S.R.L.


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    Exotic City, Europe's largest wholesaler of products from Africa and Asia. Remarkably well-located in the Alleur industrial zone, with extensive nearby transport facilities, Exotic City operates a well-managed building that complies with the strictest health and safety regulations. The company currently offers over 4, 000 references in its 2, 500m² warehouse, with 500m² of office space, a lorry loading bay, and 3 goods halls, all sitting on a 18, 000m² site with room to expand. Strictly for trade clients only, all good offered by Exotic City are available self-service (cash & carry), our can be delivered to your premises, in Belgium or further afield. Exotic City offers that finest products from Africa and Asia, grouped into 4 departments: • Foods • Chilled and frozen • Cosmetics • Weaves and wigs. As both a producer and distributor, we want to foster dialogue between cultures, encourage diversity and fully embrace society's demands for greater openness and integration. Our team is standing by to help you! Contact us using the Europages form or via our website for more details about our products or our store. Or just give us a call, we will be happy to answer your questions.



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    E.H.W. Worldwide, established in 2011 in Cyprus, is a global force in sourcing and distributing quality products at exceptional prices. Our commitment to "quality products for the best price" drives our year-round accessibility. We rigorously select premium suppliers, ensuring only the finest products reach our customers. Spanning Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas, we directly import from leading sources such as Chile, Uruguay, South Africa, and more. With a recent expansion in Germany, we adeptly serve diverse markets, fostering enduring partnerships. Our upcoming logistics hub in South Africa exemplifies our strategic growth. Fueled by our devoted team, E.H.W. Worldwide thrives as a market leader, delivering an unparalleled customer experience. At E.H.W. Worldwide, our mission stands as a testament to our dedication. We endeavor to provide our customers with a transcendent experience, marked by the procurement, supply, and distribution of products that exceed expectations. As we transcend boundaries and traverse industries, we remain committed to making every business interaction with us an unforgettable journey, replete with unparalleled quality and value.



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    We are your partner for private labelling, development and contract manufacturing of food supplements! Since 1903, the name Sanct Bernhard has stood for high-quality, effective natural remedies, nutritional supplements and personal care products, which we sell under the "Sanct Bernhard", "Sanct Bernhard Sport" and "Sanct Bernhard tierlieb" brands. Contract manufacturing Made in Germany – Sanct Bernhard stands for quality Made in Germany. This is proven by thousands of satisfied customers in our online shops. Certified quality management and premium raw materials. Our wealth of experience, qualified employees, state-of-the-art production facilities including certified quality management for full food safety as well as premium raw materials enable us to manufacture first-class products – including with your own label! Contract manufacturer, including for small quantities – What makes us different from all the other contract manufacturers for food supplements, cosmetics and animal feed? We also offer contract manufacturing for small quantities and therefore also for start-ups, for example. Take the opportunity to start with small quantities at low cost to allow you to present and position yourself on the market. Contract manufacturing in small quantities from 2000 units. Talk to us about your product requirements – we will be happy to advise you!

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    We are AET-CoD GmbH, your reliable supplier in Germany offering you an incomparable chocolate experience. Carefully farmed and processed in Cameroon, our organic cocoa beans ensure outstanding quality. We put all our passion into processing organic cocoa beans in order to create an exclusive range of high-quality products, including: cold-pressed cocoa butter - hot-pressed cocoa butter - a unique blend of cold- and hot-pressed cocoa butter - cocoa powder - cocoa paste. For further details, please contact us to receive our price list (large volume/large discount). NORYBEAN BY AET-CoD GmbH has ECOCERT organic certification and Fairtrade certification, testifying to the origin of all our products. Offer of a long-term partnership and commitment for a shared and successful future. NORYBEAN BY AET-CoD GmbH owns over 2, 000 hectares of land (across three regions) for cocoa farming in Cameroon. Within the framework of an established partnership, AET-CoD GmbH transforms raw cocoa into by-products for our partners. We also manage agreements with the Cameroonian authorities and logistics for final delivery to our partners. If you require any further details, please don't hesitate to contact us. Best wishes, AET-CoD GmbH TEAM



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    Pharma Hemp d.o.o. is a leading company, specializing in a wide range of premium CBD and hemp-based products, based in Slovenia. With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry in more than 65 countries all over the world. Our own laboratory, apart from serving as an internal quality-control system, also performs quantitative determinations of cannabinoids for cannabis growers, producers of final products and end-users.Our services encompass the production and distribution of high-quality CBD oils, extracts and a variety of wellness products, besides we offer private and white label for CBD products, custom CBD formulations, support in packaging options, design services, support in compliance with national legislation, certification of your products (Natural/Natural-organic, vegan, Kosher, etc.), extraction of plant materials, complete traceability and quality assurance of all the products we offer (we can provide you with the chemical and microbiological analysis of your product).We offer also a great range of hemp-derived raw materials and broad range of bulk CBD oils and other products, which are available in different forms. Backed by extensive knowledge of the health benefits of cannabinoids, a background in the cosmetic and food industries, and expertise in technological processes, we pride ourselves on providing innovative CBD solutions that contribute to a healthier everyday life for all.



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    Exim Pharma is a dynamically growing company that provides comprehensive services in the field of development, registration and production of dietary supplements, foodstuff, nutrients and preparations for animals. Preparations are made on the basis of our own recipes or the recipes provided by the Client. Since 2016, we also run the production of complementary fodder blends for animals. We were given the license number PL 1433023 P by the General Veterinary Inspectorate. In accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council No. 852 on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs of April 29, 2004 and the Act on Food and Nutrition Safety of August 2, 2006, our production is based on the implemented HACCP system and Good Manufacturing Practice GMP. We have a modern machine park that allows us to produce a large variety of forms and products. In production, we only use certified, standardised raw materials from Polish and European suppliers and the highest quality machines from renowned European manufacturers. Due to our extended technological base, we can offer you various production types including: - Tablets uncoated and coated - hard capsules -vegetarian and gelatine - soft capsules-vegetarian and gelatine - syrups, liquids and suspensions - powders and granules. We invite you to work with us if you are looking for an experienced partner who delivers products of the highest quality. We are certified ISO 22000, HACCP, BIO, GMP and HALAL.

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    Wholesaler for a wide variety of fish. Fresh and frozen. Our special cephalopod lines: cuttlefish, squid and eels. Fillets of salt cod, panga and fish burgers. Imports, exports and sales of all types of fresh and deep-frozen fish. Our business covers markets all over the world, which enables us to offer products whose quality and price make them highly competitive. Our annual production is about two million tonnes.



    In 1976, F.J.CAMPOS started the commercialization of food supplements and phytocosmetics, having gradually evolved on this market over the years. Our company was born from the need to fill a gap in the field of galenics, being the one to present individual bottles of Tinctures, Solutes, saline solution, hydrogen peroxide, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Glycerin and others exclusively sold in pharmacies. In view of the wide acceptance, the demand for the rapid growth of the company, the firm Francisco J. Campos, Indústria de Higiene e Representações, Lda was created. In 2003, together with profound changes in terms of facilities, sales and distribution, we became: FJCampos, Comércio de Produtos Dietéticos, Lda. Always in the concern of satisfying the consumer by offering them a healthy life, FJCampos is proud to produce with quality and efficiently distribute natural products that - due to the carefully chosen constituents - have always proved their effectiveness. The medicinal plants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other substances of natural origin that go into the composition of our products have been around for thousands of years, with traditional uses of recognized properties. FJCampos products are manufactured in pharmaceutical laboratories following compliance with GMP's (Good Manufacturing Practices). Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

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    DOUGEN CO., LTD., based in Japan, is specialized in exporting Japanese origin frozen fish since 2018. We provide a wide range of frozen seafood products, covering all the requirements depending on each country’s law and needs. Our scale and resources mean we can offer a one-stop solution for our customers to help people get the best of Japanese fish. Here is company website, subscribe, follow up, share it! https: //dougen-export.com/export/ If you have any inquiry , please contact me by email (tl.liou@dougen-export.com) anytime.

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    UAB TOMEURA, based in Lithuania, is specialized in the processing of fish products since 2018. We are part of a group of companies called MaxiFish. We produce canned foods, freshly frozen fish, chilled fish, snacks, dried fish and feed for aquaculture. Our mission is to implement large-scale processing projects of fish products, aquaculture and fish feed. In a short time we became a leading company in the fish and seafood market in Russia and the European Union. Today we are present all around the world. We currently produce approximately 2.500 tons of feed and process 700 tons of products per year. We have the advantage to be involved in all areas of production, including the extraction of raw material, feed production, aquaculture farms, the processing of frozen and chilled fish as well as retail packaging and export. Moreover, we use various techniques to process our fish products including smoking, filleting, salting, drying and freezing. Our focus on quality and freshness enables us to gain the trust of renowned partners such as Bonesca and DaySeaDay. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



    Aschums Seafood Ab is a Wholesalers Norwegian Wholesaler of Atlantic Fish and Seafood.We Supply the finest quality live, chilled, fresh and frozen Norwegian Seafood Products such as Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar), Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua), Saithe fish Coalfish (Pollachius virens), Queen scallop (Chlamys), Capelin fish (Mallotus villosus), Atlantic Trout Frozen, Live King Crab Monkfish, Anglerfish, Skate (Rajidae spp), Tusk, cusk (Brosme brosme), Redfish (Sebastes marinus/Sebastes), Sea Urchin, Deepwater Norwegian Prawn, Red Shrimp, Live Norway Lobsters (Nephrops norvegicus), Haddock fish (Melanogrammus aeglefinus), Greenland Halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides), Cod Fish Maw, Hake Fish, (Metacarcinus magister), Brown Crab, and many others.We partner with some Norwegian companies thereby enhancing our manufacturing distribution of seafood products.We can accommodate most if not all your fresh, dried, smoked and frozen seafood needs, everything from cod and stock-fish, fresh and smoked salmon, halibut, herring, lobster, shrimp and crab, to stuffed seafood products, at the best possible prices. Fast and careful handling to ensure minimum quality loss. Shell Fish - Live Snow Crab Live Red King Crab Frozen Fish Products: Frozen Trout Frozen Saithe Frozen Salmon Frozen Cod HG Frozen Herring Frozen Capelin Frozen Haddock Frozen Mackerel Frozen Fish By-Products: Frozen Cod Roe Frozen Cod Loins Frozen Cod Heads Frozen Salmon Heads Frozen Salmon Belly Frozen Salmon steak.Get to us



    PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH is a subsidiary company of PVA TePla AG. Headquartered in Wettenberg in Germany, the company is the leading manufacturer of highly innovative vacuum systems. With over 1000 products on the market and 50 years' experience in the field of high-temperature technology, PVA IVS GmbH constructs and sells installations and systems for thermal technical processes applied in the development, production and treatment of high-value materials at high temperatures. In collaboration with its in-house Application & Innovation Lab, PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH is able to offer tailored solutions to customers developing their own systems and applications – and sees these solutions through to series production.



    We believe in the quality of products made in Spain, that is why we want to share them with the rest of the world. Asturians are proud of their goat cheese, Valencians of their paella, Riojans of their wine, but all of Spain rejoices when our products and recipes go futher than our borders. As Spaniards, we are proud of our gastronomy and the variety of products made in our land. The Gourmet Corporation was built as an inciative to expand various Spanish products into international markets. This way we support our producers, and offer our clients a wide catalogue of the best of our country.



    We Chengdu Chelation Biology Technology Co., Ltd. are a big and special manufacturer on Organic Fertilizer and Feed Grade AMINO ACIDS POWDER, AMINO ACID GRANULES and LIQUID, AMINO ACID CHELATED MINERALS in China with good quality and competitive price. Amino Acid Powder: Amino Acid Powder 30% Amino Acid Powder 40% Amino Acid Powder 45% Amino Acid Powder 50% Amino Acid Powder 65% Amino Acid Powder 80% Amino Acid Liquid 30% Amino Acid Chelated Minerals Amino Acid Chelated Copper Amino Acid Chelated Iron Amino Acid Chelated Zinc Amino Acid Chelated Manganese Amino Acid Chelated Calcium Amino Acid Chelated Magnesium Amino Acid Chelated Boron Amino Acid Chelated Potassium Amino Acid Chelated Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelated TE (Cu+Fe+Zn+Mn+B+Mg) Email: cdaohe88@aliyun.com www.cdaohe.com Cell: 008613699415698 Skype: youqingping


    United Kingdom

    Protermars  Snacks is the only company producing crispy meat snacks meat powder and meat instant soup with the highest percentage of protein in the UK, being the innovators of this type of product.  Our air dried products are unique on the market are considered premium products. The key to living a healthy lifestyle is finding a diet and set of foods that help you achieve your goals. Our air dried meat is made from all-natural ingredients, fat-free and in a simple handmade process that yields a snack in the purest form, also is free from any artificial ingredients or preservatives. We keep it simple to celebrate the natural meat flavour. In order to maintain and celebrate the natural taste of our products, we decided not to intervene with other spices and we left it to the consumer's discretion to choose the perfect dipping sauce to accompany the meat snacks. • It Is Ready-to-eat • A rich source of natural proteins • Minimum amount of fats and carbohydrates • Gives you the energy you need throughout the day • Ideal snacks between meals • Great for diabetics • Easily transported on a trip • Have a long shelf life • Prepared from the best quality meat • To prepare 100 grams of snacks, we use about 400 grams of fresh meat • 100 grams serving has over 85 grams of protein • The meat is air dried in perfect condition • Our Products do not contain preservatives, sugar or chemical ingredients .Gluten free , no allergens , low carb , low fat , Keto friendly .Ideal for Carnivore diet.



    Bjørn Haug AS is located at the address Oserødmyra 2, 3138 Skallestad, Norway. The company was created on the 20/11/1997 and registered on the 01/27/1998. We have been in the seafood business for more than 15 years . At Bjørn Haug AS, we work with the ocean to produce nutritious, delicious and supreme-quality seafood. We fulfill one fifth of global demand for farm-raised and wild caught Atlantic salmon, Greenland Halibut and many others. We receive new catch at 15 cold store terminals in Norway daily and We are licensed to supply in Asia, America, Europe and China with our wide range of products and bespoke services. We have more than 15 years experience in the industry and complete MSC conformity making us a responsible and sustainable International Seafood Supplier.



    Lugrade is a company that is passionate about the world of cod. The Lugrade keep the continuous investment in the modernization and acquisition of new equipment and infrastructures that support its activity, positioning as one of most important companies of salting and drying sector, soaking and deep-freezing of cod. The Lugrade - Bacalhau de Coimbra SA is a P.M.E. family business that started in 1987. Since that time, the strategy of growth of the resident firm fundamentally in the conquest of the market, betting on the commercialization of quality products, making known a “LUGRADE” brand through its own packaging. Lugrade is currently a dynamic structure that adapts to the challenges of market evolution, incorporating the teachings inherited from tradition and the experience of years of life without Cod World.



    This company from the Basque Country is a leading supplier of cod. It has over 15 years of experience in the industry. The company is looking for agents or distributors in Europe .Dutch company is a leading supplier of cod Mainly in the Basque country and Spain and recently exporting to Italy and France. Their customer base consists of basque and Spanish top restaurants and delicatessens, pintxos bars etc…We meticulously analyse the tastes and attitudes of our clientele, to offer the best desalted cod, with cut-to-measure pieces, maintaining its impeccable properties as a first class gastronomic product, whilst making it as user-friendly and practical as possible.



    THE BEST SALT COD FROM NORTHERN WATERS SINCE 1932. We create specific cuts for preparing the various dishes of our cuisine using a traditional cutting method. Accordingly, this cutting method enables us to customize the pieces, type of cutting, weight and size to our customers' tastes and specifications.



    African and Caribbean ethnic salt fish. Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Greek Saltfish. Processed from fresh Norwegian fish, we offer the following species: gadus morhua, tusk, haddock, saithe and ling. We salt fish making fine bacalhau, makayabu, sole, ambassade and others.



    Hviludrangar ehf is an Icelandic based production company and trading company. We have 3 generat .ons of experience in the business and can offer best quality product at competitive prices. Company is family owned and our approach to the business is very personal. We think that is the only way to go.


    United Kingdom

    Model Makers, Set builders and a full range of 3D and fit out services for film, television, museums, exhibitions and themed events.


    United Kingdom

    Pharmaceutical Mnfrs & Distributors, Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products


    United Kingdom

    Chemicals & Allied Products, Manufacture of other chemical products not elsewhere classified

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