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  • Moisture damage and corrosion protection solutions are a specialty, focusing around the impressive range of Valstrong ® barrier packaging laminates. No matter how technically demanding your project we can... Supplier of: corrosion protection | corrosion protection for steel | vci corrosion inhibitors | Packaging | vci paper [+] vci bags | protective packaging | tip n tell labels | foil bags and packaging | packaging for chemicals | bulk bags and packaging | zerust bags | hawo heat sealers | container liner bags | minipax sorbent packets
    UNITED KINGDOM - Cheshire
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  • ...their valuable metal parts against corrosion. Today, as companies seek ways to reduce costs without compromising on quality in all stages of manufacture, storage and shipment, Daubert Cromwell offers innovative solutions for... Supplier of: Anti-corrosion products, chemical | corrosion protection | corrosion protection papers | corrosion protection packaging | advice on corrosion protection [+] corrosion protection film | anti-corrosion | h2s anti-corrosion | industrial anti-corrosion products | anti-corrosive treatment | Protective covers - custom packaging | anticorrosion plastic | packaging for export | taping | vci film
    GERMANY - München
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  • High performance lubricants and Service Whether for motor vehicles or construction machines, for specialized applications in the timber and forestry industry, concrete and construction industry,... Supplier of: anti-corrosion | Petroleum fuels and additives | Lubricants, industrial | cleaning media | vci packaging [+] fluid management | tank installations | filter technology | tank servicing | cutting fluid | training | laboratory analytics | industrial technology | tank technology
    GERMANY - Ulm
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  • design, production and corrosion protection of welded machinery, spares, agricultural machinery, boilers and other steelwork as follows.Our activities include corrosion protection and surface treatment of cars, buses,... Supplier of: Shot blasting - steels and metals | cataforesi e verniciatura a polvere appaltare un lavoro | ktl-lohnarbeit in ungarn | ktl-cataforesi-powder-coating-in-hungary | cataphoresis painting
    HUNGARY - Hodmezovasarhely
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  • ...a variety of services in the field of corrosion protection, painting of steel structures, industrial cleaning as well as a number of other non-standard work at height using rope access techniques. Supplier of: corrosion protection | Steel, structural | Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | industrial painting | rope access
    POLAND - Bielsko-Biała
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  • Supplier of: Anti-corrosion products, chemical | corrosion protection
    BELGIUM - Lennik
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  • Supplier of: corrosion protection | Lubricants, graphite | industry cleaner
    GERMANY - Walldorf
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  • Founded in 1955, GESIPA Blindniettechnik GmbH has become one of the leading international companies in the blind rivet sector. A high level of quality and reliability of the GESIPA® fasteners along... Supplier of: Machine tools - metal machining | blind rivet technology | plugs | rivet accessories | pinball machines [+] sfs | blind rivets | threaded inserts | blind rivet technology | rivet guns for blind rivets | rivet guns for blind rivet nuts | rivet guns | studs | lockbolts | processing technology
    GERMANY - Mörfelden-Walldorf
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  • We damp everything except for your expectations. ACE is a globally recognised specialist in the area of industrial damping technology – represented in 45 countries on all continents. ACE has been a... Supplier of: Springs | Machine tools - metal machining | Vehicles - mechanical components and parts | Vehicles - electrical and electronic components and parts | Vehicles - accessories and equipment [+] Rubber products | Plastics - industrial products | Sound insulation materials | Anti-vibration supports | Industrial equipment hire | gas-pressure shock absorber | pulling struts | vibration dampers | nuts | elastic bushings
    GERMANY - Langenfeld (rheinland)
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  • In 1937, Walter Bosch founded W. Bosch+Co. for the production of waxed paper, and proceeded to expand the business in a systematic fashion. The company's initial success was driven by new and... Supplier of: corrosion protection films | corrosion protection papers | corrosion protection packaging | corrosion-resistant stretch films | Films for packaging [+] aluminium laminated foils | aluminium compound foil bags | export packaging paper | kraft paper | crepe paper | paraffin paper | polyethylene-coated paper | side gusseted bags | composite foils, tear-resistant | waxed paper
    GERMANY - Wipperfürth
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  • ...raw materials manufacturers, is among the first companies in Europe to be contacted regarding functional layers with non-stick properties, low friction, chemical resistance and corrosion protection. Supplier of: corrosion protection coating | Surface treatment - machinery and equipment | spreading plastic materials | non-stick coatings, wear-resistant | industrial baking tin coating [+] coating for medical devices | coating with lubricating paints | coated seals | products made from teflon® | thread coating | anti-friction coating | multifunctional coating | surface coating with halar® | perfluoroalkoxy-copolymer (pfa) surface coating | surface coating with polytetrafluorethylene (ptfe)
    GERMANY - Dettingen
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  • The pipes are already equipped ex-works with continuous corrosion protection and are immediately distinguishable as gas lines. Supplier of: Pipe and tube fittings - ferrous metal | flexible stainless steel pipes | stainless-steel pipes | manufacturing of fittings | gas water heaters [+] gas systems | tubest: metal hoses | flexible flues | gas hoses | stainless steel fit-out | coupling flanges | hydraulic connectors | flanges | pipe fittings | gas pipelines
    AUSTRIA - Sankt Pölten
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  • We have many years of experience in the extensive field of corrosion protection. Billions of euros worth of damage are incurred every year due to inadequate corrosion protection in industry. Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | Heat treatment of steels and metals | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Galvanization - steels and metals | Surface treatment - machinery and equipment [+] Plastics - industrial products | Plastic coatings and laminates | Coatings, plastic | working rubber | rubber | rubber profiles | rubber tubes | rubber coating | rubber-coated and rubber-lined equipment and containers | chemical resistant rubber coatings and linings
    GERMANY - Burscheid
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  • Galvanised steel guarantees long-term protection against corrosion. Supplier of: Steel | accessories for welding | waterproofing industrial roofs | aluminium components | cap [+] roofing materials | overblankets | roofing for industrial buildings | steel plates | aluminium roofs | stainless steel sheets | recessed manholes | recessed steel manholes, accessible on foot | recessed steel manholes, accessible by vehicle | recessed steel manholes, can be backfilled
    GERMANY - Gevelsberg
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  • These are, for example, suitable for bridge renovation in the areas of corrosion protection, surface treatment on bodies, concrete renovation, restoration of facades, etc. Supplier of: Raw materials for construction and public works | Marble and natural stones | Heat treatment of steels and metals | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Sand blasting - steels and metals [+] Galvanization - steels and metals | Machine tools - metal machining | Surface treatment - machinery and equipment | Sandblasting equipment | Painting - contractors | Quartz and quartz sand | steel balls | glass pearls | abrasives | abrasives (anti-silicosis)
    GERMANY - Dillingen/ Saar
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  • Because the Clean & Save systems not only achieve a perfect, optimised pre-treatment tailored to your requirements, but also pickling and subsequent corrosion and wear protection. Supplier of: Scouring - steels and metals | Industrial maintenance | pickling | industrial washing | pipes cleared [+] maintenance of industrial systems | industrial installation recovery | dry cleaning services for the textile industry | metal degreasing | dry cleaning | air and gas cleaning | channel jet-washing | industrial electrical system maintenance | pickling metals, stainless steels and carbon steel | power plant service
    GERMANY - Willich
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  • ...and products for cathodic corrosion protection as well as corrosion protection systems for hot water storage tanks. Primarily, we concern ourselves with two key areas: Magnesium pressure die-casting and... Supplier of: Anti-corrosion products, chemical | anodes for cathodic corrosion protection | cathodic protection | magnesium alloys | magnesium anodes [+] magnesium pressure casting | magnesium gravity casting | magnesium recycling | titanium anodes (impressed current anodes) | magnesium chips | magnesium compounds
    GERMANY - Bottrop
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  • We also produce structural elements equipped with high-quality anti-corrosive protection in several versions: hot-dip galvanised layer, powder coating or primer painting. Supplier of: Conveyor belts | rollerways for mechanical goods conveyors | conveyor roller for goods handling | stainless steel idler / roller | roller station / frame [+] handling conveyor systems elements - rollers / frames | conveyor technology components - rollers / idlers | disc roller | guide rollers, steel rollers | manufacturer of idler / roller | conveyor stations | conveying idler | conveyor belt | handling system
    POLAND - Trzyciąż
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  • ...has been supplying successful corrosion protection solutions both onshore and offshore to the gas, oil, petrochemical, water and power industries for over thirty years and is widely experienced in stray current corrosion analysis and control, pipe... Supplier of: Anti-corrosion coatings | corrosion control | cathodic protection | remote monitoring systems | stray current mitigation
    UNITED KINGDOM - Telford
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  • The Spirflame® - LA2050® automation realises vibration-resistant, high-tensile and corrosion-protected crimp-wire assemblies. Supplier of: Brazing - equipment and supplies | temperature measurement | thermo labels
    SWITZERLAND - Rapperswil
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  • Works to protect against corrosion (sand-blasting, application of paints of any complexity) different metal types, bridges, reservoirs used in the food (wine, beer, milk and canneries), petroleum (oil... Supplier of: Anti-corrosion coatings | iron construction anti corrosive protection, | tanks in iron or concrete restoration and coating | in fuel, gas and alimentary industry | industrial floor coatings
    MOLDOVA - Chisinau
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  • ...skincare products, cavity sealing agents, corrosion protection and advice about corrosion protection, corrosion-protection coatings, corrosion-protection sprays, restoration of metals, rust-proofing agents, tank... Supplier of: Anti-corrosion products, chemical | anti-corrosion | Chains - accessories | skin cosmetics | rust protection products
    GERMANY - Saarbrücken
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  • Our products include: Gysko corrosion protection tape, PUMA adhesive tape and RoomAir components for domestic ventilation air distribution systems, corrosion protection, rigid PVC sheets, aluminium adhesive tape and... Supplier of: anti-corrosion | Tapes, adhesive | aluminium adhesive ribbons | insulation tapes
    SWITZERLAND - Frauenfeld
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  • ...coatings for wear protection and corrosion protection as well as casting compounds for machine maintenance and the production of new machines. Our production range also encompasses impact-resistant... Supplier of: Anti-corrosion coatings | Industrial resin coatings
    GERMANY - Schwalmtal
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  • ...You will be able to integrate corrosion protection into your manufacturing lines, minimize the ecological impact of the process and assure corrosion free products, eliminating future corrosion problems and claims. It has a low, pleasant smell, is... Supplier of: Anti-corrosion products, chemical | vci bags | vci film | vci paper
    SPAIN - Rafelbunyol (valencia)
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  • ...we provide an industry-leading selection of corrosion protection and engineering services. It's this unique brand structure that allows us to offer corrosion engineering and long-term protection to all. Whether... Supplier of: Anti-corrosion coatings | corrosion engineering | anti corrosion coatings | industrial pump repairs | pump services
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  • Anodes are manufactured using Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium, Copper or Iron whilst maintaining the standards you require for your corrosion protection. Supplier of: Anti-corrosion products, chemical | supply of spare parts | marine anodes | zinc anodes | aluminium anodes
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  • in construction, Anti-corrosion protection and fire protection coatings, Sandblasting, Maintenance of infrastructure facilities, Renovation, Adaptation and equipping of business facilities. Supplier of: anticorrosion protection | Civil engineering - contractors | sandblasting | civil engineering planning | civil engineering finishing work
    SERBIA - Belgrade
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  • Welesgard is an international company developer and manufacturer of innovative and high performance corrosion protection coatings, waterproofing membranes and flooring and roofing systems. Supplier of: Anti-corrosion coatings | Coatings, putties and sealing products | industrial waterproofing | industrial flooring | anticorrosion protection
    SWITZERLAND - Geneva
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  • The basic activity of business is the provision of services metal finishing and corrosion protection and decorative finishing metal procesting and various items of restoration jobs. Supplier of: Polishing - steels and metals | Steel, chrome | Nickel plating | cold galvanizing | hot galvanizing of metal surfaces
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