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    FRANCE- Yssingeaux
    SEVAROME - Verified by Europages

    Sevarome's activities are centred around the creation and production of sweet food flavourings (vanilla, coffee, lemon, strawberry, spices, fruits, flowers, specialities), savoury food flavourings...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Food flavourings | Additives, dyes and pigments - industrial | Food - import-export | Gastronomic specialties [+] Ice cream and sorbets | Condiments, extracts and spices | Bread, cakes and pastries | Import-export - food and agriculture | Biscuits | Cocoa and chocolate | Dehydrated cooked dishes | Foods, precooked and gourmet | Food and beverage additives | food additives

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    SPAIN- Orkoien-Navarra
    INDUSTRIA NAVARRA DE CONFITERÍA - Verified by Europages INACO in natural foods, making organic biscuits and dry pastries under the BELSI brand by selecting the best 100% organically-grown raw materials, wholemeal flours, cereals, nuts and seeds, virgin olive oil and wheat syrup as the sweetener. BELSI...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | manufacturers of organic food | organic food | Foods, health | Pasta [+] Biscuits | Bread, cakes and pastries | dietetic cakes and pastries | whole foods | sweet crackers | rich biscuits | wholewheat pasta | dry tea biscuits | manufacturers of organic biscuits | manufacturers of wholemeal biscuits

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    ROYAL FOREST - Verified by Europages

    Royal Forest Company produces healthy food products and supplies high-quality organic raw materials. The company has been in existence for 9 years and during this time it has well-established itself...

    Supplier of: Organic food | Dietary and organic foods | wholesale organic foods | Foods, health | Extracts, food [+] Import-export - food and agriculture | Food - import-export | Food essences | Cocoa and chocolate | hand-made confectionery | natural foods | dietetic foods | food products | cocoa beans | cocoa mass

    • Carob Milk Bar Carob Milk Bar with banana and cashew urbech
    • Carob Vegan Bar Carob Vegan Bar with mango and cashew urbech
    • Agave Light syrup Agave Light syrup natural agave syrup
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    GERMANY- Twistringen
    SINFO BURKHARD OSTERLOH E.K. - Verified by Europages

    Welcome to SINFO – since as early as 1994, we have been obtaining our organic guarana exclusively from the "ONCA" development project in Brazil. At this time, it was the first guarana with organic...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | organic products | prepared dishes and gourmet foods | gastronomy - specialities | guarana extracts [+] acerola extracts | guarana powder | fruit and nut bars | organic guarana nuts | vegan food produce | nutritional supplements

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    GERMANY- Wertingen
    COCONUT BUSINESS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Your bulk and private label partner for premium organic coconut raw materials. Coconut Business GmbH was founded by Christine Grotendiek in 2004. During the eight years she spent in the Philippines,...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | coconut oil | powdered milk | creamed coconut | coconut flour [+] coconut blossom sugar | coconut crisps | coconut blossom sugar | coconut milk | organic products | snacks | raw coconut products for the food industry | organic flours | syrups | foodstuffs, organic

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    RUSSIA- Vladimir
    DIET PROM LLC - Verified by Europages

    DIET PROM LLC, located in the Russian city of Vladimir, was founded in 2010. We specialise in producing foods for a healthy diet as well as dietetic and diabetic foods. These are sold under the MINI...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Organic food | diabetic food | healthy and natural food | healthy biscuits [+] sweeteners | crackers | products with stevia | vegan products | maize bran | oat bran | porridge with stevia | sucralose | biscuits with stevia | hard biscuits with stevia

    Brands : MINI CALORIE

    • Sweet Mix Sugar & Stevia Cubes 280 G Sweet Mix Sugar & Stevia Cubes 280 G Sweet mix sugar & stevia MINI CALORIE 500 g
    • Sweet Mix Sugar & Stevia 500 G Sweet Mix Sugar & Stevia 500 G Sweet mix sugar & stevia MINI CALORIE cubes 280 g
    • Oat-weat bran 250 g Oat-weat bran 250 g Oat weat mix bran MINI CALORIE 250 g
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    FRANCE- Grasse
    SÉLECTARÔME - Verified by Europages

    SELECTAROME has been specialised in the manufacture of food aromas for over 30 years. We provide a wide range of natural liquid and powdered food aromas, food colourings, aromas for e-liquids, as...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Food flavourings | Additives, food | Extracts, food | Food and beverage additives [+] Condiments, extracts and spices | flavourings | synthetic flavours | natural flavours | organic flavourings | natural dyes | food colourings | powder flavourings | manufacturer of food aromas | manufacturer of natural aromas

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  • BIO PAK is a Slovenian company dedicated to the development, production, packaging and marketing of innovative food-supplements made of premium natural raw materials for private labels. We offer an...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | organic food supplements | Food supplements | encapsulation of super foods | vegan supplements [+] vitamin c | minerals | collagen supplements | natural ingredients | vitamin supplements | vitamins | probiotics | gluten-free products | maca | amino-acids

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    RUSSIA- Krasnodar
    IE SOLNYSHKINA M.V. - Verified by Europages

    We are at food market since 2006, started from the production of rice flour for baby and diet foods. Later we added buckwheat, oat and corn flours to our product range and started producing cereal...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | production of organic flour and flakes for baby food | organic raw materials for baby food | organic buckwheat flakes for baby food | organic oat flakes for baby food [+] Baby foods | Import-export - food and agriculture | Breakfast cereals | diabetic food | diet aids | diet products | cereal flours | whole meal | wholemeal grain flours | corn flours

    • OATMEAL OATMEAL Oat flakes organic and conventional for baby food and diet food
    • ORGANIC FLOUR ORGANIC FLOUR Corn (maize) flour for baby food and diet food
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    FRANCE- Ploudaniel
    LAÏTA NUTRITION - Verified by Europages

    Laïta Nutrition is the nutrition and health branch of Laïta. For over 30 years, Laïta Nutrition designs and produce highly specific nutritional products for companies in the B-to-B nutrition and...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | health functional food | infant nutrition | clinical nutrition | complex nutritional formulas [+] sports nutrition and health food | liquid and powder products | experts in nutrition and health | adult nutrition | infant formula for stages 1, 2 and 3 | infant formula milk | development and production of nutritional solutions | french-made nutritional solutions | milk powder | ready-to-use products

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    RUSSIA- Vladimir
    ENDAKSI, LTD - Verified by Europages

    Endaxi company has been one of the fastest growing companies in the Russian grocery market since 2000. During this time, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner with a wide range of...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Flour and semolina | Breakfast cereals | Food - import-export | corn flours [+] cereal flours | rye flours | oatmeal | rice flours | durum wheat flour or superfine flour | food-grade flour | hard wheat flour | chickpea flour | cereal semolinas | wholewheat semolina

    • Instant five-grain flakes Instant five-grain flakes
    • Instant oat-flakes Instant oat-flakes
    • Corn semola Corn semola
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    UNITED SPICES, LTD - Verified by Europages

    We offer the best conditions and prices for the entire range of products from coconuts to decorative cosmetics. United Spices was founded in 2015. Due to a wide range of interests - from the...

    Supplier of: Condiments, extracts and spices | Cosmetics | Skin-care products | Beauty products | Spices [+] Unrefined vegetable oils | professional make-up | coconut fibre | pepper | massage oils | cosmetic oils | coconuts | coconut oil | coconut flour | oil

    • Coconut cream Coconut cream Organic coconut cream "Econutrena", 30%, 400ml, can
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  • Emelyanovskaya biofactory is located in an environmentally friendly area of ​​the Novgorod region near the clean river Kabozha surrounded by endless coniferous forests.The first product was launched...

    Supplier of: Organic food | Dietary and organic foods | Tea | Herb teas | Fruit preserves and jams [+] mint syrup | diabetic food | biological marmalade | vegetable products | natural product | herbal teas | marmalades | diet products | syrups | chamomile teas

    • Fermented willow-herb tea with currant in pyramids, 30 g Fermented willow-herb tea with currant in pyramids, 30 g
    • Thyme syrop, 250 g Thyme syrop, 250 g
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    RUSSIA- Vladimir
    GARNEC LLC - Verified by Europages

    «Garnec» is a leader in the production of gluten-free flour and baking mixes. We were the first in Russia to receive the right to label our products with the “Crossed Grain Trademark”. This...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Flour and semolina | Pasta | Foods, health | low-calorie diet food [+] gluten-free dishes | healthy meal | diet products | wholesale diet foods | cereal middlings | cereal semolinas | corn starch | flour for pastry-making | cereal flours | wholemeal grain flours

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    RUSSIA- Varna Village
    TPK VARNA, LLC - Verified by Europages

    "TPK" Varna" LLC is a foods company specializing in supplying of food products of the following trademarks: - "Tsar" Pasta, Flour, Groats, Multigrain flakes, Instant flakes, Porridge, Oat...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Food - import-export | Pasta | Flour and semolina | Breakfast cereals [+] Cereals and grains | Vegetable oils | Oils and fats, edible | healthy meal | healthy and natural food | cereal middlings | cereal semolinas | linseed oil | macaroni | seed oil

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    RUSSIA- Sergievskoe
    KRASNODARAGROALLIANCE, LLC - Verified by Europages

    Production and sale of popcorn are main directions of KRASNODARAGROALYANS business activity. The quality of our products is our highest priority. Our crops are treated according with state-of-art...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Import-export - food and agriculture | Agriculture - import-export | Crackers and snacks, salted | Cereals and grains [+] puffed cereals | maize cereals | cereals | dried crops | cereals for aperitifs, breakfast and snacks | foodstuffs - import/export | packaged corn | sweet corn | natural product | food products

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  • Production of apicultural products is the main activity of our company. 300 bee colonies lives in 3 honey farms located on 1 ha of land at foot of Caucasus Nature Reserve in Maykopsky District of...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Beekeeping and silk culture | Beekeeping - machinery and equipment | Honey | Beeswax [+] waxes for the food industry | high mountain honey | liquid wax | chestnut honey | food for bees | royal jelly | linden honey | acacia honey | honey and derivatives | honey and propolis

    • Propolis Propolis
    • Honey Honey Natural Adygei honey
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    RUSSIA- Goncharka
    IE MYTSYKOV V. M. - Verified by Europages

    V.M. Mytsykov’s farm household is the manufacturer of 100% natural herb teas. All the manu-facturing stages from growing raw materials to packaging are located in the settlement of Goncharka of the...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | organic food supplements | Plants and herbs, medicinal | Herbs for medicines and cosmetics | Herb teas [+] Drink additives | ORGANIC FARMING | organic tea | calendola | stinging nettle | mint | infusions and herbal teas | natural foods | herbal products | chamomile teas

    • Sage leaves phytotea Sage leaves phytotea
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    HUNGARY- Szabadság
    HN AGRO ORSUS KFT. - Verified by Europages

    HN Agro Orsus Kft. is a company based in Hungary specialized in the trade of agricultural products, both for retail and wholesale. Our product range includes nuts, seeds, fruits, herbs, spices, oil,...

    Supplier of: Garlic | Stud farms | Dried fruits | Pork | Spices [+] Olive oil | Soft drinks | Firewood | Wood products | Animals & Livestock | chocolate bars | ginger | agricultural products | saffron | extra virgin olive oil

    • Saffron Saffron Seeds & Spices
    • Red Onions Red Onions Seeds & Spices
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    AGROCHIMINVEST, LLC - Verified by Europages

    "AgroChimInvest" LLC is one of the leading Russian companies specializing in growing, processing, refining and exporting of agricultural products such as coriander, mustard, flax (linen – plants),...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Agricultural Production | Spices | Linen - plants | Oilseed crops [+] Pulses | Bedding plants, bulbs and seeds | Herbs and plants for cooking | natural flavours | flavoured condiments | flavourings for cooking | aromatic plants | broad beans | peas | chutney

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    FELIZATA HOLDING - Verified by Europages

    Felizata Holding LLC is a Russian manufacturer of dietary and natural products and supplements for weight loss. The company produces table sweeteners and dietary food products, supplies products to...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Foods, precooked and gourmet | Cake mixes | Foods, health | Nougat [+] low-calorie diet food | gastronomic product | diabetic food | healthy meal | low-protein diet food | diet aids | diet products | wholesale diet foods | slimming supplement | foodstuffs - import/export

    • Table sweetener Table sweetener Prebiosweet Fitness Functional Sweetener.
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    GERMANY- Darmstadt
    AQUANOVA AG - Verified by Europages

    AQUANOVA AG is a Pharma-GMP certified B2B process manufacturer with headquarters in Darmstadt, near Frankfurt am Main Airport. Our NovaSOL® technology is protected by patent and is based on extensive...

    Supplier of: commissioned manufacturing of dietary supplements | Vitamins and provitamins | vegetable extracts | ascorbic acid | phials [+] raw materials for food supplements | astaxanthin | coenzyme q10 | vitamin d3 | vitamin k | curcumin | vitamin e | boswellia serrata | lipoic acid | quercetin

    • Food Additives Food Additives We consider NovaSOL® formulations, which add application scope and efficacy to f
    • Health Solutions Health Solutions We consider NovaSOL® formulations, which add potency to health ingredients for f
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    GERMANY- Neutraubling
    COMPENDIUM GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Compendium GmbH is a full-service contractor for manufacturing capsules, tablets, softgels, powders and liquid products. We develop innovative, functional food supplements and balanced diets based on...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | contract filling of dietary supplements | commissioned manufacturing of dietary supplements | Masks, safety | amino-acids [+] magnesium | vitamins | vegetable extracts | wellness products | protective work masks | masks | amino acid preparations | fibre | organic products | organic fruit juices

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    RUSSIA- Krasnodar
    SEE-ECO FOODS - Verified by Europages

    SEE-ECO Foods produces dietary and organic foods: pâtés and sauces from plant-based ingredients. Our diet products are vegan-friendly - top-choice for a healthy meal fan. We produce dietary and organic foods under our own...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | wholesale organic foods | Sauces | Pâtés | Vegetables, tinned [+] Foods, health | Food - import-export | healthy meal | diet products | canned pulses | coconuts | vegetable products | natural product | soy-based foods | vegetable sauces

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    RUSSIA- Naberezhnye Chelny
    DOBRIYE TRADITSII, LLC - Verified by Europages the production of dietary and organic foods: сhamaenerion tea beverage (Ivan-Chay), honey, peanut butter and nut butters (Urbech), preserved fruits, jams and marmalades. The company's range of products includes over 500 items of healthy natural...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Honey | SWEETS | Import-export - food and agriculture | orange preserves [+] organic products | diabetic food | healthy meal | low-protein diet food | slimming supplement | nougats | preserves, jams and marmalades | marmalades | walnut oils | almond paste

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  • SAS VENTOUX EPEAUTRE is a grower of 100%-French einkorn wheat in the traditional manner. The company grows and collects einkorn wheat from the region where this cereal originates, around Mount...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Flour and semolina | Semolina | Cereals and grains | Flour-milling [+] Food - import-export | Vegetables, dried | dietetic foods | einkorn wheat in bulk | einkorn wheat in big-bag | einkorn wheat from provence | husked einkorn wheat | milling quality einkorn wheat | einkorn wheat from france | cereals grower

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    RUSSIA- Omsk
    TORGINVEST - Verified by Europages

    The company “Tea World” is producers of tea and coffee products. We work for our consumers for 15 years and all these time we produce high quality products. Our products made a conquest of consumer...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Tea | Herb teas | Coffee and tea | Plants and herbs, medicinal [+] tea, coffee and herbal teas | tea-based beverages | green tea | flavoured tea | tea serving | tea leaves | instant coffee | coffee production | sales of coffee | wholesale coffee

    Brands : SVAY Luxurious Tea Collection | SVAY Selective Tea Blends | ТМ TEAJOY’S | ТМ Tee Garten | ТМ Фруктовая линия ...

    • Green tea Green tea Tea "Fruit line" Assorted green. Classic. 25 sachets
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    ITALY- Marsala
    BIOTRADING SRL - Verified by Europages

    Biotrading is a company firmly orientated to the field of dietary supplements and nutritional pharmaceuticals. Since its set-up in 1969, it has specialised in making products for newborn babies and...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | vitamin supplements | nutritional supplements | royal jelly | probiotics [+] mineral salts | export of nutritional supplements | vegan products | pregnancy | gynaecology | multivitamin | italian pharmaceutical company | nutraceuticals | vitamin capsules | vitamin tablets

    • Cobalavit plus drops Cobalavit plus drops Pediatric Area
    • Cobalavit Drops Cobalavit Drops Pediatric Area
    • Normuril Solution Normuril Solution Pediatric Area
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    GERMANY- Strasslach
    MYCOTRITION GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Our company has over 40 years of professional experience in the cultivation and processing of medicinal mushrooms. Our business is defined by the following aspects: •Premium quality raw materials;...

    Supplier of: dietary supplements | commissioned manufacturing of dietary supplements | Mushrooms | dried mushrooms | antioxidants [+] medicinal mushrooms | raw foodstuffs, medicinal mushrooms | organic products | food extracts | mushroom extracts | raw materials for food supplements | shiitake mushrooms | mushroom powder | reishi mushroom | liquid extracts

    • Reishi, Ganoderma lucidum Reishi, Ganoderma lucidum Ganoderma
    • Pleurotus ostreatus Pleurotus ostreatus
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  • OUR AREA OF ACTIVITY Biohealth International GmbH is a contract manufacturer for innovative products in the following areas: • Food supplements • Sports nutrition • Functional food products •...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Foods, precooked and gourmet | Food and beverage additives | Perfume and beauty products | Cosmetics [+] Hygiene and toilet products | Hygiene and beauty articles | Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | Pharmaceutical products | Medicines | Protein additives | amino-acids | natural flavours for the food and canning industry | dietetic foods | protein supplements

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