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    LAT - Labor- und Analysen-Technik GmbH is a family-run laboratory wholesaler with around 50 years of experience. We are an expert full-range supplier for laboratories and distribute high-quality products from all renowned manufacturers. Our range of services covers all product areas, such as laboratory equipment, laboratory consumables, laboratory furniture, chemicals, medical supplies, teaching materials and much more besides. We also have an in-house glass-blowing workshop, allowing us to manufacture glass apparatus for laboratories according to customer specifications (e.g. according to DIN, ISO, VDI, DEV or your own model). Our range of services is rounded off by an expert glass repairs service. In addition, we can boast an in-house workshop with expert technicians. We can offer all types of maintenance and repair services, as well as supplying all necessary replacement parts. Our repair and maintenance concept covers all legally relevant guidelines. LAT GmbH – everything from a single source.

  2. RAYPA


    Since its founding in 1974, RAYPA has emerged as a global leader in the development, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service of laboratory autoclaves and food analyzers. In 2017, under the guidance of RAYPA, TERRA Food Tech was born to address the needs of small-scale production for small producers, restaurateurs and chefs, micro-entrepreneurs, laboratories, and R&D departments of the food and packaging industry. Offering a comprehensive product range catering to diverse market sectors and applications, we take great pride in being able to say that all of our products are meticulously designed and entirely manufactured in our modern facility located in Barcelona, Spain, ensuring an exceptional level of attention to detail and superior construction quality. In addition to delivering an excellent customer service and expert technical support to all our customers, we place great emphasis on creating economically viable products that are reliable, environmentally sustainable and built to withstand years of use with outstanding performance. We invite you to join our growing community of satisfied customers and discover the RAYPA & TERRA Food Tech difference for yourself!



    Our team works on the basis of D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. For many years we have been engaged in the production of highly purified substances, as well as the problems of isotope separation of various substances. We are highly experienced in the production of various types of nozzles for fractioning (distillation) columns and a high level of knowledge on their use. Our spiral prismatic nozzle is used worldwide for the most complex separation tasks, including such as isotope separation. In addition to the spiral prismatic nozzle, we also offer the following products: - patented regular nozzle (for columns with a diameter of up to 1 m); - Dixon rings made of stainless steel and copper mesh; We also manufacture fractioning (distillation) units for the production of alcohol and alcohol-containing products. Separate business areas of our company are: - production of potable light water (water with a low deuterium content); - heavy oxygen water (Oxygen-18 water) – water with a high content of oxygen-18 isotope up to level of more than 98%, which is used for manufacturing 18F-gluorodeoxyglucose labeled with fluorine-18 atom and is the most widely spread radiopharmaceutical agent (RPh) applied in positron-emission tomography (PET) and computer-assisted tomography (CAT).

  4. V-BREW

    United Kingdom

    V-Brew is a company that specialises in the provision of cutting edge distilling equipment, brewing equipment, industrial chiller units and more. The company has a wealth of experience in the alcohol production equipment sector and, as such, has built up a strong network of partners. With manufacturers such as Romfil, Coolsoon and Santa Efigenia Alambique as partners, V-Brew is able to supply some of the very best equipment to its clients. In terms of clients, V-Brew provides machinery to a range of customers, from the individual looking to create their first spirit to established breweries with a portfolio of products. V-Brew's range of equipment and machinery is widening all the time and it currently provide items such as brew houses, stills, industrial chiller units, fermentation tanks, universal stills, filtration equipment and kombucha making equipment. The company has developed relationships with some of the best manufacturers all over the world and therefore has access to the latest, most advanced equipment out there.


    United Kingdom

    Vitikit Limited provide machinery and equipment to wine, cider, spirits and beer producers of all sizes. The hobbyist, commercial producer, microbreweries and breweries. We stock a variety of wine and cider making equipment, brewing equipment and distilling equipment. We've established relationships with manufacturers from all around the globe, including companies in China, Germany and Brazil. Such relationships means that Vitikit Limited are able to provide producers with the finest and most efficient equipment for producing wine, cider, spirits, beer and craft beer. We are based in Exeter, Devon but serve the entire UK and beyond. Browse our machinery and equipment today. We are committed to providing the very best equipment and go all over the world to source the machinery that our suppliers produce. On our website, you will find equipment, machinery, supplies, bottling supplies and a host of clever accessories that can be utilised to produce alcohol. We specialise in providing equipment for the production of beer, wine, cider, gin, whisky and rum but much of our specialist equipment can be used to make other produce.

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    The company SYNTECH INTERNATIONAL SRL, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Technical design consultants industry. It also operates in the Water retreatment - equipment and installations, consultants on explosive articles and pyrotechnics, Nitric acid systems, distilling equipment, and Water retreatment - equipment and installations industries. It is based in Brescia, Italy.



    The company LIVAM GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Distilling - machinery and equipment industry. It also operates in the Water purification - systems and equipment, distillers, water purification, Water purification - systems and equipment, and distilling equipment industries. It is based in Düsseldorf, Germany.



    The company ADLERMECH ESSENTIAL OIL DISTILLATION EXTRACTION EQUIPMENT, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Perfume industry - machinery and equipment industry. It also operates in the distilling equipment, essential oils, essential oil distillation, and essential oil extraction industries. It is based in Izmir, Turkey.



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    UNIQUELAB is a Portuguese company operation in two areas of activity: production of alcohol Spirits under the name of Distillery de Basto and Detergents and disinfectants: Biotech Chemical. Destilaria de Basto is a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages. Do you want to develop your own brand? At Destilaria de Basto we develop a range of Private Label products with a service that integrates a 360º vision from product design, formulation or legality of each market. We manufacture gin voka licor brandy wisky for distributors or traders with its own brands. Uniquelab Biotech Chemical is a manufacturer of Detergents and Disinfectants by Uniquelab Biotech Chemical. We specialise in the formulation and manufacture of solutions for hygiene, cleaning, detergents, disinfectants, and biocides that respect the environment. We manufacture private label products. If you are a professional in the warehouse or distributor sector, check out the advantages of being a Uniquelab Distributor. Products for home cleaning: “Lava Bem” spray, multipurpose spray, strong degreasing spray, biodegradable degreasing spray, glass cleaner spray, Lavvo laundry detergent 100 doses and 140 doses, professional products from Uniquelab line, detergents and degreasers for restaurants, hotels, hospitals... We are experts in the creation and production of liquids, as well as the design, creation and procurement of all packaging components to create a finished packaged product for distributers and private label.



    We react quickly to your individual needs. DINO Bremen is one of the leading manufacturers of electric steam boilers. DINO achieved this position not by company size, but through the efforts of highly motivated employees who always focus on the customer's needs in their work. This is why our engineering company has been successful on the international market for more than 50 years. In addition to electric steam generators, DINO is also setting standards with respect to distillation equipment and steam superheaters. Sewage treatment systems, water treatment plants, heat exchangers, condensate collectors, drinking water and fuel tanks, sludge tanks and steel and stainless steel constructions made out of tubes and sheet metal complement our product range. Since our company was established in 1960, we have delivered more than 25, 000 boiler systems to over 140 countries. Our staff manufactures products according to the individual requirements of the customers, while preferring environmentally friendly technology.



    Cadalpe has developed a long and wide 40-year experience in the field of production of machines dedicated to wine and distillation, which adds the brewery equipment in the last decade. Cadalpe’s production is characterized by avant-garde technologies. We offer equipment with innovative solutions and high technology content. An high specialization in the processing of stainless steels guarantees a very good finish level and an impeccable aesthetic presentation. It follows a good running, resistance, life and the least maintenance. Our production includes: Cross-flow filters Kieselguhr filters with horizontal plates Sheet filters with 40x40 cm plates Single-chamber rotary vacuum filters Heat exchangers of tubular nest type, or with scraped body Helicoid one-tube Cooling units for water or glycol solution Cooling units with scraped bodies evaporator Plate heat exchangers Portable sulphur-dioxide dosers Discontinuous and Continuous Flotation units for musts cleaning with or without adding chemical products Continuous tartaric stabilization plants Resin Stabilization System Dissolving mixing units for sugar, clarifiers, additives Grape pomace continuous dealcoholizers Columns for continuous distillation Discontinuous distillation plants Vacuum concentrators with one, two or more stages Heat pump concentrators Desulphurizers Pressure tanks for sparkling wines Stainless steel tanks and fermenters Brewery equipments



    "Since 1993, manufacturer & distributor in the field of laboratories. Our experience means that we can satisfy all requests for LABORATORY EQUIPMENT. European suppliers-partners. We cover all needs for laboratory equipment and consumables. We are able to offer you a broad range of glass, aluminium and plastic bottles for use not only in the perfume, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors but also the petrol industry. MOD’VERRE is also a glass-blowing workshop for the custom manufacture of your glass laboratory equipment and for indsutry. We manufacture distilling equipment such as stills for the perfume industry (perfumes, aromas, essential oils) and repaire your broken glassware. For all your laboratory needs, we offer laboratory furniture (lab benches, cabinets, storage cupboards, etc.).



    MaletaCD is manufacturing of mass transfer equipment for distillation, reactive distillation, stripping and absorption. We are supply atmospheric distillation unit and vacuum distillation unit. We works in Separation of crude oil; Fractional Kerosene to White Spirit 140-210 high quality; Batch vacuum distillation unit for fractional Diesel to Spindle Oli; Distillation equipment for Ethanol Plant and Biofuels. We use our patented energy-saving technology of cyclic distillation. Using our technology (distillation column in cyclic mode) as results has resulted in a 2 to 4 times more efficient separation of components and a reduction of 1.5 to 2 times the power input into the process. As a result of reducing the investment project



    (Sino-American) Shangqiu Ruixin Environmental Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. also named RESEM, specializes specializes in manufacturing waste tires & plastic pyrolysis/recycling equipment and after-sales service. Our parent company is in Taiwan, set up in 1999.RESEM's business area includes: RESEM products mainly include Waste tyre and waste rubber, plastic pyrolysis equipment; Crude oil, fuel oil, waste oil and lubricating oil Distilation equipment; Carbon black deep processing machine and tires crushing equipment. After purification, the oil quality will be improved. It can take place of diesel, and can be directly used in vehicles. And RESEM have exported more than 389 sets of equipments to many countries and areas, such as Turkey, Albania, Macedonia, Iran, Ecuador, Poland, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh and so on.RESEM's Company Capability: RESEM has 3 manufacturing factorys & 2 assembly centers in China



    Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, KangCun village Station, The products mainly include waste plastic refining equipment, waste tires oil refining equipment, waste oil refining equipment, fuel oil purification equipment, distillation machine, municipal solid waste sorting equipment, dust removal equipment. The company has experts, engineers, technicians of the technical development team, in order to meet the special requirements of customers products, the company is willing to personalize your customized products.



    Zhengzhou Vihoo Machinery Co., Ltd. Brand name: VIHOO, specializes specializes in manufacturing waste tires & plastic pyrolysis/recycling equipment and after-sales service.VIHOO's business area includes: VIHOO products mainly include Waste tyre and waste rubber, plastic pyrolysis equipment; Crude oil, fuel oil, waste oil and lubricating oil Distilation equipment; Carbon black deep processing machine and tires crushing equipment. After purification, the oil quality will be improved. It can take place of diesel, and can be directly used in vehicles. And VIHOO have exported more than 586 sets of equipments to many countries and areas, such as Turkey, Albania, Macedonia, Iran, Ecuador, Poland, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh and so on.VIHOO's Company Capability: VIHOO has 3 manufacturing factorys in China, and we have 4 foreign branches all over the world. We have our own factory and professional team, which can provide you more perfect and widely after-sales service. VIHOO has passed the ISO900


    United Kingdom

    DiOsolve is a young company offering technical and commercial services in the the fields of manufacturing processes and specialty chemicals. DiOsolve's expertise: epoxy resins, curing agents, short-path distillation equipment, etc.



    Present in the main industrial centres linked with petrol and gas industries. Sheet metal productions (manufacture of heat exchangers), industrial maintenance: maintenance, pipework, mechanical maintenance, metallurgy maintenance. Sheet metal productions: exchangers, Distillation columns, reactors. Equipment for catalytic crackers: cyclones, plenums, domes, risers, grills. Equipment for furnaces and boilers: prefabrication of tubular, convection and radiant panels, superheaters.Pressure vessels: all types and all metals. Air coolers. Industrial maintenance: rehabilitation of petrochemical and power generation plants. Unit shutdowns: we manage and carry out complete scheduled shutdowns for refineries and petrochemical facilities.FOURE LAGADEC: industrial contract maintenance, nuclear maintenance, marine maintenance, refinery maintenance, petrochemical maintenance.



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    Aurian SAS, a distiller and trader in wines and Armagnac since 1880. Maison Aurian produces and trades in flavoured wines, liqueurs and spirits from the heart of south-west France. The company's origins date back to 1880, when Monsieur Dupeyron was one of the leading traders of wine and Armagnac in Gascogny. A few decades later, his grandson Philippe Aurian began to specialise in the production of traditional flavoured wines, liqueurs and spirits, while continuing to trade actively in Armagnac. Today, the company sells over 500, 000 bottles a year in all regions of France. All Aurian products are hand-made using infusions of our own fruit, or are naturally flavoured, usually a combination of both.In September 2018, Florent and Isabella Soulhol acquired Maison Aurian with the firm intention of continuing the craft tradition founded by Monsieur Aurian, and opening up new international markets for specialities from Maison Aurian. Don't hesitate to contact us for more details!



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    In the world of alcohol production and distillation, all roads have led to the company Kothe for over 40 years. We produce thought-out distillation systems at the highest technical level from the initial idea to the final detail – always individually adapted to the requirements of our international customers. Quality in every detail. From small private distilleries to small commercial distilleries, lockup distilleries or vodka and whisky distilleries – each of our distillation systems is customised, and demonstrates the best of what you can expect from distillery technology. All our distillation systems are manufactured to customer request after intensive consultation. We show particular consideration here for the raw materials to be processed, and also compile complete processing plans in addition to the distillation system. To this end, you also get a comprehensive range of accessories from us – from the small alcohol detection device to filling and labelling systems. We design turnkey grain or molasses distilleries as well as fruit distilleries – from tree recommendations through mashing and distilling right up to completion and storage. We are also happy to carry out a sensory analysis of your distillates. Send us samples if you're not sure whether to submit them for an award, or simply to get an independent opinion regarding quality. A team of experts looks forward to hearing from you!



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    At Thomson Machinery BV, we specialize in sourcing and trading a wide range of equipment for various industries including building construction, marine construction, excavation, concrete/road work, surface & underground mining, land development, agriculture, trucking, and more. Our aim is to be your ultimate destination for all equipment requirements. We are committed to providing accurate representations of the true condition of every machine we sell, ensuring that you receive exactly what you need. With expertise in buying and selling equipment of all makes, models, and years, we're here to assist you whether you're looking to sell or buy. Don't forget to inquire about our equipment financing options as well. Our comprehensive range of services and value-added features sets us apart in the market. Our personalized and meticulous services utilize cutting-edge physical and digital tools, making us market leaders. We provide expert trading assistance throughout industrial machinery transactions, covering various categories: Metal Processing Machinery, Wood Working Machinery, Printing Machinery, Industrial Automation Technology, Propulsion & Conveying Technology, Forklifts & Industrial Trucks, Food Processing Machinery, Construction Machinery and Material Handling. Your needs are our priority. Our services are designed to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, encompassing advice, promotion, buying, and selling of your industrial machinery.



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    STELLA, a specialst in lanolin treatment and lanolin by-products, carries a wide range of products in different forms aimed at the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. We have obtained ISO 9001, GMP ExciPac certifications as a pledge of the quality of our products. In order to diversify its activity, STELLA now offers oil and fat purification service using its versatile and flexible molecular distillation installation (wiped film evaporator and short path evaporator). This highly technical tool keeps STELLA abreast of cutting-edge, most powerful purification technologies all the time. We can identify the most suitable elements for our clients' aims as we operate a customer dedicated pilot molecular distillation unit in tandem. This purification process entails distilling, eliminating or sharply reducing the heavy compounds or molecules in our clients' oils and fats.



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    MARXAM PROJECT is a seasoned service provider in the welding, steel, and metal industry, boasting 16 years of expertise. Our company is dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions in metalworking technologies and has been collaboratively serving businesses across Poland and Europe since 2006. Our comprehensive range of services includes: Laser sheet cutting Laser cutting of tubes and 3D profiles Waterjet cutting Plate bending Sheet and profile rolling Embossing Turning and milling on conventional machines Turning and milling on CNC machines Welding Spot and induction welding EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Grinding Protective coatings 3D printing of plastics and resins Design of small metal structures Technological support Complete assembly Count on MARXAM PROJECT for precision, efficiency, and excellence in meeting your metalworking needs. We offer also different product like baking molds and barrel stands.



    We have specialised in the fascinating area of distillation. Due to our systems' multitude of applications and the high qualification level of our employees, we are familiar with almost all problems which can be resolved by distillation. Be it for the experimental stage in the laboratory, the pilot stage in the technical centre or on an industrial process scale – ILUDEST® supplies systems perfectly tailored to the given application, and for throughput rates ranging from a few ml to 100 l/h. Simple operation with PC and modern measuring and controlling electronics make us leaders in the design, development and manufacture of distillation systems. Every ILUDEST/i-Fischer system is a unique high-end product that is precisely coordinated to the specific concepts of our customers and turns challenges into solutions. 100 ml per day or 100 litres per hour, solvents or acids, scents or crude oil, at 350 °C or 10-3 mbar … We have been established on the global market as an expert in thermal process technology since 1990. Our systems are used in research, development and production in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as in biochemistry. Further areas of use are teaching, and training in vocational schools, colleges and universities. Whatever your process conditions are like, we offer the right solution all over the world, with the highest German standard of quality and reliability.



    Since 1976 our company produces Finned Tubes, Finned Tube Heat Exchangers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers. In these issues we have a good experience and reputation in Turkey. From the date of its establishment, we are not satisfied with these issues and try to meet the private demands from our customers also. We thank you for the close attention and trust to our company. We present our proposal about your project in the attachment to your appropriate opinion and hope that our offer will be welcomed positively.



    DISTILLERIE LOUIS ROQUE specialises in aged Souillac plum brandy. Distillers from generation to generation since 1835, our distillery works in the finest traditional manner, brandies are slowly matured in old oak casks, where the spirits slowly age. As well as the famous aged Souillac plum brandy, our distillery offers other fruit brandies including pear, raspberry, damson, mirabelle and kirsch. We also offer aperitif drinks based on wine, fruit, walnuts, ratafia, liqueurs made with walnuts, chestnuts, raspberries, caramel, vanilla chocolate and mint as well as fruit cremes. We also offer a selection of fruits in alcohol, babas, cinnamon, chocolate desserts and condiments from south-west France, mustard and truffle vinegar. Our products are available from wine merchants, fine grocers such as Hédiard or Fauchon as well as a many fine award-winning restaurants in France and around the world.



    Rattan, a name synonymous with excellence and professionalism, one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Distillery, Brewery, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing Plant & Bottling Plant, etc. We have stabilize ourselves as an outstanding name in the sphere of modern process technologies equipment & plant. The company is pouring its best in research, production and quality control, to widely expand its wings into vast Indian and overseas market to keep pace with fast changing technology in Chemical/ Food Processing Plant.Rattan, consistently setting new trends with innovative design for the ever-changing scenario of Distillery industries with a golden endless experience of 30 years to achieve the objective of “Quality Products For Complete Customer Satisfaction”.



    Zhejiang Dayu Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd can supply single-layer, dual-layer and three-layer stainless steel tanks. These tanks are widely applied in the beverage process industries, which cleanable to sanitary standards (e. G. FDA, USDA standards). The inner of the fermentation tank adopted 304 stainless steel. Use polyurethane as insulating layer. Adopted the international standards of fermentation technology, diverse methods to control the temperature, the inner surface of the tank are mirror-polished. Completely meet the demanding of PLC and sterilize system. The cooling jacket can achieve all countries standard, supply miller, arch, corrugated plate and so on to meet all kinds of cooling technology of coolant and pressure. Our factory specialize in personally manufacturing small to medium sized brewery plants, micro brewery equipment, brew house/brewery equipment, beer testing equipment for brewery, etc



    Langshun is a Professional Engaged in the Production and Development Injection Blow Machine Reliable Supplier in China. our main product have Plastic Mould, Injection Blow Mould, Plastic Injection Blow Mould, Plastic Bottle Mould, etc.


    United Kingdom

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