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  • We have been active on the market since 1995 and boast many years of experience and top expertise. We only use products which have been developed and manufactured in-house. Our top-quality products... Supplier of: Water treatment products | drinking water treatment chemicals | chemical products for water treatment | water treatment equipment | coagulant for water treatment [+] water treatment advice | chemicals for water treatment products | water treatment plants for the drinks industry | water treatment products for industrial water | water treatment products for boiler feed water | water treatment accessories | water treatment systems for the drinks industry | Waste water recycling | Water purification - systems and equipment | Water retreatment - equipment and installations
    GERMANY - Eching
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  • Dr. Küke GmbH was founded in 1996 at the University of Hannover's Institute of Technical Chemistry. Our main field of activity is water treatment and the removal and destruction of biofilms in... Supplier of: drinking water treatment chemicals | disinfectants for water treatment | water purification and treatment consulting | clarifiers for water treatment | fabrication of water treatment products [+] industrial water treatment | drinking water disinfection | non-potable water treatment | Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | biocides | chlorine dioxide | water conditioning | sanitisers | chemical products for the food and preserved food industry | industrial disinfectants
    GERMANY - Wedemark
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  • The sera Group is an independent family business group with headquarters in Immenhausen. Since the company was founded in 1945, sera has been synonymous with innovation, reliability and flexibility... Supplier of: water treatment systems | Dosing pumps | Centrifugal pumps | sewage pumps | tinting machine [+] membrane pumps | calcium hypochlorite metering | chemical metering | cip cleaning | cleaning in place | disinfection | double-membrane pump | metering system | metering technology | compressed-air diaphragm pumps
    GERMANY - Immenhausen
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  • ...aggressive fluids, corrosive water and chemical products. Thanks their unique expertise, the company is able to respond to any industrial pumping requirement and is aimed at the most varied production sectors: Petrochemical installations,... Supplier of: Pumps | scale-removing pumps | horizontal pumps | membrane pumps | pumps [+] micropumps | vertical pumps | horizontal centrifugal pumps | underwater centrifugal pumps | chemical pumps | pumps for abrasives | pumps for the food industry | purification pumps | pumps for corrosive liquids | pumps for industrial uses
    ITALY - Brandizzo
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  • ...and systems in the field of water treatment, waste water treatment, process water, drinking water, swimming pool water and environmental engineering worldwide for nearly 15 years. We specialise in the following areas: Water... Supplier of: Swimming pools, installations and equipment | sensors | dosing pumps | chlorine dioxide | metrology
    GERMANY - Ravensburg
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  • ...of the best company in field of water treatment, wastewater recycling and odor removal systems. enki built water treatment plants from the 5 m3/h to 1.800 m3/h and supply best solution for water treatment, wastewater recycling and odor removal systems. We have plants in three continents,... Supplier of: Water retreatment - equipment and installations | filters and filtration systems | reverse osmosis equipment | ultrafiltration of waste water | odor removal systems
    TURKEY - Istanbul
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  • ...of passion and expertise in UV water treatment, we are industry experts in environmentally friendly, chemical-free UV systems. Our leading UV technology provides a range of flexible ultraviolet disinfection products. Our UV systems are suitable for a vast range of industries and... Supplier of: ultraviolet water treatment | Swimming pools - equipment and installations for water treatment | uv water treatment systems | uv systems | uv disinfection
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  • ...is a leading supplier of water treatment solutions in Ireland. We supply Clack water softeners, reverse osmosis water filters, office water coolers, water pumps, well water treatment and much more for residential and commercial purposes. CWS Water Solutions was... Supplier of: Water purification | water filters | water softeners | reverse osmosis | office water filters
    IRELAND - Tuam
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  • ...& electrochemical sensors, electrodes & probes, chemical dosing pumps, complete dosing systems, swimming pool systems, chlorine dioxide-, electrolysis- and UV-disinfection systems and many accessories.Our amperometric & electrochemical sensors "Made in Germany" are used for chlorine... Supplier of: Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - output and flow | measuring and control instrument components and accessories | water disinfection plants and equipment | water measurement sensor equipment | water measurement chemical dosing pump
    GERMANY - Ravensburg
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  • ...construction of the plastic Water and Chemical Tanks in Poland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, securing deliveries of the drinking water tanks, wastewater tanks, chemical-resistant tanks, having in its competence supplies and assembling of the abovementioned... Supplier of: biological treatment of waste water | Tanks, plastic | water tank | plastic tank | mixers for the chemical industry
    UKRAINE - Dnipropetrovsk
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  • ...of using in all spheres of water treatment. - Does not require for using coagulants and flocculants. - High sorption activity with a large spread of concentrations. - effective working with all degrees of pH and longer filtration cycle.... Supplier of: Water production | sorbent | water purification | environmental clean-up services | processing and recycling of waste
    RUSSIA - Petrozavodsk
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  • We are a professional supplier of water treatment chemicals and oilfield chemicals in China. Our main water treatment chemicals are as follows for your reference: Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC), for drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment. BWD-01 Water Decoloring Agent, for color removal for dyeing... Supplier of: Water treatment products | coagulant for water treatment | flocculants
    CHINA - Wuxi
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  • ...pharmaceutical, food, biological, "three wastes" treatment and other industries. About of 60% products are well sold in more than 80 countries and regions. There is a well-established QS system in Jinkai now. Abiding by ISO9001/2008... Supplier of: water treatment chemical s | Synthetic resins | ion exchange resins
    CHINA - Yancheng
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  • ...it's main application is the disinfectation of drinking water, the advantage of chloramine-T than chlorine in drinking water treatment is obvious and has been approved by more and more users. Need know further more information?... Supplier of: Inorganic bases and compounds | disinfectants | chloramine t
    CHINA - Dalian
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  • ...has great deal of experience in the chemicals industry. We are specialised in the development, production and distribution of chemicals in general and the treatment of drinking and waste water. Supplier of: Water treatment products | Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | chemical products | ferric chloride | sulphuric acid
    SPAIN - Bilbao-Vizcaya
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  • ...company specialised in the fabrication, supply and application of vegetable coagulants for the treatment of waste water, process water and drinking water, in both the industrial sector and urban. Supplier of: Water purifying products | flocculants | vegetable coagulants | tannin based coagulants | green chemicals
    SPAIN - Sevilla
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  • Salzkontor Fritz Schmid GmbH has been THE specialist for salt for more than 75 years. As an indispensable natural mineral, salt plays a role in many areas of our lives: As table salt, iodised salt,... Supplier of: chemicals for water treatment products | chemicals for the boiler water treatment | Salt, industrial | road salt | table salt [+] gem salt | de-icing salts | sea salts | brine | salt pellets | industrial salt | evaporated industrial salt | pharmaceutical salt | dishwasher salt | salt licks
    GERMANY - Fellbach
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  • Ovivo is a global company with offices in 15 countries and five continents and is solely dedicated to treating water and waste water. As real water specialists, we understand the complexity of water... Supplier of: waste water treatment systems, physical-chemical | filters for water treatment | water treatment systems | water treatment systems for waste water from production | waste water treatment, chemical [+] chemicals for water treatment products | Waste water recycling | construction of waste water plants | waste water treatment, biological | waste water treatment plants | waste water cycle plants | waste water purification station | waste water treatment systems for industry | wastewater technology | industrial water treatment facilities
    GERMANY - Ditzingen
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  • Your solution for air and water. Air and water are a common good and our most important source of nourishment on this earth. The quality care of these goods should therefore be handled carefully and... Supplier of: mobile water treatment | renovation of drinking water systems | renovation of legionella-contaminated drinking water and cooling tower | stainless steel drinking water filters | Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment [+] water treatment for air washers | water treatment for cooling towers | biocide-free water technology for cooling towers | chemical-free water technology for cooling towers | sustainable drinking water hygiene at any phw operating temperature | stainless steel water filters | mobile disinfection systems | sustainable cooling tower hygiene | chemical pipeline disinfection | biocide-free water treatment for the beverage industry
    AUSTRIA - Pinkafeld
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  • Manufacture and operation of water treatment plants (for laboratories, hospitals and industry). Wilhelm Werner GmbH designs and produces systems and plants for treating pure and ultrapure water. Our... Supplier of: Water treatment products | treatment plants for pharmaceutical water | industrial water treatment plants | service water treatment plants | water treatment plants for the drinks industry [+] treatment plants for laboratory water | process water treatment plants | Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | Water retreatment - equipment and installations | assistance for water purification systems | water purifying plants | water softening systems | reverse osmosis systems | ultrapure water plants | ion exchangers
    GERMANY - Leverkusen
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  • Welcome to Enmetec GmbH, a world-class company in the water filtering area. First of all, I would like to extend my deepest thanks to all our customers who have been supporting us for over 10 years.... Supplier of: filter materials for water treatment | water treatment systems | reverse osmosis devices for producing drinking water | Water softening - systems and equipment | water softening systems [+] water filtering plants | industrial filters | automatic water softeners | industrial water softeners | water filters | water recovery systems | air purification | filter systems | backflushing filters, automatic | water treatment systems for the hotel and catering industry
    GERMANY - Mönchengladbach
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  • Finikem, a young and dynamic company whose premises are in the brand new Castelfranco di Sotto branch, has chosen this brand name, synonymous with ''finished chemicals'', for its range of chemicals... Supplier of: Water treatment products | chemical products for water treatment | Chemicals - import-export | dyestuff | pigments [+] mastic putties | industrial lacquers | chemical products for tanning | chemical products for the leather industry
    ITALY - Castelfranco Di Sotto
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  • For over 15 years, PURION has been leading the market in chemical-free UV disinfection technology for treating liquids, air and surfaces. PURION systems are developed and produced in Germany. Supplier of: drinking water disinfection | water treatment system | Air disinfection - equipment and systems | purification and disinfection, air - equipment and systems | air purification [+] air pollution controller | humidification systems | dehumidifying system | air purifiers | uv disinfection | uv system | conveyor belt disinfection | air disinfection | water disinfection
    GERMANY - Zella-Mehlis
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  • Dake Enterprise Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of water treatment chemicals in China. We produce a complete series of products include activated carbon, polyaluminium... Supplier of: water treatment chemicals | drinking water purification | Water purifying products | waste water purification | polyaluminium chloride manufacturer
    CHINA - Wuhan
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  • Water Coolers, Manufacture of other special purpose machinery not elsewhere classified Supplier of: Water treatment products | Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | Water softening - systems and equipment
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  • Our business has covered the system research & development and manufacture of water for the following industries: water for polycrystalline silicon and monocrystal silicon cleaning, cutting fluid... Supplier of: water treatment plants | water treatment plants for mineral waters and soft drinks | Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment
    CHINA - Shenyang
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  • Supplier of: water treatment plants for mineral waters and soft drinks | softeners for water treatment | deferrizers for water treatment | Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | water conditioning
    BELGIUM - Mechelen
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  • Supplier of: water treatment plants for mineral waters and soft drinks | plants for the carbonation of mineral waters and soft drinks | Bottling and filling - machinery and equipment
    ITALY - Sala Baganza
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  • Supplier of: water treatment plants for mineral waters and soft drinks | plants for the carbonation of mineral waters and soft drinks | Tanks, metal
    ITALY - San Biagio Di Callalta
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  • Water and waste water treatment plant, treatment equipments manufacturing, package type treatment systems, pumping station, filtration systems, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Potable Water Treatment,... Supplier of: biological water treatment plants | chemical products for water treatment | Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | Water purification services | membrane filter presses
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