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    esd electronics is an internationally operating company located in Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany. The medium-size company develops and manufactures hardware and software for the industrial automation market with a main focus on custom-specific solutions. This comprises the development of flat modules and systems based on PowerPC as well as ARM and Intel processors. Furthermore esd electronics is specialized in the design of fieldbus systems such as CAN (CANopen, CAN-FD) PROFIBUS, PROFINET and EtherCAT. The company develops plug-in card families such as AMC, CompactPCI, PMC, PCI, PCIe, VMEbus and XMC as well as USB devices. For most automation systems esd electronics offers different standard and real-time operating systems as well as qualified support. This particularly includes VxWorks, QNX, RTX, OS-9, Linux and Windows etc. The custom-specific automation solutions are developed by a team of highly qualified and motivated engineers. The manufacturing capacities are available from prototyping to larger serial production. Training and workshops complete the development services. esd electronics is mainly active in the industrial sectors of automotive and machine industry, medical as well as aerospace technology. For trademark notices please visit our website: https: //esd.eu/en/content/trademark-notices

  2. B V M LTD

    United Kingdom

    BVM: UK based Systems Integrator and Industrial PC supplier THE MANUFACTURER BEHIND THE SOLUTIONS YOU KNOW “Providing intelligent industrial PC hardware, to meet the demands of today’s technology challenges …….” Located in Southampton since its inception in 1989, BVM Ltd has steadily expanded its range of products and services and is recognised for its core abilities as a systems integrator in the supply of standard and customised industrial PC (IPC) solutions to a customer base spread across a range of industry verticals. BVM’s expertise is in the development of industrial PC solutions – additionally providing services around integration of power supplies, PC peripherals, TFT displays, cabling assemblies, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth & cellular modems for local & remote connectivity, GPS, multiple channel capture cards, generic & customised operating systems and custom electronics for provision of additional functionality. BVM has a range of embedded operating system services, implementing standard / generic images through to providing fully customised versions where user accounts and application configurations are pre-installed (embedded) within the O/S. BVM’s image service is inclusive of maintenance & updates for the product's complete lifetime.


    Czech Rep.

    JALUD Embedded specializes in building 32bit Embedded solutions, specific mobile applications and integrating these solutions. We develop solutions independent on Operating system. We are a young and innovative company offering development of a fast and reliable software applications including hardware integrations of proposed solutions and adapting necessary drivers (on our custom board support package) for interaction with external periphery. Quality and reliability of your embedded systems is supported by a team of highly skilled engineers with great ideas and experiences with modern technology. Our main focus is the development of intelligent household systems. We bring the brain for connected embedded system devices. Nevertheless, we also offer development of embedded systems in other market areas/industries,



    TACHYSSEMA DEVELOPPEMENT can act as a design office to create your custom camera. Or select our FPGA-based industrial modules as a production-suitable hardware design. Intended to serve as a building block for OEM products, designs, projects using high speed links. Excellent compact solution for embedded imaging and vision applications. Perfect for industrial network products and security management.



    Sales and Distribution Company , Specialized in Automation, Supply of Obsolete Spare Parts in Automation , Electronic Devices and Components , Embedded Products, Customization, Service of Products on demand.

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  1. LRB


    The company LRB, is a Multi-Category, which operates in the Vehicles - accessories and equipment industry. It also operates in the embedded products, and company automobiles industries. It is based in Meer, Belgium.



    The company ACTRON AG, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Electronic components industry. It also operates in the Embedded PC, embedded products, and Embedded computing solutions industries. It is based in Erding, Germany.



    The company GEMINI EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGY, is a Service Provider, which operates in the IT Services industry. It also operates in the embedded products, Embedded computing solutions, and embedded software industries. It is based in Arnhem, Netherlands.



    The company DIGIMIND ENGG SERVICES PVT LTD, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Numerical control systems - minicomputers and mainframes industry. It also operates in the embedded products, Embedded Systems, Robotics, and Ethical Hacking industries. It is based in Hyderabad, India.


    United Kingdom

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    PPS (formerly Pressure Profile Systems) is a leader in manufacturing accurate, sensitive, and repeatable force sensors, pressure measurement systems and pressure mapping solutions. We have a diverse engineering team with over 20 years experience in innovative sensing solutions and tactile sensing technology. PPS core products include highly sensitive capacitive touch sensors with applications within many industries, such as product design and development, ergonomics, manufacturing process optimisation, health & safety, robotics and custom medical devices. Our cutting-edge tactile solutions are embedded into easy to use products such as flexible sensor arrays, pressure sensing mats, tactile sensor gloves, head pressure mapping solutions or aerodynamic force sensing strips. We understand that each application is specific to our business partner, therefore we custom tailor our solutions to fit the needs of our clients. We guarantee that our dedicated, personalized, hands-on team will be devoted to the success of your project. As an international company, we frequently navigate through the guidelines of various regulatory bodies and practices such as FDA, CE, UL, CSA, CMDCAS, CGMP, etc. So far, we have successfully patented 11 products in the US and internationally, with 5 more patents pending. If you think that a pressure sensing technology can help your company succeed, please contact us to discuss your application!


    United States

    Flextech Company is a high- tech company and specialized in R & D, manufacturing, marketing and sales of solar panels. Flextech Company owns 48 authorized patents, 10 qualification certificates, R&D center in Austin , USA and manufacture in Wuhan , China . Flextech Company is engaged in developing solar products and embedded solar applications, R & D in new energy technologies, and providing product services and sales. The company focuses on developing the applications by making use of high efficiency crystalline silicon and non crystalline silicon, CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide), gallium arsenide, organic solar energy and various solar panels produced by mobile and embedded mobile energy.



    Technology company with a global vision that offers consulting services, design and development of embedded systems and IoT products. Formed by a team of almost 50 hardware, software and business engineers. We offer complete turnkey solutions, as well as support in a specific phase of product development. We are specialists in the design and development of smart gas and electricity meters, and we have developed smart chargers for charging electric vehicles at home. In addition, we offer pre-certification and certification of hardware and software products.



    No company today stands alone. Each product is embedded in a whole system of different interests, technical conditions and timescales. In order to successfully assert yourself against the competition with a new product idea, creative packaging in particular can be the decisive factor in winning over the media, trade and consumers. Introducing energy management throughout Europe guarantees us a continuous improvement in energy efficiency and the systematic improvement of energy flows. Novoplast therefore has a management process for identifying and evaluating potential savings. This results in an increase in plant efficiency and a reduction in waste, which in turn leads to a reduction in energy consumption and therefore to a reduction in CO2 emissions. Plastic packaging plays an important part in the effective and sustainable storage and supply of food.



    ICP Deutschland is YOUR partner for Industrial Computer Products of IEI Integration Corp. Our product range covers primarily Industrial Computer Products. These include Touch Panel PCs, All-in-One PC, CPU Boards and Embedded PC. Networking product of ORing Industrial Networking Corp. (Member of IEI Group) and Measurement /Automation products of ICP DAS Co., Ltd. complement our product range. Additionally, we offer all required components such as processors, memory, hard disks, SSD, displays and extension cards to assemble Industrial Computers that are ready-to-operate. Our Products are suitable for long-term usage in harsh environments. Extended Temperature, humidity, dust, shock and vibration are well-known requirements to us. The long time availability of our products offers you planning reliability for your projects. Additionally, our stock in Germany reduces lead times to a minimum. Our experienced staff accompanies you during the entire process of your projects. This starts with information procurement in advance, proceeds with planning, decision making, purchasing and goes as far as service, support and follow-up consulting. We have 20 years of experience in industrial Computer products - take advantage of it!



    Electronic and Opto-Mechanic Engineering EXOM S.L. is an advanced technology solutions provider with a special focus on Machine Vision, Real-Time Process Automation and Industrial Laser Applications. The company offers engineering services in areas of specialization such as Opto-Mechanics, Mechatronics, Embedded software and Production Processes including materials characterization. EXOM Engineering stands out by its capacity of supplying ad-hoc integral machine solutions for several industrial applications (welding, material coating, surface treatment), through a completely modular and adaptable system with geometry and temperature online monitor ability for manufacturing lines.



    Established in 2000, Yacoo is devoted to providing trusted innovative embedded and automation products and solutions. Our target is to establish a leading brand in the design and manufacturing of industrial computer. Yacoo offers comprehensive solutions of industrial computing , IVI, digital signage, cloud computing and network security system etc..Yacoo has always been a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of high-quality, high-performance computing platform. Our customer-oriented design and overall technique support service can better meet the clients' requirements. We have been succeeded in cooperating with hundreds of partners from diverse fields.



    Shenzhen Excellent Top Electronics Co., LTD is an excellent power solution provider, with more than 10 years' experience in R & D and production of power supplies. We are committed to provide the highest quality products and services with the best prices and the most punctual delivery time. Our product series include: standard communication system power products, standard embedded system power products, custom power products, standard module power products, standard industrial power products, standard instrument power supply system products and AC/DC power distribution system products, which are widely used in communication, power electronics, automation control, railway, military industry, medical care and a good deal of others. They are largely sold to Japan, India, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. ETOP pays great attention to the technology and talents. Meanwhile, we constantly strengthen the internal management and product quality.



    LINFLOR's products include LCD&OLED modules, LCD panels, LCD backlights. Our panel options include TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, VA, etc., as well as different types of assembly including COB, COG and TCP. We insist on professional quality testing for each product. At the same time, we can provide professional module customization for customers, we are capable of multi-layer PCB layout design, LCD design, circuit design, prototype development. In addition, we have enough professional ability to complete the development and design of industrial circuit board, we have provided customer satisfaction embedded industrial board design and production. We also have the ability to industrial control board circuit engineering design and manufacturing of electronic products. We can carry out and develop the PCB control board supporting the display module, and the integrated design can make the product have better adaptability. Our experienced electronics engineers can provide customers with better customized solutions for electronic products.


    United Kingdom

    South Coast Science is a UK manufacturer of air quality instruments. Established in 2016, the 'Praxis/Urban' device was developed in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and is now used throughout Africa. It is used for outdoor air quality monitoring in urban environments and can measure up to 9 different environmental parameters (selectable) and data from the device is automatically uploaded to the cloud. Since 2018, Praxis/Urban devices have been operated in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, France, Germany Italy, Kenya, Monaco, Senegal, Spain, Uganda, UK and the USA. - manufactured in Britain - quality embedded within our products - designed to operate out-of-the-box with minimum supervision - we use only Alphasense gas and particulate sensors - over-the-air updates keep the device firmware current - open-source protocols - high-quality data interpretation developed in real-world conditions - independently verified data correction algorithm

  8. ZYGI.GR


    Zygi is a company whose specialization is precision remote weighing scale systems specifically applied in beekeeping. With our products you can remotely monitor beehives in terms of weight and weather conditions and also secure them with an intelligent alarm system. Events are notified through SMS, email or stored to a web page. We also manufacture a fully electric hive lift. Company is staffed by tech enthusiasts with big experience in embedded systems and product design.

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    United Kingdom

    Wibu-Systems - Wibu-Systems is a leading provider of software and hardware security solutions for software protection and licensing, access protection, and document protection. The company has a leading position worldwide in innovation, technology and security, as well as solution variety - ranging from smartphones, embedded software, machine production data, PCs, servers to Cloud Computing. Additional solutions facilitate the creation, management and distribution of licenses and are easily integrated into existing distribution processes or ERP-Systems.



    Shenzhen CAMA Biometrics Co., Ltd. is the leading professional manufacturer of advanced biometric technology in China. CAMA Biometrics is well known for having its fastest patented biometric matching algorithm. We devoted to provide complete system of biometric algorithm technology and embedded application products, such as fingerprint sensor, fingerprint module, fingerprint time attendance, fingerprint access control, fingerprint door lock, fingerprint safe, etc. CAMA Biometrics has our own patented three sets of fingerprint algorithms applied widely in home and abroad. Many famous exporters and manufacturers in China of this industry have adopted our core fingerprint technology. And we are the real manufacturer of strong R&D ability in the security industry. CAMA Biometrics is developing stronger and stronger in the global biometric platform. We are willing to cooperate with you for creating a more convenient and safe world together.


    Taiwan R.O.C.

    Ablecom ( www.ablecom.com), a leader in design and manufacture of high quality server chassis since 1997s. Based on our engineering expertise, rigorous QA process, and ISO certification, Ablecom can support your OEM project throughout the entire ODM/OEM process. From design prototyping, such as customized chassis and system hardware design, to full-volume manufacturing, inventory management, global logistics, and worldwide product support.Our products include: - Embedded Chassis, Rackmount, Tower- Digital Signage- Sever Cooler



    Nowadays, technology is increasingly changing people’s lives and improving their living standards. EVOC, as a high-tech company, is providing high-quality central control device and technical support for various fields, such as transportation, industrial automation, energy, environmental protection, sports, medical care, electric power, banking, electronics, networking, telecommunications and instrumentation. EVOC products, as an embodiment of innovation in the industry, have provided over 10, 000 users worldwide with high-quality custom products. EVOC boasts a largest R&D center for embedded technology, a largest R&D team and the biggest manufacturing base in the world. Cooperating with Intel, we have developed hundreds of embedded intelligent control products. Now EVOC is widely reputed for the high performance-cost ratio of its products, excellent after-sales services and technical support. EVOC products have become the first choice for a large number of users worldwide. According to


    South Korea

    Semisolution Inc. is Total Solution Provider in the fields of semiconductors and video imaging. Semisolution provides not only FPGA & H/W, which are necessary for the initial system development stage, but also embedded S/W development. Our product is a multi CODEC embedded SoC platform based Car DVR that supports H.264 and MPEG4 and it is used for car black boxes, which consists of a high resolution camera module and a SoC based platform, which enables the observing, compressing and saving of video images from the camera module. It can observe and process the compressing/saving of 1, 280x960 or 720x480 resolution Signal input from the front and back side camera at the same time. Compared with existing products, our Car DVR system provides high resolution video images so that it helps to resolve disputes when an accident occurs.


    Taiwan R.O.C.

    We supply the wireless and embedded system products. We are capable of providing the total solution services to meet the customers' specific requirements.Our Products: 1. Bluetooth RS-232/422/485 Adapter: Bluetooth t0 RS-232 converter for cable replacement application. Support Bluetooth Class 1 and Serial Port Profile (SPP) 2. APP for data com solution via Bluetooth or WiFi for Android 3. Active RFID: 922 & 430 MHz 3.1 Reader: UART & RS-232 interface 3.2 Tag: Dual CR 2032 battery, 30/100/250 meters 4. Zigbee RS-232 Adapter: TI CC 2530 solution. Built in 3 in 1 firmware (Coordinator, Router and End device), Wireless sensor network solutions (WSN) & Data transmission 5. UHF RS-232 Adapter: 1 to 8 communication.922~928 MHz, Support network: Star, Peer Mask, Broadcast 6. Wireless DNC solution: PC, NB or Android device via Bluetooth or WiFi 7. TCP/IP: WiFi to RS-232/422/485, Ethernet to RS-232/422/485, , GPRS to Serial Port



    MILLEFIORI s.r.l. is active in the field of jewelry and decorative items made of Murano glass. We offer more than just products, we provide joy and colour for our clients. Our main objective and our philosphy is to provide value for our customers. And, above all, we put passion in everything we do. Our customers are always delighted with our products. MILLEFIORI s.r.l. is a manufacturer of jewelry ( necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings, brooches) and home decorations (miniature animals, multicoloured frames, small glasses, paperweight, candle holders, trays, ashtrays, mirrors, personalized gifts). All products are handmade. We have strived to create unique products and jewelries, embedding the tradition of Murano glass technique, the fire of our passion for art and quality togheter with the preciousness of gold and silver.



    Jiangsu Fuchang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (Origin: Jiangsu Zhengchang Group Fuchang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.) is a professional supplier of large whole set conveying equipment. The company has a long term business with Gargill and Bunge company and get very good reply.Our main products are: embedded scraper conveyors, idler belt conveyors, single idler belt conveyors, air cushion belt conveyors, bucket elevators, sweep augers, strickling machines, stackers, dust catchers, spiral conveyors, discharge gate valves, etc. The conveyor has a maximum conveying capacity of 2000 tons per hour, which is leading position in China. The company will provide site installation, adjustment with excellent service for the customers.We also provide all kinds of feed machinery also well.



    As one of famous CCTV manufacturers in china, Shenshiyin has offered our development experience and high quality products to customers all over the world. Having a strong R&D team is essential for us to continue to be innovators in CCTV industry; we reinvest 10% of our income into R&D, that allows us to create new embedded structure applications and network products. This June, we launched our SF4000 series DVR – new H.264 compression DVR. With professional operation menu, this model is easy-handling and well-accepted by mass of our customers.Beside this new DVR, we have big progress in IP cameras, too. To ensure quality that’s up to international standards, our products carry CE and FCC marks and are backed by two-year warranties. We don’t have a minimum order requirement to provide you with sourcing flexibility, and have representatives working around the clock to provide you with quick customer service support.



    congatec is a fast-growing technology company focused on embedded computing products. The high-performance computer modules are used in a multitude of system applications and equipment in industrial automation, medical technology, transportation, telecommunication and many other sectors. In the computer-on-module segment, congatec is a global market leader with an excellent customer base of start-ups right up to international blue-chip companies.

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