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    We are Hermann Bantleon GmbH – the lubricant specialist from Ulm. A medium-sized company with around 250 employees. We advise our customers on site and create customised concepts. Our range covers the entire process chain of the metal processing industry – from machining the workpiece to cleaning and packaging. We support plant and machine manufacturers in the automotive sector right from the design phase. Sustainability is our corporate goal. That is why we do our own research and develop long-lasting products. In addition, we participate in various projects, such as bee conservation or CO2 compensation through reforestation. Employees, customers and business partners can acquire new knowledge in the BANTLEON FORUM. We assume social and communal responsibility. For example, we support social institutions and events in the areas of health, culture and sports.



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    Tribo-Chemie GmbH is your competent and reliable partner in the field of tribology. We specialise in release agents for die-casting, forging and other special applications. For 25 years, we have worked with our customers to solve technically challenging problems. New recipes using exceptional raw materials are perfected in manufacturing terms for customer use. Increasingly complex processes and component demands require not only trials carried out on our customer’s sites in the presence of technical experts, but also often the development of customer-specific solutions. Our own demands in terms of high environmental compatibility and resource preservation are outstandingly addressed by the R&D department. A motivated team ensures that everything runs like clockwork from the development phase to delivery and use by the customer. Our Graphitex® and Isolat® products for forging and die casting are impressive, thanks to improved and optimised processes available to the user. Our Graphitex® and Isolat® brands are sold worldwide.



    The company VAN RAAK CHEMICALS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Lubricants, industrial industry. It also operates in the industrial lubricants, form oils, and Mineral and synthetic lubricants industries. It is based in Weelde, Belgium.



    The company KEMERID, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Biochemistry - products industry. It also operates in the form oils industries. It is based in Castanet-Tolosan, France.

  5. D.I.C.A. S.A.S.


    The company D.I.C.A. S.A.S., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Fuels, liquid industry. It also operates in the Oils, industrial, Oils, nonfood, Oils, industrial, Oils, nonfood, and form oils industries. It is based in Roma, Italy.

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    Since 2018, DIFFULICE is the Swiss expert in contract packaging. The company provides industrial subcontracting for the packaging of your cosmetic or hygiene ranges produced in Switzerland or elsewhere. We are able to fill various types of packaging: jars, bottles and tubes, in compliance with good manufacturing practices, hygiene procedures and your quality procedures. Our state-of-the-art facilities are at the heart of the main roads in French-speaking Switzerland, making our filling center one of the market leaders. Our production lines can guarantee the industrial filling of small, medium and large runs of cosmetics and dermocosmetics products, whatever their liquid or semi-solid galenic form (milk, balm, lotion, oil, gel, exfoliant...) and in various container formats ranging from 10 ml to 500 ml (bottle, tube, jar, airless...). Contact us to find out more about our technical and commercial possibilities.



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    LES LAVANDES DU MOULIN : a family-run grower specialising in lavender. We are fresh lavender growers in Haute-Provence. We offer our lavender production in various forms: - Essential oils - Flower waters - Dried flowers - Bouquets. For all order, we will send you an email or call you to tell you the postage costs and total amount of your order. Orders are sent out as soon as payment is received.



    Geyser LLC has been manufacturing blast cleaning equipment for metal products and test benches since 2010. Our parts cleaning machines efficiently remove oil products, dust, coolant-cutting fluids, composite materials, oil after die forming, preservative lubricants, polishing compounds, emulsions, sweat and grease deposits. Our company manufactures serial and special industrial washing facilities to clean parts with a weight of 40 g–20 t and benches to identify the equipment defects and test engines both of motorcycles, and large-sized special vehicles. Industrial cleaning washers manufactured by Geyser LLC facilitate automation of surface pretreatment and efficiently solve problems of treatment and scouring of steels and materials both at large industrial enterprises, and at small vehicle maintenance stations. The best results related to part cleaning are achieved due to the application of GeyserSpray washing technologies in washers designed by the company. Spare part washing machines and test benches manufactured by Geyser LLC are reliable, serviceable, and easy maintainable. Our washers may be used both individually, and as a part of the existing industrial conveyor. More than 800 industrial enterprises and 1, 100 service stations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Belarus, and other countries have estimated the quality of Geyser’s equipment. Please feel free to contact us and we will help you to select optimal washing and test equipment suitable for your tasks.


    United Kingdom

    Manufacturer and supplier of corrosion inhibitors, lubricant additive packages and solid lubricant dispersions (graphite and molybenum disulphide dispersions). Our corrosion control additives are mainly used by manufacturers of cleaning and preventative maintenance chemicals for industrial cleaning. The main customers for our speciality lubricant additives are manufacturers of industrial lubricants, including biorenewable, biorenewable lubricants, and lubricants with incidental food contact (NSF H1 type). The solid lubricant dispersions are used as additives to industrial gear and engine oils, in metal forming, forging, and drawing, and as a basis of dry film aerosols. We are also the distributor for BRB Lubricant Additives, Ciimax Molybdenum Disulphide and Molybdates, and Nyco Synthetic Esters and Industrial Lubricants.


    United Kingdom

    British Animal Feeds is a group of companies that work within various sectors that include the aquatic and pet feed markets. We have a wealth of experience in nutrition and feeds which enables us to offer the very best products and advice to suit your needs, whether it be wholesale raw ingredients for animal feed production or ready to use foods and supplements for your pets / animals diet. British Animal Feeds Ltd is a supplier of ingredients, liquids & oils to the Pet and Animal feed industries meaning that quality and nutrition are an absolute must. By using carefully selected suppliers as well as our own in-house manufacture, we are able to supply high quality ingredients tailored to suit your needs. We supply bulk ingredients such as Fishmeal, Wheat, Soya & Maize to high end Hydrolysates for optimum nutrition, digestive aids such as yeasts and Betaine and potent energy supply in the form of Oils including Salmon, Tuna & Omega 3 Oil. Our ingredients can be blended to specific recipes that are fully protected by legally binding none disclaimer agreeements. As part of our commitment to sourcing sustainable ingredients British Animal Feeds Ltd is working closely with major manufacturers to bring sustainable protein sources to the market including whole and ground Black Soldier Fly. Whatever your pet and animal nutrition requirement is ensure you choose British Animal Feeds Ltd as your choice of supplier.


    United States

    The Green Labs LLC is dedicated to the manufacturing, innovation, development, commercialization & distribution of organic & conventional herbal, fruit and vegetable ingredients in powder, liquid, extracts, oil and microencapsulated forms. We offer a full array of bulk raw materials and functional ingredients that you will only find on the most exotic and trendy finished product labels in the Beverage, Nutraceutical, Food, Feed, Superfoods and Cosmeceutical industries. Our goal is to supply high quality, rare, specialty and hard to find raw ingredients from Asia, South America, Europe, and Africa; among other markets. We are proud to offer a huge variety of properly tested ingredients to fulfill the most strict formulation requirements....and most of them are Organic Certified! !



    We have developed Centrifugal Oil Cleaning System which works on principle of Centrifugal Separation. There is No replacement filter element and hence No consumable cost. The system works on the principle of Centrifugal Separation. It is the most effective method for removing finest dirt particles upto level of 1 µ. Oil cleaner can be used in various applications as below : 1. Wire Drawing 7. Grinding 13. Furnace Oil 2. Cold Forming 8. Honing 14 Transmission Oil 3. Fastener Mfg. 9. Cutting Oil 15. Stamping Oil 4. Heat Treatment 10. Quenching Oil 16. Honing Oil 5. Bright Bar Mfg. 11. Hydraulic Oil 17. Thermic Fluid 6. Thread Rolling 12. Gear Oil 18. Test Bed oil



    Within YALCIN AGAOGLU Group, CORFIN Lubrication is established in TURKIYE/OSMANIYE Industrial Zone on a 5000 m² covered area. Our fully automated production facility equipped with state of art technology, produces high quality products.According to European standards, we are the best and the only one in Turkey who produces all types of Engine oils, Gear Oil, Textile Lubricants, Hydraulic Oil, Apparent Surface, Compressor Oils, and Metal Forming Lubricants and Industrial Greases( Mineral and Synthetic base oils : High Temperature Polyuria Grease, Lithium complex grease, with PAO-Ester base oils grease…). Please check the attached catalogue.Also we are the only factory in Turkey producing H1 and H2 certificate food grease . Please check our certificate from http: //info.nsf.org/USDA/psnclistings.asp .Corfin Lubrication, closely monitoring Science and Technology and collaborating with the universities giving education in the field of tribology, established modern R & D and Quality Control laboratories. Our expert chemists and biologists carefully carry out the entire performance tests of a product, including quality control and lifetime analysis until it reaches the stock area. The demo production plant established in the R&D lab prevents any problems of pre-production, Production and post-production in advance, and all performance tests are carried out to prepare the products seamlessly. Entire products are certified by TSE, with completed accreditation works, is the only labora

  3. PAPIX


    PAPIX Plastics Inc. was established in Izmir in 1969 as a producer of polyethylene bottles and industrial oil containers. In 1994 the firm started production of plastic bottles and pre-forms.PAPIX Plastics Inc. manufactures water pre-forms, detergent pre-forms, edible oil pre-forms, water pre-forms, buttermilk and milk pre-forms with bottles and jars of different design and sizes. The production capacity of our firm increases gradually through new investments and technology usage. PAPIX Plastics Inc. exports its products to over 20 countries, primarily to Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East and particularly to UAE. PAPIX Plastics Inc. distributes the bottles and pre-forms on time, safely and economically with its specially designed fleet of trucks. PAPIX Plastics Inc. is the leading plastic bottle manufacturer in Turkey with 15.000 m2 indoor area and 20.000 m2 total grounds, employing over 70 people and with an annual production capacity of 450 million bottles (15.000 tons).



    Our company AVI AGRI BUSINESS LTD, is a leading manufacturer and recognised name in exports of NON GMO SOYA PRODUCTS & AGRO Commodities. AVI AGRI BUSINESS LTD. is a world-class player in carrying out solvent extraction activities with its manufacturing unit located at the source i.e. Central Part (in the middle), India with total seed crushing capacity 1400 MT per day and total refining capacity 300 MT per day. Our company is exporting our value added Non GMO SOYA FOOD N FEED GRADE products in more than 40+ countries across the globe with long term business association. Our NON GMO SOYA PRODUCTS (Food N Feed Grade) are: - Soya Flakes Defatted Toasted &Untoasted Soya Grits Defatted Toasted &Untoasted Soya Flour Defatted Toasted &Untoasted Full Fat Soya Grits Soya TVP Granules, Chunks & Mini Chunks Soya Lecithin Soya De-oiled Lecithin – POWDER FORM Soya Deodorizer Distillate Refined Soybean Oil Dehulled Soyabean Meal Soyabean Meal For more details kindly visit our company Website: - https: //avgroup.co/aviagri/products/ Our Company is certified with ISO: 9001: 2015 & FSSC 22000, and is also a prestigious recipient of certificate like: Food chain-ID, Kosher, Halal and GMP +.



    Oxidized bitumen 115/15 We are producing blown asphalt by air blown system to make hard hydrocarbon in various softening point and penetration. Blown asphalt is available in various packing including 25kg meltable bag, craft bag and steel drum also bulk vessel. Gilsonite is naturally-occurring mixture of bitumen and mineral matter formed by oil seepages in the earth’s crust. Gilsonite in rock form is available in west of Iran between Ilam and Kermanshah and Iraq border.The first Gilsonite came from Caribbean country Trinidad and Tobago and it was contenting 55% hydrocarbon and the rest minerals. Initially this kind of Gilsonite used as additive in road construction.There is another origin of Gilsonite which is coming from other city in Kuhdasht belong to Lorestan province in Iran. The hydrocarbon content is much lower than Ilam and Kermashah and it is just using for foundry.Hydrocarbon content or bitumen content of Gilsonite from Kermanshah and Ilam is first quality of Iran Gilsonite and the purity comming up to 98%. Bitumen 60/70 Road bitumen straight asphalt for pavement , cutback bitumen and emulsion bitumen Bitumen has several types and grade but 70% of usage is in road construction. Road construction has different step and using emulsion, cutback as basement and pavement and then penetration bitumen mixture with aggregates.Penetration bitumen:


    United Kingdom

    From a relentless pursuit for ageless beauty and ultimate luxury, using the most innovative scientific techniques and precious ingredients for a timeless beauty experience beyond compare. In addition to sourcing the most pure form of Argan Oil, we decided to optimize this outstanding skincare range to benefit from the anti-aging properties of this oil. By stimulating new cell growth, the products revitalise and energize the skin, helping to protect it against cellular ageing, and creating a protective barrier that guards against the effects of time on the skin. Since it is first Grade, %100 unadulterated and Organic, Our Argan products has numerous applications for magnificence and in any case and is totally protected to use on all skin types. Our Argans products not only grew in Morocco but also made in Morocco to provide the best customers experience, only packing is done in the UK.



    Our company Herbamedica Ltd is one of the oldest manufacturers in Bulgaria of dietary nutritious supplements.We are producing and selling food additives, such as natural herb and probiotic mixtures. Herbamedica is a well-known supplier of nutritious additives not only in the Bulgarian market, but also successfully exporting in Czeck Republic, Lithuania, Macedonia, Hungary, USA, Canada. Our product list is of more than 60 different products based on the rich variety of herbal extracts, natural ingredients only, including tablets, capsules, oily extracts, pure garden oils, liquid forms.



    We are the leading manufacturer of PA1010 in China, it is 100% bio-renewable semi–crystalline thermoplastics. It comes from sebacic acid, which in turn is derived form castor oil. Castor oil is one of the world’s most versatile natural products. Properties and usage: It has the low density, low water absorption, good processing workability under low temperature, good weather ability resistance and impact resistance. It is widely used for industrial parts with low friction properties e.g. gear, electronics housing parts, rigid technical tubing, technical film, powder coating etc.



    Hotel Park Punat*** is located in the centre of Punat, in the southern part of the island Krk surrounded by nicely arranged parks, separated from the sea only by promenade. 219 comfortable renovated rooms, buffet restaurant Punat, café bar Sunset, children’s playground in the vicinity Hotel is a complex composed of a main building and an annex that are connected by the shade of trees at a distance of only 50 meters and only few steps from the city beach. We pay special attention to the Mediterranean cuisine and food preparation with olive oil in a form of a rich buffet with drinks included in the price. Entertainment facilities as well as cultural and fun events of the season, interesting excursions on the island of Krk...



    Aceites Olimpo produces, packages and sells vegetable oils and edible olives. We export olive oil in bulk or bottled, extra virgin olive oil and environmentally-friendly oil. We sell oils in all forms of packaging and are able to offer the manufacture of own-label products. We also offer a wide range of vinegars (balsamic, sherry, etc.) as well as saffron, Manchego cheese and La Mancha wines and many other fine and wholesome foods.



    Jaencoop is a second-tier cooperative formed by ten cooperative oil mills that produce olive oil, based in La Loma region, Sierra de las VIllas, Condado and Sierra Segura, in Jaen province.



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    Established in 2000, Horizon Candles is Istanbul's premier candle manufacturer from Turkey. Our journey began with paraffin production, a foundation we expanded upon in 2002 with the introduction of our esteemed Horizon Candles brand. Boasting over two decades of excellence, we proudly stand as the largest and only Sedex and ISO-certified factory in Turkey. Nestled in a sprawling facility spanning 4000 m2 for production and an additional 3500 m2 dedicated to warehousing, our operations are fueled by a dedicated team of 120 professionals. Our commitment to quality extends across a diverse range of candles, meticulously crafted to meet various preferences and occasions: •Tealight Candles •Household Candles •Taper Candles •Cylinder Candles •Ball Candles •Candles in Containers •Floating Candles •Party Candles •Decorative Candles •Pillar Candles •Premium Candles Supplementing our extensive candle offerings, we provide a comprehensive selection of candle materials, including raw materials, candle wicks, candle fragrances, candle colorants, candle molds, and room fragrances in an array of captivating scents. Beyond our standard catalog, we take pride in offering tailored solutions through private labeling, precisely designed to align with the preferences of your target customer base. Our commitment to quality and innovation extends beyond candles. Join us in illuminating moments and spaces with the warmth and elegance of Horizon Candle's exceptional candle creations.



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    Pharma Hemp d.o.o. is a leading company, specializing in a wide range of premium CBD and hemp-based products, based in Slovenia. With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry in more than 65 countries all over the world. Our own laboratory, apart from serving as an internal quality-control system, also performs quantitative determinations of cannabinoids for cannabis growers, producers of final products and end-users.Our services encompass the production and distribution of high-quality CBD oils, extracts and a variety of wellness products, besides we offer private and white label for CBD products, custom CBD formulations, support in packaging options, design services, support in compliance with national legislation, certification of your products (Natural/Natural-organic, vegan, Kosher, etc.), extraction of plant materials, complete traceability and quality assurance of all the products we offer (we can provide you with the chemical and microbiological analysis of your product).We offer also a great range of hemp-derived raw materials and broad range of bulk CBD oils and other products, which are available in different forms. Backed by extensive knowledge of the health benefits of cannabinoids, a background in the cosmetic and food industries, and expertise in technological processes, we pride ourselves on providing innovative CBD solutions that contribute to a healthier everyday life for all.


    United Kingdom

    LUBCON LUBRICANTS UK LTD is the UK subsidiary of LUBRICANT CONSULT GmbH, a worldwide operating German lubricant manufacturer, developing, producing and distributing high-grade greases, oils, pastes and sprays for most industrial applications and manufacturing sectors. Known under the trademark “LUBCON®“ and founded in 1980, it has established an extensive network of subsidiaries and sales representatives around the globe. Efficient Technologies for Innovative Products The combination of the latest production technologies and qualification of staff enables the production of our tailor-made, economic and ecological lubricants. We operate according to the Quality Management System and attach great importance to the adherence of quality and environmental standards according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 for the protection of environmental resources. LUBCON complies with European and international standards and regulations such as REACH, RoHS, GOST, GOTS, GHS, enabling safety and transparency along the manufacturing and supply process. Engineering Services LUBCON’s extensive portfolio includes services such as laboratory analysis of lubricants and bearings, root cause failure analysis, lifetime calculations and comprehensive management of the entire lubrication process. Our focus is to provide sustainable cost-saving solutions using the right products and lubrication methods, leading to reduced consumption and downtimes and a minimised number of different lubricants on site.


    United Kingdom

    The Young Calibration laboratory provides UKAS accredited calibration services with a reputation for quality, cost effectiveness, impartiality, and reliability. The company has experience in Flow Calibration Services, Calorimetric Heat Exchanger Testing, UKAS Air Flow Calibration, UKAS Fluid Flow Calibration, UKAS Air Velocity Calibration, Component Cleanliness, Component Durability and Thermal Fluid system testing. The Calibration Laboratory houses traceable and UKAS accredited flow rigs, for gas flow, air flow, water flow, oil flow, fuel flow, air velocity, pressure, oxygen clean pressure calibration, temperature, humidity, electrical, mass, torque and acceleration. The Thermal Fluids Test Laboratory houses calorimetric heat exchanger wind tunnels and component test rigs for burst, ageing, acid resistance, thermal cycling, thermal shock, pulsation, pressure cycling, altitude, corrosion, erosion, SWAAT, vibration, bump, leak, flow vs dP, hot soak and cold soak. The Component Cleanliness Laboratory tests to ISO 16232 standard, with washing, flushing, flow benches, extraction and analysis. Particle analysis can be conducted using a range of analysis techniques and instrumentation from online optical particle analysis, microscopic analysis, UV Spectrometry and FTIR.


    United Kingdom

    Afford Web Design is a reputable and experienced freelance web design business based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Established in 2000, I have been providing top-notch web solutions to clients, catering to their diverse needs in web design, WordPress development, and website management. I create visually appealing, user-friendly, and functional websites that align with clients' specific requirements and objectives. From crafting brand-new websites to revamping existing ones, I take pride in delivering high-quality, tailor-made solutions that enhance clients' online presence and boost their business potential. As technology evolves, I stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in web design and development, ensuring that clients' websites remain relevant and responsive across all devices. I am an expert in WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems, so I can build dynamic and customizable websites that empower clients to manage their online content efficiently. Additionally, I offer comprehensive website management and update services, taking the burden off clients' shoulders and ensuring their websites remain secure, up-to-date, and optimized for peak performance. Afford Web Design is the go-to choice for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking a reliable, skilled, and affordable partner for all their web-related needs in Bury St Edmunds and beyond.


    South Africa

    The company ASHBY OILS (PTY) LTD, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Beauty products industry. It also operates in the anti-age facial treatment with collagen, acne treatment, and ayurvedic products industries. It is based in Durban, South Africa.



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    CDF Sourcing is a French company whose sole shareholder is the NGO, Cœur de Forêt. We support an extensive network of suppliers along with 70 producers who produce oils with the direct support of the NGO. CDF Sourcing is in charge of representing the producers on the market and manages sales of their products. Our offering is based on a sustainable model, the goal of which is to finance the formation of producers, the structuring of cooperatives and the wider activities of the Cœur de Forêt association (raising awareness, reforestation, training). The producers with whom we work are trained to develop natural products which respect the environment, with no chemical ingredients. We have adopted a fair trade economic model for our suppliers, and provide our employees with an honest, stable form of employment. We remain in close contact with our suppliers on the ground: we conduct audits of our suppliers to understand the impact their production is having on the environment, and to monitor the quality of the products, the salary of the employees, and traceability. Our environmentally-responsible production methods allow us to guarantee superior quality oils, with properties that can be used in aromatherapy, cosmetics, or even in perfumery. CDF Sourcing is certified to sell organic essential and plant oils. Feel free to contact us for further details.

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