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  • Our customers also operate worldwide and are renowned for their high-quality and reliable products. CNC (longitudinal) turning CNC milling up to five axes CNC grinding round, flat and profile Thread...

    Supplier of: Gears | helical bevel gears | cylinder gears | bevel gear pairs for transmissions | helicoidal gears [+] helical gears | Toothed wheels | Precision mechanics | Transmission elements | tapered roller bearings | cone drive | racks | racks | rectified cylindrical gears | construction of racks

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  • ZAE Antriebssysteme – quality and reliability have been associated with this name for 100 years. Today, the company represents innovative, highly efficient drive technology which is used in many...

    Supplier of: Gears | helical bevel gears | worm-helical gear drives | servo bevel gearboxes | worm reduction gears [+] test counters | double worm gearboxes | worm wheel sets | worm gear | worm reducers | servo gearboxes | servo worm gearboxes | angle transmission | transfer gearboxes | special gearboxes

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  • Founded in September 2008, SigGear employs a group of highly qualified technical staff in gear and transmission production, a range of automated high-precision machining systems and key expertise in...

    Supplier of: helical bevel gears | Mechanical transmission systems and components | Toothed wheels | Shock absorbers, vehicle | epicyclic reduction gears [+] epicycloidal gear reducers | racks | electric motors | worm reduction gears | mechanical shock-absorbers for vehicles | shaker machine pads | transmission engines | drive technology | planetary worm gearboxes | rack-and-pinion drives

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  • A solution that takes you further. That is the drive system from spn. Customized drive solutions from SPN ensure that mechanical energy gets to where it is needed precisely and reliably all over the...

    Supplier of: cylinder gears | gears | Moto-reducers | racks | epicyclic reduction gears [+] cone drive | worm reduction gears | wheel pinions | servoactuators | mechatronics

    • Customizable SPN bevel-helical gear unit Customizable SPN bevel-helical gear unit Customizable SPN bevel-helical gear unit
    • Toothing components - outline Toothing components - outline spur gears, bevel gears, tooth racks, worm gears, wage work
    • Feed Screwdriver Feed Screwdriver HOPF-feed screwdriver are installation and hand tools
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  • Supplier of: helical bevel gears | Mechanical transmission systems and components

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Hatfield

    ...including (but not exclusively) spur, spline, helical, worm and worm wheel, straight bevel, spiral bevel, hypoid, epicyclic, Spiradrive (spiroid) gear systems and synchronous pulleys, to customer pecification.Davall Stock Gears...

    Supplier of: Gears | gears | gearboxes

    • gearboxes gearboxes
    • Spiradrive Spiradrive face worm and wheel gearing
    • gears gears
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    GERMANY- Bordesholm

    ZaMa GmbH & Co KG manufactures user-specific components for drive technology. As a supplier of components for gearing technology, like cogwheels, spur gears, internal gearing, bevel gears, worm...

    Supplier of: helical bevel gears | cylinder gears | Toothed wheels | cone drive | cog wheels

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    FRANCE- Douvrin

    Supplier of: Gears | helical bevel gears | Mechanical engineering - custom work | chains and pinions

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  • Supplier of: helical bevel gears | Mechanical transmission systems and components

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    GERMANY- Eutingen

    Supplier of: Gears | helical bevel gears | cylindrical gears

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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    YILMAZ REDÜKTÖR AS - Verified by Europages

    ...of Helical, Bevel, Worm and planetary geared industrial gear units and geared motors up to 470kNm, Asynchronous AC motors up to 315 frame size in IE2, IE3 and IE4 efficiency classes.The range is...

    Supplier of: gear motor | helical gearbox | bevel gearbox | helical gear unit | bevel gear unit [+] helical geared motor | bevel geared motor | Electric motors - aC | Reducers | gearbox | electric motors | industrial drives | speed reducers | gear unit | geared motor

    • K Series K Series Bevel Gearboxes
    • B Series B Series Industrial Helical-Bevel Gear Units
    • M Series M Series Foot Mounted Monoblock Helical Gearboxes
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  • ...reducers, - vertical crane speed reducers, - helical bevel gear reducers, - planetary geared motors, - coaxial helical speed reducers, worm-gear geared motors. Our products are certified according to GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008), and the...

    Supplier of: gear motors | bevel gear reducers | Reducing gears, hydraulic | Mechanical transmission systems and components | Moto-reducers [+] Multipliers, speed | special reducers | spare parts | coaxial reducers | original replacements | epicyclic reduction gears | mechanical reducer | worm reduction gears | reduction units | actuators

    • Industrial reducers Industrial reducers KC industrial helical bevel gear reducers
    • Industrial r reducers Industrial r reducers PKC industrial helical bevel gear reducers
    • Three stage  reducers Three stage reducers VK three stage crane spur-gear speed reducers
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  • ...Precision Planetary Gearbox, R Helical Geared Motor, K Helical Bevel Geared Motor, S Helical Worm Geared Motor, F Helical Parallel Shaft Geared Motor, B Helical Bevel High Power Gearbox, H Parallel...

    Supplier of: helical geared motor | Speed variators and reducers | nmrv worm gearboxes | presicion planetary gearbox | cycloidal speed reducer

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  • ...and Plate wheels / Spur Gears, Bevel Gears, Helical Bevel Gears and Gear Racks / V Belt Pulleys, Timing Belt Pulleys / Couplings / Locking devices / Pillow Blocks / Universal Joints / Axial...

    Supplier of: Gears | industrial belts | drive belt pulleys | roller chains | chain sprockets

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    UNITED STATES- Wrentham, Ma

    ...Gears and Sprockets including; helical, spur, bevel and combination gears to AGMA class 9. - Mechanical & Hydraulic Presses 4 to 825 Tons - Precision high volume CNC machining. - Sinter hardening - Small close...

    Supplier of: Sintering - steels and metals | precision powdered metal gears | powdered metal sprockets | advanced gear manufacturing | sintered metal manufacturing

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    BULGARIA- Devnya

    ...fully equipped to produce: Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Straight Bevel Gears, Spiral Bevel Gears, Worm Gears, Worm Shafts, Sprockets, Spline Shafts, Spline Bushes, Gear Racks, Gear Couplings, Pulleys, Axles,...

    Supplier of: Gears | splined shafts | custom gearboxes

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    TURKEY- Bursa

    ...We are capable of manufacturing according to your special requests. We produce Gear Mechanisms (chain gear, spur&helical gear, bevel gear, rack gear, timing gear, shaft, friction wheel etc.)

    Supplier of: Gears | gears | high quality | cheap production

    • Worms & Worm Wheels Worms & Worm Wheels
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  • ...worm reducers, in-line helical gear speed reducers, parallel shaft helical gear reducers, helical bevel reducers, helical worm gear reducers, agricultural gearboxes, tractor gearboxes, auto gearboxes, PTO shafts,...

    Supplier of: Reducers

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  • we are a MFG of roller chains, transmission chain, drive chain, conveyor chain, roller chain sprocket, pilot sprocket, chain sprocket, spur/helical/spiral/bevel gear

    Supplier of: Transportation chains | roller chains | chain sprockets

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  • We supply plant manufacturers and users of mechanical drive technology. Within the drive technology sector, our products are a key component of conveyor installations, cooling towers, waste sewage...

    Supplier of: bevel helical gear units | cylindrical gears | Moto-reducers | drives | frequency regulators [+] epicyclic reduction gears | industrial reducers | epicycloidal gear reducers | offset gear motors | cycloidal gearboxes | servo drives | cooling tower gear motors | continuously variable gear motors | electronically controllable frequency inverters | drive technology

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    GERMANY- Lahr
    WELTER ZAHNRAD GMBH - Verified by Europages

    WELTER zahnrad is your contact for innovative drive systems worldwide. With our toothed wheel production, we have specialised in the manufacture of individual parts and small and medium-sized series....

    Supplier of: bevel helical gear units | cylinder gears | bevel gear sets | bevel-gear planetary drives | bevel gears, ground [+] cyclo-palloid spiral bevel gears | Toothed wheels | cone drive | worm reduction gears | gearboxes for industrial applications | big gear units | conical gears | face gears | worm wheel sets | worm wheels

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  • At our site in Nossen, eastern Germany, we develop and manufacture all types of industrial gears and a wide variety of drive components, including clutches. We also look after our customers'...

    Supplier of: bevel helical gear units | gear repairs | gear manufacturing | Transmission elements | gearboxes [+] epicyclic reduction gears | transmissions | special gearboxes | drive technology | drive components to order | extruder gearbox | gears for cranes | gears for cement plants | hoisting gear units | conical gears

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    GERMANY- Ahlhorn
    SEVA-TEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The products. The company's core products are geared motors, electric motors and frequency converters. These are stocked in large quantities in order to be able to offer them to our customers with...

    Supplier of: bevel helical gear units | bevel helical gear motors | gears | bevel gear reducers | cylindrical gears [+] bevel gear reducers | helical geared motor reduction units | helical worm gear unit motors | Moto-reducers | self-braking engines | electric motors | frequency regulators | direct current motors | epicycloidal gear reducers | worm reduction gears

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  • Creating custom solutions is standard practice for us. And instead of having expertise in sub-areas, such as pure development, we offer extensive knowledge in all relevant fields. From the...

    Supplier of: bevel helical gear units | transmission gears | gear design | cylindrical gears | bevel gear sets [+] bevel gears, ground | spiral bevel gears | Transmission elements | cone drive | transmissions | drive technology | hypoid gears | conical gears | miniature gears | servo gears

    • KS TwinGear KS TwinGear The helical bevel gearbox
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    CHINA- Donghuan
    POWER JACK MOTION - Verified by Europages

    POWER JACK MOTION is a leading supplier of small electric motors, linear actuator and planetary gearbox for a variety of application. Founded in 2003, specializes in high-precision, cost-effective...

    Supplier of: Electric motors - dC | linear actuators | linear actuator manufacturers | vacuum cleaners motor | geared stepper motor [+] planetary gearbox manufactures | planetary gear reducer | dc motor manufacturer | gear motor manufacturer | bldc motor manufacturer | lift chair motor | adjustable bed motor | lift chair parts | hospital bed motors

    • worm shaft and worm gear CNC worm shaft and worm gear CNC High precision worm gears machining
    • Speed reducer gears Speed reducer gears High Precision, High Quality, Custom Made Speed-Reducer Gears
    • Pump gears Pump gears Consistent Quality of Our Gears for Your Pump
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    GERMANY- Erzhausen

    Geppert Rührtechnik specialises in agitator technology and manufactures the following products: Barrel agitators, compressed air agitators, standard agitators and side-installed agitators. Various...

    Supplier of: Chemical and pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | container agitators | agitators, explosion-proof | machines and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry | agitators for wastewater treatment

    • LRE - Simple top-entry agitator LRE - Simple top-entry agitator Industrial agitators
    • LRD - Top-entry sealed agitator LRD - Top-entry sealed agitator Industrial agitators
    • GRK - Geared agitator with helical bevel geared drive GRK - Geared agitator with helical bevel geared drive Geared agitators
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    FRANCE- Pont-Salomon

    ...field of cylindrical gears, straight bevel gearings, and spiro-conical gears. We adapt our technical know-how to your requirements, whether for full machining or cutting, or serration grinding on pinion gears and ring gears. Cylindrical and helical serration...

    Supplier of: Gears | transmission gearing | Vehicles - mechanical components and parts | Mechanical transmission systems and components

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  • Variable Speed ​​Drive and Gear • Worm / Helical / Mirror-bevel / Parallel Shaft / Heavy Industrial Reducers / Planetary Gearheads • Direction changer / Extruder Gearboxes / Torque Limiters / Belt Variable Speed...

    Supplier of: helical | Reducing gears, hydraulic | extruder gearboxes


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    LITHUANIA- Ukmerge

    ...Our main products: spur gears, straight bevel gears, worm gear sets, planetary gears, helical gears, drive shafts, couplings, flexible couplings, spline shafts, sprockets, wide step chains, also...

    Supplier of: Gears | Toothed wheels | spare parts for agricultural and gardening machines

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  • ...Worm gear sets, worm drives, helical-worm gear drives, worm-helical gear drives, double worm gear drives, elevator drives, escalator drives, slewing gearboxes, moto-reducers, servo drives, direct drives, helical gears, worm...

    Supplier of: Mechanical transmission systems and components

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