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    GERMANY- Köln
    IGUS® GMBH - Verified by Europages

    igus® develops and manufactures plastic-based energy chains, highly flexible lines for active utilisation purposes in energy supply chains, as well as maintenance-free plain bearings, joint bearings...

    Supplier of: industrial robotics | Plain bearings | Compound-filled flexible leads | spherical plain bearings | ball bearings [+] linear guides | jack outlets | bushings | linear axes | cable chains | linear technology 3d printers | drive technology | power supplies | energy chains | spindle/screw drives

    • New generation  TwisterChain® new  Rugged, quit, for high loads Series TC32 New generation TwisterChain® new Rugged, quit, for high loads Series TC32
    • twisterchain®  circular and spiral movements, snapopen along both sides Serie 22 twisterchain® circular and spiral movements, snapopen along both sides Serie 22
    • TwisterBand TwisterBand
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  • Cosmic Engineering GmbH is an Austrian company consisting of several employees. Since the beginning of the 1990s, we have specialised in a variety of custom machines and sewer renovation...

    Supplier of: Robotics | robots for sewer renovation | milling robots | robotics | design consultants for special machines and special systems [+] prototype engineering | specialised mechanical engineering | specialised machinery for mechanical engineering | special machines for conveyor technology | canal construction machines | sewage pipe renovation | sewer rehabilitation | site-specific sewer renovation | sewer renovation | cosmic tophat

    • shortliner shortliner CS100/UV-LED equipment
    • TopHat TopHat CS100/UV-LED equipment
    • UV-LED module and attachments UV-LED module and attachments CS100/UV-LED equipment
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    AUSTRIA- Wiener Neudorf
    IGM ROBOTERSYSTEME AG - Verified by Europages

    ...of all applications. Systems for the truck industry, bagger production, railway construction, boiler manufacturing and for shipbuilding are exported right across the world and form the backbone of our...

    Supplier of: Industrial robots | welding robots | robot applications | robot welding systems | robot offline programming [+] arc welding robots | gantry robots | robot-controlled units | flame-cutting robots | robot control units | articulated robots | welding torches | robotised welding | electron beam equipment | automation equipment for welding and cutting

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    GERMANY- Calden
    MBA AUTOMATION GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We have been on the market since 1999. As a medium-sized, owner-managed company, we maintain close connections with our customers and suppliers. Through collaboration with our partners, however, we...

    Supplier of: Industrial robots | robot applications | components for robotic automation | machines, custom-built | cad development design work [+] systems for pallet manufacturing | cnc squared timber milling machines | tubular riveting machines | pallet stamping systems | pallet repair machines | levelling devices for dusseldorf pallets | levelling and riveting machines for dusseldorf pallets | repair rivet machines | retrofitting for machines and production lines | plc programming

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    GERMANY- Königs Wusterhausen
    GEMTEC AG - Verified by Europages

    Gemtec is a full-service provider in the main sectors process automation, special machinery and plant engineering as well as metalworking. We have been accompanied complete production workflows from...

    Supplier of: Industrial robots | Automation - advisory services | Engineering - industrial contractors | Industrial furnaces | automatisation of special machines [+] automation | mig welding | plc software | reverse conveyor for painting | assembly lines | assembly line automation | panel finishing | welding circuits | machining of metals | machines, custom-built

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  • We offer our customers cost-effective used robots and complete solutions. We stock approx. 200 robots and various robot peripherals for welding, spot welding, handling, etc. Our clients mainly...

    Supplier of: Assembly robots | Industrial robots | spare parts for industrial robots | industrial robots, used | industrial robots, mobile [+] industrial robot accessories | palleting robots | welding robots | robot automation | flame-cutting robots | milling robots | arc welding robots | packing robot | robotised welding | robots up to six axials

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  • ...volumetric metering processes and selective soldering processes worldwide based on standard platforms. This product range covers simple manual systems, semi-automatic table-top robots and fully automatic production cells.

    Supplier of: Industrial robots | soldering robots | Welding, soldering and brazing - equipment and supplies | metering pumps | brazing [+] adhesive bonding system | automation technology | automatic dispensers | dispensing systems | metering equipment, volumetric | metering and mixing systems for liquid products | mono-component/multicomponent mixing and dispensing systems | grease dispensing units | hard soldering of metals | induction soldering

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    FRANCE- Neuve Eglise
    LARISYS - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1989 in a go-ahead region in the heart of Europe, LARISYS fast emerged as a well-known specialist in its field: the development of tests for electronic cards and finished products. Our...

    Supplier of: Industrial robots | Robotics | Automation - systems and equipment | Electronic cards | Industrial design [+] Onboard electronic systems | Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | automatic testers for electronic boards | pressure reducers | mechatronics | industrial computer engineering | industrial electronic automatic mechanisms | mechanical measuring instruments | assembly lines | electric measuring instruments

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    GERMANY- Alzey
    SAMSYS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    A young, dynamic and expert company, with numerous ideas and high-quality products. SAMSYS GmbH in its current form was founded from the Swiss company SAMSYS SA (previously SAMECA SA) and has many...

    Supplier of: Machine tools - metal shaping | automatic bar loaders | machining with automatic lathes | cnc finishing | installation of automation for machine tools [+] automation | collet chucks | industrial extraction systems | automatisation of special machines | belt filters | parts cleaning machines | automatic controls and accessories | tippers | bar loading magazines for automatic turning machines | loading and unloading systems for automatic turning machines

    • Industrial Robot Nachi MZ12 Industrial Robot Nachi MZ12 Latest motion control technology to improve productivity!
    • Industrial Robot Nachi MZ07L Industrial Robot Nachi MZ07L Latest motion control technology to improve productivity!
    • Industrial Robot Nachi MZ07 Industrial Robot Nachi MZ07 Latest motion control technology to improve productivity!
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  • We develop and produce innovative gripper components, complete grippers and bespoke customer solutions. We achieve this using, intelligent feed systems, cutting stations and robots, among other...

    Supplier of: Industrial robots | grippers for industrial robots, customer-specific | industrial robot accessories | robot applications | robotic grabbers [+] components for robotic automation | robot modules | robot-controlled units | machine construction parts | robots for injection moulding machines | vacuum suction cups (suction grippers) | automatic tool changers | aluminium profiles for mechanical engineering | sprue grippers for injection moulded components | sprue cutting pliers

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    GERMANY- Salzgitter
    SP-ROBOTS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...providing complex and comprehensive services for industrial companies. Customers from large, medium and small-sized companies have confidence in our many years of expertise and consistent quality. It is our objective...

    Supplier of: Assembly robots | Industrial robots | handling systems including industrial robots | robot technology for the automotive industry | milling robots [+] grinding robots | packing robots | cad development design work | custom automation solutions | automation technology | automation of specialised machinery | industrial control system | assembly installations, robot-assisted | robot welding systems | robot simulation software

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  • Since 2005, Universal Robots has worked to make a difference in our customers' lives in ways that matter most to them. More than simply automation, Universal Robots changes how people work and live...

    Supplier of: Industrial robots | Assembly robots | Welding robots | collaborative robots | lightweight robots [+] robotic arms | packing robots | robotic palletiser | table robots | robot application | robot system | screwdriving robot | Automation - systems and equipment | Metals - Machines & Equipment | automation

    Brands : Universal Robots

    • Ccollaborative robot UR5e Ccollaborative robot UR5e light-weight robot, articulated, 6-axis
    • Collaborative robot UR10e Collaborative robot UR10e industrial robot, articulated, 6-axis
    • Collaborative robot UR3e Collaborative robot UR3e table-top robot, articulated, 6-axis
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    FRANCE- Schweyen
    CMS AUTOMATISME - Verified by Europages

    ...programmes industrial and collaborative robots from various manufacturers (ABB, Fanuc, KUKA, Stäubli, Universal Robots, etc.). As a Made in France manufacturer of special machinery, we follow up our clients...

    Supplier of: Industrial robots | industrial automation robotics | collaborative industrial robot | robotic cell | Engineering - industrial consultants [+] Automation - systems and equipment | Mechanical engineering - custom work | Presses, hydraulic | manufacture of special machinery | plastic packaging machine | mechanical drives | industrial vision | test benches | digital welding machine | industrial automation

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    FRANCE- Thaon Les Vosges
    LE SUR MESURE INDUSTRIEL - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1991, SUR-MESURE INDUSTRIEL, specialises in the technical engineering, innovation, and development of specialist industry machinery. We search for solutions to improve or design new...

    Supplier of: industrial robotics | Industrial consultants | Automation - advisory services | Engineering - industrial consultants | cad [+] 3d design | research and development | 3d modelling | digital models | special machines | mechanical engineering | industrial vision | technical calculations for the engineering industry | development of made to measure equipment | development of industrial equipment

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  • ...Neuss, Germany, is a leading global supplier of industrial robots and robot-controlled automation systems covering a wide range of applications around the world. With 51 years of robot experience and an extensive portfolio,...

    Supplier of: Robotics | Painting robots | Industrial robots | industrial robotics | industrial automation robotics [+] palleting robots | scara robots | cleanroom robots | handling robot | medical robots | pharmaceutical robots | pick & place robots | robot | medical robot | Industrial equipment hire

    Brands : Kawasaki Robotics

    • Articulated robot - BA006N Articulated robot - BA006N Articulated robot - BA006N
    • Articulated robot - CP300L Articulated robot - CP300L Articulated robot - CP300L
    • Articulated robot - ZX300S Articulated robot - ZX300S Articulated robot - ZX300S
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    GERMANY- Wimsheim
    STÄHLE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The history of Stähle GmbH is thought to have begun back in 1984 with the foundation of Kurt Stähle Steuergeräte. Just a few years after it was founded, the company was able to provide an extensive...

    Supplier of: Industrial robots | steering robots | automotive test benches and brake test benches | endurance test benches | driving robots for roller test benches [+] gearbox test benches | commercial vehicle test benches | test bench equipment for internal combustion engines | test bench automation | automatic switches | control mechanisms | autonomous driving systems | actuators | actuators emc | valves and pressure regulators

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  • Thanks to its long tradition and many years of experience in the areas of material handling and transportation, lifting, tilting and carrying of loads, as well as in storage technology,...

    Supplier of: industrial robots | grippers for industrial robots, customer-specific | handling systems including industrial robots | robot-controlled units | Mechanical engineering - custom work [+] handling devices | plate clamps | handling equipment | handling systems | engineering consultancies for handling technology | custom automation solutions | automation technology | balancers for lifting apparatus | stores and factory equipment | assembly installations

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    ITALY- Montecassiano
    CAMPETELLA ROBOTIC CENTER - Verified by Europages mechanical design and creation, but also in parallel develop software, install systems, sell and provide an after-sales service for robots for industry. Our core business is robotic solutions for plastic moulding.

    Supplier of: Robotics | Industrial robots | anthropomorphic robots | lateral robots | cropping robots [+] packing robot | cartesian robots | Automation - systems and equipment | scara | direct assembly robot | polymer loading robot

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    SLOVENIA- Podplat
    MOS SERVIS D.O.O. - Verified by Europages

    ...of a variety of software and automation/robotics process. This includes but is not limited to: Industrial transport technology, airport transport technology, process & application technology, robotics, metal structures. We...

    Supplier of: industrial robotics | Industrial hardware | Metal structural work | Conveyor belts | metal structures [+] process engineering | overhead conveyors | electrical assemblies | floor conveyors | mechanical assembly | lifting tables | lifting and turning tables | electrical installation of integrated technological systems | mechanical installation of integrated technological systems

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  • ASP
    FRANCE- Eulmont
    ASP - Verified by Europages

    ASP (Atelier Systèmes de Protection) has specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of robot covers since 1988. Our modular solutions are manufactured to order, in compliance with the...

    Supplier of: food industry robot | robot cover | robot protection | atex robot | fda robot [+] bead blasting robot | foundry robot | forge robot | custom robot cover | custom robot | welding robot | machining robot | Protective covers - custom packaging | air-conditioned robot cover

    • CLIM -40°C/+90°C solution CLIM -40°C/+90°C solution TKS-ALU | TP62
    • CLIM -20°C/+60°C solution CLIM -20°C/+60°C solution TORCAL-B | TP62
    • Fitting work Fitting work TIFFON-R | TKS-ALU | TEXALIS
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    GERMANY- Mönchengladbach
    OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1982 in Mönchengladbach, OTC DAIHEN EUROPE GmbH is the continental center for service and marketing, in which all threads for robotics, welding and cutting power sources, accessories etc....

    Supplier of: robot | 6 axis robot | Welding work - steels and metal | Automation - systems and equipment | automation [+] mig welding | steel | aluminium | welding machines | gas tungsten arc welding | arc welding | welding technology | cube

    Brands : EasyArc

    • 6 Axis-Robot FD-A20 6 Axis-Robot FD-A20 The ideal robot for laser welding and cutting
    • 6 Axis-Robot FD-H5(H) 6 Axis-Robot FD-H5(H) Maximum speed Robot for Handling with low payloads
    • Robotic welding cell - EASY ARC Robotic welding cell - EASY ARC The mobile welding cell for the craft business
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  • Supplier of: Electric cables | cables, specially prepared | optical fibre cables | special wiring | flat cable

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    GERMANY- Hückeswagen
    AURTEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Industrial robots

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  • Supplier of: Robotics | Industrial robots | Automation - advisory services | Automation - systems and equipment | Automatic piloting equipment

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    GERMANY- Düsseldorf
    SEIKA SANGYO GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Assembly robots | Industrial robots | conveyor systems for automation | encoders

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  • Supplier of: Industrial robots

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    GERMANY- Callenberg
    MW ROBOTICS GERMANY GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Industrial robots

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  • Supplier of: Industrial robots

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    GERMANY- Korntal-Münchingen
    BETA MACHINETRADING GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Industrial robots

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  • manufacturers in the semi-conductor industry. We would be delighted to prepare a free cycle time study for you, so that you know exactly whether a specific wafer handler is suitable for your production purposes or provide you with a robot...

    Supplier of: Robotics | linear units | semiconductor wafers | avanced controller | semiconductor wafer handling equipment

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