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  • CAMO technology Co., Ltd, is a professional solution provider for high-end cables, wire harness and plastic precision molds. We design, manufacture, assemble customized products and offer an...

    Supplier of: Cables, high-voltage | wire harness | plastic precison mold

    • Machinery cable Machinery cable Machinery cable
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  • producing communication cable machinery in China. We are capable of producing cable production line, twisting machine, wire drawing machine, wire stranding machine, wire cabling machine, bunching machine, and so on. Our company is also a private joint-stock...

    Supplier of: cables machinery | Wires and cables - ferrous metal | cables making machine

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  • ...rewinding systems were added. Over time, special machinery for certain operational processes have been developed from standard production. Our decades of experience means we always have our finger on the pulse of product development. The current range of Thaler...

    Supplier of: Construction machinery | blow-in technology for cables and microtubes | blow-in systems for cables & microtubes | cable blow-in systems | blow-in equipment [+] blow-in equipment for micro- and mini-cables | blow-in equipment for standard fibre optic cables and microtubes | blow-in recording equipment | blow-in accessories | fibre optic cable laying | optical fibre networks | cable pullers | cable installation tools | cable winding equipment | cable rewinding equipment

    • Machinery for Reeling of Cables Machinery for Reeling of Cables
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    FRANCE- St Arnoult En Yvelines
    MON ELEC AUTO - Verified by Europages

    ...etc.), start cables, AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY. We are specialised in our field with a wide range of work lights and spotlights, plus a complete range of motors, arms and wiper blades, as well as a whole...

    Supplier of: Switches | Vehicles - electrical and electronic components and parts | Electrical road signs and signals - systems and equipment | electrical components | flashing beacons [+] traffic light lanterns with filament and halogen lamps | led traffic lights | power terminals | power relays | electronic relays | relay sockets | ignition relays | fuse components | motor vehicle fuses | car lamps

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    ...designs and manufactures a range of heavy duty CABLE STRIPPERS, one of the most powerful, durable and robust cable stripping machines on the market, suitable for the toughest working environments, capable of stripping most cables ranging...

    Supplier of: Recycling - machines and installations | granulators | manufacture of recycling machinery | alligator shears | cable and wire stripping machines

    • Cable Separation System Cable Separation System WET Cable Super Separation system
    • Re-conditioned machinery Re-conditioned machinery ELDAN - re-conditioned cable shredder
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    SWITZERLAND- Wettingen

    ...customers in the automotive industry, cabling industry, machinery industry, heavy industry, textile industry, paper industry, timber industry, chemical industry and the food processing industry.

    Supplier of: Induction heating systems | refrigeration equipment | condensers | induction generators

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    CHINA- Shanghai

    ...innovation, since MCE founded. If now you are looking for cable machinery or copper products plants, please visit us , it is our pleasure to act as one of the best partners during dynamic growth of your esteemed company.

    Supplier of: Electric cables | power cable-making plant | copper cathode | aluminum compact conductor

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  • ...optical fiber and cable, precision machinery, aerospace , scientific research and teaching and other industries to provide high-quality static control products, at the same time, sale agent...

    Supplier of: Uniforms | antistatic clothing

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    ROMANIA- Bucharest 3

    ...cold rolling, drawing dies, complete range of cabling machinery for ferrous and non ferrous wire, extrusion lines for copper, aluminum and steel wire, extrusion heads and accessories, braiding machines, wire...

    Supplier of: Wire drawing and wire rod working machines | machine tools for automotive industry

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  • ...and lines. We work with a modern fleet of machinery to fulfil our own high standards for quality. Automated processes and modern testing technology create maximum capacity while the level of production quality remains...

    Supplier of: Compound-filled flexible leads | armoured cables | halogen free cables | high voltage power cable | data transmission cables [+] automotive cables | coaxial cables | shielded cables for control and signalling | halogen free cables against toxic gase | flexible flues | cables and wires | power cables | control cable | installation cables | plastic hose lines

    • GLOBALFLEX®-H05VV5-F, NYSLYÖ GLOBALFLEX®-H05VV5-F, NYSLYÖ PVC-control cable, VDE, HAR, EAC, CCC, largely resistant to usual oils
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    ITALY- San Benedetto Del Tronto
    REMER SRL - Verified by Europages

    For a century, the Remer Group has been manufacturing steel cables at its San Benedetto del Tronto workshops, which sell both in Italy and abroad. The computerised production process guarantees cable...

    Supplier of: cables for forest machinery | Wires and cables, steel | metal cables | steel cables | steel swivel hooks [+] cables for excavation work | cables for fishing | cables for manual winches | steel attachment hooks | cables for rock screens | cables for agriculture | steel eye hooks | cables for cranes | cables for pile driving | cables for foundations

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  • ...our customers with Chinese first class wire & cable equipment, elevators and lifts. And with excellent customer service, strict quality control, win-win relationship, we also earned good reputation from...

    Supplier of: wire and cable machinery | Engineering - industrial contractors | elevators

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  • Our main products are all types of automatic wire cutting&stripping machine, wire twisting machine, , full automaic terminal crimping machine, tube cutting machine, automatic winding machine and...

    Supplier of: wire and cable processing machinery | Electric cables | terminal and cable

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    GERMANY- Weil Am Rhein
    CONDUCTIX-WAMPFLER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...technologies in common use today, such as cable trolley systems, conductor rails, spring cable reels, motorised cable reels, slip ring elements, through contactless energy supplies, battery charging...

    Supplier of: Radio control systems and installations | battery chargers | remote control systems | contact lines | electrified rails [+] slip rings | slip-ring elements | rotary transmitters and contactless rotary transmitters | cable trolley systems | trailing cable systems | cable drums | spring cable reels | motorised cable reels | cable reels | hose reels

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    GERMANY- Bogen
    EUGEN METZGER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...inspection of flexible cables and flexible high-pressure gas cables, development and construction of customer-specific solutions, repair and maintenance of machinery and operating equipment

    Supplier of: Inner tubes | gas hoses | high pressure pipes | hydraulic hoses | ball valves [+] metal hoses | symmetrical flexible hose couplings | flexible cables | fittings for technical gases | chemical tubing | compressed-gas fittings | high-pressure hoses | hydraulic couplings | hydraulic equipment, miscellaneous | hydraulic hose fittings

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    GERMANY- Geseke
    FIRMA STEINNAGEL - Verified by Europages

    ...beech, oak and pinewood. We use state-of-the-art machinery for our woodwork tasks. Thanks to our many years of experience, flexibility and the high quality of our products, our company is taking up an important...

    Supplier of: Reels and spools for cables | Wood for industrial purposes | wooden frames | cable reels | wooden reels [+] plywood reels | coiler | precision machining | wooden profiles | frames for doors | wooden joint components made from wood | wood products for industry | cnc machining in wood | custom-made wooden parts | finger-jointed wooden parts

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    GERMANY- Bretten
    ERA - CONTACT GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...high-tech products and solutions in the field of cable assembly, UIC connector systems and contact systems, we develop and plan projects for leading vehicle manufacturers and market-leading companies. Our...

    Supplier of: Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing | Electric motors and parts | Compound-filled flexible leads | Switches | Control boxes - electric [+] Clutches | Clutches for vehicles | Couplings, mechanical | electrical contacts | jack outlets | automatic clutches | beam design | electricity cabinets | electronic signalling equipment for railway and tram lines | plugs and sockets

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    GERMANY- Mengerskirchen
    HEINZE & STRENG GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1994, Heinze & Streng sees itself as an internationally operating and innovative trading company with many years of experience and interdisciplinary expertise in the wire and cable...

    Supplier of: Chains | Seals | copper pipes | high-performance ceramic | straps [+] lubricant | encoders | flyer bows, stranding bows, carbon bows | nickel bands, copper bands, nickel rings | contact tubes/nickel tubes for annealing | annealer tubes | annealer rings, contact rings, copper rings | drawing tools, drawing cones, drawing rings | carbide-coated drawing rings | ceramic-coated drawing rings

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    GERMANY- Stuttgart
    U.I. LAPP GMBH - Verified by Europages LAPP products are used in production machinery, industrial robots, public transport, food processing, alternative energy, charging systems for electric vehicles, oil drilling platforms and much more. With...

    Supplier of: Electric cables | high voltage power cable | data transmission cables | jack outlets | cable protection sheaths [+] optical fibre cables | cable sheaths | telephone cables | data cable | control cable | bus cables | patch cable | cable glands | cable protector | cable protection systems

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  • ...harnesses suitable for supplying of machinery operating in wet environment or fully submerged and on the water surface. Our in-house engineering solutions include Ghelios products manufactured for operation in areas requiring low smoke emission and toxicity in the...

    Supplier of: Cables - accessories | Copper wires and cables | electrical wiring systems | copper cables | power cables [+] electric cables | wires | electricity | electrical systems | equipment, accessories | copper wires | plugs | network wires | networking cables

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    CHINA- Songjiang District, Shanghai
    SHANGHAI DURA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. - Verified by Europages

    ...braiding machine, shoelace braiding machine, cable braiding machine, medical operating suture braiding machine, needle looms, warping machine, winding machine, shoelace tipping machine, handbag handle tipping...

    Supplier of: Textiles - Machines & Equipment | Knitting machines and accessories - industrial | Fasteners and buckles | Labels, clothing | Films and sheets, plastic [+] Plastic products for the garment industry | spindles for braiding machines | automatic eyelet fitting machine | fashion accessories | eyelets | adhesive masking tapes | universal laptop bags | walking backpacks | schoolbags

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    GERMANY- Pauluszell

    ...innovative systems for the trenchless laying of cables and pipes. Thanks to its high-performance laying systems, the medium-sized family company from Pauluszell, Bavaria is a top innovator and world market leader...

    Supplier of: Industrial Vehicles | pipeline laying | mountain tractors

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    TURKEY- Istanbul

    ...and competitive price strategy. With modern machinery and expert technical team, the low voltage cables production is made in the 5.000 m2 factory in Istanbul. From the founders to the management and sales force, every employee...

    Supplier of: Wires and cables - non-ferrous metal | shielded cables for control and signalling | swb armoured instrumentation cables | fire resistant cables | audio-video cables

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    TURKEY- Dilovasi / Kocaeli, -Solar system steel structures, -Special steel parts for industrial plants/machineries. We already export our products to some European countries and would like to expand our exports accross the globe.

    Supplier of: Pipe and tube fittings - ferrous metal | cable clamps | pipes and fittings for solar energy systems | pipe supports | railings

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    TURKEY- Bursa

    ...Lİnes • Lighting armatures and reflectors • Cable tray production line • Logistic warehouse upright production line • Supermarket shelves and metal furniture production line • Power cabinets and box...

    Supplier of: Rolling mills - machinery and installations | cut-to-length lines | slit coils | building machinery and equipment | roll-forming machines

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  • ...the supplier of modern recycling equipment. Like cable recycling machines, copper wire recycling machines, plastic recycling machines, pressed recycling machine, quick shredder and stripper machines. We are...

    Supplier of: Recycling - machines and installations | electrical cable recycling | plastic granule recycling

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    HUNGARY- Nagytarcsa

    ...applications, such automotive, industrial machinery, construction industry, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. We have an in-house toolshop capable of producing the necessary production moulds....

    Supplier of: Rubber - technical items for industry | rubber | moulded rubber products | rubber injection moulding | rubber parts for automotive industry

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    GERMANY- Dortmund

    ...T-head tie rods, spherical-head tie rods, tie rod connections, shackles from 25 t to 1500 t load capacity, special shackles, cargo shackles, pivoting shackles, standard shackles, tie-rod systems, cable heads.

    Supplier of: Stay bolts and ties | Industrial building construction | Bridges - construction | Studs and bolts, fastening | Fastening devices

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    GERMANY- Velbert

    ...controls for construction and agricultural machinery, the company has been able to form an international customer base from different industry sectors. We have a high level of vertical integration, short processing times and are...

    Supplier of: cables | Cables - accessories | bowden cables | wire ropes | cable gland

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  • ...industry, aeronautics, construction and mining machineries, devices or equipments, automation, robotics, computers and IT, audio industry, household appliances etc… We deliver, even one cable harness, in 24 hours anywhere in Europe, 48 hours anywhere in the World. The...

    Supplier of: Cables and wires, electric and telephone | cables for industrial automation | cables for robotics | electrical and electronic cabling

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