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    United Kingdom

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    Stewart Hill Walker UK Limited (“StewartHillUK”) is a British wholesale B2B export company, currently exporting our own private label wines to Canada, the USA, and Sweden. Our company is a family-owned business, established in 2014 in London by its director Lucilda Stewart, who is a former lawyer. The company rebranded with a name change in 2018. We have two excellent ranges produced by a century-old family vineyard in the Navarro and La Rioja regions in Spain. The regions are well known for their excellent Reds. Our other range is produced by a family-owned, renowned and an award-winning vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina. Our label design is derived from the crest of our Scottish surname. The Stewart Clan Crest features a pelican feeding her young in its nest. The Latin motto on the crest reads Virescit vulnere virtus, which translates to "Courage grows strong at a wound". The curious thing about the pelican on the crest is that it is not an animal native to Scotland. It is thought that Scottish crusaders saw them during their journeys to the Holy Land. Earlier versions of the crest would portray the pelican as feeding her young from the blood of her own chest, symbolizing self-sacrifice and putting the motto into great perspective. The crest was why the pelican wing was incorporated into our label design.

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    CASERE is a farming company that stands out for its favoured position within the San Stino di Livenza (Venice) territory, which is within the Lison - Pramaggiore D.O.C. area. Thanks to the soil's specific characteristics, the fruitful processing has lead to producing high quality wines, both white as well as red. And the Consorzio Volontario Vini DOC Lison Pramaggiore (the Voluntary Wine Association of DOC Lison Pramaggiore wine) has acknowledged such commitment and accepted eight important qualities. The wine making experience that distinguishes us still leads us along the path of natural grape selection and of perfect harmony of soil and climate. A production process that is scrupulously and carefully followed from cultivation up to final packing. This assures high class genuine products that have an unique fragrance.



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    Since 1895, Festes & Lagarde has been creating exceptional wines in the Mourviels wine-making region, located close to the famed walled town of Carcassonne. The climate, a place of transition between the hot, dry sunshine of the Mediterranean and the cooler temperatures of Oceanic regions, ensures that grapes are fully mature and of the highest quality. This outstanding location makes it possible to create wine that is complex, original and perfectly balanced between structure and fruit, a rare blend of fine varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Grenache. The estate has always been worked using low-intervention techniques, with fertiliser and treatments used only when necessary. Our awards: Logis de France award-winner, 3 stars from Revue des Vins de France, fruitiest wine at the AOC Cabardès awards, 1st classified Grand Vin in Languedoc and listed among the 1000 bet wines from France in the Dussert–Gerber guide, Gold medal in the Gilbert & Gaillard Guide 2012 (France, USA, Canada, UK, China, Japan.



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    Bodegas ibañesas exports wine and must per litre worldwide. We are not just a wine cellar. We are a family project aimed at appreciating and sharing our wine and our land. Our wine cellar is part of the Manchuela designation of origin. White wine. red wine. Rosé wine. Must.



    Château Montana was founded at the end of the 19th century. With the backing of his family, Jean Jonquères d’Oriola, the son of winegrowers based in the Pyrénées Orientales for over 5 centuries set about developing the fineness and powerfulness of this terroir and the potential of the location driven by his passion. The vineyard covers sixty hectares over two terroirs in the Aspres on the foothills of the Pic du Canigou, between the sea and the mountains, south of Perpignan. We work on the clay-limestone soils with traditional grape stocks such as Syrah, Grenache, Carignan and Mourvèdre as well as other varietals such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Marselan and Muscat. We now have "High Environmental Value" certification, which gives pride of place to traditional methods, such as working the soil mechanically and respecting the environment, which promote biodiversity and keep yields low. Now we are in our second year of conversion over to organic growing. Our production will be certified organic for the 2023 vintage. Our wines are matured, mellowed and bottled at the property in our cellar equipped with heat-regulated stainless steel vats and a cask storage cellar. In addition to its wine-growing activity that it will reveal to you when you come to visit and sample our wines, Château Montana rents out its function room and self-catering accommodation for all kinds of events.

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    Winery specializing in Italian wines from the Veneto region. Our most famous labels are the sparkling white wine "Tappo Corona" called "Frizzantino Italiano", the Prosecco DOC and the Cabernet IGT "Campo Croce". We are also specialized in the supply of BAG IN BOX wine, with a wide range of both white and red wines of excellent quality. Canned Wines, an elegant version of sparkling white, rosé and red wines intended for young audiences. Worldwide shipment.



    CHÂTEAU FERREYRES wines are produced with biodiversity in mind. Château Ferreyres embarked on its transition to organic growing in September 2019, and reveals all its delectable notes of its grape varieties through an elegant range. The wines are the expression of a rare flint terroir, and the painstaking work in the Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur appellation cellars. The vivid, expressive wines of the Château Ferreyres vintages will arouse the curiosity of those with intrigued palates as well as well-seasoned wine drinkers. The Château Ferreyres vineyard is to be found in a rare terroir, exposed on superb sun-drenched hills. The high flint content in the argilloarenaceous soil gives the Château Ferreyres wines powerful red berry notes and unique balance. As a result, these wines can be savoured from their very first years, but they can also be laid down for drinking later. The red wines are produced on 25 hectares, mainly planted with Merlot, but also Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon varietals. The Sauvignon Blanc plots and soon the Semillon plots are earmarked for producing our white wine. Feel free to contact us for more information!



    WINES TREE was founded in 2000 by Maxime, a member of the Double family who have owned and operated Château de Beaupré, in the heart of Provence, since 1855. Our team's goal is to create a range of wines to suit the varied needs of professional and private wine-lovers alike! WINES TREE offers a portfolio of wines that we have grouped into three branches: 1. Our creations: an assemblage combining ancestral savoir-faire with a modern vision of wine. 2. Châteaux: from our family domain as well as a 20-year selection from other growers. From our family domain and a selection of partner domains built up over the past 20 years and representing various appellations and provenances from France. 3. Boxed sets: wine in a handy presentation box for your enjoyment. We seek to: highlight our creations or selections. We achieve this through boxes that marry: creativity, great looks, quality, a sense of fun, background information.



    The company CHÂTEAU PENIN, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Wines industry. It also operates in the Wines - France, Wines - France, Wines - Bordeaux, and merlot industries. It is based in Genissac, France.



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    DOMAINE GRAIN D’ORIENT produces IGP Côtes Catalanes red and white wines that are unusual for the Roussillon region. All wines are fully organic since 2009. The wines have a pronounced character and are mostly single grape, aged in tanks, amphores or barrels. The domaine covers 10 hectares with 3 distinct terroirs: plain, shale marl hills, and limestone slopes. Certified Vignerons Indépendants en Agriculture Biologique.



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    Around year 2012 and after having gone through an incessant consumtion of energy drinks, the idea of creating something new and different comes up; it will be an original product which hardly existed within the drinks market. It was at that time when we created Lussory, one of the first non-alcoholic wines, with less than 0, 03% alcohol, which guarantees its Halal certification, something crucial in order to enter the Muslim market, our first bet in this amazing challenge. At the very beginning, we start by a local dealcoholization and immediately moving to a professional production process, by means of a new and effective method consisting in dealcoholizing the wine without adding any additives. Thus, in a short period of time, Lussory has become an unique reference within the non-alcoholic wines. Then, we felt like going a step forward and we developed Lussory Gold, that is, the first non-alcoholic wine containing 24k edible gold. This luxury drink turned into a complete success in many places, especially in some countries such a UAE, where it had a great impact in the media, with publications even in the popular Forbes magazine.Nowadays, we have quite a lot of varieties within the non-alcoholic Lussory range, among which, the non-alcoholic organic ones are in great demand currently worldwide.Moreover, the consumption of Lussory non-alcoholic is not limited to a religious factor, but it is also consumed because of another kind of reasons, such as health (as the non-alcoholic



    Opened in 2020, but with a long experience in footwear industry Filipe & Rui founded Treec in one of the best regions in the world for shoe manufacturing. Based in Portugal, Treec is a sustainable shoe company focused on high quality eco-friendly footwear with special focus in materials as cork, recycled fabrics and organic based leathers. Treec offer the option to grow your own eco-friendly shoe brand. We have pre-designed models you can label with your brand. We have flexible minimum order quantities starting at only 15 pairs per model, time deliveries of maximum 6 weeks. 90% of our sales come from private label partnerships and the remaining 10% with new developments and under Treec brand. From our catalog, it possible to find classic shoes, casuals, winter boots, and sandals. Crafted with care, with long experienced members of our own community in the north region of Portugal. To view our catalog you just need to visit our website and login or just get in touch via email or phone. "At Treec we inspire conscious fashion using eco solutions for premium shoe creations."



    The company MERLOT MERMER SAN. TIC. A.S, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Kitchens - furnishing industry. It also operates in the Marble, porcelain, work counters, Interior design products, and Marble industries. It is based in İstanbul, Turkey.



    The company PE DIONIS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Wine-making - machinery, equipment and plants industry. It also operates in the cabernet-merlot industries. It is based in Odessa, Ukraine.



    The company ENTREPRISE MERLOT, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Demolition contractors industry. It also operates in the Excavation - works, Rehabilitation – works, Excavation - works, and Rehabilitation – works industries. It is based in Mesves Sur Loire, France.



    The company SARL MERLOT, which operates in the Structural work industry. It also operates in the Weatherproofing contractors, and Weatherproofing contractors industries. It is based in Champigny Sur Veude, France.



    The company MERLOT LIGHTING INDUSTRY LTD, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Light tubes industry. It also operates in the LED Lamp, and LED Miner lamp industries. It is based in Shenzhen, China.


    Czech Rep.

    The company HOTEL MERLOT, which operates in the Hotel industry. It is based in Louny, Czech Rep..



    The company ENTREPRISE MERLOT, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Structural work industry. It also operates in the Roofing - works, and Roofing - works industries. It is based in Chatellerault, France.











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    DOMAINE F.JAUBERT lies primarily in the commune of Ponteilla, in the centre of the Aspres in Roussillon. It extends over around 35 hectares, with a dozen or so hectares on the silty-clay and limestone soils of the Pliocene. The remaining 25 hectares are spread across the terraces of the Quaternaire, rocky soil with quartz pebbles and shale fragments. The eleven varieties of grape grown provide a great diversity of wines, from the more endemic, such as Grenache, Carignan and Muscat, to others that are less common in the Roussillon, such as Merlot, Chardonnay and Alicante Bouschet. The winery itself is located in the centre of the village. The estate has been in a process of conversion to organic techniques since 2019. Why not discover our fine selection of red wines from Roussillon. You can explore our full catalogue and we offer secure online ordering. Your delivery will arrive a maximum of 5 days after your order is placed. Contact us for more details! Feel free to send us a text message or voice messages by phone.



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    CHATEAU BOIS MALOT & CHATEAU VALENTONS-CANTELOUP is a family-run vineyard near Bordeaux. It has 25 ha of vines in AOC Bordeaux Supérieur, we grow the typical Bordeaux wine grape varieties: Merlot, Cabernets, Sauvignon Blanc & Gris… We produce a wide assortment of white, rosé red wines, with a specific feature: the sale of late-bottled, regularly prize-winning red wines for keeping. Excessive alcohol is bad for your health. Drink in moderation.



    Founded in 1895, CHÂTEAU LA CAMINADE is a wine-making domaine run by the same family for four generations. Situated in the AOC Cahors appelation zone in the south-west of France, the 35-hectare vineyard mainly comprises the emblematic MALBEC grape variety as well as two complementary varieties, the MERLOT and TANNAT. The Château produces 5 different wines: three Cahors wines and two Pays du Lot wines. Among these five wines, there are four red wines and one rosé. The domaine cultivates its 35 hectares of vines using integrated techniques and no systematic treatments and manuring in total respect for its terroir. Our wines, produced with the greatest care and attention, are wines of great quality. They regularly receive awards in various competitions, guidebooks and national and international magazines. Our wines are sold through distributors, importers, wine merchants, wholesalers, cafés, hotels and restaurants, and large retailing outlets in France and abroad.



    Château Brande-Bergère is an 8-hectare estate located north of Saint Emilion. Our wines are cultivated with the utmost care, and worked entirely by hand (leaf removal, picking, harvesting). The estate is High Environmental Value (HEV) certified; herbicides are prohibited and all effluents are recycled. Our wines are made from a traditional mixture of Bordeaux grape varieties: merlot (40%), cabernet franc (35%) and cabernet sauvignon (25%). Wines from Château Brande-Bergère have won many awards (Gold Medal in Paris, World Wine Award from Decanter magazine, rated by the world's finest wine critics and available at some of the finest restaurants, including the 3-Michelin starred Arpège in Paris. The famous British wine critic, Jancis Robinson, awarded the Château Brande-Bergère Cuvée O’Byrne 2009 a score of 92/100. Among her comments, she said: "Here is another example of a wine that is punching way above its price in terms of the pleasure delivered. It’s packed full of fruit and charm… It’s impressively concentrated and extremely satisfying with the tannins well in retreat and no very obvious oak. I particularly enjoyed the combination of richness on palate entry and freshness on exit." More recently, the International Wine Report, a professional US reviewing platform, awarded it 92/100 for the 2018 vintage. Château Brande-Bergère is famed for offering some of the best value for money on the market.



    The CHATEAU LE BREZEGUET estate was taken over in 1999 and produces wines from vines averaging 25 years old using Malbec grape stock. To produce its wines, warm vinification lasts about three weeks and the wine is then matured for at least 18 months. CHÂTEAU LE BREZEGUET also produces a vintage from its old vines that are 35–40 years old. It is a 100% Malbec vintage. Vinification lasts 3–4 weeks with a final warm vinification and the wine is matured exclusively in oak casks for at least 18 months. Lastly, CHÂTEAU LE BREZEGUET also produces a wine from its youngest vines, CHEMIN DE COMPOSTELLE. The grape stocks used are Malbec and Merlot. They are highly aromatic thirst-quenchers that come in red and rosé wines. As a result of the owners' single-mindedness these wines have won prizes and the vineyard is now expanding with the purchase of 12 hectares of vineyards in 2015 from CHÂTEAU GRAND CHÊNE.



    Gaillard & Fils vous propose des vins suisses d'exception. Produits dans les terrasses du vignoble du Lavaux entre Lausanne et Montreux, au-bord du lac Léman, vous traverserez des villages typiques et fleuris au grès des saisons. Montez au sommet des vignes et venez nous rendre visite ! Vous y trouverez notre oenosnack où vous dégusterez de délicieux mets accompagnés de nos vins, avec vue imprenable sur le lac Léman. Les amoureux du vin et de la nature seront ravis de ce moment convivial. Nos vins sont classés en deux gammes. La gamme tendance réunit des crus élevés dans le respect de la tradition. La gamme classique et Grands Crus vous offre des vins incontournables. Vous pouvez les déguster au domaine ou les commander en ligne et les apprécier autour d'un bon repas entre amis ou en famille. Blancs, rouges, rosés, alcools forts : Chez Gaillard et Fils, il y en a pour tous les goûts. De quoi ravir les papilles de tous vos convives ! Nous produisons deux tiers de raisins blancs comme le Chasselas, le Savagnin blanc et le Charmont. Les cépages rouges sont : le Gamay, le Pinot Noir, le Garanoir, le Merlot, la Syrah, le Galotta et le Gamaret, le Divico et Diolinoir. La culture des vignes est traditionnelle, respectueuse de l’environnement, conforme aux exigences Vitiswiss. Les rendements sont maîtrisés durant l’été et la vendange se fait à la main.

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